Let’s Make a Deal

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“Oh, yeah,” she moaned, her luscious ass up in the air. “Fuck, yeah, just like that!”

“You like taking it from behind, don’t you?” he asked, his breathing harsh. “I bet you do. You fucking love it, don’t you? Fucking slut…”

“Shut up!” she cried, her body tensing. She reached down beneath her body and ran her fingers around his cock as it slipped out and back inside her cunt. Grunting as he slammed his cock home again, she moved her fingers to her engorged clit and frantically stroked it. “Just fuck me. Just keep fucking me like that.”

She was so close, she could feel the tingling starting in her stomach. Her muscles were trembling and her body shook with each manic thrust from the man behind her. His cock was long and hard, sliding so easily through her juicy pussy that she shuddered and pinched her clit, longing to feel the hot release of an orgasm.

It had been too long, way too long, since she’d last been pounded like this. Her fingers worked harder on her clit and she bowed her head, resting her forehead on her arm. The position lifted her ass higher in the air and angled her body so that the man fucking her could sink even deeper. With a grunt, he did just that, yanking hard on her hips and he pushed his body forward, burying his cock inside her. Her pussy sucked him in, making a delicious squishing noise as he thrust.

“Fuck, yeah,” she moaned, rubbing her clit harder, circling it and pinching roughly.

From behind, he leaned close and lifted one hand to play with her naked tits. His fingers splayed between them where they hung beneath her body before he settled on one breast, pinching her nipple. She gasped, feeling the release hit her at that moment. Her fingers didn’t stop moving on her clit and he fucked her even harder when he felt her pussy clenching around his cock.

“Oh, yeah, cum for me, baby,” he groaned, moving his hand back to her hip and increasing his already frantic pace.

Unable to form a sentence, she only groaned, long and loud, pushing her body back as best as she could to meet his thrusts. He pounded into her, over and over as her body shuddered with her orgasm. She knew he was close; they’d fucked enough times over the past year for her to recognize the signs. His breathing was erratic, his pace very fast and he was grunting like an animal. In the past, she’d loved to listen to him lose control. Now, all she wanted was for him to finish. She’d hit her peak and felt ten times better than she had when she’d called him.

At last, he shot his load and shouted a name; not hers. Scowling, she waited until his body stopped humping against her backside and then pulled away when he was finished emptying his load inside of her.

“I should go,” she said, moving to the edge of the bed and sitting up.

He collapsed behind her, breathing hard and managed a laugh at her words. “Why should you go, baby? That was only round one.”

“Fuck you and your round one,” she snapped as she reached down for her discarded clothes. “You shouted Carrie’s name when you came.”

He blinked and stared at her in confusion. “Did I? Oh, shit.”

“Yeah, ‘oh, shit,'” she said and stood up, pulling her jeans over her hips.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby,” he said with a smirk. “We’re not even dating anymore. You only called me for a fuck.”

However true that may be, she didn’t have to like the fact that he’d been thinking of someone else as he fucked her. She yanked her shirt on and slid her feet into her sandals, heading for the door across the room immediately.

“Hannah, come on!” he called as she pulled the door open.

“Fuck you, Todd,” she tossed over her shoulder before leaving him alone in his dorm room.

As Hannah shut the door behind her, she thought she heard more of his whiny protests but she didn’t care. She fluffed her brown hair up and ran her fingers through it to release the tangles as she walked away. The dorm was silent, mostly empty except for a few stragglers unable to make it home or to Florida for spring break. Hannah had had plans to drive with her friends to Fort Lauderdale but when she’d discovered her best friend Lori humping her almost-boyfriend Gerry last week, she’d opted out. Left behind, feeling horny and jilted, she’d caved, calling Todd, her ex-boyfriend. It had seemed like a good plan at the time, since the university was virtually deserted for the week. Now that she’d just been called by some other bitch’s name, it didn’t seem like such a good idea any more.

Sighing, Hannah hurried down the hall to the elevators and went up two floors to her own hall. Back alone in her own room, she sank onto her bed and stared blankly up at the ceiling.

Now what? She wondered, toeing her sandals off and letting them drop to the floor. I could go home for the week. That thought made her scowl. Her parents, or rather, her mother and her latest husband, weren’t even speaking at the moment. The last time she’d called home, she’d been treated to a screaming fight between Escort bayan the two of them. She had no desire to head home to spend time in the middle of that.

There’s always Lindsay’s house, she told herself, thinking of her high school chum who still lived down the street from her mom’s place. Hannah dismissed that idea almost as soon as it occurred to her. Well, I can’t stay here, she thought and frowned at the dark ceiling. Maybe home is my best option.

With another heavy sigh, she rolled over and decided to sleep on it.


The next day, around dinnertime, Hannah was rolling up her old street in her beat-up VW Beetle, idly looking across the well-manicured lawns. She turned up a long, empty driveway, the overhanging trees dousing her car in shadows as she coasted towards the garage at the back of the lot. Once she stopped, she hopped out of the car and grabbed her duffel bag and backpack from the back seat. Then she headed up to the big house and let herself in through the kitchen door.

“Hello?” she called as she walked inside and set her bags down. “Is anyone home?” She stood in the kitchen and listened for a moment. No reply.

Shrugging, she turned to the fridge and opened it to pull out a soda for herself. Popping the top, she wandered through the house, making her way through all the familiar rooms. She hadn’t been back since the Christmas break but nothing had really changed. Same elegant furniture, same framed pictures on the mantle and same insane entertainment system in the basement. Smiling now, she plopped down on the wide, plush couch and flicked on the big screen TV.

After flipping through several channels, her smile faded. There was absolutely nothing interesting to watch. She got up and pulled open the cupboard in the entertainment unit surrounding the TV. Rows of DVD’s appeared in front of her and she sipped her pop as she looked through them. She picked out a horror movie, figuring that was the best way to take her mind off of her currently sucking life. When she turned on the DVD player, a movie blinked onto the screen that someone must have left in the machine.

Hannah’s eyes popped open and the can of soda stopped halfway to her mouth when she saw what it was. A man and two woman writhing on a cheesy tiger-skin rug, naked and moaning. At the moment, the man was lying with his face between one of the women’s legs and was vigorously eating her out. The other chick was standing over him with her pussy pressed to the face of the first woman. A giggle escaped Hannah and she felt the immediate response inside her own body as she watched more of the porno.

The man finished playing with the woman before him and they all adjusted their positions. The one woman remained on her feet as the man moved around until he was kneeling. The woman he’d just been sucking on moved into his lap and slid her cunt down his big shaft as the other woman moved to stand between them. The guy lifted his face to her pussy and started to tongue it while the chick he was fucking brought her hands up to play with the other woman’s ass.

Hannah dropped the horror flick she’d picked out and moved back to the couch. She set her soda on the table in front of her and shoved her hands down the front of her jeans. She found her pussy already coated with moisture and she bit back a moan as she ran her fingers over her swelling clit.

She didn’t know who this porn belonged to, and she didn’t care. It was pretty fucking hot at the moment and she loved to masturbate. It was the best way to get what she wanted; she didn’t have to worry about guys finishing too soon or calling out some other slut’s name.

As she slid her fingers up and down her slit, she thought about who might have been watching the movie. However much it might disturb her, her mother liked to share everything with her daughter. So much so that Hannah knew most of her mother’s sexual preferences and she despised pornography. She figured anyone that needed this kind of external stimulation had something wrong with them. Hannah thought she was full of bullshit but it proved that the DVD must belong to her husband, Hannah’s current stepfather.

Not that it mattered. Hannah simply relaxed back into the couch cushions and finger-fucked herself until she came with a shout. After that, she was feeling drowsy so she shut the movie off and wandered upstairs. She picked up her bags from the kitchen and went up to the second floor where the bedrooms were. There was still no one home so she got herself ready for bed and thought about the porno as she fucked herself with her dildo this time. After that, she fell asleep, the sheets cool against her naked skin.


Something woke her up during the night and she sat up with a frown, wondering what noise she’d heard. Some noise drifted into her room from downstairs and she got out of bed, creeping to her door to listen closer. There were people downstairs but as Hannah listened, she didn’t think either Bayan escort was her mother. One voice was male and the other definitely female.

Did Alex bring some other woman over? Hannah thought and covered her mouth with one hand.

Carefully she turned the doorknob and pulled the door open just an inch so she could hear better. The voices were louder now and she picked up actual words.

“…Looked good out there tonight,” the woman said. “Of course, you look good everywhere, Alex.”

“Thanks, Miranda,” Alex replied, his voice deep and carrying easily up the stairs to Hannah.

She shivered and remembered that she was stark naked. She stayed where she was for the moment, wanting to listen to the conversation downstairs more than she wanted to warm up. Of course, the shiver could have been caused by listening to Alex’s deep voice. Her first memory of her stepfather came to mind suddenly and she wasn’t so cold anymore, a blush settling over every part of her skin.

Hannah had only met Alex the day before his wedding to her mother. Hannah had been in university during his courtship with her mother and they’d ended up marrying very quickly, so Hannah hadn’t been a part of the marriage preparation. Not that she’d cared. Her mother had been married enough times for Hannah to have given up on her entirely. So she’d shown up at home for the ‘big day’ and met Alex then.

He was probably the best-looking man she’d ever laid eyes on. He was younger than her mother by a few years, a requirement for the woman, and very fit. With broad shoulders and long limbs, he walked around like he knew how sexy he was. He had dark hair and piercing blue eyes that had seemed to look straight through Hannah when they’d been introduced. All day, during and after the wedding ceremony, Hannah had spent her time checking him out. He had a firm ass that filled out his tuxedo pants very well and big, strong-looking hands that had felt warm against her back as they danced their one dance.

Still, she’d never admit to herself that she was attracted to him. For God’s sake, he was her stepfather! It was wrong on more than one level.

It didn’t stop her from eavesdropping on him and the unknown ‘Miranda.’

“I had such an amazing time,” the woman gushed. “I’m so glad you asked me to go.” There was a pause for a moment and then Hannah had to strain to hear her next words. “And I’m glad you asked me back here.”

“Are you?” Alex replied and chuckled.

Upstairs in her room, Hannah pressed her thighs together, telling herself she wasn’t turned on by the mere sound of his voice.

“What do you think I asked you back here for?” Alex asked.

Miranda laughed, a high-pitched sound that made Hannah cringe. “Oh, Alex, don’t play coy. We both know what’s going to happen here tonight.”

“What might that be?”

“You told me yourself that your wife is out of town for two weeks,” Miranda said and Hannah frowned. Her mother hadn’t mentioned anything about it to her. Probably because Hannah had said she was going to Florida for spring break. Oh well, Hannah thought and shrugged it off.

“So she’s away,” Alex was saying. “So what? Maybe I just wanted some company tonight.”

“I know exactly what kind of company you’re looking for, Alex,” Miranda said and both of them fell silent for a moment.

Hannah opened the door wider and stuck her head into the hallway but still couldn’t hear anything. She crept out of her bedroom and tiptoed down the hall to the top of the stairs. She could hear rustling now, like clothing brushing together and she lifted her hand to her mouth, stifling a giggle.

Alex is screwing some woman in the kitchen! she thought. She knew she should be appalled that he was cheating on her mother but then again, she knew what her mother was like.

Drawing in a deep breath, Hannah slowly made her way downstairs, keeping one shoulder pressed to the wall beside her. She reached the main floor and stopped, glancing down at herself. She was still naked and was about to run back upstairs when she heard a throaty moan from the kitchen.

“Mmm, Alex,” Miranda moaned and now Hannah could hear deep breathing. “You taste like champagne.”

“So do you,” Alex replied, though his voice was muffled.

Hannah was desperate to know what was going on and she slid down the hallway towards the entrance to the kitchen, doing her best to remain silent. Finally she reached the lit doorway and stopped, keeping herself hidden in the hall.

“Oh, that feels good,” Miranda murmured. “Yes, that spot right there.”

“Right here?” Alex replied.

Hannah could hear wet sounds of kissing again and pictured Alex soul-kissing the woman. She imagined his big hands on the woman’s backside and felt moisture pool between her legs at the image that sprang to mind.

“Fuck yeah!” Miranda gasped suddenly. “Oh, yeah, I love it when you grab my tits.”

“I know,” Alex replied. “I’ve known that ever since Escort you pressed them against me in the archive room.”

Miranda giggled and moaned again. “I wanted to fuck you that day, you know.”

“I know,” Alex repeated. “I would have if Hank hadn’t walked in.”

“Oh, such a wasted opportunity,” Miranda sighed. “Thank God your wife is gone.”

“Oh yeah,” Alex agreed.

Hannah’s mind was spinning as she listened from the hallway. She heard some scuffling and then a kitchen chair was moved, squeaking as it moved over the linoleum floor.

“Oh!” Miranda exclaimed and there was the sound of a dull thump. Hannah pictured Miranda being lifted effortlessly to the table by Alex and had to lift a hand to her chest where her heart was beating wildly. “Yes, I like this,” Miranda went on.

“Are you wearing panties?” Alex asked, his voice coming out much huskier then usual.

“Have a look, stud,” Miranda answered coyly.

A moment of silent passed and Hannah squeezed her eyes shut to keep from jumping around the corner. Then a new sound reached her ears and her eyes popped open when she realized what it was.

“Oh, fuck, Alex,” Miranda gasped. “Oh yeah. Fuck, yeah, that feels good. S-so good.” Miranda’s stutter hit Hannah’s ears just as a loud ‘slurp’ did and Hannah moved her other hand between her legs to cup herself, biting her lip to keep from moaning out loud.

“God, yes,” Miranda moaned and there was the sound of another thump. “Oh, yes, yes, Alex! You’re gonna make me cum!” And then she must have since she dissolved into inarticulate moans and screams that almost drowned out the wet, sucking noises.

“Oh God, I want you to fuck me now, Alex.”

“If you insist,” Alex replied and a zipper was undone. Some other chair was pushed out of the way with a squeak and then there was the distinctive sound of bodies coming together.

Hannah listened, her breath coming quickly and her fingers dripping with her own juices. She still had a hand pressed to her chest though she wasn’t sure if it wasn’t to keep herself from moving. She just couldn’t lean around and watch them, could she? No matter how turned on she was or how badly she wanted to watch Alex drill some strange woman, she just couldn’t.

The slapping sounds grew louder and Miranda’s moans reached a new pitch. Hannah shuddered and caved, lowering the hand from her chest to place it on the wall behind her. Then she turned, twisting her body around and leaning out just far enough that she could see into the kitchen.

There was a blond woman on the kitchen table, a slinky red dress pushed up around her waist as Alex fucked her roughly while he stood between her thighs. He was facing the doorway where Hannah was, though he wasn’t looking up. Hannah watched, drinking in the sight of Alex fucking Miranda, his face flushed and perspiration beading on his forehead. He was still clothed, only his pants undone and pushed down partially to release his cock.

Hannah moved again, lifting onto her toes to see his cock actually disappearing into Miranda. She couldn’t but she couldn’t seem to stop leaning. Her grip on the wall slipped slightly and she took a step with a gasp.

Alex’s head snapped up at the sound and his blue eyes bored into her. Hannah’s breath caught as she was trapped by his piercing gaze. She waited like a frightened animal for him to stop moving and scream at her.

He didn’t.

Instead, his full lips curved up at the corners as his eyes swept down Hannah’s body. She sucked in a breath and looked down at herself, seeing her naked body half-exposed around the wall. As his eyes traveled back up her body, she met his gaze and blew her breath out silently as he continued to fuck the blond on the kitchen table. His lips parted and he grunted, slamming his hips more purposefully against Miranda’s body.

“Oh yes, Alex!” Miranda cried suddenly, breaking the hot silence.

Her voice brought Hannah back to herself and she darted out of the doorway, bracing herself against the wall as she sucked in air. From behind her, she heard the frantic sounds of fucking and shook her head. Pushing away from the wall, she hurried upstairs, not even caring if her bedroom door made a sound when she shut it. She threw herself on her bed and grabbed her dildo from her nightstand, shoving it in as far as it would go. Her orgasm came fast and she groaned, lifting her knees as she stroked her clit through it.


She must have fallen asleep after that because the next thing she knew, sunlight was pouring in through her window. She blinked groggily and rubbed one eye as she looked around with the other. After a moment she remembered that she’d come home from university and then another second later, she remembered what she’d witnessed in the kitchen.

Sitting up, she looked towards her door, listening for any sign of Alex and the blond Miranda. Nothing filtered through her door, so she got up and crossed her room to open it. Before she did, she turned back to her closet, drawing a robe around her body this time. Then she went out into the hall and looked down towards the master bedroom. The door was wide open and that was when she heard the noise of a TV from downstairs somewhere.

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