Lake Trip – Hottest Day of the Year


It was the hottest day of the year, so far, and my girlfriend and I were driving down the highway as fast as we could. Olivia had heard about a lake that was secluded, located off a series of forest service roads. It was near two hours into the mountains, but we safely assumed that the local spots would be completely packed and decided it would be worth the extra drive to have a bit of space and privacy. The sun was intense and even with sunglasses, I had to squint as we headed East out of Portland. I saw Olivia reach over and shut off the barely functioning AC and then she rolled down her window. I glanced over as the wind caught her hair. Beads of sweat were running down her neck and she used her loose-fitting tank top to wipe them. Her top settled back down and I could clearly see the outline of her small pert breasts. Her large nipples pushing against the fabric, stirred by the cooling air flowing into the car. I turned back to the road, rolling down my own window thinking about how lucky I was.

I met Olivia when she moved to Oregon after finishing school on the East Coast. We had both attended the same small school. I graduated the year before and although we didn’t know each other very well, she reached out to me once she was settled in Portland. We hit it off right away and grabbing coffee in the afternoon turned into lunch, then dinner… breakfast the next morning… two years later here we are. Olivia was petite, about 4 foot 11, with smooth and richly-colored olive skin (thus her name). Although her frame was slight, she wasn’t waifish. Her arms were toned from years of yoga, she had small but shapely breasts, and a trim waist that curved out to a large, firm ass that filled – almost obscenely – the short-shorts she was wearing.

The highway ahead stretched out uninterrupted and I took the opportunity to glance over again. Olivia was unbuckling her seat belt. She turned toward me, bringing her knees onto her seat and stretching to the back of the car. I heard the top of the small cooler we brought being opened. Her ass was flexing next to my face as she rummaged and I took the opportunity to grab each cheek giving them a squeeze. Olivia reached an arm toward me and swatted blindly, “Hey!” she yelled. I withdrew my hand as she pulled herself out of the back, returning her ass to the passenger seat. She was holding two water bottles.

“You know I hate it when you do that,” she reminded me.

“I couldn’t help myself,” I replied, “It was too tempting.” She said nothing, but I think she may have been smiling as she handed me one of the water bottles.

“Thanks,” I said. I opened the bottle with my teeth, dropping the lid to my lap as I took a drink. It felt amazing and cooled me down. Not only was it hot, but my cock had been hard since I saw Olivia strolling around the apartment naked this morning as we prepared to leave. We were both naked, trying to beat the heat, but she took the opportunity to tease me… bending over right in front of me, climbing on the counter to reach something she didn’t need, and brushing her hand against my cock each time she walked by. I tried to grab her, but she leapt away, wagging her finger at me. I opted for loose fitting shorts for the drive – they still felt too tight. I placed the ice-cold water bottle between my legs, trying to calm things down, but when I glanced at Olivia she was rolling her water bottled across the exposed area of her chest and neck. The sun glinted off her now wet skin and goosebumps raised across her forearms and the side of her breast exposed by large arm holes of her top. So much for cooling things down.

After double checking the directions scrawled on back of an envelope, I saw our exit coming up ahead and refocused as I knew the next several miles would be on minimally marked forest service roads. The car bounced as I pulled off the smooth highway onto a gravel road. We reluctantly rolled up the windows as our wheels kicked up the dry dust. Without the constant air flow the car warmed quickly. I switched the miserable AC on and it wheezed out a weak breath of slightly cooler air. The road was getting rough and as it switch-backed up the hill, our small car rattled and slid, kicking up gravel and dirt as the wheels spun, trying to find purchase. Olivia reached across the console and braced herself by placing her hand on my thigh.

“Don’t worry, we’ll go slow,” I said, dropping a hand to grab hers. I felt her relax a bit as I reduced speed and we made more even, less bouncy, progress. She left her hand in my lap as we plodded along and although I was focusing on the road, part of me was keenly aware that her hand had worked its istanbul escorts way on top of my semi-hard cock. It twitched a bit from the extra heat and pressure. When I felt her squeeze just a little, blood rushed into it and I was again straining the fabric of my shorts. I quickly looked to my side. She was looking at the road ahead, but she was smiling.

The road leveled and smoothed a bit and a few moments later we were pulling into a little parking area by the trail head. The lake was about a quarter mile from the road, so we grabbed our gear and headed up the trail. I let Oliva head up the trail first, my eyes glued to her tight-fitting shorts.

Tall pine trees surrounded us, offering welcome shade. It smelled amazing and best of all it was quiet. I was worried that we would get up here and find a raucous group of people, but so far I had neither seen nor heard any sign of another person. The trail curved around a small ravine and led up a steep slope. It was a bit treacherous but completely worth it. We came to the end of the trail and found ourselves on the edge of a small cliff overlooking large circular lake of clear blue-green water.

“The article said this is a caldera… part of an extinct volcano,” said Olivia, “It’s beautiful.”

I hugged her from behind and bent down, kissing her neck. I could taste the saltiness of her sweat and smell the subtle coconut of her lotion. She leaned her weight into me as I lifted her up. Kissing and lightly biting her shoulder. She moaned softly, but pulled away. I held on for moment, then let go.

“Let’s find a spot,” she said.

We circled around the lake and settled on a little rocky outcrop with a broad flat area that had easy access to the water. We laid our towels down and started undressing. Olivia pulled her barely-there tank off first. She covered herself with one arm while pulling her bathing suit top out. She was about to put it on when stopped looked around, seeing no one she dropped it back into her bag. She then undid the buttons on her shorts but before she went any further she turned her back to me. Sliding her shorts down, bending over, her ass, clad in a skimpy bathing suit bottom came into view. She shimmied a bit, working the small shorts down her thighs and calves. Stepping out of them she stood back up and turned her head back to see if she had gotten my attention. She had. I was frozen in mid motion, pulling my shirt off.

After a beat, I came to my senses and pulled my shirt off. I was already wearing swimming trunks, but decided to one up Olivia and pulled them off as well, flinging them down between us as if it were a gauntlet. After her little show, my cock was erect, standing out in front of me. I’m average in the size department, a tad over six inches with a slight curve to the left, but it has served me well.

“Oh, really,” she questioned.

“Really,” I said.

“Ha,” she exclaimed, in a dismissive manner and started to turn away from me, smiling. I bolted toward her. She yelped, jumping away, but instead of grabbing her, I ran right past her and jumped into the lake. It was deep near the little outcrop we had settled on and for a moment the world, other than the rushing sound of air bubble, fell silent. The water wasn’t cold, but the contrast between the sweltering air above and water below was shocking and then unbelievably refreshing. I stayed submerged for a few moments enjoying the feeling of the relatively cool water enveloping me.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved being underwater. Growing up we would visit a lake in Washington where my grandparents had a little trailer. I would spend days swimming back and forth between the shore and the wooden swimming dock. The lake was created when a dam flooded a small wooded valley. The stumps of the once enormous Douglas Firs were just below the surface. Their exposed root systems intertwined and snaked along the bottom. Swimming near them, toward them, was both exhilarating and terrifying. Equally exciting was swimming back to the surface. The girls that stood on the edge of the swimming dock seemed to wear the skimpiest bathing suits. The water distorted the view, but it was no less arresting. My brother and I were always aware of where the girls were sunbathing on the dock and we would purposefully pull ourselves up from the water at a spot that would offer the best view.

This all came back to me as I crested the water and saw Olivia standing over me, topless.

“How is it?” she asked.

“It feels perfect… absolutely worth the drive,” I replied. “You should get in.”

Olivia turned away from the edge of the outcrop, walking istanbul eskort out of view. I started to back stroke away in case she decided to jump, but instead she appeared on a lower part of the rocks, stepping into the water. She was hesitant, but after her toe tested the temperature she hopped into the water and started to doggy paddle around, breathing heavily as she adjusted to the temperature.

We floated and swam not saying much of anything, absorbing the cool water and listening to the forest. After a while I ducked my head under the water, admiring her body, and swam toward her. I tried to grab her but she swam away. I finally caught her as we approached the shore and I pulled her close to me. She kissed me and I kissed her back. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I found a footing on the sandy lake bottom and held her ass as we kissed. I caressed each cheek as I lifted her up a little so I could kiss her neck. She leaned back, bringing her nipples toward me and I took one into my mouth and then the other. I rolled my tongue around the hardened skin and then bit down hard. Olivia gasped and pulled my hair.

When I lowered her back down my cock was pressed against her pussy and she started to rock her hips against it. It felt amazing, but I wanted to fuck her. I tried to reach down and pull her bikini bottoms off, but she squeezed me tighter and pulled my hair harder. She started rocking her clit against my cock, maintaining pressure, “uh, ah, uhah… fuck,” she moaned. She squeezed me between her legs even tighter as I pulled one hand away from her ass and pinched her nipple hard. “Fuck,” she cried as she came against my now painfully throbbing cock. I let go of her nipple as she sighed and slumped into my arms.

“That’s better,” she said and slipped from my arms and made her way out of the water and up to our towels.

I followed, ready to see what other kind of fun we could have, but when I reached the top the of the rock, Olivia was hurriedly tying her top on the and unmistakable sound of voices were coming from the trail. Personally, I’m not worried about being naked and am not embarrassed easily, but I also don’t feel it is right to inflict my nakedness on anyone that isn’t prepared for it. Also, I didn’t know if there were any children in the approaching group, so I quickly pulled my swim trunks on and sat down on my towel.

A couple stood on the cliff side, exactly where Olivia and I had stood and looked over the water. They were a bit of distance away, so I couldn’t tell if they were disappointed when they spotted us, but I know I was disappointed to see them. They also started following the trail around the lake. As they passed by us they said hello and we greeted them back and waved. Closer now, I could see that they were probably about our age. The man carried two large inflatable floats, which mostly obscured him, but he appeared to taller than me and a bit lanky. The woman was probably around 5 foot. She wore cut-off jean shorts and a brightly colored bikini top that only just covered her large breasts that bounced a bit as she made her way over the uneven terrain. She had near milk white skin that was smooth over her soft belly. She wasn’t fat, but compared to Olivia’s athletic firm stomach, she was a quite curvy. The only thing the two had in common was their curly hair, but while Olivia’s was dark, near black, this other woman had red hair.

I forced myself not to stare and turned away to look out over the lake, hoping my erection wasn’t too visible. It, at least, had calmed a bit. After the couple had moved out of earshot, Olivia whispered, “I’m sorry,” and made a pouty face. Without saying anything, I leaned in, kissed her, and then shrugged before laying back only my towel. “Later,” I said and grabbed her hand. I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling of the sun evaporating the water off my body.

I slipped into sleep and began to dream. I was climbing through long tendrils of curly red and black hair. They moved and undulated all around me. It was as if I was in a cocoon of silk. I began searching for a way out. Eventually, the hair parted and above me the sun shone down upon me and two giant women. Olivia and the other woman locked in an embrace, kissing. Olivia’s hands cupped and squeezed the redhead’s ample breast and the redhead kneaded Olivia’s ass. The redhead leaned back, pulling Oliva on top of her. I followed tangled in their entwined hair. I felt completely enveloped, surrounded by their hair, Olivia’s dark, coconut scented skin and the redhead’s smooth pale skin. Their sweat covered me. I felt the pressure and the eskort istanbul heat and the wetness…

I awoke to a very familiar feeling. After my eye adjusted, I looked down my body to see Emily slipping my cock into her mouth. She had one hand around my balls and her lips slid over the head. I could feel her tongue on the underside of the shaft and then it swirled around the head. I moaned lightly and Olivia looked up at me. Her large blue and grey eyes were smiling. She released my cock and it dropped to my stomach.

“They can’t see us. They are camped out around that rock over there.” Olivia said and gestured behind her.

“OK,” I said.

I didn’t care either way and I grabbed her hair, pulling her back toward my cock. I hoped that this would let you know how I felt, and it did as she grabbed the shaft again slid me back into her mouth. I kept my grip on her hair as she bobbed up and down. Occasionally she would stop, pull off and smack the tip against her tongue while looking at me with her gorgeous eyes. Sometimes she would stop and lick my balls, sucking one in at a time while jerking me off. After that brief pause, she would return to the shaft sliding it down her throat while licking the underside. Normally, I would be more than satisfied with an amazing blowjob… especially one given in public, but after her naked teasing this morning, the hot car ride, and the way she used me this afternoon, I wanted to fuck.

I pulled her off my cock and lifted her toward me. She slid along my body straddling me. I pulled her in for a kiss and she started to grind herself against my shaft, but I stopped her and lifted her hips. I pulled her bottoms to the side. She brought her hand to mouth, spat, and thin rubbed the spit on the tip of my cock. I lined it up and she slowly sank down. The head parted her lips and entered her. It felt amazing. It was what had wanted since she shoved her ass in my face earlier that morning. All I wanted to do was ram my cock in her, but I was patient. I let her do it and she eased herself down, then back up, then down a little further, bit by bit until, finally, I was all the way inside her. She put her hands on my chest and started to ride, grinding deep on my cock and then sliding up, almost all the way off before pounding back down. It was slow at first, but as her breath quickened, so did her pace.

Once she had a good rhythm going, I started thrusting to meet her. One of my hands cupped her ass, while the other snaked to her belly. I rested my hand flat on her stomach and started using my thumb to stroke her clit. I was looking down my body, watching the action when her fingernails dug deeply into my chest and she started grinding hard on my cock. My hand was now trapped between our bodies, but I kept up the pressure on her clit, rubbing it vigorously. She grunted, and I looked up at her and she had her eyes closed and she was biting her lip. Normally fairly vocal, Olivia was trying to stifle a moan so the other couple wouldn’t hear.

I pulled my hand from between us, grabbed her ass and started to thrust up into her quickly. She leaned forward and moaned into my neck as I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. I was close and could feel she was on the edge as well. I knew spanking her – something that always pushed her over the edge – would be to loud, so instead I slipped my hand under her bottoms and started rubbing her ass with my middle finger. She gripped me tighter and whispered, “yes.”

While still fucking her, I inserted one finger into her ass, up to the first knuckle and began vibrating it and swirling it. “Fuck,” she said as she came on my cock. I paused for a moment, letting her feel her orgasm. I pulled my finger from her ass, lifted her and turned us both around so I was on top and started fucking her again. I was close, this last bit was just about me. I grabbed her ankles, bringing them together, I put them over one shoulder as I pressed her knees into her chest. I felt her pussy clamp down harder around my cock. I then proceeded to slid my cock into her as hard and fast as I could. I could barely think, it felt so good. When I finally came, deep inside her, my mind when blank.

I pulled out of her and we both looked at each other, laughed quietly, and kissed. We were both catching our breath.

“It’s hot.” I said, an understatement. “I’m going to jump in the water.”

“Good plan,” Olivia said.

I rolled completely off her and sat up, ready to pull my trunks back on and jump in to the lake. When I looked up, however, the other woman – the redhead – was standing in the water out beyond the rock that was obscuring us and was staring right at us. Her chest and cheeks flushed with both hands moving below the surface of the water.

Thank you for reading. This is my first submission. It is loosely based on a true story. Please comment or leave a rating.

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