Little Nobody Ch. 02


Please read chapter 01 of this story if you’d like it to make sense.


They didn’t so much sleep, as doze. Sean had flung his arm possessively over her, laying on his side – leaning into her. His chin on her shoulder. She was too dazed to move anyway. Their breathing settled slowly, into a rhythm – one rhythm. Lacey let it lull her, soothe her. She watched his chest rise…and fall for – she didn’t know for how long. It felt like a dream. She didn’t want to wake up and deal with what was happening. She didn’t think she could. So she sank into his breath, her chest matching his like the waves on an ocean. His eyes were closed but his hand began to move over her body. His hands were warm, and becoming strangely familiar on her skin. The sweat on her skin had dried now, to a film of cool salt. He licked at her shoulder, kissing and licking and tasting her skin. Slowly lazily his hand explored her. It was gentle but she knew he would not tolerate any ‘fight’ or resistance. He ran it in circles over her stomach, played with her neck, over her shoulders and arms. When she finally did start to move, her thigh rolled sideways and she let out a ‘urgh!” as it smeared in a sticky, cold pool of semen. He laughed at her when he looked down and saw. She flushed hot and angry.

“All right little plaything… I guess I should clean my toys before I put them up for the night,” he chuckled and she looked confused. A little slow on the uptake.

“YOU. You are my toy. Idiot!”

Lacey’s head was a hot muddle as she tried to wake herself up. She felt like she’d been run over. She ached inside.

“You’re going to go to jail for this eventually you know?” she muttered.

“I doubt that Little Nobody,” Sean said casually as he scooped her up. “And you forgot something.”

“Sir..” She said sullenly.

He lifted her easily, like she weighed nothing and carried her behind that tiled wall. Inside it was a shower, with a little fold out wooden bench which he set her down on. She leaned weakly back against the wall. It was cold pressed into her sticky hot back and woke her up a little more.

“Spread your legs, little nobody” he said quietly, reaching for the shower head.

“Why do you think you’re not going to jail? You already told me you wouldn’t kill me if I did as I was told. You’ll have to let me go eventually.” She was getting bolder, for some reason she felt she could. He pried her legs apart, when she didn’t comply.

“But you’re not doing what you’re told.” He grinned. She released the pressure and allowed him to spread her legs, looking away to the side. “What do you say?” he pushed. She pouted. He grinned. Was she playing his game now?

“Apologize slut!”

“Sorry..” she muttered sullenly.

“Apologize properly-” and he raised his hand till she flinched and quickly blurted

“Sorry Sir!” She had shut her legs as she flinched. He pushed them apart again and she let him.

“The reason I won’t go to jail, little nobody, is that I know you. I know what’s in you. And when I let you go – and yes – I will let you go, when that time comes you won’t want to go. You’ll come back.”

Lacey laughed, but it died away as she caught the look on his face. It was a dark, and fiery. She choked on the laugh, it echoed hollowly back to her. She looked down, trying to avoid him.

“Look at me.” Sean hissed and he crouched with the shower head between her legs as she tried to obey him. The shower head had good pressure and the water was warm. He aimed it directly at her clit. Lacey jumped and covered her pussy with her hand, trying to avoid the water. He sighed. It was a dangerous sigh. His chin jutted out, Lacey could tell he was frustrated. He stood and went to the little sink, and produced from a drawer a roll of tape. He quickly wrapped it around her thighs, and wove it through the slats on the wooden seat until her thighs were firmly lashed to the seat, spread wide for him. He resumed washing her tender abused little cunt.

“If you put your hands back anywhere NEAR your cunt, I’ll lash them to the shower piece up there and leave you here all night to squirm with the water directly on your clit.” She looked at him, trying to size up the threat. She didn’t think he was bluffing. She gripped the seat’s edge with both hands and steeled herself.

“Sir, its just so – EEEK!!!! Sensitive …. SIR please ..OOOOOooh,” and her hips gyrated Starzbet uselessly as he tortured her with the water. Sean only smirked and added soap, carefully soaping and then rinsing every little fold. Her pubic hair had been in a neat little triangle but he grabbed a razor and told her to stay very still, before shaving every little bit of modesty away from her lips. Lacey whimpered nervously, trying to stay in place. It tickled. He pressed the razor into the soft skin of her stomach as he finished, a quiet but clear threat. And then the rest of the little black hairs were chased off her skin, and down the drain.

Now he soaped the rest of her body, cleaning the grease from her neck, running his big hands all over her wet skin. Lacey knew she was enjoying this far too much. Her muscles ached from where her shoulders had been tied at an odd angle and he was working his thumbs into them just right. He smirked as she made little noises of enjoyment.

“We’re going to do one more thing before bed Little Nobody,” he announced, and she looked up at him apprehensively. He pulled the blindfold he’d had on her earlier from a hook on the wall, and slid it back over her eyes.

“What are we doing Sir?” She asked, trying to steady her voice. It was so disconcerting when she couldn’t see what he was doing. She didn’t expect him to answer.

“Testing you, I need to learn just a little bit more.”


“Whether or not your silly little mind understands what I’m doing or not does not matter. Figure it out, or don’t. My results will be the same,” She could hear him moving around as he talked – setting things down. She thought he was directly across from her. She heard the little trolley with towels on it being wheeled around. What in the hell was he going to do to her now?

She heard something electrical hum. Then stop. Then he stepped closer and something jingled and suddenly his thumb flicked her nipple. He pinched and pulled and flicked at them relentlessly until they were standing upright and Lacey had screwed up her face to keep from whining out loud. He was attaching something, pinching them with little clips and she couldn’t help but let out an “ahh!” as he tightened them on her tender flesh. Her breasts throbbed, and her clit pulsed in response. There was a chain connecting the clips on her nipples, she felt it laying cold against her skin. It made her shiver.

“How does that feel?” he asked her.


He slapped her tits lightly, a warning. It made her jiggle and the chain moved.

“What do you mean SIR,” she corrected quickly.

“I want you to tell me how it feels. How do your tits feel? Listen to your body bitch.”

“Um.. I don’t know? How the fuck do you think it feels? It hurts!”

“Stop thinking about the pain. Listen to your whole body. Is your clit throbbing?” And he ran a thumb ever so lightly over the top of her clit hood.

“Y..yes Sir.”

“So you like the pain?”

“No Sir.”

“Then why is your clit throbbing in response to the clips on your nipples?”

Lacey flushed. She did not know an answer.

He reached out and messed with the chain, and when he let go she was squirming as something heavy was tugging on the chain, pulling her tits down and making it hurt even more. Something weighing it down.

All of a sudden a bright light FLASHED in her face and she cried out in surprise. “What the fuck?”

He did not answer.

“Sir?” and then she heard the noise of a camera lens zooming – and another click. She was being photographed. Holy shit…

“I’m taking your picture Little Nobody,” he muttered. “I’m taking a picture of you naked, your legs spread like a little slut, tied to my chair. Your little ‘just fucked’ cunt spread and open for me….juicy, pink.. your nipples hard and weighted down,” The camera clicked again. “Your clit is huge. With every word I say it’s growing did you know that? It is throbbing with every flash of the camera. You whore.”

She shook her head and fought the ropes, trying to close her legs. He laughed and the camera flashed again and again. She was fumbling with the ropes with her fingers trying to untie them. One step forward, a clink and a tug and her arms were cuffed behind her back. She arched her back, writhing.

“Sit still.” he ordered.

She froze. Something rattled. Suddenly he was pushing something wet and cold between her pussy Starzbet Giriş lips, inside her.

“Ice for your frigid little pussy,” He chuckled to himself. “I’m going to make that pussy burn with cold little girl.”

She panted, and it felt funny but she did not squirm. Silence. She got the feeling he was just sitting back and watching. And then the cold began to hurt. It ached. She whimpered and wiggled and tried to push the cube out.

“Sir, sir, it hurts,” she begged. “It’s burning!”

“How does it feel, slut?”

“Aaaahhh!!! Take it out! PLEASE I”LL BE GOOD. PLEASE SIR!!”

He responded by adding another weight to her nipples, she moaned and arched more and then the camera flashed again, over and over.

Then something whirred, and he was holding something buzzing – vibrating, directly on her throbbing, fully exposed clit. She SCREAMED then, the sensations too were intense. Bucking and grinding and begging for release. Somewhere behind her, the camera (had he put it on automatic?) was flashing every few seconds.

“That’s my little cam whore – arch that back slut. You like this. You like this pain.” He told her again, without any question in his voice. She hung her head and moaned, like the slut he said she was. Somewhere inside her, she knew she believed him. Something rang true.

The vibrating thing went away, and a clamp – another one, was put directly over her clit hood. She squealed, it was so cold. The throbbing felt like something would burst. He was linking it to the chain between her breasts, so that when she arched her back – which was entirely involuntary at this point, it tugged all three points tight. The burn from the ice was finally melting… she felt the cold slick of water slipping from her burning little cunt. The ice cube was replaced quickly and deftly by something slick and round and… vibrating. It wiggled inside her, and she squirmed like nothing else. She was humping the air now and he pushed a button, on a cord between her legs and the vibrations became stronger still.

“Are you going to cum Little Nobody?”

She nodded, too ashamed to say it. Something whipped her thigh then – it STUNG like a mother fucker. She hissed, whipping her head around.

“From now on every time you don’t address me correctly you will be caned.”

“Yes Sir! Sorry Sir!! Please -” He whipped the other thigh with that long thin stick.

“I’ll ask you again, are you going to cum SLUT?”

“YES SIR” she hollered, and he brought the cane down on her sides, tits, as she writhed…. loosing any control.

Then he ordered “Cum NOW slut!” and her body obeyed. It was as if the order bypassed her mind. She just came, like he’d pressed a button. She convulsed, her pussy tightened, squeezing the vibrator inside her so tight. It was the most intense orgasm she’d ever had. Her face burned. Her body throbbed. Her pussy gushed around that little egg. And the camera flashed away, over and over and over.

As she rode out the fog in her mind Sean began to pull the trappings from her body. He switched off the camera, and yanked the still buzzing egg out. And he pulled the clips off. He did not unfasten them, he just PULLED so that she screamed with every little final tug on the sensitive skin. Finally, the cuffs, the tape from her legs and then the blindfold. Lacey blinked dizzily in the light. She made the mistake of meeting his eyes. They searched her. Burning with a strange light in them. It unnerved her. It made her throb.

He moved the little table with the towels out of the way. She could see now the little tripod, the batteries, the egg vibrator, the cup of ice, and the clamps all laid out. It made her shiver. Across them all he laid the cane. The sting of it she could still feel in long sharp lines across her skin.

He moved forward to her then and taking the shower head in one hand he turned it on cold. Ice cold. And he hosed her down like he was washing a car. Coldly, from a distance. Like she was something dirty, to be rinsed down. Lacey drew her knees up to her chest in shock, shivering under assault of the water.

“It’s cold…. stop, please Sir!” she pleaded and he ignored her. Like he couldn’t even hear her, he rinsed the sweat from her body.

Then turning the shower off, he grabbed the camera and left her sitting there. She was not tethered, or restrained – and he had not told her if he wanted her Starzbet Güncel Giriş to follow or to stay. She shivered and hugged herself, leaning back on the seat. Her stomach tied itself in knots. What had she done wrong now? He was impossible to please. He was insane… surely. Wasn’t there a mental hospital in these hills somewhere. Maybe he was a patient… she almost laughed aloud. She knew it didn’t fit.


Lacey sat there waiting, assuming he was coming back shortly. She heard him moving around in the room outside. The little jingle as he started his computer. Finally, after what seemed like forever she was freezing so she gingerly got up and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around herself. All of a sudden he was standing in the little doorway to the bathroom. His hands on his hips. She dropped the towel and froze.

“I don’t remember telling you to move little nobody,”

She stared at the ground, shivering.

“Did I say you could move? Did I say, “Get yourself a towel, little nobody. Help yourself”?” He was speaking in a low, low tone. She shook her head.

“No Sir, but you didn’t tell me what to do.”

“You do not do ANYTHING without being expressly told to do it.” He had a robe in his hand, she assumed it was for her as he was already in one.

“This was for you,” he confirmed. “But because you helped yourself without asking, you have forfeited the privilege. You will be naked tonight for me.”

“But Sir, I’m Cold…”

“And I should care because?” She shut her mouth as he hung the robe, that warm fluffy looking robe carefully up on a hook.

“Follow me, little nobody,” and she was suddenly aware that it was a chilly night as she entered the main room again. Her toes curled, she felt so exposed. He pointed to a spot beside the desk on the floor. “Sit.” and she knelt down, toes curling under her butt. He tilted the laptop a little so she could see. He had a half smile across his face. She saw why, and shivered.

There, displayed across his desktop was her picture. She was arching towards the camera, her shoulders pulled back, her mouth open, tits pressed forward. The weights pulling her tender pink nipples down, and tugging on her clit. She was pressing so hard, the tape was digging deep ridges into her splayed thighs. Water ran all over her shoulders. Her cheeks were pink.

Lacey stared. Her mouth was open she realized as he closed it with a firm finger and thumb. He bent down to her ear.

“Ever seen yourself like this little nobody?” She shook her head.

“No Sir.” She found herself staring at the floor.

“How does it feel? How do you look?”

“Like a slut!” She blurted it out before she had even thought about it. He smirked.

“That’s not a bad thing girl. Not when you’re a slut for me. Not when it’s the way you are on the inside. It’s a lot better than hiding it all behind that -” and he pointed to a laundry basket in which the remains of her bulky school uniform lay. She covered her tits with her arms crossed across her chest.

“Sit here, and watch the rest of the slide show until I come and get you. Do not look away. Understand?”

She nodded.


“Yes Sir.” and she tilted her chin back up to the screen and he put the pictures on a slide show that filled the whole screen. He left her sitting there, she could hear him moving around the room behind her. Stacking pots and pans in the sink, checking locks etc. She did her best not to turn away and watch what he was doing. The pictures flashed across the screen, one after the other. She flushed, and felt the heat return between her legs. She wanted to turn away, as she watched the pink lines appearing on her skin where he caned her, his hand appear where he held that long vibrator to her clit, but for all she knew he was staring at her from behind to make sure she was watching.

She blinked. He was right, she’d never seen herself like this. Not just tied and tortured but… on fire. Finally the cycle was over. He must have taken over 100 pictures in that short time. She flushed and looked at her knees. She felt his hand on the back of her neck, pulling her. She rose, giddily a little having knelt for so long. The floor had made little pink lines across her shins.

“You look good in stripes” He chuckled, running his fingers over them as he led her back to the bed. He tied her to the headboard again, but the cuffs were looser this time. She had a lot of movement. She laid down, grateful to be in the warm bed. It was chilly even with the fire he had started across from the bed. It glowed, and he laid beside her. The last thing she saw before she fell asleep was the flickering light over his chest.

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