Love after Death


I am an older man which lost my wife, lover, a little while ago. This how I found my love life again.

We ran around with a group of people for many years. Most of us were married; however there two women which were single. Both were fairly attractive. One was about 5-4 and the other 4-10. Each had rather large set of boobs. We would all go out Tuesday of each week to a small restaurant, eat, talk and have a good time.

After my wife’s passing I was lonely with no one to talk too or cuddle with. I was quite active with hiking, biking and swimming, but no female companionship. I finely got the nerve to ask the shorter of the two women to go out to dinner with me.

She didn’t want to at first but after several requests she agreed. I picked her up and we went to very nice steak house in another town, ate and talked. She had never been married and didn’t have any active men friends. We left the restaurant and started back. The sky was getting black with a storm in the making. I asked if she would like to go to my house to watch the storm. We just sincan escort got in the garage and the door shut when the lights went out. We just lost out electrical power. We went inside and sat on the couch and watched the storm.

After a while I put my arm around her and gave a little hug and a small kiss. The response surprised me when I got a larger kiss back. We started necking full time and before long I was rubbing her back and running my hand over her big firm boob’s. I was able to undue her blouse and play with her nipples through her bra. The kissing was getting exciting, both of us were breathing hard. I was touching her legs and ran my hand up to her crotch and found her panties getting wet. After rubbing her pussy and not finding any resistance I pulled her panties down until I could get my fingers on her clit and started rubbing it. She was getting real excited and near to have an orgasm. I stopped and asked her if she wanted to go and lay on the bed were it would be more comfortable. I got up, reached out and helped çankaya escort her up. We started for the bedroom and on the way I took off all my clothes.

She got to the bed pulled covers off and sat on the edge of the bed. I helped her take off he blouse and bra. OH what beautiful boob’s. Her nipples were pert and sticking straight out. I pushed her back on the bed and pulled her panties off her leg, got in between her legs and kissed the inside of legs until I got to her pussy. She asked me what I was doing when I started to lick it. She started to moan when my tongue got to her clit and I started licking it. I was massaging one of her boob’s, pinching her nipple, pushing two fingers past the lips of her vagina in as deep as I could, when she pushed my head down hard, started moving her hip and yelling. I kept licking her clit until she quit moving and pulled my head up. I got up laid down next to her and we kissed.

She said no one had ever licked her pussy before and no one had ever made her have an orgasm as good and hard eryaman escort as she just had. We started kissing again and I was playing with her boob’s and pinching her nipples when she reached down and found my penis. She whispered to me she had never touched one before. While she was fingering it, I put my hand down on her pussy, spread her vagina lips and put my fingers in to her vagina. She rolled on her back asked me to get on top and fill her vagina with my penis. She raised and spread her legs, I got in between them found the lips of her vagina and pushed my penis in to her vagina. I heard her say oh oh and I pushed harder and got it all in. After a few minutes of pushing in and out of her vagina with my penis, she moved her hips and I felt her cervix. I kept moving, she started moaning again. I stayed on top of for a while longer when I felt myself coming and asked her if I could cum in her, she whispered yes and I did.

After collapsing on top of her, my penis started to soften and it just slid out of her vagina, I rolled off her. We laid there for a while completely worn out. She said that she had never had her vagina filled up and for that long a time, it was fantastic.

We got dressed and I took her home. I asked her if she would like to go out with me next week, she grabbed me and gave a big kiss and said yes.

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