Linda’s Search Ch. 01


Chapter 1

“Mom, I need to go on a backpacking trip with my friends,” says Lana with a pleading face.

“Not this year dear. We have to save for the rainy days,” replies Linda. “Anything else you want is fine.”

Lana groans, “Why do we have to save for rainy days this year? You always turn me down. Some times it’s saving for rainy days and some times it’s for college. Not fair mom.”

“So is life darling,” replies Linda. “Why don’t we drive to a nice beach instead?”

“No thank you. I wanna go with my friends,” comments Lana.

This was a typical conversation between Linda and Lana.

Linda was divorced a few years ago and now lives with her 19 year old daughter. Her daughter Lana is very ambitious and always looking to buy stuff to look cool among her friends. And this was the reason for the frequent disagreements between her and Lana. Linda is concerned about the future schooling of Lana as she doesn’t want her to end up as a teacher. But thats life.

Linda is 43 years old with dark blond hair. She is 5’6″, has a toned MILF kind of body and she kept herself fit with regular running and swimming. She is trying hard to evolve herself into something completely different from a boring job as a teacher. She is always up for something new and exciting that would change her life. Lately, she had taken up part time modelling for a local clothes outlet.

It is a Friday evening. Linda is a bit tired and relaxed from the day and the love making she received an hour ago from Ted. Ted is the guy she is seeing since the past 4 months. She didn’t like him much but was still with him as the sex was great.

Her body was still aching from all the fucking. Her thighs a bit shaky and legs tired from being spread for a stretch of time. She is now relaxed as she can get her legs back together. She was moving her fingers on the bite marks from all the biting on her neck and shoulders. It was a rough session.

“Damn. These bites are gonna hurt for the next two days,” thought Linda with a mischievous look on the face. “He bites hard on purpose so I keep thinking of him. Next time he will get a taste of my claws.”

Linda loves to bite while Ted is more wild at it. He hung on to the skin and flesh between his teeth hard while he was fucking and coming. This made the bite marks worse. The hard spanking was also burning her ass a bit.

Today they had been fucking on the floor with Linda under him. His hard thrusts had her lower back aching. She couldn’t keep her legs apart for longer time with all the hard thrusts and had to wrap them around him. He kept her legs spread using his muscular arms. After a few minutes he folded them with her knees to shoulders. She came for the first time and then her legs were relaxed. This helped him continue his deep fucking and satisfy his urges to fuck her pussy and enjoy her body.

Sometimes she would be happy to pleasure him and take everything as it comes but sometimes she would be more involved in orchestrating the fucking. Today she wanted to be under him and to be simply fucked.

She had come very hard and was at peace now. All parts of her body were relaxed. After he had left she was relaxing over a glass of wine and surfing on her phone and watching the TV. Lana was staying at her friend Maya overnight.

“What are these?” thinks Linda as she finds a few letters on the table in front of her. “When is this girl gonna learn to be more systematic. I have told her a thousand times to keep her stuff in her room. Now I have to do it.”

She gets up and walks to the table in her room and opens the drawer to keep the letters. And then she sees a strange thing.

There is a porno in her drawer. Linda thinks why would Lana have a CD while porn is available on the internet for free. There is a visiting card of the movie producer with the empty CD case. This confuses her. Not able to connect the dots. She thinks over for a while sipping the wine. Still not able to figure out the reason for the porno in her drawer. She takes a few more sips and goes back to watching TV.

After two glasses of wine and still perplexed about her findings she thought of giving Lana a call and asking her. Although she knew Lana would be mad about her looking into her stuff, she still decides to go ahead and call her. Her cell phone isn’t reachable. She sends a few messages which couldn’t be delivered. Linda gets a bit worried and calls Maya’s home.

Maya says, “Lana isn’t here. Everything ok?”

“Yeah. No worries,” replies Linda and hangs up.

Lana didn’t have a boyfriend and most of the times she stayed over at Maya. Her cell phone was never off or unreachable. This was really strange and things didn’t add up. Linda goes back to Lana’s room and starts searching around. She opens up the letters and finds cheques payable to Lana. It was a lot of money. She searches more, but nothing. While staring at he desk she realises the picture on the cover of the CD was a girl and she almost looks like Lana.

Linda rushes to the address mentioned on the visiting card of the porn movie producer. She is hoping Lana must be bonus veren siteler working there as a staff in the movies and not an actor.

“But what kind of staff does get paid so much. May be they were dues for the past few months. I have to find whats this girl has got into now,” thought Linda.

As she walks from the parking to the office of the producer, she notices a building at the back which looks like a studio. The place is open.

She walks in and finds a receptionist at the desk.

Linda shows her the card and says, “I need to see him.”

The receptionist replies, “Mr. Jack is busy at the moment. You need to talk to his secretary. You can wait in his office, his secretary will escort you there.”

Lana steps back and looks around the place while she waits for the secretary. There were lots of porn movie posters on the wall along with awards won by the producing company. Linda had no idea what was she about the ask or say. She was getting nervous.

A slightly tall and well dressed fit woman walks to Linda and says, “There you are.”

Linda turns around after hearing those words.

“Overdressed for this place,” thought Linda while she observes the woman.

She had all the details of an office wear on her. From precisely fitted blazer to pantyhose to high heels. Stuff mostly worn by actors on TV shows. But, Linda thought, this is the also a place to make movies.

The tall woman greets Linda, “Hi am an Natasha and you are here to see Mr. Jack. Am I right?”

Natasha draws her hand. Linda reciprocates with shaking her hand and notices a firm grip. That kind of a grip she always loved in a man.

“Yes. I have personal reason to see him,” says Linda.

Natasha replies, “Please follow me.”

She leads Linda to a large room which was artistically designed with a dark theme. There are pictures of movie scenes. Linda is feeling a bit embarrassed with so much of porn around. She sits on the chair and looked around.

A few minutes later the door opens and a tall gentleman walks in and extends his hands for greeting, “Hi! I am Jack. I was told you wanted to see me.”

Linda shakes her hand and tells him the reason for her visit. Jack walks around her, trying to notice her body through her Friday dress and adoring her shapely legs and a very fit looking torso. Wondering if she has a thigh gap or not.

He snaps out of his thoughts and says, “I can’t help you much on this.”

He goes around the desk and faces her. He continues, “Linda we have a strict policy of not disclosing the identities of our actors and staff. We have legal contracts in place. I am sorry I can’t tell you if your daughter works here or not”.

Linda gets a bit aggressive and replies, “I can go to the police and say you have kidnapped my daughter. Would it be fine with you?”

Jack replies confidently, “You can try. The police will come and ask the actors. But they will not tell you if she is here or not. we have legal contracts in place.”

Linda pleads, “Why don’t you let me speak to her. Please.”

Jack says, “We have signed contracts and don’t allow outsiders to know or meet our crew. I am sorry I can’t help you.”

“There has to some way?” asks Linda.

Jack replies, “Well there is a way but I am not sure if you can agree to it.”

“Anything is fine with me,” says Linda.

Jack warns, “If you were to sign up for acting in the movies you can meet others, but you will have to do some auditioning and short clips as well before we let you all in.”

“I really don’t know if I am ready now. have never done this before!”, answers Linda.

“Don’t worry thats not a problem, ” assures Jack. “If you want you can act in a movie, it pays well as well. Here have a look.” Jack writes something on a paper and shows it to her.

“Wow,” blurts Linda. “What about the reputation?”

Jack hints, “We will have a contract with you as well.”

“I don’t make this much money in 3 months,” thinks Linda. “But is it the right thing to do? Wait.. I was here for Lana. This is confusing me. Let me sign and see. It’s just a few fucks.”

After such thoughts she says yes to Jack. Jack asks the secretary to get a few papers for her to sign.

“If you sign now, we will have to do auditions now. Are you ready for it?” asks Jack

“Alright,” she replies after a few seconds of thinking and signs the papers. “Here you go.”

Natasha keeps the papers and comes back to Linda and says, “Stand up love, I am gonna try you out first.”

She puts her palms on Linda’s hips and feels the sexy body. Shen then kisses Linda on her lips. Linda was already attracted by Natasha’s firm handshake and didn’t mind her firm kiss. Although the whole thing was a bit surprising. In fact she wanted more of Natasha. She let Natasha’s tongue into her mouth and let it explore while she holds on to Natasha to feel her body.

After a nice juicy kiss Natasha whispers, “You are nice.”

Linda smiles back and gets back at kissing Natasha.

Linda had never tried making out with a woman bahis but was always curious and her curiosity increased after she had met Maya. Linda at one time was very much attracted towards Maya but then because of the social taboo she suppressed her feelings. Maya’s perfect body shape and strong body was the attraction. And she enjoyed when the girls were having fun while learning a lap dance from an online tutorial. They were testing their skills on Linda. Linda in her heart wanted Maja to be naked and touch her moving body. But she enjoyed whatever she was getting, and had to hide her wet pussy, after Maya started to dance between her legs.

This was the second base. Natasha passionate kiss is a quick turn on for Linda who is already enjoying their bodies pressing against each other.

“This is like dessert after Ted’s fucking,” thought Linda.

Natasha moves her palms lower and slides them under her dress. Linda feels Natasha squeezing her ass and is delighted to be explored by the lovely woman. She spreads her legs slightly and presses her pussy on Natasha’s, wondering if she should get rid of the clothes.

Seems Natasha had read her mind. She unzips Linda’s dress and lets it fall on the floor. Then she slides the bra straps, unhooks the bra and lets it fall on the floor as well.She notices the bite marks on Linda’s shoulder and back and smiles at Linda.

Linda clarifies, “It’s Friday.”

“I like the animal who did this to you,” comments Natasha. “Love your sexy thighs.”

She turns Linda around so she faces the desk and asks her to lean on the desk with her hands on it. Natasha stands behind her and slides her panties down to her knees and kisses her on the back while rubbing her pussy softly. Natasha’s kissing gradually gets lower.

“Mmm. Yes,” moans Linda after feeling Natasha’s fingers on her pussy.

“You seem to be ready for me,” Natasha observes as she rubs Linda’s wet pussy. Natasha licks the trimmed pussy and spreads Lindas legs a bit wider.

Natasha moves her palms on Linda’s thighs and feels them while licking her wet pussy. She inserts two fingers in her wet pussy and feels its warmth.

“You are tasty down here as well,” says Natasha after sucking the inserted fingers.

Jack was watching all this and was ready with is hard dick. He comes closer to Linda and kisses her on her shoulders and then her mouth.

“Ahh,” moans Linda. She was enjoying all this and thinking, “I am gonna get paid for this.”

She kisses him back and enjoys Natasha’s eating her pussy. Jack had a blind fold with him. He covered her eyes with it.

“You are gonna have much more fun with this on,” assures Jack.

“Ah. Yes,” moans Linda.

Linda was so much aroused by the blind fold that Natasha could feel Linda’s pussy getting wetter.

“Let’s see your blow job skills,” Jack indicates and helps Linda to reach his dick.

Linda was good at blow jobs. She had already made it smooth with her saliva and spit and was talking it in her mouth confidently. Jack in the meanwhile applies a bit of pressure on her head to choke her. Linda takes all of the cock in and recovers quickly from the gagging.

Jack praises her, ‘You are really nice. My dick already likes you already.”

Jack pinches her nipples very hard while she deep throats, making her groan which made his cock feel nice. He loved the trick and felt nice when women groaned with his dick is in their throats.

Linda was getting pleasured from both the ends. Natasha playing with Linda’s clit and pussy was a new experience. Linda didn’t know how long she could hold her self. Her legs had already started to shake. With Jack pinching her nipples hard she had to let go.

“MMMM……….,” Linda moans and groans as loud as she can with Jacks cock in her mouth.

Natasha feels the soft spasms in Linda’s body and Jack could feel his cock being treated a bit differently by Linda’s mouth. He knew she was coming. After a minute or so he lifts her up and kisses her.

He whispers in her ear, “My turn now.”

Jack takes Linda’s hand and walks her to a bed. There was another woman waiting for Linda. She takes Linda in arms and gives her a nice lovely kiss. Although Linda wanted to play with Natasha’s pussy this woman’s kiss made her forget her pussy. It felt nice and homely she wanted to keep her kissing all the time. Linda moves her hands down to feel her pussy and finds it to be very wet already.

With Natasha, Linda felt like giving power to her. But with this girl Linda wanted to be in control. She rolls over on top of the girl and rubs her pussy over the girl’s while kissing her.

“Mmm…,” moans the girl softly as Linda squeezes her firm breasts.

The girl spreads her legs welcoming Linda in between them and pushes her pelvis upwards to match Linda’s downward pressure on her pussy. They were already in the rhythm.

“Yes baby. Yes,” moans Linda.

Linda presses her pelvis hard on the girls to get the maximum pussy rub. The girl folding her legs upwards and wider to have Linda closer between her legs. The girl deneme bonusu bites Linda on her lower lip softly.

Linda then straightens one folded leg of the girl and crosses hers over it, making it a perfect trib position. Then she holds both of the girls hand with fingers interlocked. Linda now grinds her pelvis on the girl’s. Linda’s thighs and butt are at work providing pressure for the hard rub.

“Ahh.,” moans the girl softly as she feels the pressure of Linda’s pussy on her’s. May be she didn’t expect Linda to be so sensual and hungry for her body.

“Yes.. bite me darling. Mmm,” Linda moans as she feels the girl’s teeth on her shoulder.

Linda rubs herself on the girl’s body, trying to feel every bit of it specially the pussy. She rises up a bit and lets her 36c sized boobs and hard nipples on the girl’s face.

“Suck me babe,” orders Linda. “Bite my nipples.”

The girl obliges. She holds Linda’s breast with one hand and squeezes it and kisses the other breast. She licks the nipples and then bites it softly. The girls other hand is moving around Linda’s ass and moving from her back to her thighs. Feeling her naked body. Pressing it softly, signalling Linda to rub on her more wildly.

“Harder. Bite my harder babe,” pleads Linda.

The girl digs deeper her teeth in her skin.

“More. I want your love marks,” says Linda as she holds the girl by the neck and pulls her closer.

“Ah.. yes. Thats the way to bite me,” praises Linda as the girl does her job well. “That should be a nice souvenir for me.”

Linda was feeling so blissful she could come again instantly. She can feel the wetness of their pussies all mixed up.

“You are very sexy darling,” whispers Linda.

The girl returns the complement dipping two fingers in Linda’s dripping wet pussy and sucking on them. Linda kisses her and tastes her own pussy from her mouth.

Linda goes lower and her tongue plays with the girl’s nipples. The blindfold on Linda was adding to the pleasure. She had forgotten the search for her daughter. She was enjoying the moment of loving this girl’s body. Maya was somewhere on the back of her mind.

“Mmm..,” moans the girl in response to Linda’s tongue on her nipples.

The girls body was firm and fresh and Linda felt herself to be 20 again. She squeezed the breasts and bit the nipples softly while feeling the girl’s soft naked body under her’s.

Linda didn’t want to miss on this pussy, in case they have different plans for her. Linda decides to go lower and enjoy the girl’s pussy. It was Linda’s first pussy.

“Aah..,” moans the girl as she lifts her pelvis towards Linda.

Linda starts to explore her and starts with doing things to the pussy she would want to be done to herself. The girl spreads her legs wider to enable Linda an easier access. The girl’s pussy is dripping wet and Linda is proud of what she has done to her first pussy.

“Yess….,” the girl moans as Linda circles the girls clit.

The girl spreads her legs and runs her fingers through Linda’s hair. Pushing Linda closer to her mound. Showing the craving of her pussy and wanting Linda to insert a finger or two in it and feel her from the inside.

“Yes baby….,” says Linda as if she could hear the girl’s thoughts.

Linda inserts two fingers in the girls pussy while her lips are on the girl’s clit. The girl closes her legs a bit with Linda’s face between her thighs. Linda exploring her pussy with her fingers was very arousing for the girl as Linda finds her spot easily.

Linda is interrupted when she feels Jack’s hands lifting her butt for forming a fucking position. Linda was ready for being treated from both the sides. She is already very wet from licking this girl’s pussy and now Jack is rubbing his cock on her pussy.

“Yes.. Give it to me,” moans Linda, as Jack inserts his dick in Linda’s pussy and starts the fucking motions.

“Yes.. Deeper.. Fuck me hard,” moans Linda as she spreads her legs to adjust for a smoother and deeper penetration of Jack’s cock.

Linda buries her head in between the girls legs and back to licking and eating her pussy. Linda is in a trance, loving every bit of it. Although she had fucked in the evening, she felt insatiable.

Jack starts to spank Linda’s ass as his excitement increases with the whole scene in front of him. The girl runs her fingers through Linda’s hair and presses her head closer to her pussy.

“Mmm…” moans the girl softly as Jack spanks Linda hard. She pushed Linda’s face closer to her pussy whenever Linda drifted away to licking her thighs. The girl could feel Jack’s hard spanks on her pussy via Linda’s mouth’s and tongue’s behaviour.

Jack gathered Linda’s shoulder length hair and pulled her up and kissed her, getting to taste the girl’s pussy from Linda’s mouth. He goes on kissing Linda on her shoulders and squeezing her boobs hard.

The girl was horny and wanted no discontinuation of Linda eating her so she pulled down Linda by her hand back to her pussy. Linda continued circling her tongue around the girl’s clit and exploring pussy with her fingers. Linda returned to rubbing her g-spot with her fingers. The girl was very responsive to Linda’s fingers and hungry mouth. Linda could feel the girl’s legs trembling as she continued making love to the pussy while hers was pounded by Jack.

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