Living Room Lover. The Conclusion


It’s not that sixteen-year-old Barry Winston didn’t like company, quite the opposite. He always looked forward to the summer months and the visits from relatives that lived out of state and came to Florida to escape the Northern Winters for a while. Now, normally these guests stayed at a local motel if they planned on being in town longer than a weekend so they did not interrupt the family’s daily routine. They were on vacation while Barry’s family had to work, however this time it was different.Dad took the week off of work when his brother informed him that it was time for a get-together. Barry’s father suggested that they all stay at their house. The sprawling split-level ranch house with its large in-ground pool was certainly big enough and boasted enough bedrooms to accommodate his family.Now this arrangement was going to impact Barry’s nightly routine, but he said nothing. His aunt and uncle would use his bedroom while his twin cousins were set up in his older brother’s former bedroom which had been converted into the computer room. That would escort bayan leave Barry with the entire living room to himself.The room was large enough and by crashing on the couch or the leather lounger he could see and hear anyone entering the room so no one could surprise him, and that was necessary.You see, Barry’s nightly routine consisted of masturbation; he loved masturbating. Besides being pleasurable it was also a necessity as it seemed to Barry that he was constantly hard. Besides the pleasure, his masturbation sessions helped vanish the outline of his hard cock under whatever he was wearing and relieve the discomfort of his erection against his jeans.It didn’t take much to get Barry excited, a pretty girl or lady in a short skirt or tight jeans was enough. In his room at night, Barry closed his eyes as he stroked his cock and allowed the movie theater in his mind to run wild. He fantasized about the girls at school, other times it was a few of the more attractive female teachers or the girls at his part-time job.He would imagine them kocaeli escort bayan stripping down to their sexy lingerie and rubbing their silk-covered breasts and wet panties against him as he jerked his hard cock. He was also able to visualize them removing their bras and running their hands over their breasts before pressing them into him and he swore that he could feel their soft and full breasts against his chest.Now as Barry was a virgin that’s as far as his fantasies allowed him to go. Having never had sex before he didn’t know what to do next, It didn’t matter as he usually shot his wad in record time. Eventually, his parents and guests bid each other good night and headed to their respective bedrooms while Barry headed to the couchThe moment he slipped under the covers he pulled his baggy sweat pants down to his ankles, spread his legs, and gently seized his cock that was already rock hard and began to gently stroke himself. He became so lost in pleasuring himself that he failed to hear the soft footsteps kocaeli escort on the polished wood floor.His stroking was interrupted when a shadow fell across his face blocking the lights from the pool area that filtered in through the slightly parted drapes.When he ceased his stroking and opened his eye, there was his Aunt Mavis staring at him. She was clad in a thigh-high white silk nightgown and through the material of her thin material, he was able to see the fact that the nipples of her full breasts were poking against the front of her garment.Today was the first time he saw her in her bikini poolside. He was glad that he floated in an innertube as it hid the fact that he had become hard just by checking her out. Now here she was standing next to him wearing a sexy nightie.Without warning, she dropped to her knees and placed her face just inches from his.”Would you like some help with that?” she asked in a soft voice.Before Barry could answer she shot her hand under the top sheet and blanket and took hold of his rigid manhood, her hand felt cool to the sensitive skin of his rod.”My but that’s a big boy,” his aunt commented as she began to gently stroke him. Barry was speechless.”You got hard when you saw me in my bikini didn’t you?” she asked.”You saw?” he asked with a touch of embarrassment.

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