Loosening Up Bk. 07 Ch. 01-05

Double Penetration

Book 7 – Loosening Up – Younger Crowd

Chapter 1 – Cookies and Cream

“Oh, God. I love this.” The frizzy blonde panted as she rode the two cocks in her body. She held a third in her left hand and occasionally sucked on the shaft when she broadened out her concentration.

“I never thought you’d want to be DPed,” Alan gasped to his girlfriend as his cock plunged back and forth into the gorgeous woman.

“Cookie, you’re a fabulous asset. I hope you like us all enough to end up joining the Circle.” Dave spoke sincerely, always eager to have new blood in the Circle, particularly a young woman as pretty, smart, innovative, and as horny as Cookie seemed to be.

A third male voice crooned, “I hope we all get to join the Circle if this is the result. Cookie, I’m also falling in love with you.” Barry watched as she again sucked his cock into her mouth and ran her tongue around the mushroom cap.

“Cum … MING AGAIN!” Cookie announced in a near scream as she increased the speed with which she was slamming back onto the two cocks in her nether region – one in her pussy and one in her ass. She held Barry’s cock near her mouth as she yelled, and then lunged back on the man meat, swallowing until her nose met his pubes.

“Me, too.” Those words came from all three men almost in unison.

Seconds later, the dominoes started to tumble. Cookie went first with her head thrown back and a huge moan and then a gasp for air. The spasms across her lower body induced Dave and Alan into their own orgasms, filling her insides with heavy doses of cock cream. She got in a final suck on Barry’s cock, and he exploded just as she withdrew his cock from her mouth. The ropes of his cum splattered across her lower face and then her neck and breasts. No doubt that his response wasn’t powerful and prolific.

Cookie moaned as she slumped into Dave’s arms as they rolled sideways on the large bed. “I’ve never felt this fulfilled before. I WILL be doing this again.” Her fingers wandered down to where she’d already started to leak cum from her lower orifices. Alan and Barry lay on her other side.

A feminine voice from the bedroom doorway asked, “Is this a private party?”

Dave chuckled and said, “No. Your cleanup skills are desperately needed. We’ve each been with Cookie, and then she decided she wanted to be made airtight.”

Julie hustled into the bedroom, taking a few seconds to suck clean the three cocks slowly deflating after the orgasms in or on Cookie Carson. Only then, did she spread her nearly naked body out between Cookie’s legs and begin to lap at the white fluids leaking from her vagina and ass. Cookie watched down her body in fascination at what Julie was doing despite being a party to the act.

Cricket appeared at the door. She didn’t ask, she just joined the group, kissing Cookie and then lapping at the white cream plastered across the co-ed’s face and chest. She occasionally sucked on one of Cookie’s hot nipples eliciting more moans of sexual satisfaction.

Dave explained to Cookie as Cricket sucked on her left tit, “Julie and Cricket are two of my wives, and they love to do this. Humor them. They’ll be through as soon as they give you several orgasms on their talented tongues.”

Cookie moaned and then pulled Cricket up slightly so they could again kiss just as she crested into another orgasm, this time on Julie’s tongue and fingers.

A half-hour later, most of the group from the bedroom joined the others around a couple of tables on the patio that had been pushed together. Julie led Cookie into the pool for a refreshing dip, then the two women got out and joined the others to drip dry. Dinner dishes had been cleared and the children were long gone. Most of the people on the patio were naked, and many of those were coming from lovemaking sessions. The Circle was enjoying a typical Sunday night.

Cookie accepted a water bottle from Cricket as she sat down with a lusty sigh. “You’re winning me over to this lifestyle. Hell, I don’t ever want to leave this place. I’ve had more orgasms tonight than the entire rest of my life all added together.”

Cricket laughed, “You sure weren’t a hard sell.”

“I didn’t realize there were the options until you talked about them. I’d been brainwashed to think that monogamy was the only model for relationships; that love could only take place between two people; and that I had to be jealous if my boyfriend or husband had sex with somebody else. That whole paradigm is now upside down. This all feels more comfortable than the ‘normal’ way.

“After Alan had told me that he’d fucked five of you, I was on the verge of reacting very badly. Cricket, thank you for catching me before I did that and explaining so much about the alternatives to me. I’m glad you were on of the five women he was with.”

Cricket leaned in a kissed the pretty blonde. “We all went through the same stages you’re finding as we warmed up to the Circle and new ways of doing things and of thinking.”

Dave noted that they’d only scratched Ankara escort the surface in terms of explaining the Circle to Cookie. After learning about Alan’s weekend with the girls and the toga party, she seemed overly eager to share herself, if not out of curiosity then out of pure revenge. Dave excused his physical behavior with the pretty co-ed on a number of counts, the primary one being her infatuation with the Circle and what little she’d already learned. He reminded himself that others already in the Circle had less firm starts in the activities than Cookie.

Dave commented to Cookie, “You spoke of the ‘normal way’. If you talk to your contemporaries about our way of living – our lifestyle, if you will – you will find yourself on the outs with them. They’ll shun you for all sorts of reasons. We are too far from ‘normal’.”

Cookie sat back but argued, “But this is so cool. You’re all sexually safe. My hormones are raging, and I get to humor them with a relationship with any man I like in your Circle. I get to continue to develop my relationship with Alan, and yet he gets to also develop beautiful relationships with other women in the same way. This is a huge win-win.

“Learning that love expands to meet whatever my needs are to give it away changes my life in a major way. No longer is love limited to only two people. My time may be limited, but my love is not. That’s a superb concept – so transformational.

“And then there’s the whole attitude about jealousy. In the apartment complex I live in almost every woman has broken up with a guy because he looked crossways at some other female or even did something physical with her. Alan topped all of them on that score by fucking five of you. On that basis, I’d be alone now because I would have kicked Alan to the curb for what happened at the fraternity toga party. I’d probably also be pissed at all of the males of the species and not date for a long time. No good there!

“Instead, I learned about compersion – feeling good about his interactions, even sexual and romantic ones, with other women. Further, in this case, I got to meet them all – Candy, Christie, Cricket, Nikky, and Bridget. They’re all going to be great friends. I find I love them and they love me. I’m grateful to each of them for the time they took with me over dinner. We’re going to become great friends. I’m so glad Alan paved the way for intimate relationships with them. I can ride his coattails into deeper relationships with them … and now you and other men and women here.”

Cricket said, “We get … romantic with each other. Sexual. Frequently.”

Cookie grinned, “I’d never touched or been touched by another woman until you and Julie made love to my pussy about an hour ago, and then you both started to kiss me and lick me. God, the two of you gave me four orgasms with your tongues and fingers. I’m still floating on what happened tonight. I couldn’t believe it as it happened, and reflecting back I realize I need to return the favor to both of you and I want to engage other women in the same way. It was so naughty, but sooooo wonderful.”

Cricket said to no one in particular, “Maybe we should give classes about the Circle. Just a few hours worth about how it got started, the philosophy, and how all that background manifests in how we behave and think on a daily basis.”

Cookie eagerly said, “I’ll sign up for that right now. I think that’s a great idea.”

A new female voice said from behind Dave, “You could count me in, too. I love that idea. Ann Carlos leaned around the man and gave him a warm and tender kiss that lingered on for more than a minute.

As Ann rose again, Juan appeared and shook Dave’s hand. He chuckled, “My wife needs some time with you. You were all she could talk about on the drive over here.”

Another female voice spoke also from behind Dave, “Well, she has to share. I want time with him, too.” Jessica Thomas moved in front of Dave and sat in his lap so she could kiss him. She also placed one of his hands on her buff ass, and the other inside her open blouse so he was cupping a breast. She was braless and only wearing a miniscule G-string. Dave was naked.

Ann and Jess quickly tossed their blouses aside and shimmied out of their shorts, leaving them in thongs that weakly passed as monokinis.

Jess asked after another kiss, “What are we signing up for?” She looked around.

Cricket explained, “I had just speculated that the Circle should hold some kind of class about how it started, the philosophy behind it, and how we live. I have nothing beyond that fundamental idea. I guess we could layout the content that should be covered if someone wanted to take responsibility.

“Tan is handling the work details right now. I’ll talk to her about putting together a team to help make up a curriculum and get some faculty for it. Dave, you would be a key member of the faculty.”

He smiled, “I hereby volunteer to help put something like that together. We’re really getting institutionalized. My question Ankara escort bayan is who would attend?”

Ann spoke, “Carlos and I will.”

“Chris and I will,” Jessica stated.

Cookie raised her hand. “I will and I’m sure that Alan will. Given how they said they’re feeling about things here I’m sure that Barry, Cord, Wes, and Elton would also attend.”

Ann said, “Adam and Jill Timms would likely be interested, too, I’m sure. So there are a dozen students and potential members for your first class. I bet some of the current members, the newer ones, would probably attend as well. Maybe some of the fraternity men have other female friends they’d like to involve the way Cookie came to us.”

* * * * *

Adam Timms sat down on the bench seat at the dinner table opposite Dave. “Mind if I join you? I have a request, but don’t know where to direct my question.”

Dave smiled as Adam sat. He turned and Jill sat next to him, giving him a warm kiss and a hug after she’d set her dinner plate down.

Adam said, “I would like to use you airport for some training for some of my students. Who’s the person to ask?”

Dave thought a moment, “I guess the Circle Board – that’d be Ty, who’s president, me as the VP, Julie, Alice, Jack, and Wendy. Alice and I are pilots, so might be more sympathetic to your request. Say more about it.”

Adam said, “It’d be only for advanced training for small jets. The runway is six thousand feet or so in length and only about forty feet wide. That doesn’t allow a lot of margin for error, especially if there are crosswinds. As I get someone new qualifying in corporate jets I want them to be able to handle something as short and narrow as what you have.”

Alice looked past Dave at Adam and spoke, “I guess we’re used to it, but you’re right. After our little airport every other airport we go into seems spacious and very forgiving of minor errors in heading, approach speed, and so on. With our little airport we have to be very precise, especially in our flight planning.”

Adam said, “I want them challenged not only on landing but also takeoff on density altitude days.”

Alice nodded. She and Pam were the only two in the Circle besides Ken Toomey who flew for Atlantic Airlines that were jet qualified, and then only on Cessna Citations and more recently on Owen’s Gulfstream 650LR. She said, “We have had a couple of ‘No Takeoff’ days over the summer, certainly in the afternoons when it’s hazy, hot, and humid. The runway would have been too short.”

Adam said, “I doubt there’d be more than ten operations a month, but I do feel I should ask somebody.”

Dave said, “I’ll bring it up at next Wednesday evening’s meeting. I doubt they’ll be a problem. We do worry about inflicting too much noise on the neighbors downhill from us, meaning below and parallel to the runway.”

Alice said, “We minimize the use of reverse thrust for braking, but that puts extra wear and tear on the brakes, and we compensate for that by precision landing points, which leaves us lots of space to roll out and brake without too much noise.”

Adam said, “Thanks. I’ll remember that. Let me know.”

* * * * *

Cookie asked, “Everything around the patio and core is so neat and pristine. How do you keep it that way? I just learned that this place is almost seven years old, and yet it looks brand new.”

Alice smiled, “Money and elbow grease. When something starts to look worn we replace it. When something looks dirty we clean it. You know about the work details or member jobs, right?”

Cookie shook her head, “No. What do you mean?”

“Each member of the Circle puts in about ten hours a week on some job that helps the area and all our members in some way. Tan is managing the work assignments for this half of the year. That’s her contribution and she’ll turn it over to someone on January first if there’s a volunteer; she said she’d keep doing it otherwise.”

“I want to sign up. I’m willing to work, providing I can fit it around my academic class schedule.”

“Not usually a problem. The others taking classes do that without a problem: Candy, Bridget, and Christie. You take a job, usually joining a work team, and divvy up the responsibilities with them.”

“Jobs such as?”

Alice counted them off on her fingers, “Meal preparation, meal service, meal cleanup, bar service and cleanup, waitressing or waitering, dishwashing, shopping, keeping the patio and gazebo clean and neat, and light landscaping or gardening, pool maintenance, core living room and gym cleaning, sauna and Jacuzzi maintenance, heavier landscaping beyond what our contractors do, Circle event planning, party prep, golf cart cleaning and maintenance, hangar cleaning if you’re one of the pilots in the Circle, cleaning of the public areas in the townhouses, and then there are the financial, HR, and board support teams, and a couple of other standing committees.”

“I’ll talk to Tan. I can see how I could help out on many of those work teams.”

“You Escort Ankara get to know some of the people on the teams better too, because you’re working with them on something worthwhile and valuable to everybody else. Nobody works alone and it promotes friendships and relationship intimacy.”

“Everything here is so inviting. I’m already changing my career plans and thinking in terms of jobs located near the city so I can commute. I’d love to live here after graduation.”

“Well, that’s controversial to some degree. We’re getting ready to build a third townhouse, but before we even put a shovel in the ground for it, we already need a fourth. Many of our members would like a house like we have here in the Circle of homes.” She gestured around at the Circle of homes surrounding the core building, patio, and pool.

Cookie picked up a piece of paper and folded it a couple of times. “What you need to do is open up the Circle. Like this.” She drew a circle over the fold and blocked out the ten homes on it as well as the core buildings and pool with half on one part of the fold and half on the other.

Cooke then started listing off her idea. “I’d physically move four or five of the homes and open up one end of the circle of homes.” She pulled the paper apart and smoothed it out and then filled in the gap between the two semicircles. “I’d then enlarge the core building and patio into the newly available space, and build more homes along the sides until you want to close off the end again.

Cookie’s diagram took on the shape of a racetrack: semicircles at each end with parallel straight-aways on either side connecting the semicircles. As she redrew the ‘circle’ it ended with eighteen instead of ten homes enclosing the oblong core.

Cookie continued to spout ideas as she sketched, “The way I drew it you could add eight new homes, but if you shrink or stretch out the straight sides of the racetrack you could add six, eight, ten, or twelve more single-family homes easily. You’d need to tinker with lots of stuff like utilities and deeds, but from what I understand that’s all doable if people are interested in enlarging the core and number of homes surrounding it.”

Alice studied her new friend. “Cookie, what are you majoring in at school?”

Cookie smiled, “Architecture and urban planning.”

Alice had her phone out to call Jack Anders, the Circle member and architect who’d initially designed the Circle and the townhouses. Fortunately, Jack was working in his home office. He joined the two women minutes later.

* * * * *

The Wednesday evening Circle Board Meeting was well attended by the members. A half-dozen guests also attended; those ‘pledging’ the Circle – a term borrowed from fraternity and sorority life at the university.

The minutes from the previous month and financial statement for the month and so far in the year had been forwarded to everyone a few days before. Those items were dealt with quickly and with little comment.

What had piqued the interest in most of the attendees were several proposals that had come up in only the last week.

First, was a request from ‘friend’ Adam Timms to use the runway for training flights. There was discussion, Owen who kind of owned the airfield spoke in support of the training, and the motion was accepted without much debate or concern. The group requested that such flights take place before nine o’clock at night and after seven in the morning, and use noise abatement procedures.

The second item concerned the expansion of ‘units’ for Circle members living on ‘campus’. The final city and country permits had just been received for the third townhouse, to be built along the airport road. Jack Anders reported that the crews would start on the construction within the next two weeks. Units should be ready for occupancy around nine months later.

Jack then introduced Cookie Carson, architecture student at the university, to everyone. Many already knew her. He applauded an idea she had, but was curious whether anybody else was interested in assuming the burden of a home on the Circle rather than a townhouse unit, particularly those in townhouses that wanted additional space. Several people raised their hands, including the Stecklers and Simons.

Jack had Cookie point out her idea about picking up and moving some of the homes and instead of a large circle of homes there’d be more of a racetrack of homes around a much larger core. After Cookie had described her idea there was a long silence.

Cookie was not used to speaking in front of groups, and her presentation had revealed her nervousness. Worse, there was little feedback from the audience in terms of positive feedback supporting what she talked about. There wasn’t any negative feedback either – just silence. For the most part, everyone stared at her or her two charts as she talked. The silence at the end was deafening to her. She started to choke up and her eyes got glassy with tears. She suddenly believed she’d said all the wrong things and made everyone mad at her concept. This was not a good way to try to start a friendship with the Circle. Her stomach knotted and she thought she’d barf, but that would be more embarrassing. She held it all in with sheer determination.

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