Long Distance Pt. 03


Many thanks to ViWriter for helping me edit this story.

It’s not required to read parts one and two first, but this story assumes you have, so some things may be confusing if you haven’t. The most important information to know is that Julia is wearing a remote-controlled vibrating clit ring that can detect how close she is to orgasm and tease her accordingly.

Contains: bondage, exhibitionism, orgasm control/denial, dominant/submissive, a bit of humiliation, and some mild breathplay.

“Oh my God,” Julia said, her hands going to her mouth.

“Hey, Jules,” Kelly murmured, offering her the bouquet of red roses. Julia accepted them after a pause, her astonishment fading into a wide smile as she inhaled the sweet scent. She took a moment to enjoy the lovely flowers before lifting her eyes to Kelly. Her wife was dressed in a well-tailored black suit that showed off her tall, slim form, a small smirk on her lips at Julia’s surprise. Kelly was all sharp features and lean physique to Julia’s more rounded face and comfortably curvy figure, and she looked just as good in a tux as a dress. In the few black-tie events that Julia had been invited to as Kelly’s plus one, her wife always wore a suit to counterpart her flowing dresses and displayed her wedding ring prominently, keeping her arm around Julia’s waist or shoulders and pulling her into kisses whenever it was even slightly acceptable. Two women just walking around together might be mistaken for friends, and Julia got so wonderfully shivery at the dominant show of mine that Kelly put on to let everyone know what the score was. Although the formalwear brought back good memories, she felt positively underdressed compared to her wife, standing in the doorway just wearing her normal office clothes.

“I wasn’t expecting the…” Julia waved a hand at Kelly’s outfit. “But God, it’s sexy.” Her wife looked good in a suit, and after the day of frustrating teasing Julia just wanted to push her down the hall and into bed. She stepped forward, pressing up against Kelly’s chest and going onto her toes for a kiss, then sniffed as she pulled back, smelling more than just the roses and her wife’s cologne. “Is that chicken?”

Kelly smiled. “Close your eyes. No peeking.” Julia obeyed and felt her wife’s hands rest on her shoulders, gently guiding her forwards. The smell of food and sweet cinnamon grew stronger as she was walked to the kitchen table, then she heard a chair being pulled out as she was directed to sit. She carefully settled into it as another dragging squeak suggested Kelly seating herself, and there was a faint metal noise. “Okay, you can open them.”

Julia opened her eyes and found herself at a fully-laid table. Their best silverware and plates were already set out, along with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Candles dotted the room, providing a soft luminance and filling the air with a delicious spicy scent. Kelly smiled at her from the other side of the table, holding up the lid of a covered dish to reveal a steaming plate of sliced chicken to go with a large bowl of salad.

“This is amazing. Thank you.” Julia grinned, her eyes sparkling. Kelly knew all her favorites, and even if her wife wasn’t the best cook she was incredibly sweet to do all this.

“I’m glad you like it.” Kelly’s smile turned into a smirk, and Julia felt the toe of her wife’s shoe against her leg as it teased up to the edge of her skirt. Her arousal, briefly forgotten in the reveal of dinner, immediately flared back up. Her wife was very thoughtful in other ways, too. If she had gone to this much trouble in the kitchen, Julia could guarantee she went to just as much if not more trouble in the bedroom. The thought made her shiver with a frisson of excitement, goosebumps raising on her skin.

Kelly served out the food and chatted with her as they ate, perfectly normal except for the gleam in her eyes as she played footsie with her denied wife. She slipped her shoe off at some point to better tease Julia and casually set her phone on the table, letting her see the upside-down controls of the app that had so wonderfully tortured her from all over the world. Julia inhaled sharply when the vibrations suddenly started up again, glad that she was almost finished eating. The food was delicious, albeit simple, and she wanted to enjoy the rare occasion of tasting her wife’s cooking. That proved extremely difficult when Kelly scooted forward to rub her foot against Julia’s damp panties, making her groan into a bite of chicken. She scraped the last few scraps of lettuce off her plate and downed her wine, flushed and breathing harder. Kelly grinned.

“You seem to be in a hurry.”

“I- I’ve been waiting all day.” Julia wiped at her mouth with her napkin and pushed out her chair, about to stand up.

“Ah, ah, ah.” Kelly said amusedly, holding up a finger and leaning in on her elbows. “You’ve been waiting all day, and you’ll keep waiting until I say.”

Julia wavered, then sat back Starzbet against her chair, a tiny frustrated noise escaping her. She loved it when her wife ordered her around, but all she could think about were the minutes of the evening slipping past that could instead be used by Kelly’s fingers, or Kelly’s mouth, or Kelly’s strap-on to turn her into an orgasmic puddle on the bed…

“Patience.” Kelly reached across the table to take Julia’s hand. “I’ve got something special planned, but don’t think I won’t deny you just because I’m being romantic.” Julia’s eyes widened, and Kelly grinned. “I want you to be good for me. Okay, babe?”

Julia nodded, shivering with submissive excitement.

Kelly waited just long enough to establish her dominance before standing up and walking around the table to Julia’s side, offering her hand. She took it and stood, allowing her wife to lead her down the hall. The door to their bedroom was closed, and Kelly ushered her inside before shutting it behind her. Julia looked around, confused. Almost every chair in their apartment was in here, including the folding ones they used when they had guests, all arranged facing towards the large bed. Kelly pressed up against her back, arms sliding around her waist as she murmured in her ear.

“I told you I had something special. I’m going to fulfill one of your fantasies.”

Julia tensed with realization even as she trembled with arousal, her hands coming up to her wife’s arms. “K-Kelly-“

“Shh…” Kelly kissed her earlobe, tightening her arms around Julia. “Do you trust me, Jules?”

“Y-Yes, of course, but…”

“Say it for me.”

“I…” Julia took a deep, shaky breath, and let it out in a heavy exhale. “I trust you.”

“Good.” Kelly gently rubbed her stomach, pressing a kiss into the side of her head. “I promise you, nothing bad will happen. I know your limits.” She turned Julia around, meeting her lips in a sweet, reassuring kiss. And another. And another, this time not so much soothing her anxiety as stoking the burning need between her legs. Kelly’s fingers pulled at the buttons of Julia’s blouse as soft noises escaped from between their lips, Julia submitting to her wife’s tongue when it pushed into her mouth. Her top was pulled down her arms and tossed away, and Kelly’s hands slipped down to her waist, tugging at the zipper of her skirt until it piled around her ankles.

Julia allowed her wife to lead her to the bed between fierce kisses, her heart pounding, wondering what Kelly could possibly be planning. She trusted her wife, totally and absolutely, but she couldn’t stop the nervousness from building inside her as Kelly guided her to lay down, breaking away from her lips. She reached behind Julia to unclasp her bra and moved to tug her damp panties down her legs, exposing her slick folds and swollen clit to the cool air. One of her guesses for what the night might hold was proven right when Kelly pulled up a padded cuff from under the corner of the bed where it attached to the leg, gently bringing her wrist up to it and fastening the strap to leave her arm bound. Her breathing grew shallow as Kelly restrained her, stretching out her limbs one by one until she was spread-eagle on the center of the mattress, naked, soaked, and truly helpless.

“Do they feel alright?” Kelly murmured, kneeling at her side, and Julia nodded, biting her lip. The cuffs were comfortable even when she tugged at them, not tight enough to be painful but nowhere near loose enough for her to slip free. Kelly shifted off the bed for a moment to step over to the closet and returned carrying a heavy cloth blindfold. She placed it over Julia’s eyes, carefully securing it around her head. “Can you see anything?”

“No,” Julia mumbled, her world completely dark. She wriggled a little, rubbing the back of her head against the bed to see if she could shift the cloth, and found that she was staying blind until her wife decided otherwise.

“Alright.” Kelly leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to Julia’s lips. “Remember, just trust me. This is your fantasy.”

Kelly’s weight on the bed shifted away, and Julia heard the bedroom door open and close. Then, more faintly, the front door opening for a longer time before closing. Her heart slammed in her chest, her palms slick against her fingers as she curled her hands into fists.

The door opened again, and she heard what was unmistakably the sound of people shuffling in. She tensed on the bed and lifted up her head, furious humiliation rising to heat her whole face. She fought the cuffs uselessly, her chest tight, knowing she was completely exposed and dripping wet. She wanted to scream, but there was something about the quality of the noise that didn’t seem quite right and she suddenly remembered Kelly’s words. This is my fantasy. Just my fantasy. Oh God, but it feels so real.

Kelly came back, clambering onto the bed to kneel between her legs, and there was a creak of chairs and Starzbet Giriş rustle of clothing as everyone sat down. Julia shivered as Kelly rubbed a hand over her stomach, tense and needy, mortified even though she guessed the truth. It was impossible not to imagine those seats filled with people, their expectant, hungry eyes watching her tremble under Kelly’s touch as wetness drooled down from her lower lips. The ring began to vibrate in a slow, teasing pattern, just stimulating her enough to be frustrating.

“They’re here for you, babe,” Kelly murmured, her hands trailing over Julia’s body, rubbing from her thighs to her breasts for a brief squeeze before she leaned in to plant a kiss just below Julia’s navel. “They want to see how beautiful you are.” She kissed lower, at the top of her smooth-shaven mound. “How wet you are.” She brushed her lips even further down, just above her slick, swollen heat, smiling as Julia tried to lift her hips into the touch. “How desperate you are.” She planted a tiny peck over Julia’s clit, making her gasp. “How mine you are.” She took the sensitive nub into her mouth, swirling around the little buzzing ring with her tongue.

“Please,” Julia moaned quietly, her thighs tensing to try to hold Kelly in place as she pulled away.

“We’ve barely even started, Jules. I’d be depriving everyone of a good show if I let you come now.” She felt Kelly shift position, moving forward to straddle her stomach on the bed. “And you aren’t the only one they’re watching.” Julia heard the rustle of clothing, then something being tossed off the bed. A few moments later, Kelly’s dress shirt startled her by landing over her face. She inhaled sharply against the warm cloth, her world filled by the sweet scent of her wife. There was a soft noise of appreciation from the crowd, and Julia felt a completely irrational surge of jealousy. That was her wife.

“It’s a shame you can’t watch me. It’s been so long since I’ve stripped for you…” The weight against her stomach shifted when Kelly leaned forwards to lay uncomfortably on Julia’s chest, breathing a little harder as she struggled out of her pants. Julia could feel her wife’s breasts pressing into her, nipples stiff where they rubbed against her skin. She desperately wanted to see Kelly, but that would ruin the whole point of the blindfold.

Kelly straightened up, pulling away the shirt to press two of her fingertips against Julia’s slightly-parted lips and into her mouth. Julia sucked at them without prompting, circling her tongue around the intruding digits until they were dripping with saliva.

“I love when you do that without me even asking,” Kelly murmured, pulling her fingers back and trailing them down Julia’s bottom lip, down her chin, down her neck until she ran out of wetness and returned them to her wife’s mouth. “Sucking on my fingers in front of everyone, just because you want to be good for me… it’s so dirty. So hot.” Julia’s face burned, a muffled noise slipping past Kelly’s fingers as she dutifully slathered them in spit. Kelly rubbed them over her cheek this time, leaving her face sticky and damp. “Fuck, I could do this all night. Just make you do this naughty, pointless thing over and over again because it turns me on… and God, does it turn me on.”

Kelly lowered her hips, grinding into her wife’s stomach to let her feel the wetness coating her bared folds. Julia moaned around her fingers, writhing against the restraints, the vibrations keeping her turned on but not even near orgasm. She wanted to have real stimulation, to come, to touch her wife, to pleasure her to a screaming climax. But more than any of that, she wanted to submit to her. And so she just sucked at Kelly’s fingers, pouring all of her needy desperation into the act and imagining a roomful of eyes on her as the noises grew increasingly sloppy and wet.

“Fuck, Jules…” Kelly stroked over her wife’s hair as Julia bobbed her head onto her fingers, flushed and panting. “You’re so perfect.” She pulled her hand away, and Julia let out a low whine, straining blindly forwards. She felt a wad of cloth pressed against her mouth and accepted it without thinking, finding a familiar flavor in the soaked fabric. “I was dripping all fucking night, imagining you right here. That’s what you do to me, babe. Enjoy that taste.”

Julia moaned around the panties, another drop of her own wetness rolling down to the bed. She felt her wife adjust over her stomach and heard a soft, slick noise as Kelly gasped, her legs tensing. “F-Fuck. I’m so turned on.” Julia’s eyes widened behind the blindfold and she tried to lift her body to grind into Kelly’s crotch, but she was only able to feel her wife’s fingers pumping into herself.

“‘Hlease,” Julia mumbled around the silky fabric, tasting her wife’s arousal, feeling it, hearing it, and unable to do anything about it. She loved pleasuring Kelly, and now that it was actually possible it was being denied to her. Her Starzbet Güncel Giriş wife having an orgasm right on top of her was just cruel.

“Mm- speak up, babe,” Kelly teased, knowing exactly what she was doing. “I don’t think they heard you.”

Someone in the audience cleared their throat, and Julia felt her cheeks burning. “Hlease!”

Kelly’s fingers pressed into her mouth, tugging out the panties. “What do you want, Jules? Tell them.”

Julia trembled, hearing her wife’s soft groans against the background noise of the crowd. “Please… let me make you come…”

“Mmm… that’s very tempting.” Kelly leaned over her, her breath hot on Julia’s face as she murmured, “How much do you want to make me come?”

“I really want to…” Julia answered, not sure what her wife was looking for.

“How far would you go?” Kelly asked, her voice low and husky as she moved her mouth close to Julia’s ear. “Would you let me sit on your face until I came, even if you couldn’t breathe?”

“Yes…” Julia said, squirming under her as she imagined her wife’s thighs locked around her head until she passed out.

“Would you let me grind against your clit, even if I turned on the shocks?”

Julia tensed, breathing hard and fast, unbelievably aroused. In a tiny voice, she mumbled, “Yes…”

“Would you voluntarily give up your orgasm, just to please me?” Kelly murmured right in her ear, gently taking the curve between her teeth and nibbling as Julia went rigid.

Give up her orgasm.

Willingly denying herself, after all this.

Just to give Kelly pleasure.

“…yes…” Julia whispered, barely audible.

Kelly made a low, satisfied noise in the back of her throat. “You’re such a good girl.” She kissed the side of Julia’s head. “So good for me. So perfect.” She leaned back and repositioned herself, shuffling forward over Julia’s body until she knelt over her face. Julia felt something be pressed into her hand and curled her fingers around it, recognizing the shape as a clicker. If she pressed it, it made a soft tick, and if she released it, it made a much louder pop. She shivered, knowing what her wife had in mind, and squeezed it tightly in her fist.

“Here’s your reward, Jules. Enjoy it.”

Julia felt a drop of wetness touch her cheek a second before the warm weight above her lowered onto her face, smothering her in Kelly’s heat and arousal. She began to eagerly lap at her wife, prompting a groan. “God, you love this so much. But I think I need to show you just what your choice means…”

Julia moaned into her wife’s folds as the ring gave up on teasing her and jumped straight into pleasure, vibrating intensely against her clit as Kelly grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced her forwards. Despite all the teasing and dirty talk, Julia was struggling for breath by the time she neared the edge, jerking her arms and legs desperately as her lungs screamed for air. Kelly held her tightly as she fought and pulled, the animal need for oxygen becoming stronger than her will to submit.

Julia released the clicker with a pop as her vision started to fade, and Kelly immediately let her head fall back to the bed. She dragged in shaky gulps of air as her clit throbbed, the ring stopping just when the hot tension in her stomach was about to snap. She wasn’t sure if she needed oxygen or pleasure more.

“You okay?” Kelly murmured, stroking her hair as her breathing grew less ragged, and Julia nodded. After letting her rest for a while longer, Kelly pulled her wife’s head back between her legs, setting the ring into motion once more and moaning as Julia worked her tongue against her slick folds and swollen nub.

This time Julia reached the edge much quicker, and she struggled against the cuffs as it faded away. Kelly didn’t stop grinding on her face, keeping her held down as she was pushed to her peak for a second time. Julia bucked her hips into empty air as she was denied and the grip on her hair was finally released, leaving her to flop back to the bed breathless and red. Kelly was panting too, and she murmured, “Catch your breath, babe. I’m not stopping until I come.”

Julia shivered, her chest heaving, and eventually felt Kelly’s hands weave in her hair, forcing her face back into her wife’s dripping heat. Kelly shuddered, clutching at her tightly as Julia licked for all she was worth, the burning ache in her abdomen being drawn out to the breaking point once again. Kelly’s thighs trembled and clamped around her head, holding her in place as she moaned and rolled her hips into Julia’s hot tongue.

“Fuck- fuck- fuck, Jules!”

Kelly’s back arched, squeezing Julia’s head between her legs as she came undone against her wife’s mouth, moaning, tensing, her stomach spasming as the pleasure coursed through her. Julia squirmed underneath her, desperate for air and release as her own orgasm was left to fade away at the last second.

Kelly fell back, leaning against her arms, letting Julia’s head drop from between her thighs as both of them gasped for breath. After a few moments, she moved off Julia, flopping down next to her and cuddling up to her side. Julia could feel her wife’s heart racing in time with hers, gradually slowing down as they panted.

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