Listen To The Waves…


It’s after midnight and a clear dark night, the stars are bright over head. And only the light, is the light of the full moon. We’ve been on a road trip and I’ve been doing my best to get you stop for a little recreational break. SOooo we spot a turn-off and pull up to the picnic area near the water and get out. Walking down towards the water, it’s so quiet and peaceful out to night, standing at the edge of the lake looking out across the water. I can feel you standing behind me. Your body so close to mine, I can feel the heat coming from you. You brush my hair aside and your hot wet tongue slowly and lightly licking along my neck, gently nibbling knowing your driving me crazy just by doing what you are doing now. You lick my ear slowly and teasingly, breathing deep in my ear.

Whispering in my ear, “you make me so horny.” I feel your arms reach around me. Sliding your hands under my shirt, you caress and squeeze my breasts gently pinching my nipples, making them stand and greet you, feeling them get hard under your touch.

Your fingers tracing around them my nipples getting harder and harder. Leaning back against you, I can feel the hardness of your cock against me, I press my body tight against you. You slide your hands under my shorts, Your hands gently caressing me as they move upwards to my luv nest. As your hands move over my belly and further down, you discover I’m not wearing anything under my shorts. God, it makes you crazy when I do that, and I know it, that’s exactly why I do it. Your fingers searching and finding my wet pussy.

They slide between my lips, moving back and forth, your fingers getting so wet from my juices, you almost can’t stand it much longer. I reach down and my fingers join yours, rubbing and teasing my sweet juicy pussy, that you love SOooo much! My juices covering my fingers, I take them and slide them across your lips, you suck the juice off my fingers tasting my sweetness, you lick off every drop Kadıköy Escort because, you say my pussy is definitely the sweetest one you’ve ever tasted. At the same time, your fingers are plunging in and out of my hot wet pussy making me moan and move against you even closer, pushing my ass against you.

We move to the picnic table, you lift me up to sit on the edge of the table. You kneel down, sitting on the bench in front of me, your hands spreading my legs apart. My heart is pounding because I know this is just going to be heaven. Your mouth kissing the insides of my thighs softly, as you go. You can feel me tremble under your lips, moving higher your tongue licking along my lips moving slowly up and down, ever so passionately. Your fingers are spreading my lips apart so you can see my clit standing erect just waiting for you! It’s throbbing so hard, you can see how excited I am.

Your tongue licking lightly at the tip of my clit, teasing it. I lean back on my arms to watch you, seeing you licking me gets me even hotter, my darlin’. Your tongue flicking so lightly around my clit you feel me jump just a bit.

You make me so excited by just barely touching it again, makes my hips instantly move upward towards your mouth, wanting more and more from you my love. But you won’t give it to me just yet,you want to tease me almost,to the edge of insanity. You take your finger and slide it slowly in my pussy, you can feel me tighten up on it as you move it slowly in and out, it feels SOooo good.

You glide your teeth across my clit making me pull your head closer to me, this is so I can move my clit across your mouth as you lick me deeper each time. You know I am getting close to the edge. All of a sudden, you move away from my pussy, you bring your mouth to mine very softly; kissing me deeply, I can taste my juices on your tongue. Such a sweet taste, you nibble on my ear and whisper that you want to watch me please Kadıköy Escort Bayan myself, before you drive your cock deep inside me, this is not only for my pleasure but yours as well. It seems to make your passion for our love making even more intense, when you watch me get off first.

Sitting back you watch as I slowly stroke myself, my fingers moving on my clit. It feels SOooo good, as the cool night air sweeps arcoss my body. I watch your face as I stroke myself a little faster. Moaning as my clit gets harder each time, you can see it throbbing as the moment intensifies again, my fingers move down to dip inside my pussy, I am so wet my juices covering my hand. I can see how excited and amused you are when you’re watching me, your cock so hard and swollen, it almost looks like it’s about to explode you’re SOooo turned on!

As I move my fingers back to stroking my clit you move closer to me and you slide your finger inside my pussy getting it wet, then gently start to slide it in my ass. You still almost can’t believe that I let you, but it feels SOooo fucking tight,and SOooo fucking good. Secretly you think to yourself that this maybe the first time. I actually let you bury your cock deep inside my tight ass.

You watch me carefully; being sure not to hurt me,and stroking faster as you move it deeper in me,I’m strokin’ myself a little faster. Moving with you and stroking my throbbing clit harder, with each stroke I moan that I am going to cum! You urge me on saying come on baby, “Do it for me, cum for me baby” now you have added a second finger probing deeper into my sweet ass harder and faster.

OHhhh My God, this is incredible. You feel me starting to shake, my fingers moving faster as I start to explode. Seeing me cumming like this you can’t resist it. SOooo you plunge your tongue deep inside my pussy, as I cum harder than you ever seen me cum. You lick my juices like a cat licks cream, Escort Kadıköy as you plunge your tongue deeper in me than before. Shaking SOooo hard, as I move faster you feel my pussy gripping your tongue as I keep cumming.

Moaning and shaking harder, I contract tighter down on your tongue, cumming almost more intensely. You lap up my juices, telling me how sweet I taste, and I’m moving wildly on your tongue. We’ve always dreamed of this happening one day, fulfilling our fantasy of a Midnight Luv-Fest under the stars by the lake. It’s a wonder what took us SOooo long to to fulfill it? After this experience, we know we’ll definitely come here and do this more often. You take me off the table turning me around and bend me over, you slide your hard cock, which is throbbing so hard now, you can’t stand it one minute longer, deep in my dripping wet pussy. You pull me hard onto your cock, I gasp as I feel you plunge it in me so deep, I feel like I’m going to choke.

You start stroking it in me slow and deep, pulling out till just the head is inside me, teasing me with it then plunging all the way in deeper. My ass grinding against you, your hands pinching my nipples, making them harder. I arch my back against, you moaning louder, telling you “I want to cum all over your big hard cock”. I want to feel you explode like “Old Faithful” inside me. I reach down and rub my clit fast. At just that momnt, you feel my pussy tightening up on your cock, making you plunge faster in me. Your hands pulling my hips harder towards you, telling me in my ear, how hard your going to cum deep inside me. Grinding together harder and faster, till we both explode together!

Our bodies shaking as we climax together. Our juices flowing over each other as we cum so HARD and INTENSE. My pussy so tight on your cock as we keep cumming wave after wave, till we collapse on the top of the picnic table breathing heavily. Your kissing the back of my neck and whispering in my ear how hot we are together. I lean back and kiss you deeply, as I suck your tongue into my mouth, whispering against your lips, I tell you how good you feel to me.

This one’s for you my love I.W.J.B, our first road trip this fantasy will become reality…

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