Louis Choses Another Ch. 2


In chapter one my petite Filipina seemed a bit on the feisty side. After I slapped her into submission I instructed her to sink herself on my cock as I was standing. She was only 4’10 and 95 pounds, and as my cock is 7″ and very thick it was a very challenging situation. After I jacked myself off with her body I lifted her off and handcuffed her. Right now she is on her knees with my cock at her lips.

With my hand gripping her short hair and my cock at her open mouth I paused. I looked at her tear stained face, at her small mouth. My cock was as wide as her mouth. I wondered if I would be able to fit.


She looked up at me, her face one of fear and resignation.

“Do you think you can take this cock in your throat?”

With a gulp she cried out “No sir, your too big!”

“You may be right, however we have to try.”

Roughly I shoved just the head in her small mouth. Her lovely lips were stretched around the base just behind the head.

“Use your tongue whore.”

She started to swirl her tongue around my cock head. I began little in and out movements. I looked down at this petite beauty, very brown, handcuffed on her knees with my cock in her mouth. I gripped both sides of her head and thrust my cock to the back of her mouth. Barely four inches was inside her face. It looked like she was trying to swallow a Coke can.

I began to fuck her mouth. Strong thrusts in and out. She was moaning in a most delicious way.

“I don’t want to feel any teeth, never touch a cock with a tooth” I threatened.

For a few minutes I just used this little mouth. Her mouth was wide open and her brow was furrowed. Why did this slut make me impatient? I usually always use the throat, but not today.

I withdrew my cock from her mouth. She worked her jaw and ran her tongue over her lips.

“Okay slavewhore, I’m going to use your ass.”

She looked at me in stark fear. She just shook her head from side to side.

“Please sir, please, there’s no way you would fit in there.”

I reached down and put my arm around her middle and lifted her up, off the floor. I carried her over to my desk, where I moved all my toys over to one side. I dumped her Starzbet face down on top of the desk.

She was crying openly now, begging me to not do what I intended. Her toes barely touched the floor. Her hands looked lovely with the handcuffs on. I spread one leg wide and tied it to the leg of the desk. Then I did the same with the other leg.

I went around to the front of the desk and squatted down and looked at her face.

“Are you going to obey your man after today?”

“Please don’t….do that to my butt” she pleaded.

With a sigh I said “wrong answer.”

I went around to the other side where she was spread, tied and cuffed. I cupped her small wet pussy, which caused her to make incoherent noises. I went down to my knees behind her, my face right at her pussy.

I leaned in and inhaled. Her musky scent was heavy. I gripped her little butt cheeks and spread her wide. A wet little slit, dark brown on the outside, pink on the inside. North of there the wonderful little puckered hole of her ass.

I leaned in and drove my tongue at her pussy. Starting at her clit I gave her a big lick up her slit. She gasped, her back arched and she started shaking. Another big lick, like a cat, lapping her pussy. One after another. I turned my tongue sideways parting her folds. I swirled my tongue around her clit. Her head was turning from side to side.

I pressed my face into her cunt, my tongue spearing her hole. Munching away at her, licking and lapping. She was moaning like she was hurt. Her pussy was getting very wet. Her hands splaid in the cuffs.

I moved up and tongued away at her asshole. Pushing and swirling, probing her little hole. She screamed out, her hips moving.

I quickly stood up and she gasped at the sudden removal of my tongue. I patted her ass, spreading her cheeks. I picked up my bottle of oil and squirted some on her asshole.

She just laid her head on the desk as I pushed and rubbed at her. I squirted oil on my cock and lathered myself up.

Damn, she looked so small. I brought my cock up to her asshole and pressed. She stiffened and her body had a nice sheen of sweat on it.

“Sir, please take off these handcuffs.”

“Are Starzbet Giriş you going to obey your man from now on” I asked?

She hesitated, then “yes sir, I will.”

I removed her cuffs and she moved her arms up and gripped the front of the desk. She seemed to tense, I saw her knuckles whiten where she gripped the desk. She knew what was to come.

“Have you ever had a cock up the ass?”

“We tried once sir, but we stopped after I told him it was painful.”

“Well you had best relax because it will be painful but I will not stop.”

As I pressed forward with my cock her shoulders hunched. Everything was so oily. My cock head strained against her little hole.

“Press out slave.”

She thought for a bit then I felt her press her asshole back to me, pushing out. I nudged forward, my cockhead slid inside.


Her head came up and her ass gripped my cock like nothing before. We were both breathing hard. I squirted more oil down there. Her asshole looked painfully stretched around my cock.

“Just relax right here girl.”

I stayed there letting her get used to me. Her breath was short and fast. A bit at a time I moved back and forth. A sliver at a time I advanced.

“Oh sir, sir, sir you too big, too big.”

I sneered as I looked at her ass gripping me, her head moving side to side.

“Your my little ass whore, aren’t you?”

I pushed another inch up her. She was beside herself with the sensation. I squirted even more oil at our meeting place. Her ass felt smooth, hot as she held me tight. Her little brown ass against my thick white cock. I pushed and pushed, then pulled back. Slowly fucking my little ass slut.

Her forehead laid on the desk, her whole body shaking. Four inches of cock inside her tight asshole.

“Little slut?”

Slap! on her ass.

“Yes sir?”

“Resist me.”

“What sir?”

“I want you to resist me, like your life depends on it.”

“No sir, just use me and get this over with.”

I reached over and picked up a riding crop. I brought it down on her hip.

Whack! she screamed. Again, whack!

“Oh, damn you!”

“Resist Starzbet Güncel Giriş me!”


She started to struggle, lifting herself up. At which point I held her down by the back of her neck. As she moved around my cock slid in another inch. She was really trying to get away, her hands lifting and hitting back at me. She jogged her hips from side to side and I thrust, and buried myself in her.

She screamed out and was bucking away. Oil was seeping out of her ass. I reached up and held both her wrists to the desk. I pulled back, my cock almost out. She writhed underneath me. I thrust! all the way. Head shook and she said no.

Holding her down as she struggled I fucked the tightest ass I’d ever had. Long strokes. She was powerless as I held her down. I let go of her wrists. She tried to get up. I lifted her upright, her tied feet off the floor.

I held her around her middle as I fucked her wonderful ass. I plucked away at her nipples with my other hand. Mauling her tits, pulling and pinching her nipples. I lifted her on and off my cock, her ass loosening up a bit. She was just moaning with each thrust.

I pushed her down again on the desk and started to fuck her as hard as I could. Wham! wham! wham! driving into her. The desk shaking, her body like a limp doll at this point. I felt myself boiling.

I nutsack tightened up and I felt it building. I gripped her hips hard as I fucked this little asshole. This little brown cunt. My slave.


Without warning I exploded in her ass! She cried out at my brutal explosion. Jets of hot sperm flooded inside her. I leaned into her, thrusting away like a madman. Her ass an oily mess.

When my head cleared I found myself still slowly thrusting inside her now loose ass with my softening cock. She looked unconscious, not moving. My cock slipped from her asshole. I watched her lovely little hole slowly shrink back, cum leaking out from it.

I reached down and untied her legs from the desk. I lifted her and carried her over to an easy chair where we both flopped down.

After a bit she opened her eyes and stared out into space. I watched her as I slowly caressed her body.


“Are you going to behave when you get back home?”

I slowly squeezed her breast.


“Yes sir.”

“However you may need another visit, perhaps in a bit you will come back, yes?”

“Yes sir, I think I will come back soon.”

“Good girl.”

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