Louise’s Story – Chapter 5: Let’s Get Physical


“Quick, Put your clothes on,” I whispered to Luna. But right when I finished my sentence, her back arched and her toes curled while she had her first orgasm. I quickly put my hand on her mouth while her body was shaking with pleasure. When Luna started to get dressed, I went into the hallway and guarded the door.Just as I closed the door behind me, my brother walked past me and said, “Dinner is ready.””I know, I’m waiting for Luna,” I said and I swiftly moved in front of the doorknob.Thomas turned around and said, “How has it been, sharing a room?”Luna opened the door as I replied, “I guess sharing a room is kind of fun,” and I winked at my sister. She blushed and shyly looked down as she let out a little giggle. Thomas went to his bedroom to empty his backpack while Luna and I sprinted down the stairs. During dinner, Luna was really quiet. I kept trying to make eye contact but whenever our eyes met, she looked back down.Later that evening, when Luna went to her room, I waited a few minutes and then followed her. When I was standing in front of her bedroom door, I thought I heard noises but when I entered, she şişli escort was just watching some Tiktok videos on her phone.I got in my bed and after a few minutes of scrolling, I fell asleep. A few hours later I woke up to a weird sound. I peeked my head over the edge of my bed to look underneath it and saw a glimpse of my sister’s pussy. I decided to listen while she masturbated and eventually orgasmed.The next day I got a text from Audrey asking me if I could come to a party with her. After I asked my parents if they could drive me there, they said yes and I arranged an hour with Audrey.When my mom dropped me off, I walked around for a bit until I found Audrey. We hugged each other and I felt her big breasts push against mine.”You look adorable!” I said while taking her hand and twirling her around. She was wearing a cute new blouse with a flower pattern on it and some tight skinny jeans which made her ass look even bigger than usual.”Thank you!” she said while she hugged me again.The party was in a big hangar and the only light in there came from the big LED lights that were attached to the stage şişli escort bayan and flashed around the room. It had been a few months since I had gone to a big party so my ears weren’t used to the loud music any more, luckily they adapted quickly. Audrey took my hand while she led me through the crowd to the bar, and when we got there, she shoved a beer in my hand.After a few drinks and a bit of small talk with some people we knew, we took a drink to go and made our way to the front of the stage. The hours were flying by while we were dancing and having fun. We busted out every single dance move we knew. Then Audrey started twerking, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her curvy butt. I wanted to playfully spank it, but before I got the chance, some random guy started grinding against her. I got really jealous, but she immediately turned around and hit him in the face. My jealousy instantly turned into joy as the guy walked away with his hand on his face.After a few more hours of dancing and drinking, we went to the parking lot. We both texted our parents to come to pick us up and started talking.”You mecidiyeköy escort punched him so hard, he started crying!” I yelled hysterically.”He deserved it,” she said, “And I should’ve hit him twice!” she screamed.We both started laughing uncontrollably. I fell into her arms, and when I looked up at Audrey, she closed her eyes and kissed me. I pulled away at first, but then I closed my eyes and kissed her back. It felt like I was in heaven. When my nipples got hard, I tried to slip my tongue into her mouth, but she stopped kissing me. We both blushed and stood there in silence until her mom arrived. I waved her goodbye, but she didn’t look at me and then they drove off. A few minutes later, my mom picked me up.When we got home, I immediately went to my room and was greeted by Luna. I totally forgot that she should already be sleeping, but luckily she wasn’t. We talked for a little bit and I told her about the party, of course, I left out the end of the evening. Then I climbed up to the top bunk and we both went to sleep.I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about Audrey’s soft lips on mine. In addition to that, I heard my sister moving around in her bed and I was pretty sure she was masturbating again. I could tell because of the little moans she let out. My pussy started to get wet and then I decided to talk instead of just listening to Luna.

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