Love With the Perfect Tran Ch. 02


I opened my eyes in the morning. There she was beside me, the perfect woman. Hot body and a nice, throbbing cock. Until last night, I would not have believed that I would have loved the cock part. I began stroking her as she slept, as she became hard I saw a smile form on her lips.

“It’s too early for that,” she said musically.

“It’s never too early,” I sighed, watching her get hard as I stroked her.

She moaned, sitting up to look at me, “You sure learned to like cock, I bet mine was the first cock you ever sucked, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I sighed.

“Will it be the last?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“You’re special,” I insisted.

“What if you and me were with another guy?” she asked.

“I never thought about sucking a guys cock,” I replied, uncomfortable. I had thought I was falling in love with her when I met her, but there was more to her life than I had first thought.

She snuggled up to me, “You weren’t bashful about sucking mine, you even liked it when it was pumping your asshole,” she smiled sweetly, “you would be a natural,” she kissed me.

“I don’t think I’m into that,” I protested meekly.

“I told you when you met me that you should back off, but you insisted, and I let you into my world, I made sweet love with you last night, you are a part of my life now. I want to share part of me with you.”

Looking into her eyes, I knew it would be hard, if not impossible to refuse her. She had me, and she was right that she had warned me. I was going to give myself to whatever lay ahead, and if there were any regrets, I would only have myself to blame.

“Let’s get a shower,” she said, leading me into the bathroom.

She stopped me at the shower stall, “Stand still,” she said, taking out a pink, electric razor. I gulped. She did not pay any attention to my alarmed look as she began cutting down my body hair. Soon, my hair was cut low all over my body. She looked at my uncertain face and smiled, rubbing hair remover all over me. It tingled, almost burning by the time she was finished.

“Get in the shower girl,” she winked. I meekly obeyed, as she turned on the shower, I watched my hair being washed off. Bostancı Fetiş Escort What am I doing? I wondered. Why was I still in this situation? I had no desire to be like a woman, but I could not leave Debbie, whatever she was going to do to me, I would gladly let her do just so I could stay with her.

I came out and she dried me off.

“We’re going shopping,” she said as I got dressed. “Come here,” she said, just as we were about to leave the room. She took out her lipstick, putting the bright pink on my lips. “You look yummy,” she smiled as we walked out the door. I was beginning to feel sexy, without the hair on my body, every feeling was an erotic sensation.

“Here,” she held out her pack of cigarettes.

“No, I don’t smoke,” I protested.

“You are becoming my girlfriend,” she explained, looking at me sternly, “my girlfriend smokes, besides, just think of sucking my cock when you are sucking on it.” I meekly took a cigarette and she lit it for me. I coughed a couple of times before I got used to it.

She directed me to drive to a woman’s specialty store near the beach. Thankfully, it was early and no guys would see me in my lipstick. We went in to a bright store with nothing but women’s clothes. I was beginning to get nervous when a saleswoman walked up.

“What can I do for you today?” she smiled sweetly at Debbie.

“Nothing for me thank you, but you can help her out, she needs a wardrobe.”

“Okay, come right this way,” the saleswoman did not miss a beat.

We followed her to the lingerie department. I did not know the name of every kind of lingerie, but every kind in the world must have been there.

Debbie and the saleswoman talked and looked, finally Debbie had an armload. “Step inside and try this one,” she smiled, “if this one fits, the rest will too.”

I took it and went into the stall. It was pink, like a jacket except very delicate and see through. I put it on, it felt good against my nipples. It occurred to me that I was meekly following her orders, being submissive instead of being in charge. I liked it. My cock was hard as I felt the material against my nipples. Suddenly Debbie and the saleswoman Bostancı Gecelik Escort were in the small stall with me.

“He looks good,” the saleswoman said to Debbie, “his face is not too masculine to begin with, so you can fem her up real nice,” she smiled. I was embarrassed, standing there, half naked with a big hard on and wearing one piece of frilly, ladies underwear.

“Have you named her yet?” the saleswoman was still looking me over.

“Brandi, I’ll name her Brandi,” Debbie looked at me, clearly in charge, “Do you like that name honey?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied, “it’s beautiful.”

“Too low,” Debbie said, “try to talk softer, a little more fem, honey, I know it’s your first day and everything,” she sympathetically stroked my face, “sit down here and let’s get you fixed up.” The saleswoman produced a large make up kit, and began doing my face, I did not protest, as she explained the process of foundation, eyeliner and lipstick.

Thirty minutes later, I was dressed like a complete woman, I even had a set of fake boobs.

“Remember,” Debbie said, “this is how to walk,” she showed me how to walk like a woman, swinging my hips, thighs and ass at the same time. Then she showed me how to smoke like a woman, “Men love it when women are smoking,” she said, “for the same reason that I told you earlier.”

We walked out of the store together, now I found myself welcoming the stares of other men. I saw lust in their eyes as they looked me over and it turned me on.

“I’ll drive,” Debbie said as I obediently fished in my purse for the keys, “We’re gonna meet a couple of friends for lunch.”

We pulled up at one of the best hotels in the area and went in to the hotel bar.

Two handsome me sat at a table, they both smiled when they saw Debbie and came right over.

“Hey gorgeous,” the tall, black haired man smiled at us both. His name was Harry, his friend, another tall guy with brown hair and a seemingly more carefree attitude was named Steve.

“We just ordered from room service,” Harry said, “why don’t we go up to the room.”

“Can’t wait guys?” Debbie asked, winking. They laughed and Steve took Bostancı Genç Escort my hand and we followed Debbie and Harry to the elevator. We engaged in small talk, I was able to maintain my feminine voice and demeanor as we arrived at the room. Room service had already delivered, but no one was hungry yet.

Steve took me in his arms. I wondered if he knew I was a guy.

“You look so hot,” he smiled, holding me in his arms. I let myself go, I let him take control as he kissed me hard, I welcomed his tongue into my mouth, enjoying his power over me as he led me to the bed. I looked over at Debbie, Harry was already sucking her cock. I sat down on the bed, level with Steve’s zipper. I unzipped it, reaching inside for my second taste of cock. He was longer than Debbie, I could barely fit my mouth over it, I struggled to suck on it as he held my head.

“Suck me,” he moaned as I began sucking him, working his huge cock with my hand, I eagerly began sucking him even harder, “not yet,” he moaned, taking his cock out of my mouth, “lay down honey,” he said firmly.

I laid down, he pulled my panties off, holding his large cock in his had, he began spitting and coating his cock with the spit, I did not know if I was ready for this, but I was too hot to say no, I did want his big, thick cock in my asshole.

“How are you doing over there?” Debbie asked.

“I’ll be fine once Steve puts that big, thick cock up my ass,” I replied.

“I love it when you talk dirty,” he replied as I spread my legs and he stepped up, putting that huge cock at my opening, I wondered how it was going to fit when he began pushing in. He thrust hard inside of me, I cried out in pain, but I did not want him to stop, he was fucking me slowly, then getting faster and faster, I closed my eyes, hoping it would last forever. Then I felt that giant cock stiffen, then it felt like an explosion of hot cum inside of me, it seemed like it would never end, I laid back and enjoyed it.

His massive cock finally subsided and he pulled it out, it felt as incredible coming out as it did going in. I felt his cum sloshing around in my asshole and when I stood, it ran down my leg.

We had a cigarette and some drinks, and, sadly, that was it. We left the building, but I wanted more.

“Did you like that giant cock?” Debbie asked, smiling at me.

“I loved it,” I replied.

“Great,” she smiled, “now we’ll begin to really feminize you, are you ready for that?”

“I can’t wait,” I replied.

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