Luke’s Big Butt Changes Ch. 02


I shuffled into school like a zombie. The past couple of nights, I’d barely been able to get any sleep. I kept on waking up with that annoying buzzing itch in my hole. I’ve gotten pretty good at scratching it, but it just wouldn’t. Go. Away!!

Suddenly I felt somebody sneak up behind me and grab my ass. I was about to turn around and punch whoever it was in the face, but it was only Leo messing around again. I really didn’t want to deal with his teasing today. I know I should just suck it up and be a bro, but it feels shitty to get kicked when you’re already down.

“Damn, Micucci, up all night banging headboards?”

“What the fuck does that even mean?” Leo always says the weirdest shit. He just laughed instead of giving me any explanation. And, his hand was STILL on my ass!! I grabbed his wrist and pulled it away firmly, giving him my best ‘don’t mess with me, bro’ look.

“Hey man, save some for us!” Isaac stepped in between me and Leo and threw his arm around my shoulder. The rest of the guys on the team joined us, each of them giving me slaps on the butt as they laughed. I guess it might seem weird on the outside, but it was totally normal locker room behavior for us alpha jock guys, I swear.

Isaac brought his mouth up to my ear and whispered, quiet enough so the rest of the team couldn’t hear. “So how’d it go the other day with Sammy, he finally seal the deal?”

Huh? I really wish all my bros would stop talking in riddles. I know I’m not smart like Sammy, but sometimes I feel like they’re having this secret conversation that I’m not a part of. I’ve always felt out of place and two steps behind everyone, so when I was younger my mom took me to get evaluated. She didn’t really tell me much besides that I’m ‘a little different’ and that shouldn’t stop me from chasing my dreams. I kinda shrugged it off at the time but every once in a while I’m reminded of how different I am, so I just try harder to fit in.

“Seal what deal?” I had no idea what he was talking about. I really hope Sammy didn’t say anything to the rest of the team about what he caught me doing in the restroom. I don’t think I could handle the embarrassment. But maybe they would be cool with it? After all, it’s totally normal that if you get an itch in your ass, you need to scratch it. The weird thing is having the itch in the first place, I guess.

“Come on, we’ve been waiting so long, Sammy’s got dibs but you’re giving us blue balls here.”

“What the fuck bro?” I whisper-yelled at him. What the fuck was he talking about? Blue balls? Did they expect me to be their wingman? I mean, they’d had way more experience with girls than me. Which is kinda weird since I’ve never even kissed a girl, but I guess I just haven’t found the right one yet.

Suddenly, all the guys backed off, stepping back several feet and lifting their hands up in that “I wasn’t doing anything” gesture. I wondered if a teacher was creeping up to us, but when I looked it was just Sammy. He looked at me right in the eye and smirked. I instantly panicked. Was Sammy gonna say something in front of all the guys? Please don’t say anything, please don’t say anything.

“Hey Micucci, missed you these past few days. Where’ve you been?”

Oh thank God. Sammy was playing it cool. Maybe he wouldn’t say anything after all.

“And what were you guys just doing?” He shot the other guys a look, and they all backed up even more.

“Hey, we weren’t doing nothin’, I swear!” Ikes looked like a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

It was so weird how all the guys would always tease me and shit but I never saw them do anything like that to Sammy. They always listened to whatever he said, which I guess was the benefit of being team captain. And they usually wouldn’t horse around with me as much when Sammy was around.

“Were these dumbasses giving you a hard time?” He asked me.

“Yeah, I bet you want to give him a hard time!” Somebody in the group yelled out, but I didn’t catch who. Sammy gave whoever that was a death glare.

“Ignore them, Micucci, they don’t got enough brains to make a normal one put together. Anyways, you’re coming over Friday night, right?”

“Friday night? Oh, right.” My brain was totally fried from the lack of sleep, so I had completely forgotten that Sammy’s parents were gonna be gone Friday night and he invited me over for a bro hang. Order some pizza, play some COD, typical bro stuff. The other guys usually had dates on the weekend, so most of the time it was just me and Sammy. Sammy always said he’s too busy with school to date, but he always makes time to hang out with me.

“It’s gonna be epic, man. You have no idea what I have in store…” Sammy wiggled his eyebrows at me.

“Haha, sounds good man, can’t wait.” I always had a great time hanging with my best bro.

Damn it, Friday couldn’t come fast enough.

Friday morning I woke up, as usual, only something was off. Right in the middle of my sheets was this, like, big wet spot. At first I thought I pissed the bed, which honestly I haven’t done ankara travesti since I was a little kid, so what the fuck? But the front of my underwear was totally dry. The back on the other hand… why the fuck was the back of my underwear soaking wet? And besides that, the itch was fucking back!

I reached back into my shorts to touch my hole a bit, just to calm it down, when I realized the source of the wetness. For some reason, it was leaking out of my hole. I brought my fingers up to see what the fuck it even was. It was clear, and kinda thick, honestly it looked a lot like the aloe vera gel I’d used the first time I got that itch. Was that what it was? Did I put some in my hole and it leaked out? No way, I would have remembered that. What the fuck is going on with me?

There was some weird substance leaking out of my ass. It didn’t smell dirty, honestly it smelled kinda good, which made me think it wasn’t that bad. But what else could it even be? I started panicking a little, because my body was going through changes and I didn’t know who I could turn to. Coach? No way, this was too freaky for him. Sammy? He’s smart, he usually knows what’s up. But if the team found out? The ass jokes would just get worse. I had no idea what to do.


I was so distracted trying to figure out what was going on with my ass that I totally lost track of time! Shit, Sammy was gonna be pissed again. And I was running out of plausible excuses. Maybe I should just tell him what’s really going on. I know that I can trust my best bro, and he probably had the wrong idea after walking in on me in the bathroom the other day. He might think I’m gay and that I was playing with my ass, but that’s way off base! I was just scratching the itch in my hole, bro.

I rushed to Sammy’s car so we wouldn’t be late again. I knew I was on thin ice with Vice Principal Weiss after my various wardrobe malfunctions (to be clear, I can’t help it if my shorts keep riding down exposing my ass crack! I really need to go clothes shopping soon.)

I didn’t want to leave any weird stains on Sammy’s car seat, so I grabbed a dry towel and an extra pair of shorts just in case. I could figure out what was going on later, I needed to hurry!

This is hell.

Here I was, sitting in U.S. History, listening to Mr. Donahue drone on and on about a bunch of boring dead guys, and all I could focus on was how DAMN itchy my hole was. The itch was so intense it was making me cross eyed. I had to put my head down and pretend to be asleep so people wouldn’t notice. Fuck, the bell couldn’t come fast enough, I needed to get the fuck out of there.

Then I felt it. It was unmistakable. A wetness, spreading in my shorts. My hole was leaking again. Fuck!! I stood up suddenly and rushed out of class, mumbling, “Sorry Mr. Donahue, bathroom emergency!” and ran to the nearest restroom.

When I got there I checked that all the stalls were empty. Since this was the middle of third period, I doubted anybody would come in, but I’ve been wrong before so I had to be careful. Once I was sure the coast was clear, I locked myself in the handicap stall and pulled down my shorts. I swear, my ass fucking EXPLODED out of my shorts as soon as I pulled them down, like my cheeks couldn’t wait to get out of the tight constraints.

I knelt on the toilet and reached back to grab both of my cheeks. Okay, I could totally get why all the guys were always calling it a “bubble butt”. It was definitely soft and bubbly but firm with powerful muscle. Sammy always said I should just ignore the guys and be proud of my ass, and I guess I should be, or at least until all these weird changes.

Fuck, just feeling my fingers on my cheeks felt good. But damn, I really needed to scratch that itch. I pressed my fingers up against my hole and they were instantly sucked up to the knuckle. I’ve been scratching the itch nightly for a week now, so I’ve gotten pretty used to it, but something about today was different. Whatever that weird liquid that was leaking out of my hole, it made it really easy for me to dig my fingers deeper than before. Honestly, it felt really fucking good.


The wet squelching sounds of my fingers rapidly going in and out of my asshole, helped along by that weird liquid, filled the bathroom. I bit down on my fist to try and stop the moaning, and tried to focus, on alert if anybody came into the restroom. But, the more I scratched the ass the more I got into it, and before long I was pounding my hole out with three fingers. Every time I pulled my fingers out, a glob of that liquid leaked out and fell to the ground. It was so fucking weird, but I had to admit it was making it easier to scratch my itch.

My fingers spread my anal walls as I tried harder and harder to scratch that itch. My poor tight ring was stretched to the max with three fingers inside it. I was getting so lost in my head that I didn’t have time to think about how weird this all was. I just wanted to slide my fingers in and out of my hole while I searched ankara travestileri for the itchy spot inside me.

I dug into my hole, trying to find that spot that made me wild. The whole world spun when I finally hit it. I rubbed it with all three fingers and more and more of that strange liquid kept dripping out of my hole. Before I knew what was happening, my body started shaking and I pulled my fingers out of my ass to grab onto the handicap rail. My hips bucked, and my ass cheeks clapped as the liquid SQUIRTED onto the tile floor.

What the fuck?! It took a few seconds to let the quaking calm down, I was shaking and reached back to feel my hole and my fucking thighs were COVERED in the messy clear slime that had rocketed out of my hole, with a huge puddle of it on the floor that looked like a huge, bubble-y wad of spit.

Okay, I have no idea what is going on with my ass, but that felt fucking amazing. When I squirted out that liquid it was like a dam just came loose and I flooded with pleasure. I half wanted to do it again, but I knew I had to clean this mess up. I had just finished wiping down my ass and legs with toilet paper when I heard the next bell ring. I had to rush to class, so I didn’t have time to clean up the puddle on the floor. Sorry, janitor guy!

After last period I grabbed my books and waited by Sammy’s car in the parking lot. I felt someone smack my ass and give it a squeeze. I was ready to throw hands and elbow whoever the fuck that was in the face, but when I turned around it was only Sammy.

“Oh hey, bro, what’s up?” Sammy didn’t usually mess around and get handsy like the other guys on the team, so I guess it was okay to let him get away with it every once in a while. That’s what best bros are for, right?

“Hey, Micucci, wanted to talk to you about something when the guys aren’t around.” Sammy leaned in like we were plotting something, then pulled me into the car and closed the doors. He lowered his voice and in a hushed tone asked, “So, I heard that you left Mr. Donahue’s out of nowhere today. Had to take care of your little problem in the bathroom again?”

My mouth hung open. Wait, could it be? Did Sammy know what was going on with me? He was always smart as fuck, and he did say he wanted to be a doctor, so maybe he’d heard of something like this before. Fuck yes! I knew I could count on Sammy to pull through.

“Bro, how’d you know? We gotta talk about this later tonight, I’m freaking out and could really use some help.”

Sammy’s eyes went wide and his face lit up. “Some help, huh? Well I definitely think I can be of service, Micucci. I’ll pick you up later tonight, come prepared.”

Damn, I was so excited. It’s been two weeks of this crazy itch in my ass, and today I started leaking something out of it out of nowhere. I couldn’t wait to hear what Sammy had to say. He must know what it is.

Once we had ordered the pizza at Sammy’s place, we sat down in his bedroom to play some video games and bro out. I wanted to ask Sammy about what he had said earlier, but wasn’t sure how to bring it up. I was getting kinda nervous, and it was embarrassing, to be honest. Sammy picked up on that though and put his arm around my shoulder.

“So what’s up, Micucci? You’ve been tense as fuck lately.”

“Well, bro, it’s my, ah… little problem, as you put it. It’s been freaking me out and so fucking inconvenient.”

“Inconvenient? I mean, why can’t you just wait until after school, bro. Gotta have some restraint, you can’t keep cutting class to take care of it, your grades are gonna dive.”

Sammy was always on about grades. I was grateful, to be honest, because despite having all APs he still had time to help me out with my homework. Honestly he was the only reason why I wasn’t failing.

“Bro, I can’t wait. I mean, it’s so fucking uncomfortable, I can’t think straight, and uh… something weird came out of it today.”

Sammy’s face scrunched up like he was puzzled. “Something weird? Don’t tell me I gotta review middle school health class with you, man.”

“Dude, this shit wasn’t in health class! I’m telling you, it’s fucking weird! Listen, I’m sorry to ask you this, but you’re my best bro. Do you think that you could, like, take a look at it? And tell me what you think?”

Sammy’s face broke out in a huge grin. “So we’re finally doing this, huh? Fuck yeah, I can help you out.”

“Fuck, thank you so much bro. Just gimme a sec.” I was so excited that Sammy agreed to take a look. It was kinda embarrassing to undress with him there, but we’d seen each other naked before in the locker room so I guess it wasn’t so weird.

I stood up and started to pull down my shorts. They were giving me some trouble, because they were still so damn tight over my ass, but finally I was able to pull them down without a rip or tear in sight. I kicked the shorts off then got up on my knees on Sammy’s bed. I figured my ass was so huge it would be easier to show him if I spread my cheeks, so I grabbed each one and pulled them apart so Sammy could travesti ankara get easy access.

“HOLY FUCK!!” From the tone of Sammy’s voice, he sounded kinda freaked out, so I got a little worried when I thought I felt a big glob of the goop dribble out of my ass.

“Is it okay back there bro? Is that stuff coming out?”

“Damn, Micucci, when I said come prepared, I honestly didn’t expect you to… You cleaned and got it lubed up and everything!”

Lube? What lube? Oh damn, that weird stuff coming out of my ass, I guess it could be like lube. Not that I’ve ever used lube before, but Sammy was such a ladykiller I’m sure he had experience with it.

I felt Sammy grab my cheeks, which I was grateful for because my arms were getting tired. I groaned because, to be honest, it felt kinda good, especially when I felt his hot breath on my hole. Fuck, the itch was getting worse, and I was starting to feel myself leak that lube again. Something about being around Sammy always made my itch go crazy, for some reason.

“Bro, I know this is kinda fucked, but do you think you could, like put your finger in a little bit? That usually helps.”

“Fuck.” Sammy said under his breath. I was kinda worried that my request was outside the bro code, but before I could say anything, I felt his finger press against my tight little hole and push inside with a squelching sound. His finger was a little longer than mine, but he seemed to know exactly what to do with it, like he already knew where my itchy spot was and zeroed in on it with his finger.

“FUUUUUCK BRO!!” I groaned, and reflexively pushed my hips back a little. Fuck, Sammy must know exactly how best to scratch that itch, because my whole body felt like it was on fire and my hole was twitching like crazy.

Normally, I just put my finger in as deep as I could and moved it a little to try and scratch the itch, but Sammy started to pull his fingers in and out really quick. Every time I felt his entire finger slide inside, it made me see stars. I was panting and moaning like crazy. Damn, it felt so good to scratch my itch! I couldn’t thank Sammy enough for being such a helpful bro.

“Fuck, Micucci, how much lube did you fucking use? Looks like you’re ready. I can’t wait anymore!” I heard some rustling behind me and an unzipping sound. What was Sammy doing?

“Wait, wha-“

Before I could finish my thought, my mind blew out. Something WAY bigger than a finger was pressed up against my hole, and fuck, despite the increase in size it actually felt like it was easier to get in than some fingers. Like my hole was fucking swallowing it. After a couple of seconds to let that huge thing sink all the way in, I heard Sammy groan loudly.

“FUCK, finally, holy fuck, this is better than I ever dreamed!”

And then that’s when it hit me what that huge thing in my ass was. It was Sammy’s dick!!

I wanted to scream BRO WHAT THE FUCK but then Sammy pulled his dick out and grabbed my hips, then SLAMMED into me with all his might. I felt his dick push up against that itch, that was usually so deep that my fingers couldn’t even reach it. It felt so good, like my brain was melting, I couldn’t even form words, I was just moaning and groaning and literally drooling (from both ends) with how good it felt to get that itch scratched.

“Mmmm, fuuuuu- broooooo!!” Was all that could get out of me as Sammy started to fucking RAIL me with all his might. Loud, wet, slapping sounds filled the room as Sammy picked up the pace.

“Fuck, Luke, I’m sorry, fuck, I can’t hold back anymore… Oh my god… it doesn’t hurt, right?”

“Feels gooooooooood…” was all I could say, or moan really, as Sammy’s dick pounded that itchy spot deep inside my asshole over and over again. It was like he was pressing some kind of button deep inside me, and every time it sent a spike of pleasure throughout my entire body.

“Fuck, Luke, you take it so well. Guess that practice paid off, huh?” Sammy joked, but I had no way to respond because my brain was totally turning into mush.

“Fuck, bro,” I heard Sammy grunt, “it feels like pussy!! Goddamn… no, better than pussy!” Honestly hearing him say pussy freaked me out a little bit, but I guess Sammy was the expert since I was still a virgin and he was a total stud. But, at the same time, when he said that, it was like my hole tightened up on its own, bearing down on his dick as I could feel every inch of it spreading open my ass walls up.

And out of nowhere, I felt my hole fucking spurt lube out, splattering Sammy as he continued to pound my pussy. What the fuck was that? I mean, did I say that out loud?

“Fuck yeah, bro.” Sammy sounded like he had just finished a sprint, “gonna pound your pussy so fucking good… Oh my god it feels so fuckin’ wet!” Well, I guess I did, how embarrassing. At least Sammy wasn’t bothered by me saying something so weird.

Instead, he grabbed my hips even tighter and started to pound me harder, it felt like his entire house was shaking with all the force he was putting into it. I could feel the sloppy juice spraying out of my ass with each slap of Sammy’s balls against my taint! Good thing his parents weren’t home, otherwise they would probably be curious about all the banging, groaning, grunting, and moaning going on in Sammy’s room. And not all of it was mine.

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