Like Mother, Like Daughter


(A Dylan James Adventure)

(This is another in the continuing adventures of Dylan James, Hollywood stuntman and stud. Dylan’s adventures started out with the “One For The Road” series. Please check all his adventures out – they are all stand alone stories. Thanks for the interest and support. And please remember to vote. All emails are welcome.)


The top of the tiny yellow bikini was hanging from the bedpost, and the almost non-existent bottoms were flung over by the window. His swim trunks had never made it pass the patio door downstairs.

The squeaking of the bedsprings was loud, but not as loud as the headboard banging against the wall. There were also the cries of pleasure as Beth rode Dylan’s giant cock, plus the unmistakable sound of wetness as she drove the slick sleeve of her tight young cunt up and down the length of his stiff manhood.

“Unh, unh, unh, unh,” Beth moaned as she drove his 9 inch monster into her tightly packed pussy. She was riding Dylan so hard that he thought in passing that the bed might break, but he really didn’t care because he was too absorbed by watching the beautiful 18 year old red head slide her wet pussy up and down his stiff rod.

His graze dropped down her magnificent body to watch as his proud pussy pleaser continually drove into her young shaved snatch, and he wondered where she put it all. She was small, much like her Mother. She had the same flowing red hair, the same great body, and the same large breasts. Large natural breasts that were too large for her slim frame, but he knew from personal experience that she would fill out in all the right places just like her Mother.

Her large breasts were bouncing up and down as she tried to pound Dylan’s ass into the quaking bed, as she tried to drive his rock hard dick farther and farther up her hungry cunt. He reached up and grabbed her bouncing orbs and pinched both rose-colored nipples between his fingers. The added stimulation went directly to her over heated cunt and started a chain reaction of pleasure.

“Oh, God! Dylan I am cumming again!!!!! OH GOD!!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!l” Beth screamed as her newest orgasm overtook her. Dylan and Beth had been fucking for over an hour and she showed not sign of slowing down. Ahh, to be young again. As Beth drove her climaxing cunt up and down on Dylan’s thrusting prick in search of his sperm, her vaginal muscles clamped down on his rod and began to flutter along the length of his wondrous cock. He had lost count of how many times she had cum. He just marveled at her endurance. As he watched her flushed, but pleasure filled face ride out her climax, his mind drifted back on how he got to be in the enviable position of fucking this super hot 18 year old in the first place.


Valerie slithered her hands around Dylan’s hips and grabbed onto his hard, driving ass with her crimson¬ tipped fingernails. She dug into the muscles, squeezing the knotted cheeks as though her orgasm were somewhere inside of him, and she were trying to force it out into her body.

Oh, fuck me, Dylan'” she moaned. Her hands gripped him tightly. Her arms were like steel bands which joined them in their mutual pleasure. ‘Fuck me, Dylan … fuck me. God, what a cock!”

Dylan bent forward and kissed her on the mouth. It was open and wet, waiting eagerly for his lips. His tongue stabbed hard into her mouth, and she sucked upon it furiously as if she were trying to pull it out by its root. Her legs were suspended in air on either side of his hunching body. Her unanchored legs jerked helplessly up and down like a puppet dangling from the end of a string, as he drove his cock mercilessly into the tight, squeezing hole of her liquid cunt. Her ass was sitting on the edge of her desk and her dress was up around her waist.

Suddenly the phone on her desk began to ring. Dylan broke the kiss and looked over her shoulder at the phone. The light from Lanya’s office was flashing. The BOSS! Well, even she could not interrupt his pleasure at this moment as he continued to drive his raging prick into Valerie’s wet core.

“Oh God! Fuck me…!! Oh I’m going to cum!!”

With the phone ringing in their ears, the pair continued to fuck like bunnies on Valerie’s desk. Dylan brought his hands to Valerie’s firm ass and pulled her to the edge of the desk. He began to double time his thrusts into her creaming cunt using the full 9 inch length of his great cock on each stroke. His over sized mushroom shaped head bottomed out in her cunt on each thrust driving her mad with lust.

“Oh, my God!” VaIerie moaned. “Oh, my God!!!!!”

Dylan thrust relentlessly into her clutching pussy. He knew she was close from the way her writhing body shook in his arms. Just a few more strokes. Five, ten, fifteen thrusts and Valerie’s cunt exploded. Her tight hot sleeve clamped down on Dylan’s invading member, and pussy juice flowed from her cunt, down the crack of her ass and onto the top of the desk. Pendik Escort He continued to thrust into her climaxing pussy deepening and extending her orgasm as he searched for his own release. Dylan usually could last for a very long time before cumming, but this was a quickie. There would time for a much more extended love session later.

He felt the tell-tale sensation behind his balls and knew he was close to cumming. He continued to thrust into Valerie’s over heated cunt and let the milking action of her velvet walls pull his hot sperm from his balls. He fired several rounds of hot cum into her famished womb, and slowly stopped thrusting into her. He eased out of her swampy cunt and sat down in her desk chair. Valerie slipped off her desk and down in-between Dylan’s out stretched thighs, and sucked his still sizeable penis into her mouth. As she licked their co-mingled juices off his prick, Dylan looked down at the bobbing head of the blond headed production intern and realized he really should not fuck the girls in the office anymore. He could really get in trouble that way. But she had been throwing her ass at him for over a week, ever since she had come over from USC on a film intern program. She was 21, very blond, very sexy and wore incredibly short skirts that showed off her terrific legs. What was a man to do?

The phone on Valerie’s desk rang again. He put his hand on the back of her head so that she would continue her wonderful cleaning job on his dick, and reached for her phone.

“Valerie’s desk.”

“Are you through fucking our newest intern?” Lanya demanded.

“I have no idea what you are talking about, “he said as Valerie looked up to his eyes with his prick buried deep in her wide stretched mouth.

“I want you to stop this right now – you realized we could get sued. You do, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do and I promise that I will try extra hard to do more of exactly what I am doing now.” Valerie was extremely talented at sucking dick. His prick was beginning to recover and grow again under her warm and gentle care.

“God, you are a bastard. I want to see you in my office right now about a new job. How long will you be?”

As Dylan looked down at the beautiful production intern sucking his giant prick back to full mast, he thought about her wonderful ass and wondered if she would like to try a back door entrance. “I’ll be about 20 minutes, okay?” And he hung up the phone.

Dylan’s fully recovered prick slipped from Valerie’s warm mouth as she finished slurping his dick and she gently began to stroke the large column of male flesh in her hand. Her eyes were expectant and sultry as she stared into his blue ones.

“How would you like to try a new game?” Dylan asked. She smiled.


As the 737 hurtled towards Atlanta, Dylan sat in his seat reading the script of the new film that the company and he had just been hired to do stunts for. According to Lanya, it was a rush job. The film was already in production somewhere outside of Atlanta. They had fired the old stunt coordinator and his crew right in the middle of shooting, and the film set was in crisis mode. The producers had called Lanya to see if anything could be worked out on such short notice. As she was often fond of saying, “All things are possible for the right price.” All the other stunt designers for the company were busy, so Dylan was being flown out to look over the situation and see what could be done. The first big stunt sequence of the film was what was filming next. The location had already been picked and the first crew had started to prep it when the shit hit the fan.

It seems that the first crew had been rigging an old barn on a farm for a car explosion. Somehow, during testing for the stunt, a fire had started and burned down half of this old barn. The owner was outraged and was talking about suing everyone in sight. The director, the stunt coordinator, the producers, the studio, just about everyone. While the owner raged about his barn, the movie had ground to a halt until they could find a new location for the stunt.

They had found one about 100 miles east of Atlanta in the rolling hills past Athens. That was where Dylan was headed with a lap-top and a digital camera to scout the new location and send the info back to LA, so the team could begin to work out the logistics of the stunt. Dylan was very excited about the possibility of this film. He had been doing stunt work for about 10 years now, and was very successful at it. He was part owner of the company that Lanya ran with several other stuntmen, but the speed with which this assignment had to be put together was going to be a big challenge. He hoped that he and the company would be up for it. If they could pull this off, it would be a big feather in their collective hat.

He had taken the red-eye to Atlanta from LA, and landed very early on Saturday morning at Hartsfield International Airport. He got a good size SUV from the Hertz counter Kurtköy Escort and was headed east out of Atlanta on I – 20 by 9 AM. The name of the little community that he was headed for was Union Point, GA. It was a little burg about 20 miles north of the freeway. According to the map, it looked to be in the middle of no-where. Hell, Dylan had grown up in Georgia and he had never heard the name before.

The film crew was still down to the south of Atlanta, and would not be up this way for about a week. The location scouts had found the new site, the producers had approved it and they had all gone back to the set to finish up what they were working on. Dylan had about 4 days to scout, plan and set up the stunt with the help of the team back in LA.

Dylan had not been to Georgia for a few years and it felt good to be driving through the Southern countryside. About 11 AM, he made the turn off the freeway and started up the state highway towards Union Point. He stopped at a local Waffle House for some coffee and eggs. While there he called ahead to the owner to let them know he would be arriving soon. He got the answering machine and he heard a lovely lilting southern accent telling him to leave a message. He did just that, finished his breakfast and headed up the road.

About 45 minutes later, he pulled up to the address he had been given about 5 miles outside of the little town of Union Point. He had read an email from the location scout that said this was an old farm, and that is what he expected to see. But the description could not have been further from the truth. He was parked outside a set of private gates through which you could see a long winding driveway that led back into a grove of old growth oak trees. If the gates were any indication, then this place was a lot fancier then he thought.

He pressed the intercom by the gate. He could see the security camera move to more clearly see his face.

“Yes,” said a voice from the intercom.

“Hi, I am Dylan James. I am with the film company. I am here to look at your barn for the shoot.”

“Oh, hi. I got your call. Come on up.” The intercom switched off and the gates began to open automatically. Dylan felt a little like he was entering Oz.

He slowly drove up the private driveway through the trees. In the distance he could see a very large old Southern plantation style home but even through the trees, he could tell it had been extensively renovated. He finally pulled up into a very large circular driveway and he just stared. The house and the gardens were beautiful. He had totally underestimated the term “farm” with this place. Who ever lived here was a multi-millionaire.

He got of the SUV and straightened himself out. He crossed up the wide stairs to the big front door and rang the doorbell. He turned away for a moment to enjoy the lush gardens surrounding the house. He heard movement on the other side of the door and the lock was being undone. The door opened and he turned to greet who ever was on the other side. He stopped dead in his tracks.

He stood facing a very lovely young woman in the smallest bikini he had ever seen. And he had seen a lot of small bikinis. It was bright red and barely covered any of the delicious body that it was trying to conceal. The woman seemed to be about 19 or 20, with long red haired pulled back in a ponytail. The red of the bikini was a bright contrast with her smooth pale freckled skin. She had the flat stomach and slim boyish hips of very young women, but the biggest pair of breasts that he had ever seen on such a slim frame. Her breasts strained again the material that was trying to hold them in place and the material was losing. Her top was just two little tri-angles with strings that just covered the rigid nipples of her huge perfect young breasts. The bottom was even smaller. Just a tri-angle of material that covered her vagina area and it barely accomplished that feat at all. Her face was beautiful, and she was small, no more then 5 feet tall. She was the living proof of the saying, “great things come in small packages.” Dylan thought to himself in a much simpler sense, “she is smoking!!”

This young goddess simply stared at him, her eyes traveling him up and down with a hungry gaze like she had not eaten in a week. “Wow! Are you for real? Where did you come from?” She asked in a low voice tipped with honey.

“I could ask the same thing,” Dylan answered.

“Beth! Go put some clothes on right now!” A voice thundered from behind the young girl. “How many times have I told you not to answer the door like that? It makes us look like we are running a cat house. Go put on a robe now!”

The young girl’s gaze stayed on Dylan for a couple of seconds longer, drinking in his maleness. Then she turned on her heel and walked away with all the attitude and defiance of a beautiful young teenager becoming a woman. Her ass was almost as magnificent as her front. The only material that graced her backside were two Kartal Escort strings that somehow met somewhere in the crack of her gorgeous tight ass. Dylan simply stared as the sex show walked out of the room.

“Excuse my daughter. She was blessed with a great figure, and she is determined that everyone else is going to see it.”

Dylan turned to the voice and was stunned a second time in as many minutes. The voice came from a woman who was a mirror image of the daughter. The same red hair, great tits, beautiful face, and small height all put together in a slightly rounder package. Her curves had curves. If the daughter was a stunner, then the mom was a bombshell.

She was dressed in a simple jean skirt and a white t-shirt with her hair pulled up on her head. A pair of sandals with a small heel graced her feet. Her toenails were painted a bright red. She was dressed very comfortably and certainly not provocative in the least, but because of her smoking hot body, it almost seemed obscene.

“Hi, I am Molly,” said the vision, as she extended her hand toward Dylan.

Recovering as fast as he could, “Hi, I hope this is a good time?”

“Sure. No problem. I have been expecting you. Please come in. Can I get you something to drink?” Molly asked.

“Coffee, ice tea, anything would be fine.”

“Follow me,” said the vision as she moved deeper into the house. All Dylan could think was, “anywhere you lead.”

The house was huge with rooms going off in all directions. They walked down a hall that passed living rooms, and dining rooms with more rooms off those. Finally, they came to a sun room with glass walls that looked out onto a huge landscaped pool area. The young girl was posed on the diving board as if waiting for them to arrive. As soon as she saw them, she took off down the board and bounced up into the air. Dylan wondered how she could manage to do that without her huge bouncing tits knocking her out. She executed a perfect dive into the water with hardly a splash. Molly continued to lead him into the next room which was a large kitchen that also had large windows that looked out on the pool.

“How about some ice tea?” Molly asked.

“That would be great.”

As Molly went to the frig to get the tea, the young girl climbed up the pool ladder closest to the kitchen. Her wet tiny thong bikini was now plastered to her outrageous body. Her nipples looked like pencil points as they poked through the thin material, and the soaked bottoms clearly outlined the lips of her shaved pussy. As she rang the water from her hair, she looked right at Dylan through the window and flashed him a million watt smile.

“Here you go,” Molly said as she handed Dylan a glass of tea loaded with ice. “Let’s sit over here,” as she led the way to a kitchen table on the other side of the room away from the water show now playing outside. Dylan was thankful for the chance to clear his mind of the images of him fucking the young girl to a screaming climax on a chaise lounge at the edge of the pool.

Molly and he exchanged pleasantries for a few moments about his flight, Atlanta, and the weather. As they chatted over iced tea, he found out a little about her. She was 38 years old, her daughter was 18, and the “farm” was about 500 acres. Dylan wondered where was all the help, and more particularly, where was the man for such a large place, but to dig any further would be rude. Finally, although he did not want to end the conversation with the vision, he did have a job to do. He asked if he could see the barn location so he could start his planning.

She told him that it was pretty far from the house, and she would take lead him there. They went out a side door of the house. He did not get to see more of the teenage sex show that the daughter wanted to show him, but her image was burned in his mind. Plus the show that Molly, the mother was giving him by simply walking to her car was enough to get his big pants snake at semi-full mast anyway. Wow, she had a sexy, sexy walk as he took in the movements of her hips and bounce of her big tits.

They went around to the front of the house and she told him to follow her as she got into a large late model pickup. He followed her down the driveway, back onto the highway and down several twisting side roads until she pulled through a small metal gate. She parked, got out and walked back to his car.

“It is just down there, can I ride with you?”

“Sure,” Dylan stammered. “Get in.”

She had to almost pull herself up into big SUV front seat with Dylan watching all the time. When she finally got settled, she crossed her short but beautiful legs, and her jean skirt rode up exposing lots of the same pale freckled skin that her daughter possessed. He started driving down a bumpy dirt trail through some trees toward a very large and weathered barn. The intoxicating essence of her perfume slowly filled the SUV. It was hard for Dylan to keep his mind on where he was driving, as he glanced at her out of the corner of his eye.

As they came through the thin line of trees, Dylan could see how big the barn actually was. It looked like a very old tobacco barn with weathered wood and beams everywhere, but seemed to be as solid as a rock.

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