Liv Smiling


It was one of those gorgeous blue, big sky Montana days and I was hoofing it at a good pace up a 5-mile trail to a favorite spot in the Beartooth range in south west Montana. Late spring, warm sun, cool winds and the occasional patch of snow; it was the perfect hiking weather. There would be a spectacular view that I would most likely have all to myself. Hungry, I was looking forward to a hearty lunch among the sun-warmed boulders. With about a mile to go, I saw ahead another lone hiker moving at a slower, but deliberate pace. From the form of the figure (okay, it was the golden sweat-glistening legs) I knew it was a woman.

She had a good size pack on and was obviously set to overnight on the trail. She was making steady pace up, and I only slowly gained to about 40 paces behind her. At that point the grade noticeably increased and the trail began a series of switchbacks. We began crossing paths, and as she made the second switchback, she was able to see me. I smiled, gave a polite wave and said “Hello,” huffing a bit in my exertion. She smiled back, somewhat timidly, I thought, and kept on moving. Maybe she thought that I was speeding up the trail to catch her. All the same to me, as the view of her hiking ahead on the trail was very fine. She kept on steady at her pace. We traded smiles as we crisscrossed up the trail. Halfway up the switchbacks, I was just behind her. I would either have to slow down or pass her.

At the next switchback I was surprised when she turned, not to continue, but to look at me! She smiled again and complimented my pace. “You’re going pretty good, there. People usually have a hard time keeping up with me, much less catching up.” It was obvious that she was no stranger to exertion. She was sweating hard, but not huffing or puffing, in spite of a quick pace. That’s quite an achievement for anyone doing anything at 6,000 feet.

“Thanks,” I replied, “I spend a lot of time on the trails. I’m guessing you do too?”

With a bigger smile, she replied, “Yep, I love it up here. This is already my fourth hike on this trail this year. It’s one of my favorite trails.” I agreed and told her I liked it because it was a bit off the beaten path of other hikes in the area. It was difficult so not many folks bothered with it.

“This is the first time I’ve ever met another hiker up here, I think.”

“Me, too,” she replied, adding, “You’d better be nice!”

I laughed, “I will be sure to.” I grinned for a moment, then continued, “My name is Lee, and I appreciate you sharing the trail with me.” I offered my hand.

She took it and held it. “My name is Liv and it is my pleasure to share this trail today.” We both laughed and our hands dropped.

“Onward!” I called, and we proceeded up the trail, now at the same pace.

In the Rockies you have to wear your layers because you never know what turn the weather will take, and the nights are always cool. She was wearing typical hiking gear and in the heat of the day had stripped down to her last layer, a close-fitting, white silk singlet, khaki shorts, with a flannel shirt and fleece shell tied around her waist. She wore state of the art hiking shoes and socks rolled to the boot-tops. Her chestnut brown hair was pulled back and fell across her shoulder then down her back. When we had spoken at the switchback, her beauty had stunned me. Her face was finely sculpted, her skin serene. Thin, rivulets of sweat trailed down her neck, onto her chest. Her only jewelry was a smooth orb of amber that hung in the dimple of her breastbone on a gold chain. It’s translucence in the sun on her skin cast a gold aura there that dazzled with the texture of her sunned skin. She was delectable.

That thought had not left my head since she had turned from me and continued up the trail. The sight of her hiking ahead gave me no reason to think of anything else. While it was obvious that Bostancı Escort she was a seasoned outdoor person, I was beginning to think Liv was a hiking goddess. I took a deep breath and kept on behind her, keeping my distance to keep perfect perspective of her form.

As we reached the ridge, the world opened beyond us. Instead of the rocky scramble of the last few hundred yards of the trail, we now faced the expanse of the sky above a wilderness valley below. It is a moment that takes your breath away and can almost feel like it sweeps you off your feet. My instinct is often to grab something solid till I remain study. This time, Liv was there next to me and she is what I grasped. Without thinking, my hand clasped her bare arm just above her elbow. She turned her head to look at me, I guess to see if I was about to faint or something, but she saw that I was awestruck at the vista before us.

“It is awesome, isn’t it?” she agreed in a reverent voice, “Nothing makes me feel more alive.” I nodded in silence.

After a minute of taking in the beauty, I helped her remove her pack, admiring her arms as she bent them back to pull them through the straps. A sprinkle of freckles was cast across the top of her strong shoulders. She helped me off with mine, though it was only a daypack. We sat on a bench rock and pulled off our boots and socks and wiggled our toes in the warm sun. Sharing our foodstuffs, we managed to have a nice lunch of cheese, dried fruits, jerky and blueberry granola bar. The sun was hot, the air thin, our bellies full and we reclined to enjoy some time. We talked and shared more about our love for the outdoors. She looked a bit sly and said, “Do you know what else I like about this spot? I love to sunbath on these rocks. I love the feel of the sun beaming on me and at the same time thrill when a cool breeze blows across my skin…” she tapered of with a dreamy look in her eyes.

We watched clouds that began to move in over the valley. They were the sorts that easily give to games of finding figures at play among them. “There’s a fox running, ” Liv called out, pointing. I saw it.

“Hey, there’s George Washington!” I said. She wasn’t so sure. We were both quiet. I saw the face of a woman with flowing hair. “Look, there’s the face of a women,” I said softly, pointing up and to Liv’s right so that my arm crossed over her body. “See her face looking toward us, her hair blowing back, and…” Then my eyes got larger, and I wasn’t sure what to say, for there below the head the figure of her shoulders and two breasts unfolded, complete with wisps of nipples!

“What? What do you see now?” Liv asked.

“Oh, ahh, a woman,” I said timidly. I didn’t want to say “breasts” out loud. Maybe they weren’t there. It was only the stirring I was feeling in Liv’s presence revealing thoughts that were playing in the back of my mind.

“Oh, yes, I see her,” Liv said, and then, “Ahh, and now I see what has got your tongue. You guys are all the same, aren’t you!” Liv laughed, obviously seeing the endowments I thought I might have conjured. She leaned into me slightly, laughing. A scent of eucalyptus was in her hair

“You know,” Liv, said with reverential breath, “she is like a goddess looking down on us.” I nodded.

“Should we prepare some kind of offering for her?” I quipped.

“Yeah, maybe so, maybe so,” Liv said, looking at me, seriously. “I feel very strongly about the feminine character of nature. It is one reason why I love to be outside and among the mountains so much.” My mind began conjuring images of her at play, wild among these mountains. I could see she had the strength and character to live off the land, by her own wits. I didn’t want to know anything more about Liv than that.

“So she is like Mother Nature smiling down upon us,” I said, hoping to sound philosophical.

“Exactly! Bostancı Escort Bayan Isn’t it cool? I think we should make an offering.” Liv was excited

“What do we have to offer?” I wondered aloud.

Liv picked up immediately, “As Mother shares with us, so we should share in return.” With this proclamation Liv crossed her arms, reached down and lifted her top off over her head and tossed it aside. She tilted her face toward the formation, thrust her chest out and said, “Here I am, Mother Nature. Thank you for everything and please be good to us.”

She closed her eyes and let the sun and wind play freely on her face and body. My mind was racing, of course, in awe of the firm body almost naked beside me, and about what to do next… how to handle this extraordinary situation. It was obvious that her lovely breasts were no strangers to the sun and wind. The gold tone of her flesh was constant from her nose to her waist; and to her toes, I now imagined. Her breasts were generous and tight to her, round with wide brown areolas. With this image in mind (and trying not to salivate too obviously) I turned my face up to the sun and intoned, “As is Liv, so am I. We are in awe. Continue to amaze us.” I pulled off my shirt. Liv didn’t seem to notice; her face was set to the sky.

The wind pushed our cloud Goddess to the south. Liv seemed to follow even as her eyes were closed. As she watched, her arms rose, crossed and she laid a hand on each breast. She held them and rubbed slow circles.

I had to stand up or my cock was going to break. She opened her eyes, her gaze settled on the bulge in my shorts.

“It appears that you have an offering as well, Lee.” Liv spoke with a grin, seeing me standing. “Please share your offering,” and she offered her left hand to me. I looked Liv in the eyes, saw her desire, so quickly unbuckled and pulled of my shorts and stood before her, my bobbing cock glad to be sprung. I placed it on her upheld hand and she solemnly examined it before slowly pulling me to her face. She took my growing cock into her mouth. She took the head in her lips and kissed it wetly, drawing of drip of precum to the tip.

“Such wonders of nature are meant to be enjoyed, don’t you think, Lee,” she declared with a broad smile, and then took me back in again. She worked on my cock’s full length, pulling against my thighs, keeping me tight to her face.

I was able to reach my hands down to her breasts. I covered them, loving the nipple in my palms, feeling them stiffen. I rubbed her with my hands just the way I had seen her rub with hers. Liv sighed. Her tongue pauses then resumes, now more delicately; slow licks to the tip, darts to the softest skin, swirls at urethra. My cock raged and she drew another bead of my spunk. She sucked it in.

She then took me from her mouth, with a smile, but kept me in hand has she stood and led us to a large boulder. Arriving there, she dropped my prick only long enough to shimmy out of her shorts. Taking me back in her hand, she tugged me along as she climbed the rock. At the spot she turned herself and sat facing me. The boulder was about five feet long with a slight depression along the top. It was the one that Liv knew was smooth and amazingly comfortable to lie on. The boulder that she sun bathed on.

There was an abrupt edge at the end Liv sat herself onto. It had cracked there at some point. The stone I stood on was the lost end. Awesomely, the height of the edge placed a lover perfectly ready to work. She lay back pulling my cock to her wet ruffled labia. She pushed me into her. She had gotten hot fast, and there I was able stand between her legs and slide in and out of her pussy. It was heavenly. I pumped easily; She threw a leg up on my shoulder and pulled herself tighter against me. “Give it to me good, I like it,” she said. So I leaned into her and ground Escort Bostancı my crotch against her, humping my cock in her. I leaned into her legs and her cunt sucked on my thrusts. This was all too intense. Liv knew it too, and pushed me back away from her. Smiling all the while.

Liv lay back across the boulder, her breasts stretched taut. They were crowned by swollen areolas that were now a blush red. She lifted her head and grinned as she spread her legs again for me, revealing a thin trimmed line of chestnut hair just above red velvet ribbon lips that still held the shape of my cock. There was a glimpse of the delicate pink within. Was this a vision of some succulent goddess? I stepped forward then knelt at the break of the rock. I smelled a thick sweet tang. I laid my tongue flat among the lips, pressing in and slowly drawing up to her clit. Her clit I teased with a kiss before swathing in light circles. I found a hard nub and sucked at it with pursed lips. Liv was moaning in apparent ecstasy, her eyes closed, her body limp. I worked two of my fingers slowly in her slit. Her juices flowed. Liv moaned. I enjoyed a feast.

And then Liv pulled me up her torso and grabbed my face. She brought it to hers for a hard kiss. Then she sat up and turned me to be in the spot she had been.

I lay back across the stone and my gorged cock pointed straight to the sky. The stone warmed my back and I felt remarkably comfortable. Also almost out of my mind in anticipation. I looked down across my belly, past my inflamed cock, to see Liv standing, grinning, silhouetted against the sky. Her umber hair blowing around her face, hands on hips. Then she moved.

Liv climbed the rock like an animal, crawling up my legs until her mouth was poised above my boner. I would swear that she growled as her mouth closed over the head and she ran her lips down the length. I throbbed in her mouth. I could tell that she was smiling, as much as you can smile with a mouthful of cock. She was tasting her pussy juices. I smelled eucalyptus and honeysuckle. She sucked. She twisted her head and began the slide back up, going slowly, coating every ridge and pulsing vein with a skein of saliva, leaving me red and wet. She then bobbed back down, doing this four or five times. I was blissing out. My head fell back to the rock and I stared into the endless blue as she fed on my cock. Then she crawled up and kissed me hard again on the mouth. I could taste the funk of my own cock. She pulled her head back and smiled, she squatted over me, then rose on her haunches and rubbed her cunt on the head of my cock, stroking it in her slit. I stared into her eyes. Slowly she began to lower her hot flesh chute down on my dick, inch by inch taking it in. She grunted a long “uuuuuuuuuuuggggghhhhhhhhh” and slowly settled till I was stuck in her. She leaned forward. Her hair hung in my face then and she kissed me with her tongue. She held herself there, poised to pounce, and I pistoned my cock in and out. She was kissing me, thrusting her tongue in my mouth, like she was ravenous. I couldn’t take any more and my spunk shot deep in her, in four long gushes. I was gasping for air. Liv crouched close over me and squeezed my twinging penis in the tunnel of her legs. Her nipples grazed on my heaving chest. They were rock hard.

Liv’s eyes were shut tight. Her tongue lapped at my mouth as I took quick breaths. She rose up and down just slightly, pulling my cock back to some firmness. She ground around my crotch, her pubis roving the hard spots of my bone. Liv was in a mantra of, “aaahhhhhhh, mmmmmmm, aaahhhhhh” till she suddenly pushed her self up with a quick breath, her arms braced on my shoulders. She raised her cunt up to the head of my cock, pushed her self back just so that my prick poked her clit. She rubbed it there until she came to orgasm in spasms that clutched me inside her cunt. Then she released all tension and rode back down my length. As she rode down she yelped little bits of delight and her face turned bright. She was beautiful. Her face became serene as she released pent up breath. Her bones rested and she looked down from the sky, to me.

Yes, the goddess was smiling.

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