Locker Room Glory Hole


It was the end of the semester, and I had to make up some days I missed in gym. At the end of the day, I went back to the gym to make up all the time. It was just me a few of the nerdy kids who find ways to get out of doing a lot of work, and this Asian girl named Mina. We were both seniors, 18 years old (I knew this because I sat behind her in English, and she always yammered on endlessly so it was easy to eavesdrop)

Anyways, afterwards I went into the locker room to shower off. All the nerds just left, not wanting to be seen naked as usual. I was alone in the locker room. I quickly stripped down, and walked naked into the showers. It was eerie, silent and empty. Looking around shortly, I turned the water on, hot. I jumped away, without everyone using the showers all at once, the water was scolding. I turned it down a bit and moved back under the stream. I started lathering up with soap, staring at the while and I noticed something I never had before. There was a little peep hole, and a larger hole further down below it.

Of course I had to look. I took a few glances before peaking through the whole. My jaw dropped as I saw the Mina bending over getting undressed. I watched her sliding out of her socks, then pushing her little black panties down. Then she started walking towards me, going to take her own shower I assumed. I watched her slowly make her way towards me. She had a nice figure. Small, but with a nice sized chest, plump enough to bounce as Ankara escort she walked toward me. She had black hair passed her shoulders, and to my surprise was shaved smooth “down there”.

My cock was swelling bigger and bigger with each step she took. Finally, she got right up by the wall, ready to take her shower I was still assuming. I didn’t even consider that she may have saw me. Then she bent down. I was puzzled, until I felt her tiny fingers slowly grasp the head of my cock. The other hole, it was a glory hole! This whole time I had no idea.

I could hear her through the wall saying, “Mmm, my my, you have a might big cock there, I suppose you want me to suck it?” I could only moan a bit in response, nodding my head frantically up and down regardless of the fact that I knew she couldn’t see me. She took my cock into her mouth, wiggling her tongue around the head as she rubbed it closer to the base. She slowly took more and more into her mouth making lovely, though perhaps overemphasized moaning sounds.

I gazed down at her as best I could through the peephole. Really all I could see was her ass sticking out behind her. It was quite the beautiful ass though, firm and well shaped. Suddenly, I noticed someone walking towards her. My jaw dropped as I found out who it was, Miss Williams, the female gym teacher. She was wearing navy shorts, and a tank top with a whistle round her neck dangling between her generous breasts.

She just walked silently Ankara escort bayan towards us, and I froze not having any idea what to do. When she got there, she just smiled, and started getting naked! Mina didn’t even stop sucking my dick, and surely she must have known the gym teacher was behind her.

When Miss Williams finished stripping, she ran her fingers through her short brown hair, grin, and presented a big black strap-on. I couldn’t believe it, she was going to join in!I silently watched her put on this strap-on while Mina kept sucking my cock bobbing up and down on it over and over.

As she finished getting into the strap-on, she giggled and spanked Mina, which caused her to bite down lightly on my cock and then squeal in pleasure. Then she drove her plastic dick deep inside Mina. She had eyes filled with lust as she started talking to the Asian girl, “Mmm, I see my favorite little Asian bitch has a lust for cock again.”

Mina moaned, “Yes Miss Williams.” Then she returned to sucking my cock. We continued like this, Mina with her dick in my mouth and strap on in her ass until Miss Williams slapped her ass again, and demanded that she get a chance at my cock. She backed up to the wall, and slid my dick into her ass, then pulled Mina up close to get her strap-on inside her. She started rocking back and forth pumping my cock inside her as her own fake cock went inside her student. We were all moaning over and over as we fucked. Her Escort Ankara ass was slapping against the wall over and over. Suddenly I could hear Mina moaning loudly, and saying, “oh God” repeatedly. I assuming Miss Williams got her to orgasm.

I grinned, I knew I would soon also climax but I was holding out. Her ass was so tight around my cock it was wonderful. So wonderful I shouted through the walls telling her she had a wonderful ass. She demanded that I cum inside it. I got a huge smile on my face and started driving my cock deeper inside her ass bumping into the wall a bit with each drive.

Finally I was ready to cum, and I moaned that to them through the wall. I groaned out as my load shot into her ass, and I closed my eyes enjoying the moment. After a bit, I felt her move forward, my wet cock sliding loose from her ass. Mina once again moved to my cock and started sucking it clean. With cum in her mouth, she started kissing Miss Williams. I smiled watching them, go on for awhile, before breaking apart and showering themselves off.

Miss Williams quietly spoke through the top hole saying, “maybe you can miss some classes next grade period and cum here again?” Then she giggle and turned away going to her office to get dress. Mina sheepishly looked at the hole in the wall, and grinned a bit before waving and going back to get dressed.

I sighed a bit, and look toward the ceiling. I slowly started showering again. I couldn’t get her words off my mind. This was the most fun I ever had, it and it was probably going to happen again. I shook myself a bit and finally focused on shower, so I could get back home close to when I said I was. I however, didn’t mind being late one bit.

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