Life With Miss Ida Ch. 03


After Miss Ida had calmed down from her orgasm and I had licked and sucked as much of her cum from her pantyhose as possible, I asked her to remove them. “But they’re not that bad to wear Georgia and I know you love the feel of them so much, they’re fine like they are, they’re only a little torn, I can keep them on.”

“No Miss, I insist,” I say, “Besides, I was hoping that things might head in the direction they did, so I did a little shopping this morning and bought you some gifts,” I added. And reaching into my dresser I took out another pair of exactly the same brand and colour she was wearing.

“Georgia! Oh my…I love them! But how did you know my size and even what brand or type I was wearing?” She added.

“Please Miss…you’re talking to a long-time, pantyhose-loving, nylon-wearing, cross-dressing Sissy here! I do know a thing or two about pantyhose – I noticed your penchant for Kolotex Voodoo’s from the first moment I saw those sheer legs of yours come walking towards me in that restaurant so long ago. And, it didn’t take much to steal a glance at one or two of your tossed away packets at your place to see what size you are. Now, if you’ll allow me, please stand up so I can help you into them,” I added.

Ida stood and slipped out of her soiled and ripped pantyhose and just smiled and watched as I slipped on a pair of thin, white cotton gloves and adoringly removed the new pantyhose, and unfolded them. Then, bunching one foot, then the other, slid them slowly up each leg making sure they were smooth and wrinkle-free, all the way up to her crotch. As my hands brushed back and forth across and around her pussy, I could feel and see her twitch slightly – like most women, I’m sure she has never had another person dress her in pantyhose before – and certainly not as delicately as I was doing. I stood then and asked her to hold the hem of her dress up for me as I pulled up her white, lace bodysuit.

I finished dressing her by moving around to her cute butt making sure her pantyhose were sitting high enough and comfortably around her waist. I knelt back down, pulled her bodysuit down and snapped the crotch closed making sure everything was sitting neatly and snugly as it should. I leant in and taking her sheer, sexy butt in my hands I pulled her to my face and hotly kissed her warm, lacey mound, causing her to gasp and press into me rather eagerly. Finishing up, I left lovely, red lippie marks all over her sweet mound – that’ll remind her of me just a little more when she undresses and sees that later, I thought – I then smoothed the hem of her dress down and stood before her.

“Thank you Georgia,” she said, “That felt delicious! And I can honestly say I’ve never been dressed like that before, ever…but I am definitely looking forward to having my own Sissy dress me on many more occasions to come. Now, how about we do something Ataşehir Yabancı Escort about your situation,” she added reaching up under my dress and cupping her hand very hard up against my throbbing girliecock.

“You were saying something about wanting to try one or two things that you’d seen in some pictures or on the net? Why don’t you let me in what you like hmmmm?” she asked.

I had Ida lay back on the bed beside me so that we were comfortably snuggled together, our legs entwined, both of us now enjoying the sheer pleasures as though it was second nature – the wonderful thing was, in such a short space of time, things had taken a lovely turn for the better and I honestly didn’t think things were ever going to be any different from hereon in.

I started to explain to Ida about one of the many images I’d seen on the net that has always turned me on – two women in pantyhose and heels, one would lie on her side and open her legs wide, while her partner would move in between her legs with her legs open wide and then they press their pantyhose-covered cunts hard up against each other and start rubbing and humping each other to orgasm. I had always had this fantasy while dressed, and all tucked away, and was dying to experience this with another woman – the sensation of rubbing my pantyhosed ‘pussy’ against my partners’.

Ida simply took my hand and said, “Show me Georgia. Show me how you’d like me to make you cum.”

I laid her back and slowly spread her legs, as her dress bunched nicely around her thighs. I reached between her legs and unsnapped her bodysuit. Then I positioned myself in between her legs and started to undo my bodysuit when Ida said, “No Sissy, let me do that for you.”

As her fingers were undoing the snaps, they brushed against my hard girliecock, causing me to jump a little…I was so much on edge, it was all I could do not to cum too soon! She pushed the tight material away from my crotch and ran her fingers back and forth, over my tucked girliecock.

“My, my! You’re very wet down there aren’t you Georgia?”

“Yes Miss,” I offered.

“Well let’s see if we can’t add to that lovely, sticky mess then shall we?” Ida added and proceeded to push her pantyhose-covered cunt closer to my own.

We moved in as close as possible and took a firm hold of each other’s sheer legs and started slowly humping into each other. While my girliecock was hard and just a little sore from all the fun and very little relief, the throbbing sensation was being felt nicely by Ida against her sensitive cunt. I couldn’t believe I was living out a long-held fantasy! Here I was pantyhose-humping girlie-pussies with a real woman, while dressed as sexily as she was!

I looked directly into Ida’s eyes and asked, “Fuck me Miss! Make me cum please?!?”

Ida took over but didn’t Ataşehir Yeni Escort start humping hard into me to make me cum straight away, she just slowly ground her nice, moist pussy into my throbbing girlie-cock, while smiling and lightly moaning and telling me how nice it all felt. Her hands were running all over my legs and intermittently up to her breasts to give them a squeeze, and then every now and then down between our legs – either pressing into her cunt or rubbing hard against my girliecock. Ida’s new, clean pantyhose weren’t so clean anymore – her cunt was just as wet now as it was when she came only moments ago, and I could tell she was enjoying this as every time I rubbed or she pressed against her clit, she would jump a little or moan a little extra.

“Would you like to cum Sissy?” she asked

“V-very much Miss, this is getting me so fucking hard right now! I don’t know how much longer I can hold on – although I really do want to hold off just a bit longer,” I added, not really sure if I could though. My girliecock was wet and not just from Ida’s soaked cunt either – I was leaking girliejuices something awful! Between my girliejuices and her sexy cunt-juices the slick sensation as we humped against each other was sensational.

“I don’t think I can hold on much longer Miss! I am s-so close to c-cumming!” I panted.

“Mmmmmm…nice. Cum for me Sissy. Cum for Mistress you prissy little pantyhose-sissy bitch!” “CUM ALL OVER MY PANTYHOSE – COME ON SLUT! CUM FOR ME!!”

That was all it took, we grabbed each other’s ankles and ground our crotches together hard and harder as I shot load after load into my pantyhose and ultimately all over Mistress’ pantyhose as well. I’m sure Ida came again, as she was humping into me and gasping and moaning almost as much as I was – the slickness and wet sensation between us was huge!

Miss Ida leant forward and dipped her hand inside my pantyhose and proceeded to suck it all off her fingers. Taking her lead I slid my hand into hers and slid my fingers into her cunt, which by the way, was soaking wet! And did the same – we repeated that and then offered each other our own juices to taste and savour, all the while humping into each other, grinding and twitching, enjoying every sticky, sexy moment of this special fantasy come true.

Miss Ida placed her hand down inside my pantyhose and slowly played with my softening girliecock – rubbing it, lightly squeezing it and just holding it – she looked up at me and said, “My dear, we will most definitely be doing that again! That was so much fun and sooo intense! The thought of cumming like that hadn’t even entered my head – wonderful!”

It was getting late and we hadn’t eaten – we were both somewhat hungry but we did have Ataşehir Masaj Salonu to clean ourselves up bit first so I suggested we take a quick shower and then get changed into something a bit more comfortable for bed while we have a snack.

I had a cheeky idea so I asked Ida to let me undress her, all except for her pantyhose, while I did the same. I took her hand and led her into the bathroom, turned on the shower and just pulled her into it with me. We stood there for a while as the water washed over us and warmed us up and then I took my loofah, added some body soap and started soaping her all over. I paid particular attention to her lovely, soft breasts – not rubbing too hard, but enough to excite her and make her nipples stand out nice and hard.

Giving them a little kiss I started to move down her body, making sure to get her pantyhose as soapy as possible – I have washed many pairs of pantyhose this way and it is so much fun and gets me hard every time I’ve done it, so I wanted to see and experience the same sensation and reaction with Ida to see what she thought – I brushed the loofah all over her legs and around her cute, tight arse and then slowly started to rub it back and forth between her legs. I mean the pantyhose were seriously wet and sticky from all that cum, I had to be a good little Sissy and make sure that Mistress was as clean as possible down there right?!?

As I was doing this I looked up to see Ida with her eyes closed and her hands squeezing and massaging her tits – she was really enjoying it all! Every now and then her hips would press into my hands as they slipped between her sheer, wet legs. And of course, through all of this, my girliecock was nice and hard, so being a little bold I tore a small hole in the front of my pantyhose and pulled my hard girliecock through.

I stood up and turned Ida around and pressed her forward a little so she was leaning against the shower wall. I knelt back down and started rubbing and ‘cleaning’ her with more soap from the rear – her hips starting to move in a bit of a rhythm now as I rubbed back and forth between her legs. Not wanting to miss the moment I stood up, tore a quick hole in her pantyhose and slid my girliecock straight up inside her waiting cunt! She was all wet again and not just from the soap and water – she was literally soaking in her own cunt juices all over again!

I leant in and started to fuck her with deep, hard strokes, “is this what you want Miss?” “You want your obedient little pantyhose-sissy to fuck you in your sexy pantyhose hmmm?” I asked.

As I fucked her in the way I knew she had been wanting, both of us in our sexy, wet, shiny pantyhose, and hard as I could, I knew that the role of Mistress and Sissy was one that we would enjoy many, many times over – and I thought, “sometimes I might just get to play the Mistress and Ida will be my sissy.”

And as Ida offered up a gasping, “F-Fuck me Georgia…fuck me like your little bitch…pleeeease?!?”

I remember thinking how I couldn’t be any happier as I came deep and hard inside her…

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