Luke and Sophia Ch. 05: The Oak and the Acorn


Luke had talked with Josh and set up a time for us all to “hang out,” so to speak. Josh’s parents would be going out on Friday night, and since the football season was over, he was free to host us. The entire week, I had butterflies in my stomach. I could barely pay attention in class without drifting off into daydreams of dick. Rubbing Josh’s elephant trunk against my beloved’s little thimble, jerking them off together…I would get wet just thinking about it! If you had told me six months ago that I would soon be playing with Josh’s pendulous penis, I wouldn’t have believed you.

But things changed when I met Luke and his little friend. I wasn’t as infatuated with Josh’s horse cock as I had been before, now that I had my boyfriend’s delicate little penis to play with whenever I wanted. But, of course, I was still delighted to finally see it, as was Luke. The fact that Luke would be an active participant in my odyssey of dick played an integral role in my fantasies.

We talked about what we were open to and what we weren’t. We both were excited to look and to touch; in fact, Luke seemed to be the real “size queen” between the two of us! I was fascinated with the idea of sucking a cock with my boyfriend, and Luke didn’t take much convincing. Luke wanted me to lightly tease him a bit about his size; the specter of his beloved girlfriend comparing his little willy with a big dick seemed to fill him with both fear and arousal. I thought the idea was pretty hot myself, in a kinky kind of way.

I was honest and admitted that I wanted to feel Josh inside me, mostly due to curiosity over whether I could handle that beast. Luke was noncommittal on the idea, which was fine with me. I had put in so much work to make him feel ok about the size of his penis, and I would never risk throwing that away over some dumb jock and his big dumb cock! We agreed that penetration would be a “game-time decision.”

The night of the “big event,” me and Luke set out toward Josh’s house nervously holding hands. I wore a pair of black leather boots, a pair of black thigh-high socks and a short black skirt. Although I knew they would eventually be on display, I threw on a loose-fitting purple t-shirt to hide my meagre breasts. To top it off, I wore a gold locket that Luke bought me for Christmas. He said it looked gorgeous with my black hair and pale skin. I really wish I could see myself the way that he sees me.

When we got to Josh’s house, Luke anxiously rang the doorbell as we sat waiting, hand in hand. I could feel his heartbeat through his palm. As we stood there in nervous silence, Luke turned and looked at me with a look of concern on his face.

“I know I’ve asked you this already…but do you promise me that…that this won’t change anything between us?” he said with a nervous puppy dog look on his face.

“Babe,” I said, gripping his hand tighter. “Nothing will change. We both want this, right?” He nodded. I loved when he was vulnerable with me like this. “We’re a team here, okay? If you don’t feel comfortable, just say something and we’ll call the whole thing off. I promise.” I stood on my tippy toes and gave him a kiss on the chin.

At that moment, the door opened, revealing Josh’s hulking frame. The look on his face suggested he was just as nervous as us.

“Hey, guys…” Josh said sheepishly.

“Hey…” we responded in unison.

“Wanna come on in?” he asked, directing us into his house. As Josh led us to his bedroom, awkwardly explaining to us the details of his house, my eyes fixated on his crotch. His hulking softie pressed against the fabric his grey athletic shorts. I glanced over at Luke. He had made the same observation.

I squeezed his hand and shot him a knowing look. My little hand stayed enveloped in his huge one for the entire trip, despite the fact that our palms were both drenched in sweat. I couldn’t tell if it was my sweat or Luke’s, but either way it was nice knowing that we were in this together.

Our journey ended in Josh’s bedroom. All three of us were new to this, and it definitely showed. The intent of our evening was clear; we were going to climb mount Everest…you know, if it was a penis. However, it seemed like none of us knew exactly what to say to arrive at that desired endpoint. The boys made awkward small talk as I overthought the situation, as per usual. Like, do I just ask him to whip it out?

“Yeah dude, Ms. Benson is such a bitch. A ten-page paper due on Monday, like what the fuck?”

“Right? It’s not like we go to Harvard or whatever.”

“Yeah, at least the topic is…”

“Can we see your penis?”

The boys’ forced conversation stopped as their faces both snapped to attention. Who am I?, I thought to myself. I couldn’t even start a conversation with this boy a few months ago, now I’m asking him point-blank to show me his dick?

Oh well, we all knew why we were here. The small talk was just making my anxiety worse. I just wanted to see his wang! Believe it or not, getting escort izmir it out in the open actually seemed to reduce the awkwardness somehow.

“Ummmmm yeah….” Josh said with a laugh as he slid his thumbs into his waistband. “I guess that is what we’re all here for anyway, right?”

The tension in the room was palpable as Josh hesitantly began lowering his shorts. I felt my knees began to quake as I squeezed Luke’s hand and looked over at him. His brows hung heavily but his eyes were wide open. He seemed scared, but obviously turned on. His breathing had quickened.

Suddenly, I snapped my neck in Josh’s direction.

“Wait!!” I said. “Let me do it.” I turned and smiled at Luke. His mouth was open in shock, but he made no attempt to stop me. I couldn’t imagine the conflicting emotions running through his head right now, but I loved being a part of this for him. He was going to replay this scene in his head for the rest of his life. Who was I kidding, so was I!! My first big cock. Our first big cock.

I dropped to my knees in front of Josh. My face was lined up perfectly with his groin. My eyes widened as they followed the impossibly long bulge snaking down his left thigh. Good God, I thought to myself. Luke’s doesn’t make it past his balls.

Josh’s eyes were open wide. He was breathing heavily as my little, trembling hand moved closer to his waistbandI could hear Luke’s breathing all the way from down here as well. My pale little digits quivered as they wrapped around the waistband of Josh’s shorts and began slowly lowering them, bringing the base of his mighty pillar in view.

It was huge.

I inhaled and continued to pull, bringing more and more of the monstrous organ in view. Inch after fabulous inch was slowly unveiled, and it.




How long is this thing? I thought, waiting to exhale.

Then, Josh’s plump, purple head finally popped into view. I exhaled luxuriously as my eyes scanned the massive penis in front of me. It was almost impossibly long; completely soft, it was easily twice as long as Luke’s full erection. It must have been seven or eight inches flaccid. It had a pleasing girth to it as well. It wasn’t overly thick, though; the length was what was truly magnificent about this cock. Not a single vein distracted from its aesthetic perfection. This glorious dick was somehow terrifying, fascinating, and exhilerating all at the same time.

Needless to say, my pussy was soaked.

I turned to Luke with an astonished look on my face. “Wow,” I mouthed silently to him, trying not to break the moment. I would be concerned about him right now if I didn’t know how horny he was. I knew what he wanted to see next.

“Can I touch it?”

Josh looked over at Luke, confirming that he was okay with what was about to happen. He really was a good friend, wasn’t he?

Luke nodded abruptly, seemingly snapping out of a penis-induced trance. Now that I had the consent of both my beloved and our well-hung fucktoy, I realized that I had to make my move. I won’t lie.

I was scared. This was only the second dick I had ever seen in person, let alone touched. Honestly, I thought I might have a panic attack. But I couldn’t show it. Right now, I had to play a role. I had to be that sexy goth princess that I had always wanted to be, both for myself and for Luke.

I extended my hand towards the massive member in front of me. My pale palm moved slowly, deliberately, as if I were about to take hold of a venomous python that might swing around and bite me at any moment. When my hand finally made contact, my heart dropped into my stomach. I’m glad I was already on my knees, or else I may have lost my footing.

It felt so soft and squishy; I was so lost in its awe-inspiring size that I had forgotten the fact that it was made of the same spongey flesh as Luke’s little rosebud. The softness of Josh’s pendulous shaft helped me relax a bit. It may look large and vaguely threatening, but it was tender and soft to the touch. It managed to be both frightening and enticing at the same time.

I delicately wrapped my bony little fingers around the huge dick that hung mere inches from my face. Even flaccid, my tiny hand just barely encircled its tremendous girth. For a few seconds, we all just sat there silent, except for the deep breaths all three of us pumped in and out of our lungs.

I felt a sly smile creep across my face as I had an idea.

Without warning, I lifted Josh’s cock up into the air, until the tip met his belly button. It’s so heavy, I thought to myself. I suddenly released my grasp and let the pendulous shaft drop headfirst between his thighs as I began laughing maniacally. Earlier, one of the first things I had noticed was how it was in almost constant motion; the smallest shift in Josh’s weight would cause it to swing and flop uncontrollably. The physics of this dick are fascinating, I thought with a laugh.

My girlish giggle seemed to put Josh at izmir escort bayan ease. He began laughing as well, as I repeated the maneuver. Watching this tremendous tool swing like a heavy bag between his muscular thighs was such a simple, immature pleasure to me. The only one not laughing was Luke.

I turned and looked at him with concern. This was as much about him as it was about me, and if he wasn’t into it, we could leave. But when I looked in his eyes, I could tell that he didn’t want me to stop.

“Come here, babe,” I purred to him, trying my hardest to be sexy. Luke awkwardly shambled over to where me and Josh were standing, his eyes darting back and forth between us repeatedly.

“Show him yours.”

Luke began shifting his weight uncomfortably from foot to foot. He looked hesitant, but I knew he wanted to do it.

“Umm…I, uh…are you sure?” he asked. “It’s, uh…not as big as yours…” His eyes glanced down at his feet. I hated seeing him like this, all ashamed of himself.

“Babe, I mean he’s…already seen it, remember? At the pool?” Bringing up that fateful day didn’t seem to make him feel better. That was probably a miscalculation on my part, so I pivoted. “You liked the photos I sent you of it, right?” I asked Josh.

“OH! Yeah, uh…I really did, man. Like, I mean, don’t tell anyone at school but I thought it was, like…really hot. It’s okay that its small, honestly!”

This seemed to cheer Josh up a bit. I understood why.

I hated to admit it, but there was something really nice about having a big dick boy treat you nicely. It made me feel like a silly schoolgirl, but it was true. Obviously, I loved Luke’s little guy the most, but it was gratifying to receive positive affirmation from a hung man.

“Show it to ussss….” I said in a faux “sex kitten” voice.

“Okay…” Luke said nervously. “But just so you know, its smaller than usual right now.”

Luke began to unzip his pants, revealing his blue underwear. In one swift motion, he pulled his jeans down, unveiling his adorable little genitals. He wasn’t lying; his dick was even smaller than usual. Where usually sat a mighty one-inch softie, now there was nothing but a little nub, no bigger than my fingertip. Oh goodie, I thought. I LOVE when it gets like this.

“Awwwww the little peepee is just scared…he gets like this sometimes,” I said to Josh, still cradling his massive, rapidly stiffening boner in one hand. “When it shrivels up like this, I always say it looks like a lil’ doorbell. Wanna see what I do to wake him up?” I said with a devious smile.

I confidently reached my small hand out, extending my pointer finger towards my boyfriend’s scared little dick. “Ding…” I said, as I pressed my pointer finger into Luke’s little cock, temporarily pushing it back into his body cavity.


I retracted my fingertip, and as I did so, the small organ unfurled, rapidly stiffening before our eyes.

“Hehehe looks like you may have my little guy beat in terms of size, but my boyfriend takes the cake when it comes to reactivity.” I winked at Josh.

The two organs could not have been more different; Josh’s semi-hard tree trunk dangled between his legs menacingly, while Luke’s little three-point-eight-inches poked out delicately from his groin. I grasped my boyfriend’s little cock with my free hand and began to stroke it lovingly as I squeezed Josh’s monster hog with the other. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was; these two sexy boys with their radically different–yet beautiful–penises were completely under the control of petite little me. This was a symphony of sexuality, and I was the conductor. I felt so alive.

Josh clearly did as well; his mammoth organ had reached its full length and jutted out powerfully from his body.

“Swordfight!!!” I yelled with a giggle and began to slap the boys tips together as I laughed maniacally. Josh and Luke both began moaning and grunting as the soft skin of their penises touched another man’s intimate part for the first time. They both had such character; I understand why some women like big dicks, but I could never imagine being a size queen. How could you not appreciate the variety of these wonderful organs?

“More like a sword versus a needle…” Luke said somewhat dejectedly, in between his heavy breaths.

“Babe!!” I said sternly. “Don’t talk down about yourself like that. You have two people drooling over your little guy here!” I squeezed his cock tighter as I temporarily let go of Josh’s throbbing pillar. “Besides, yours will ALWAYS be my favorite.” I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and stared into his eyes, without releasing his dick from my grasp. This seemed to cheer him up.

“Yeah man, I uhhh…actually think that yours is really, like, sexy or whatever…” Josh mumbled. “I really liked it when I saw it by the pool that one day. It’s so different than mine, but not, like, worse…” He really didn’t have a way with words, did he?

“You izmir escortlar should try it,” I said, gesturing towards Josh’s towering erection. “I know you’ve always wanted to.”

Luke looked apprehensive, but clearly curious. “I mean…would it be cool if I touched it?” he asked.

“Totally man!!!” Josh said with a genuine smile. He seemed very excited. Luke cautiously took a few steps closer to Josh, holding my hand the entire time. I slowly began to guide his hand toward Josh’s hypnotic cock as I wrapped my other arm around his waist. Luke was trembling. He was so cute like this.

Eventually, our hands reached their intended destination. Luke inhaled sharply as his palm made contact with the soft skin of Josh’s organ. With my hand still guiding him, I began to wrap his fingers around Josh’s cock. Luke’s big hand did what mine couldn’t, and completely encircled the massive beast in front of us. Luke’s tiny cock was dripping precum.

“It’s…so heavy…” Luke said absentmindedly.

“THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT TOO!!!” I exclaimed as all three of us began to laugh uncontrollably.

“How big is this thing, anyway??” Luke asked.

“Last time I measured it was about ten inches.”

“Ten inches?!?!” Luke said.

Luke’s jaw dropped as his face swung towards mine with an excited smile. While my boyfriend was busy being mesmerized by the freakishly large penis inches from his face, a naughty thought crept into my brain.

“I have an idea, babe…” I said quietly as I dropped to my knees, my hand still entwined with Luke’s around Josh’s cock.

I nodded my head at Luke as he slowly released Josh’s cock and fell to his knees next to me. We were both eye-level with Josh’s penis. I looked over at Luke’s face; his eyes were open wide, seemingly entranced by the monstrous appendage in front of us. I grabbed hold of his hand and squeezed it lovingly as I turned to face him. My other hand reached over Josh’s rod and began to pull Luke’s face closer to mine. Before long, we were passionately kissing like we had many times in the past. However, this time, there was one big difference.

Josh’s cockhead was in between our mouths.

My hands began to remove Luke’s shirt as his did the same to mine. I had a quick moment of panic; I was afraid to show my body to Josh after the way last time went. But looking at Luke’s beautiful body inspired me. He was so brave; he had spent most of his life hating his small penis, but here he was, practically naked in front of someone society would probably regard as a “superior man.” I drew on some of his bravery as I removed my mouth from Josh’s cock and stood up. I took a deep breath and pulled my shirt over my head and dropped my skirt to the floor.

As I stood there naked but for my pair of black, thigh high socks, I felt a few tears start to well in my eyes. While my thoughts drifted back to that fateful day by the pool, I closed my eyes and braced for the laughter I still expected to hear on some level.

But it never came.

I opened my eyes and saw Luke, now entirely naked, and Josh, still clothed except for his massive cock, staring at me wide eyed; they were both turned on. Their dicks flexed and hardened at the sight of my tiny tits and pale pussy.

“Wow dude; your girlfriend is hot!” Josh said as he playfully punched Luke in the arm.

“Thanks, I know!” said Luke with a proud smirk on his face.

I laughed hysterically as a few tears trickled down my face. My cheeks were blushing and my knees shaking. I felt so loved in that moment. Luke wrapped me in his arms and brushed the tears away from my now smiling face. Our naked bodies pressed up against each other as Josh watched and slowly stroked his massive penis.

“I love you,” he whispered. “To the moon and back.”

“I love you too honey,” I said, breaking off our embrace. I began to remove my thigh-high socks before Luke grabbed my hand forcefully.

“No!!” he said, as his face turned into a smile. “Leave them on.” He winked at me playfully.

I giggled in response. “You boys sure do love the thigh-highs, huh??” Luke and Josh smirked and shrugged at each other.

“Now where were we?” I asked with a newfound confidence. Me and Luke both dropped to our knees and resumed sucking Josh’s cock together. My lips and Luke’s met on either side of this mammoth organ, our tongues swirling over its silky-smooth flesh as Josh’s moans filled the room. Josh’s bulbous cockhead was trapped between a pair of wet mouths intent on bringing it as much pleasure as possible; hot breaths from Luke’s nostrils bounced off my face as the suction from our lips trapped Josh’s penis in a vacuum of pleasure.

Eventually, I opened my eyes and leaned back. Luke began stroking Josh’s cock from base to head, staring at it’s absurd length with an expression of awe and wonder. I leaned in and took Josh’s tip in my mouth; It barely fit. I tried to get as much as possible in my mouth as Luke placed his hand on the back of my head and gently began guiding my wet mouth down Josh’s shaft. I could only get around a third of it in before pulling my head back, out of breath.

“Holy fuck!” Luke said, his eyes wide. “How can anybody fit that thing inside of them?”

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