Lilac Eyes

Big Tits

Chapter 1

I was late. I had missed the preview but I didn’t care as I walked into the room. The auctioneer glanced up as I paused in the doorway; he smiled and nodded acknowledging me. The soft buzz of people talking faded away as I headed to my seat. They all knew me, I have wealth and power which makes me a celebrity of a sorts. And in these circles I am infamous.

Several of the men and woman nodded to me and I smiled and nodded in return but no on spoke which pleased me. I was here for business and they all knew it. This auction was by invitation only and my presence made it even more prestigious. As if on cue the auctioneer made his way to the stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats. We have a nice assortment for you today and we need to get started.” The auctioneer’s voice spoke through the buzz that had started again. As everyone settled in their comfortable seats he banged his gavel three times.

At that cue there was a rustling at the back of the room as four muscular black males clad only in loincloths, moved into the room carrying a platform with a blond woman reclining on it. She was covered in a peacock blue robe and as they approached the stage, 2 other muscular males moved forward to lift the woman from the platform. Her hands were shackled in front of her and as the loincloth clad males lifted her to a standing position you saw that there were shackles on each ankle. She lifted her shackled hands over her head and one male attached them to a chain that had been lowered from the ceiling. Her legs were spread and each ankle was attached to a bolt in the floor. She stood there, her head up but her eyes downcast, as the silk robe fluttered around her.

“Ladies and gentleman, our first lot. Slave Karen, Age 25, height 5 foot 7 inches and weight 135 lbs., a blond, blue eyed beauty. A nice delectable morsel. As you know you may fondle, taste or play with her but you cannot let her cum. Now who is first?” The auctioneer inquired with a leer. “Come now look at this beauty. Prize merchandise.” He urged as he walked toward the hanging slave.

He, glanced at her and then toward the audience and with an apologetic chuckle, said, “Oh my of course you need to see all of her. Please accept my apologies.” And with that he ripped the robe from her body.

She was indeed prize merchandise. Her breasts nicely rounded with pink nipples that begged to be pinched and sucked. A murmur rippled through the audience as the auctioneer moved back to his podium.

My eyes traveled from her breasts down over her flat stomach to the shaved mound of her pussy. Her chest tapered nicely to her waist and then flared seductively over her hips and thighs. I noticed a glisten of wetness from the inside of her thighs and smiled. She was hot and wanting to cum. Poor thing, I thought. As I knew what lay ahead of her would make her even hotter and it would be a while before she would get her release.

“Well, my friends, please let us start the bidding as you try her out” The auctioneer said as the first man stepped forward to run his hands over the slave’s round breasts.

Her nipples hardened as he rolled them between his fingers. I saw her body stiffen slightly and her back arch as she pushed her breasts forward with a soft moan. “Be quiet, slut!!” he snapped as he slapped a breast, his other hand moving down to part her swelling lips. He leaned forward and lapped gently at her clit causing it to throb. Looking up at her he smiled and grasping her hips he pulled them forward spreading her legs a bit further and opening her cunt to his hungry mouth. As his mouth clamped onto her and started to suck and tongue her I watched as she bit her lips to keep from crying out in pleasure.

I could see that she was ready to cum as he pulled his mouth from her and looking up at the auctioneer he offered, “$10,000.”

As he moved away from the stage a scantily clad female slave handed him a small towel and after licking the slave’s tasty essence from his lips he wiped his mouth and took his seat.

The next up was a short man who I knew had a reputation for treating his slaves badly. He grabbed her tits in both hands and squeezed hard. She moaned in pain and he squeezed them harder before letting go with a hard slap to each.

“Turn her.” he said and the turntable that she was shackled on began to rotate immediately. He ran his hands over her ass cheeks pinching and squeezing hard. Then he grasped her hips and pulled her toward him so that her back arched as her ass and pussy were displayed in front of him. He slid his hand between her legs and you could tell he was fingering her cunt lips and clit as her hips began to rock against his invading hand. Slowly he brought his hand back, ran his fingers beneath his nose, then smiled and nodded as he sucked his fingers of her juices. Turning to the two male slaves he snapped his fingers. They stepped forward and each grabbed a cheek and spread her ass so that all could see her puckered hole. One slave handed him a rubber glove and once he put it on he unceremoniously shoved one finger into her. Moving it in and out without Starzbet any lube or gentleness I could see her flinching. He added a second finger and moved them in and out roughly. Then three fingers penetrated her anal passage and he spread them wide. She moaned painfully as he moved his fingers roughly within her. He moved back away from her pulling off the rubber glove and tossing it to one of the attendants.

“15 grand.” He offered and returned to his seat.

Then next up was a woman, a Domme of good reputation and, incidentally, a friend of mine. She softly patted the slave’s cheeks rubbing gently the red marks left by the last client. Her hand moved between the girl’s legs and as her gentle fingers penetrated I could see the slave’s hips begin to rock in rhythm with the finger fucking she was receiving. My friends smiled and pull her fingers from the slave’s very wet pussy and began to suck on the sweet juices.

“Very nice,” She commented to the auctioneer,”very nice, indeed. Turn her around so I can play a bit.” She said impishly and immediately the platform began to revolve until the slave was facing forward once more.

The Domme looked up into the face of the shackled girl. “Look at me.” she said softly. The girl’s eyes opened and she looked down into the eyes of what could be her future Mistress. “Have you ever had a Mistress, slut?”

“No, Ma’am.” came the soft reply as my friend’s hands busied themselves teasing and prodding the beautiful body. She pulled the slut’s nipples twisting and pinching gently making them harder and more suck able, then hefting the breasts bouncing them off her palm and watching them shimmy. Moving her hands down the girl’s stomach she pressed and pulled her mound up tightening the lips and pulling the clit tight making it protrude.

The girl moaned in pleasure and moved her hips forward trying to make some contact. After all this sensual probing she was frantic to cum. “Please.” She moaned softly.

The Domme knowing what she wanted patted her ass gently. “Soon, my sweet, Soon.”

I shook my head smiling, knowing this to be a lie. The Domme pulled her hips forward bringing the pussy closer and opening the lips. Gently she blew against the wanting clit making the girl whimper. Smiling up at the slave she spread the lips and taking the girl’s clit between her fingers she moved them in a circular motion as two fingers from her other hand slid into the wet, hot, wanting hole. This was too much for the needy slut and she sobbed, throwing her head back and crying out. “Please, let me cum.”

My friend, satisfied with her performance and torture, turned back to her seat. “$25,000.” She offered sitting down and sucking on her juice covered fingers.

“Is there anyone else?” The auctioneer queried, glancing at the two men who had sampled the slave.

“$30,000.” offered the first man,

“35grand.” snarled the second.

The auctioneer looked at me and raised his eyebrow. I shook my head. I wasn’t looking for anything tonight I was just there to enjoy the sights of Masters and Mistresses fighting for the best and most beautiful slaves. He shrugged and looked again toward my friend, who looked over at me questioningly. I again shook my head.

She mouthed the words, “Excellent stock.” I smiled back, nodded and gestured with my head toward the stage. She shrugged, turned back to the stage, raised a finger and said, “$40,000.”

The cruel Master shook his head as the auctioneer looked toward him.

“$45,000” bid the first man. I saw my friend pause; look back to the shackled merchandise. Her eyes ran down the voluptuous body, her tongue passed over he lips searching for any flavorful remnants of the girl’s juices.

“$50,000” She called, her eyes never leaving the delicious body.

The auctioneer looked toward the first man who shook his head. “Are we done?” He asked. “Are there anymore bids?” He paused, his eyes moving over the audience. “SOLD!” he shouted, his gavel coming down.

The male slaves had already unshackled the slut, covering her with the blue silk robe. One slave picked her up and carried her off into the wings to be prepared for her new Mistress.


Chapter 2

There were more female slaves that were as beautiful and as pitifully horny, moving their hips as they were finger fucked or licked. Moaning and pleading, in vain, for release. The Masters and Mistresses were having a grand time teasing and playing with the poor sluts making them tremble and whimper with lust. Each slave begged for release sometimes sobbing when their potential owners pinched, sucked, and teased their cunts until their juices were running down their thighs. Each Dom(me) bid on the slaves they wanted to add to their stables, everyone of them participating but me. The auctioneer kept looking in my direction with hope in his eyes but I kept my face composed as I had seen nothing that piqued my interest.

Blondes, redheads, brunettes, black, white and Asian, all beautiful all young and all hot with lust were brought to the auction block and sold to the highest bidder. Starzbet Giriş The Cruel Dom bought two redheads and as they were carried from the stage I felt sorry for them but one had definitely responded to his painful treatment with moans of pleasure and pain as he twisted her nipples harshly and used four fingers in her ass, pumping them so hard I thought his whole hand would disappear.

My friend didn’t bid anymore until the first male was brought to the stage. I saw her sit up straighter and lean forward as a beautiful dark brown specimen in a white silk robe was carried in on a platform. I must say, if I was so inclined I would have bid on him myself. He was helped to stand and he was presented as the females had been, hands shackled above his head, his legs spread and shackled to the floor. As the auctioneer tore away the white robe revealing his well toned body there was a ripple of excitement from the audience. His cock was flaccid which meant that the first interested party would get their chance to make him hard. He had a beautiful heavy brown sac that was as devoid of hair as the rest of his oiled body. Before anyone got a chance to test him the stage began to revolve.

“Flex.” the auctioneer said and tapped his ass with a crop not too lightly. The brown god flexed his arms, legs, thighs, and buttocks as best he could in the position he was in and his skin rippled and glistened.

There was a furor of whispered excitement and one Dom yelled out, “$15,000.”

The auctioneer beamed as he said, “Come up and check out this fine buck.”

Five patrons both male and female moved forward as one. My friend was first in line and as she reached her hand out to cup his sac he lifted his eyes and a smile crossed his lips. He jutted his hips toward her daringly as her hand closed around his sac and pulled downward. His cock twitched and began to rise. He looked down at her and his tongue slowly moved over his lips. She grinned up at him and I saw her whisper, “Cheeky devil.”

Her hand wrapped around his hardening cock and started to slide back and forth as he got larger and harder. He moved his hips in rhythm with her hand, helping her in his masturbation and his smile broadened to show his beautiful white teeth. When he was hard enough and his pre-cum was starting to dribble down his shaft she cupped the head making circular motions and he threw back his head and moaned thrusting his hard cock against her hand. She stopped masturbating him and snapped her fingers, immediately a ruler was handed to her. Thrusting the one end up tightly between his balls and cock she pulled down the head to rest against the ruler.

“A very formidable 11.5,” she commented to the rest of the patrons. “I’m sure he can be trained for another inch or two.”

He was as thick as her wrist and when she let him go he bounced upward to slap audibly against his abdomen. Before passing him off to the next person she leaned forward and placing her tongue at the base of his throbbing organ she slowly licked up the entire length to the head. He whimpered as her lips sucked him between them and he gasped as she twirled her tongue around the head and probed into his hole before turning and heading back to her seat.

The next to examine him was a male and he requested that the slave be turned. The Dom pulled his hips back and ran his hands over the slave’s brown ass cheeks slowly spreading them to reveal the darker brown rosebud. With his hands shaking slightly in excitement he ran his finger down the crease and over the soft puckered skin causing the slave to push backward. The Dom requested a large hard dildo to be lubed and waited while two male slaves again parted the sleek cheeks. The Dom slowly began to slide the dildo into the male slave’s ass and smiled with pleasure when the slave pushed back against the intrusion. I could see his hard cock dripping strings of pre-cum to the floor of the stage as the two of them moved toward orgasm. The Dom’s eyes were as glazed as the slave’s and I could see the Dom’s hard cock throbbing against his pants.

“Remember” the voice of the auctioneer cautioned, “no slave is allowed to cum on stage during the auction.”

The Dom came to his senses with a start, his face reddening as he pulled the dildo out and handed it back to the attendant. “Sorry,” he chuckled, moving back to his seat, “got carried away.”

The other three patrons had their turn with the black beauty and as the bids rose he kept glancing between my friend and the first male Dom. I could tell he wanted to go home with one of them but couldn’t decide which. In the end, the male Dom won him and as they led him away his hard cock bouncing a tent of the robe in front of him and his head held high, he turned to my friend winked and licked his lips sensuously.

Several more males of every color and nationality were brought to the block and then there was a commotion at the back of the room. We all turned to see two black slaves bearing a struggling naked white male between them. His hands and legs were tied to a specially made double pole and a ball gag stifled Starzbet Güncel Giriş his cries making his noises sound like grunts and growls. They were up to the task but barely as he was a large muscular specimen. He was brought to the stage and set between two poles holding him about two feet above the floor. He struggled and growled constantly. He pulled at his hands and kicked his legs trying to free himself but it was to no avail as the more he struggled the tighter the bindings became. The stage began to rotate until his ass was down stage and to our surprise the poles separated and began to spread his legs. When his legs were spread as wide as they would go the auctioneer came downstage and stepped between them. The slave had a Prince Albert and the auctioneer lifted his large flaccid cock to reveal a gleaming gold ring attached between the base of his cock and his balls.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…. A Gold!” The auctioneer announced with pride. Murmurings of excitement and approval rippled thru the audience as the auctioneer gently pulled on the golden ring making the slave growl and struggle again.

“A true Pleasure Slave.” The auctioneer intoned, “And one that is trained to please the highest bidder in any and every way they require.”

The slave struggled, bucking and twisting as the auctioneer began to pull and twist his ball sac with one hand as his other hand moved up and down on the now semi-hard cock. Before long the slave was moaning and moving in rhythm with the auctioneer’s hand.

“Let me demonstrate the desirability of the Gold.” He let go of the male’s cock and took up the crop. The poles started to move up giving us a wonderful view of his tight taut ass as the crop came down on it with a hardy smack. The slave tried to twist away but there was no where he could go as the auctioneer reddened his butt cheeks and moved up to strike the slave’s hard cock several times, the slave moaned and gyrated his hips as his cock rocked back and forth before the auctioneer stopped then turning to a female attendant he took a lubed butt plug with a bright silver tail from her and proceeded to insert it into the struggling male’s anus. And again the stage started to revolve. Two of the male attendants moved to untie the slave’s hands as a small table was slid under him for support. His arms were shackled behind and under him leaving his head and chest free. They then freed his legs from the poles letting him rest his thighs on another small table and shackling his feet loosely to bolts in the floor. His ass with its horse’s tail hanging free glittered as he made himself comfortable and his hard cock waved and wobbled before us. Two female attendants came forward and the auctioneer ordered them to strip. Taking one by the arm he moved to the slave’s head and removed the ball gag then positioned her with her pussy over his mouth. The other slave he positioned over the Gold’s cock. He then came to the front of the stage.

“Ladies and gentleman when I say go the Gold will then both suck and fuck my two attendants to three orgasms each within 5 minutes. I have a stop watch here but you may time it yourselves.” He turned back to the attendants and the Gold. “Are you ready girls?” he asked. They both nodded.

“Ready Slave?” he asked. The slave moved his head the best he could as the auctioneer moved back to his podium and with a flourish he pressed the button and shouted, “GO!”

Every patron leaned forward in anticipation, and I heard the soft click of stop watches being pressed. The attendant at his head dropped her hot pussy down onto his mouth as the other girl slid herself down on his already thrusting cock. Both girls were moving and moaning in pleasure and you could hear the slurping of the slave’s tongue and mouth as he licked and sucked. His hips were moving rapidly, the tail waving frantically below him as he fucked the other girl and she was bouncing up and down to his thrusts. Within a minute and a half the girl on his mouth screamed out as her orgasm overtook her and the girl on his cock groaned and cried out her climax seconds later. The air was filled with the sounds and smells of hot wet sex, both girls moaned and whimpered as the Gold sucked and fucked them toward another orgasm. Both girls leaned forward to balance themselves on his body as they again began to scream in pleasure. The girl on his mouth tossing her head and grinding her cunt into his face. The attendant being fucked crying out, “Yes, oh Yes! Fuck me, fuck me hard!” as they orgasmed yet again.

I glanced at my watch and saw that 4 minutes had not yet passed. I smiled thinking, “God he is good.”

My friend, the Domme was rocking in her seat and I knew that she would cum before this was over. I glanced down and saw the second hand tick slowly past the 4 minute mark as the girl being fucked screamed out once more and collapsed onto the Gold’s chest writhing and whimpering in her third orgasm. The girl on his mouth was bouncing up and down as his tongue fucked her. I wondered if the claim would be met as my second hand swept past the thirty second mark. I need not have wondered because when I looked again toward the stage the girl stiffened arching her back and screaming as she came on his tongue. The male attendants came forward pulling the exhausted females off the Gold and carrying them off, still sobbing and whimpering in the throes of orgasmic aftershocks.

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