Las Vegas


Xenia walked across the hotel room, swaddled in the thick terrycloth robe that the hotel provided. She and Clarence were going out on the town in Las Vegas! She was excited, eager to get her drink on and her groove on and her fuck on. She turned on the shower, letting it run to get hot. She grabbed her toiletries bag, pulling out the small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving lotion, and a razor. She was going to be a while, she’d told Clarence, so he took off down to the casino to play blackjack.

She slipped out of the robe, hanging it on the hook on the back of the bathroom door. She stood in front of the mirror, naked, checking herself out. Her long black hair was lustrous, shiny, hanging almost to her waist. Her breasts sagged a little, a result of three children and time. Her nipples were large, firm, and mostly unblemished. She’d stop breastfeeding Clarence Jr. almost a year ago, so her breasts had lost some of their breast milk size, but still large, full and firm. She still didn’t like the pooch around her middle, even though she’d been walking and walking and walking. She’d lost weight, but not enough to satisfy her.

She turned around. Looking over her shoulder, she looked at her ass in the mirror. Not small, but not too bad. Clarence and her friend Sean were always complimentary, even if they didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about. She turned around again and looked at her legs. She needed to shave, obviously, but what she really needed to do was moisturize her knees. They were looking a little ashy, though that could have been from being on her knees giving Clarence that blow job. She smiled in the mirror, remembering Clarence’s appreciation and the blow job he’d given her. That man’s tongue had a mind of its own, she thought, still tingling from the orgasm he’d given her.

She inspected her pubic region, noticing that she’d have to trim it up a little. Her lips stuck out, the price of vaginal deliveries, but Clarence liked to suck on them, so she didn’t feel too self-conscious about them. She spread the lips, inspecting the opening. Clarence had been trying to talk her into having her clit pierced, and she was considering it, but it was a little daunting. She’d prefer to have a tattoo put on. She inspected the tattoos she already had. They seemed to be holding up pretty well; she couldn’t see much ink bleed in the older tattoos, just a little fading, which was normal.

The mirror started to fog up from the steamy shower, so she got into the shower and soaked her body. She took the loufa that the hotel provided out of its packaging and started scrubbing her body vigorously, exfoliating all the dead skin off her body. The hot water cascaded down her body in steamy rivulets, like a hot stone massage. She and Clarence had had one earlier. She wasn’t fond of strangers touching her; Sean had felt the sting of that mistake, but with Clarence there, it had been almost pleasant. She paid particular attention to her knees and elbows, the areas that always seemed to be the roughest. The loufa seemed to do a good job of exfoliating, making her skin feel soft and fresh.

The shower had a nice bench built in, a place for her to sit and shave or scrub her feet or, as Clarence suggested, fuck. She sat down on the bench, the cold tile counterpoint to the hot water. She took the loufa to her feet, scrubbing the heels vigorously. After finishing her feet, she applied shaving lotion to her legs and bikini region and carefully shaved. She managed to avoid any nicks, which she was grateful for. She trimmed her bikini region, something Clarence preferred to do himself, but since he was gambling, and they were going out tonight, she was determined to take care of it herself. After satisfying herself that her legs and pubis were properly groomed, she stood up and rinsed in the hot water, then shaved her armpits. She had to make sure everything was right, because the dress she was wearing tonight wouldn’t leave much room for grooming mistakes, or imagination for that matter.

Satisfied, somewhat, with her grooming, she washed her hair thoroughly, and then put in a good conditioner to make her hair shine. As she let the conditioner work, she applied the body wash to a wet washcloth and scrubbed her naked body from head to toe. The body wash smelled of jasmine and roses, something she’d picked up in a health and beauty store in Charlotte. Xenia stood under the thick hot spray, rinsing the conditioner and body wash away, foamy bubbles circling down the drain in the bottom of the shower stall. She stood under the steaming water for a couple minutes, letting the hot water ease the muscles in her back. Turning off the shower, she stepped out on the thick carpet mat in front of the shower and started drying off.

Her hair always took forever to dry, so she wrapped it in a towel and dried off all the moisture still clinging to her body. She felt so sensual, freshly clean from the shower. She was excited for Clarence to see her in her outfit. She’d spent hours and days agonizing over what to wear. Sean had been a great help, constantly bayrampaşa escort sending her pictures of clothes and shoes and underclothes for her to consider. Sean always had a way of making her feel special. For a man with the dirtiest mind, he had an interesting sense of feminine style.

Xenia sat on the edge of the king size bed and started rubbing lotion over her body. She paid particular attention to her knees and elbows, her thighs, and her breasts. She wanted her skin to feel extra smooth. Xenia went back to the bathroom and dried her hair with a blow dryer, brushing it out until it shined. She left it loose, her normal look when she went out on the town with her husband.

She returned to the bedroom, getting her hang-up bag from the closet, setting it on the bed and unzipping it. Her outfit was perfect. Amazingly, it was one that Sean had picked out. Xenia took it off the hanger and laid it out on the bed. It was a dress, a very sexy dress. Actually, looking at it, it wasn’t so much a dress as a very short mini skirt with thick pieces of cloth that were supposed to go up over her breasts and tie behind her neck. The skirt had a very thick waist, rising up to cover her belly button in the front and part of the tramp stamp in the back that read “Clarence”.

She had a very sexy lace bra and matching panty set, but the bra wouldn’t work with this dress, so she had picked up some sticky cups to lift and cup her breasts, to give her maximum cleavage. Those were another thing Sean had suggested, something he’d read about or seen sometime. She’d never tried them before, and was a little nervous about the application. Taking out the panties, she slipped them on. They were black lace, cut like boy shorts, leaving half of each ass cheek exposed, but cupping her pussy and barely rising above her clit. She turned and looked in the mirror and just seeing herself in them made her moist with anticipation. She could make out her full pussy lips through the sheer material and knew that Clarence would absolutely love them.

She took out the package of sticky cups and, lifting her right breast up, applied the adhesive cup right at the crease of her breast as the directions instructed. Lowering her breast, she could see in the mirror that her right breast now stood up full and unencumbered. She did the same thing to her left breast and now felt like she was wearing an invisible bra. She went into her toiletry bag and got out a small bottle of cream she’d picked up at the Red Door. She put a small dab on her finger and rubbed it into her nipple and aureole. The cream was edible, but what it was supposed to do was make her nipple hard for hours. The effect was immediate, the nipple hardening and standing out. She applied more to her other nipple and now both were hard and jutting.

Next, she slipped into the dress, pulling the skirt up to where it covered her belly button, but pushed down the back to fully reveal Clarence’s name tattooed on her back. She lifted the ends of the top and tied them together, then slipped it over her head, pulling her hair out of the dress. She looked in the mirror and carefully adjusted the top to cover her breasts while leaving the cleavage fully exposed and the sides of her breasts partially uncovered. Her nipples were clearly visible through the cloth. She ran her hands down over her breasts and noticed a button on one side and realized she could button the top together at her breasts if she wanted. She tried it, looking in the mirror to see the effect, then undid it because it didn’t make her feel like she was sexy enough that way.

Xenia walked back and forth in front of the mirror, watching the way her breasts jiggled, the way her butt wiggled and making sure you couldn’t see anything peeking out under the incredibly short skirt. The skirt could have been another inch or two longer, she thought to herself, knowing that the slightest breeze would give the world a show. Xenia went to her luggage and got out the new boots she bought. They were tan and went to her knees, with 4 inch high heels. She slid them on, adjusting them so they were properly fit. She stood up and walked over to the floor length mirror. Looking out at her was the sexiest woman in Las Vegas.

She twirled around, looking at herself in the mirror. Sure enough the skirt rose up and displayed everything she had to offer. She turned her back and looked over her shoulder and noticed that with the boots on, the skirt didn’t quite cover her ass cheeks, so she tugged it down a little. She turned back and looked in the mirror. Yes, she thought, definitely the sexiest woman in Las Vegas.

Smiling, she picked up her tan handbag that matched her boots and headed for the door. Clarence is going to love this, she thought, smiling. Stopping next to the door, she turned the air conditioner down as low as it would go. She liked to fuck in a cold room and she had every intention of fucking Clarence all night long.

She walked to the elevator and rode down to the lobby. Stepping off the elevator, she saw that the hotel casino esenler escort was crowded. She looked at the clock over the lobby desk and noticed that she had about an hour until their dinner reservations. She saw a boutique in the lobby that did makeup and hair and jewelry. She walked over into the boutique, feeling the eyes of every male over the age of 12 watching her walk across the wide expanse of marble floor. She paused in the doorway of the boutique, called Rue Fontaine.

“Good evening ma’am,” the lady behind the counter said in a French lilt, “and may I say you look simply magnifique this evening. How may we help you?”

“Do you do makeup here?” Xenia asked.

“Oui, madame, we would be happy to help you with that!” the lady gushed.

Xenia was escorted to a chair and a young Asian girl came up with a wide tray of assorted makeup.

“I don’t usually wear makeup,” Xenia said, “but I’d like to do something with my eyes.”

“Certainly, ma’am,” the girl said. “Let me show you some work we’ve done and maybe you’ll find something you like.”

Xenia looked through the book. Most of the artwork was way over the top, like stage performers for a Cirque du Soleil show. Either that or it was face painting for children, Tinker bell, Tweety, Bugs Bunny, or one of those things.

“Really, all I want,” she said to the Asian girl, “is to have a little mascara, maybe some eyeliner, concealer for my splotches, and a little lip liner.”

“Of course, madam, anything you want,” the girl said, looking a little crestfallen.

“Wait, wait,” Xenia said, “tell me what you were thinking.”

“It would be easier for me to show you, Madame!” the girl exclaimed.

Xenia sighed. “I want sexy. I want my husband to look at me and drool. If you can achieve that effect, go for it.”

“Oui, Madame, I will make you even sexier than you are now,” the girl promised.

Xenia sat there as the girl worked. Her patience was nearing its end and she was about to walk out. Finally the girl stepped back and exclaimed, “Voila!”

Xenia spun around in the chair. A stranger was staring out at her. Her blemishes were expertly hidden, her skin tone flawless, beautiful. Her lips were a soft pink, barely any color, the lip lines just a shade or two darker. The most remarkable thing, though, the thing that drew your attention immediately and captured your imagination was the eyes. The lashes were long and thick, eyeliner tasteful. The eyelids had a graduated shading of brown and gray. Then the makeup artist had designed these curlicues and patterns leading back from her eyes to her hairline by her ears. Little bright green crystal leaves sprung up from the drawn branches. Little dark blue heart shaped flowers sprung from the design, the crystals small, but very sparkly in the bright lights. It looked like she was wearing glasses or a mask, but such a beautiful mask that it was impossible to resist. Her dark eyes sparkled with excitement, anticipation, and appreciation.

Xenia paid them, tipping the little Asian girl for her creativity, then headed into the casino. She found Clarence at the black jack tables, just like he’d said he’d be. He had a decent pile of chips in front of him and as she was walking up, the dealer added a few more to his stack.

“Winning?” she whispered in his ear, standing behind him.

“You bet, babe,” he said, not looking at her. “I’m up almost a grand now. Almost time to eat?”

“Yes,” she said, smiling at the other players who were gawking at her amazing look. “Why don’t you cash in and we can go to dinner?”

Clarence gathered his chips, and then turned around. You could hear the chips slowly hit the floor, along with his jaw. He was wearing his “Sunday gone to church” outfit, as he called it. Charcoal suit, white shirt, cream tie. His tie clip was a picture holder, with little pictures of their three children. Xenia ran her hand down the tie, stroking his chest and rubbing her fingers over the pictures.

“WOW!” he finally said, finding his voice. He slowly lowered down to pick up the chips, but was failing miserably at it as his eyes were glued to her body and the dress and the makeup and the boots. From his vantage point, he was low enough to see the panties she wore, which made it even harder for him to concentrate on his task.

“Clarence,” Xenia said sternly, drawing his attention back to her face, “focus, honey. We have reservations for now, so let’s get a move on.”

“Right,” he swallowed, eyes flicking down her body one more time, and then gathering everything off the floor. Standing, he said, “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather eat in the room?”

Xenia gave him a stern look. “I’m dressed to kill baby, and I’m going to spend all night knocking them dead. You can have at it when I’ve had my fun.”

Clarence laughed, took her arm and led her to the exchange cages, collecting his winnings. They quickly went out of the hotel and down the strip to the restaurant they had reservations for. They walked into Aureole, the restaurant they had chosen for gaziosmanpaşa escort dinner and gave their name to the hostess. Xenia’s look drew appreciative looks from men and women alike. Xenia quivered slightly, the attention a little overwhelming but exciting as well. The hostess sat them at their table and Clarence ordered a bottle of wine.

Over the next 90 minutes they drank the bottle of wine, ate their dinner, and received numerous compliments about their appearance, particularly Xenia. Not one to blush, she had a slight blush on her cheeks as each person stopped by their table and complimented her. The staff brought them a complimentary dessert, which they enjoyed.

Xenia and Clarence had tickets for the 11 o’clock showing of Shades of Temptation; supposedly an adult show based on the 50 shades novels. Xenia had read the books to Clarence while he drove across country and when she’d heard this show was being produced they quickly agreed to see it. It was still relatively early; the show wouldn’t start for a couple hours yet, so they headed to the House of Blues. They settled into a booth and watched the musicians and the couples dancing, sipping on their drinks. Xenia had a Ciroc and Cranberry and Clarence had Hennessy and Coke. The music flowed through Xenia, the saxophone like warm water on her skin, the snares like pop rocks in her mouth, the clarinet like Clarence’s hands stroking her breasts.

As they sat there enjoying the music, Clarence’s left hand went to her knee. He caressed the leather of the boot, and then his fingers started grazing her thigh where it went into the boot. His fingers stroked random patterns and designs in her leg, slowly moving up and down, teasing her body. The cool leather of the seat against her exposed ass cheeks made for an erotic counterpoint to his warm hand stroking her leg, sliding higher and higher on her thigh, fingers sliding in further and further. Xenia obligingly spread her legs a little, and his pinky slid up and rubbed right up her lips, stopping at her engorged clit. His pinky rested there, lightly tapping time with the music against her clit.

Xenia closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of his fingers, the warmth of the alcohol and the smooth mellow Jazz. Clarence ordered them both another drink each, then got up from the booth, pulling Xenia with him and led her to the dance floor. Taking her in his arms, he lazily swayed her back and forth on the dance floor to the smooth mellow music. After a couple songs, they made their way back to the booth, sitting there drinking their drinks. Clarence’s hand went back to its previous entertainment; stroking her thigh and tapping his pinky against her clit in time with the music. Xenia put her hand on his thigh and as her sexual appetite and discomfort grew, her nails dug deeper and deeper into his thigh. His threshold for pain seemed to be immeasurable, as he continued his torture, adding a couple fingers stroking her engorged lips to add to the unrelenting punishment.

“Stop,” she begged in his ear. “I can’t take that anymore. I promise, you’ll get all you can handle later, but I don’t want to be walking all over Las Vegas with sopping wet panties, a hard clit and no relief in sight for hours.”

“Well, if it’s relief you want, baby,” he whispered in her ear, his tongue caressing her earlobe, “just step back in the hallway with me and I’ll give you a taste of what’s coming later.”

“Mmmmmm…” she moaned softly, as his fingers moved inside the panties and stroked her wet lips. “Same issue. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on what we’re doing if we did that. Please, Clarence, stop for now?”

He moved his hand away, and then finished off his drink.

“How about we head to the show?” he asked, holding out his hand to her. She scooted across the seat and stood up. Tucking her hand in his arm, he led her out of the House of Blues.

He managed to keep his hands to himself, though how, she couldn’t tell. She knew this restriction was going to cost her later, but secretly she was looking forward to it. He was such an attentive lover.

They arrived at the Shades of Temptation foyer, handed their tickets to the usher and he escorted them to their seats. They were near the stage, to the right. They had a small table and two chairs. A waiter came to take their order. Xenia gasped. The waiter, a tall, muscular dark drink of water looked just like Shamar Moore, the actor. He was topless, just wearing a pair of skin tight jeans and high tops. He took their drink order and, smiling at Xenia, walked away. Xenia watched his ass move, mouth watering.

“Easy, there, babe,” Clarence said laughing. “That ain’t Shamar and you know it. Just like that girl over there ain’t no Halle.” He pointed behind her.

She turned in her seat and saw a topless waitress who was the spitting image of Halle Berry taking another couples’ drink order. Xenia laughed, and then sighed. Tall, dark and topless came back with their drinks and the lights dimmed as the show started. The show lasted for an hour and a half, and the Shamar lookalike kept them in drinks. Clarence’s hand stayed on her thigh the whole time, fingers grazing her sensitive inner thighs, but not moving up to her pussy as she’d asked. His fingers tightened on her thigh several times through the act, which was essentially a live sex show without the sex. One particular scene engrossed them both.

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