Linda Williams Ch. 03


Linda Williams was it! Blond, blue-eyed, tall, slender, very attractive, and one of the most popular girls in school. She was vice president of the student council and had been on the Deans list every year. An outstanding captain of the cheerleader’s team during football season, she played both women’s basketball and volleyball.

I didn’t think I stood a chance with her, so you can imagine how pleased I was when she asked me to take her to the senior prom. I knew that she had been dating Frank Trecco, one of the big shots on the football team but didn’t know they had broken up.

I thought we were very compatible. I was also quite slender and although my hair wasn’t quite blond it was very light brown, but I know the only reason she chose me was because at 6ft. 2in. I was just a bit over two inches taller than her. In heels, she would have towered over most of the other boys in school.

My buddy, Paul had a car so we doubled. Paul’s date was Connie Hill, another of the school’s hard bodies. Although she was not a jock like Linda she was very pretty and they often traveled in the same circles.

The plan was to go to the prom and then to a private party in a suite in one of the better downtown hotels. Although there wasn’t supposed to be any booze at the prom, somebody did spike the punch with some vodka. It wasn’t much, but just enough to get us a little tipsy and cause both of the girls to loose some of their inhibitions.

The prom began to wind down about eleven and most people headed out to smaller, private parties like the one we were going to. Linda and I were smooching hot and heavy in the back of the car on the way to the hotel. I was pleasantly surprised that she accepted my tongue when I offered it and then gave me a little of hers. She offered no objection when I felt her tits so I thought I would go a little further and slid my hand under her gown.

Then came some of the biggest surprises of my life! The first when I found she was not wearing any panties and the second when she grabbed my cock through my pants.

Between sticking my tongue in her mouth, my finger in her pussy and her rubbing my dick I was about to cum in my shorts. She unzipped my pants and took my cock out and I was sure I was going to squirt cum all over her. Then, the biggest surprise of all, she swung her leg across my lap and facing me, lowered her pussy onto my very hard, almost virginal, penis. I was lost. I shot my first load as she slid down on my cock. Linda’s dress was spread across my lap covering everything so you couldn’t see we were fucking, but I am sure both Paul and Connie knew what was happening.

She moved up and a couple of times then lowered her head to rest it on my shoulder and, with a shudder that went through her entire body, climaxed. I was holding her tight and we were both gasping for breath, caught up in the feeling of carnal bliss that follows a mutually enjoyable orgasm.

She kissed me, whispered “thank you” in my ear and rolled off to sit back down on the seat with her head back and her eyes closed. Her dress covered her completely but my naked cock was still sticking out of my pants, straight up, for all the world to see. I didn’t realize it until I heard Connie giggle and opened my eyes to find her, mecidiyeköy eskort on her knees, looking over the back of the front seat and eying my tool. I thought she was going to reach out and touch it but Paul said something to her and she turned back toward him. It was obvious that she had watched the last few minutes of our passion.

I’m not quite sure what she did to Paul but the car made a sudden lurch and we almost hit a signpost just as we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. Paul parked in a dark corner of the lot and told us to go on up to the party and he and Connie would be along soon. We went up to the party but it was almost forty-five minutes before they came in, looking very disheveled.

The air inside the hotel room was heavy with cigarette smoke and there were beer cans everywhere. There were about six couples in the room but someone said there were three or four more around somewhere. The moment we hit the room Linda took me aside and said, “Lets go in the bathroom, you’ve got something on your trousers and I don’t want anyone to see it. I need to clean it off.”

It looked like some of her pussy juice and my cum from our little session in the back of the car had seeped onto the front of my pants. She began to wipe it off with a wash cloth and once again, her hands rubbing against my fly, only a few millimeters away from my cock brought me to attention.

She continued to wipe and must have felt me getting hard because she said, “Down boy, you got all you’re going to get from me.” She left me in the bathroom, my ego deflated and my swollen cock in need of attention. I stood there for quite a few minutes, contemplating if I should relieve myself when I heard someone at the door. I barely got it back in my pants when Barbara Collins, a girl I knew from school, came in. She was crying and looked very self-conscious when she saw me.

“Y – Y – You came with Linda didn’t you?” She sobbed.

When I said yes, she put her hand on my arm and said, “You poor guy.”

I was at a loss. “What’s wrong? What’s happened?”

“I came to the party with Frank Trecco, her ex. They just met out there and went into a clinch. I think they are going to have sex right there in the living room. I guess you and I are left out.” She eyed the lump in my trousers and said, “What were you doing in here for so long?”

“Poor me? What about you. It looks like we’ve both been dumped.” I was trying to take her mind, or at least her eyes off my crotch.

I knew Barbara from school but had not paid much attention to her because she was another of the unattainable “hot” bodied cheerleaders. Totally different from Linda, she was a much shorter, brunette, flashing blue eyes and the whitest teeth I have ever seen. She was not plump but certainly well shaped. A beautiful rounded bottom and perky breasts that cried out to be caressed and kissed.

She had quit sobbing when she said, “Don’t worry about me, I’m glad he’s gone. I should have known, all jocks are egotistical pricks. Well, all I can say is he doesn’t know what he’s missing. How about you? How was Linda?”

I wasn’t quite sure what she meant or if she knew what we had been doing, so I said, “It started out pretty good but then she brushed me off and stormed out taksim eskort of here. Now I don’t know what’s happening.”

“Well, it looks like we have been thrown together. Will you be my date?” She eyed my crotch once more. “You are not some sort of pervert are you?”

“Of course not, I was just using the toilet.”

That seemed to satisfy her. She took me by the arm and said, “OK, lets get back to the party.”

We exited the bathroom arm in arm and went to the punch bowl. After a couple of drinks and a few slow dances rubbing against each other she suggested we leave the smoke filled atmosphere of the hotel room for a breath of air in the parking lot.

I opened the door for her and ran straight into Paul and Connie who were just getting off the elevator. Connie’s hair was a mess, her dress was askew and her lipstick was smeared. Paul’s coat was open enough to see his shirt was partially out and there was makeup on his collar. It wasn’t difficult to tell by the lump in his pants that he had a hard on. They were holding hands and giggling.

When Connie saw me, her eyes went wide. “Kent, stay up here, don’t go down to the parking lot.”

“Why not?”

Paul stepped in and took me aside “Linda is down there with that football-player-ex boyfriend of hers. I think they’re doing it in his car.”

I know it should have bothered me, but for some reason, I couldn’t care less. I found I liked Barbara better and was having a lot of fun with her. She wasn’t as stuck up and was lots of fun to dance with. “Okay, to hell with her, I’m having more fun with Barbara anyway.”

Barbara and Connie were deep in conversation when I went over and said, “Lets go back in and dance some more.”

Connie must have told her what Linda was doing because without a word, Barbara took my arm and escorted me back into the hotel suite. The disc jockey was playing a lively number but she put her arms around my neck. With her hands clasped behind my head, looking up at me with her big blue eyes, she began to slowly gyrate her hips while I just stood there.

In almost a whisper she said, “Connie told me what you and Linda did in the back of Paul’s car. Did you do it before?”

“No, that’s the first time I ever went out with Linda.”

“I didn’t mean with just Linda, I meant with anyone at all.”

I was embarrassed, but this conversation was also making me horny again. I confided in her, “I’ve done it a few times but not very often. How about you?”

“I’ve never really done it. I have messed around a little but I’ve never, you know, done it. The girls all talk about it and the boys they’ve been with but I’ve never heard them talk about you until tonight. Connie said you had a nice one.”

Now she was grinding her hips into me. There was no way she could miss the erection that was threatening to leap out of my pants and attack her. “I think Connie was right, it feels like a nice one. Lets go out on the balcony.”

We started that way but just as we got to the door leading to the bedchamber, it opened and out came a couple I vaguely knew from school. He was Tom Driscol and she was Sheila Barns. They both looked calm, cool and refreshed, as if they had just had a nap and a bath. Sheila’s hair was neatly brushed and she şişli eskort had on fresh makeup.

Barbara grabbed my hand and pulled me through the open door. Sheila smiled, winked at her and whispered, “Enjoy” as we passed. Barbara pulled me inside, locked the door, threw her arms around my neck, pushed me back against the door and kissed me.

“Do you want make love to me? I want you to. I want you to be my first.” She unzipped my pants and was grouping for my cock. It was so hard she was having trouble getting it out. She stepped back, looked at it, and began taking off her gown she said, “Oh it’s so big! You will be gentle with me won’t you?”

In my entire life I had three pieces of ass and one of them was earlier tonight. Now I was about to do it again for the fourth time ever and the second today. I almost hung myself trying to get out of my coat and tie. By the time I was down to my shirt and pants, she was in her bra and panties and came to help me. My dick was still sticking straight out of my pants like some sort of a beacon, pointing the way. Her hand caressing it only helped to keep it solid as a rock.

I finally got my shirt and pants off and was down to my jockey shorts. My ever present pole was still aiming at the far wall. Barbara turned her back and asked me to undo her bra. I did and slid my hands around her from the back, feeling the full breasts and kissing her on the neck, my hard cock pushing into her luxurious, round, bottom. Her skin was soft and yielding and her neck was covered with goose bumps from my kissing. I let my right hand ease down, inside of her panties and slid them off. When I touched her pussy she gasped and there was a deep intake of breath. I discovered it was oozing love juice. Under the soft fondling of my fingers, her nipples were hard little knots. She was pushing back, hard against my dick, which was still poking her in the ass.

She turned around and kissed me again, whispering in my ear, “Oh, please, take me to the bed and do it to me now!”

I stepped out of my jockey shorts, picked her up in my arms and deposited her on the bed. When I started to turn off the bedside lamp she said, “Please leave it on. This is the most important moment of my life and I don’t want to miss any of it. Now come, lay down beside me and kiss me”.

Together we listened to the symphony of rapture as we made love that night. The encore was just as good as the main program. Although she was a virgin, there was no discomfort for her and almost no blood. At that time it was, by far, the most satisfying sexual encounter of my entire life.

I continued to see Barbara over the summer until she went away to college in the fall. We did it quite a few times but after that first night we began using a condom. The following year I went into the service and lost track of her.

Exactly nine months after the senior prom, Linda Williams delivered a blue eyed, blond haired baby. She and Frank Trecco were married three months before the delivery. It’s important to know that Frank was very Italian, with a lot of dark hair and almost black eyes.

Later in life, I thought of Barbara often. I think I could easily have fallen in love with her.

* * * * *

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