Lunch Break


The clock on my phone reads 12:00. Time for my lunch break. I take the time to send Tommy Martin a message: ‘u free right now??’

I anxiously await his reply. It’s been three days since we last met, and I need another fix. Getting that young stud wrapped around my finger has been the best thing I’ve done in years. Hopefully, I can spend some time with him instead of my other little friend, the egg vibrator I have in my handbag.

He messages me back with a selfie of him, his toned body and his erect member, followed by the word ‘yes.’

‘b right ther. Dont start without me’ I reply.

I hope he’s naked right now, ready to make my day. Before heading off I decided to insert my vibrator into my vagina. I always loved to walk around with it on. The fact that 99% of the people around me didn’t know I was getting off just gets my heart pumping. Then there’s that one person who notices my odd walk or hears the faint humming when they get close enough. We’ll never exchange words, but the dirty looks are acknowledgment enough.

I walk past my secretary Sandy who asks “Off for lunch?”


“You’ve got that client at 1 o’clock. I know it’s a while but just making sure you’re not late.”

“Of course. Thanks Sandy.”

Although it would be a thrill, it’s probably best I wait until I’ve left the building before I turn my little friend on. I enter the elevator where the new employee Josh is waiting. He asks me “You going for lunch?”


“I know a nice place around here. They do good coffee too.”

“Uh, no thanks. I’m not a big coffee person.” Which is true, although I wouldn’t have to have a coffee anyway. Not that it matters anyway. I have my own date set for my break.

Josh smiles at me. “No worries.”

The elevator arrives at the lobby and we both go our separate ways. I enter the street and start walking towards his house. As I start my journey I reach into my handbag for my remote. I turn my little friend on. It starts to softly vibrate on it’s lowest setting. More than enough to get my heart racing.

I wonder how I’m going to fuck Tommy today? He’s like most young men. He likes to think he’s in charge but that changes once I spread my legs. Maybe I should ride him on the couch? Or I could bend over the table again and let him work his magic. What if I sucked him off whilst I set my vibrator Pendik Escort to the max? Shame I don’t have any lube on me. I could have him drill my ass as my little friend satisfies my pussy.

The street is packed with people. It is lunchtime after all. Most of them are too absorbed in their phones to notice my slightly awkward walk. Or maybe they assume it’s just because I wearing high heels. It’s just so sneaky getting away with getting off around unaware people. It was like I was back in high school again, sneaking in boys as my parents were asleep.

I challenge myself by bumping the setting up higher. I clench my teeth to silence the pleasured purr I wanted to let out. Just gotta focus on my journey. Only a few minutes until I’m at Tommy’s apartment. Then I can get my hands on that hunk, and he can satisfy my urges.

That’s when someone crashes into me, spraying me with hot coffee.

“Shit.” I yelp as I recoil back. Goddamnit now I’ll have to change my clothes. The man I had collided with frantically apologizes as I glare at him.

I then take a deep breath and interrupt him by saying “Look, it’s okay.”

“C-can I buy you a coffee, as…as an apology?”

“No. I really really need to get going.”

I rush off and take another deep breath in. Fucking hell what a pain in the ass. Why do you have to walk around with your coffee? Aren’t you suppose to sit and enjoy it? Now I’ll have to go home and change clothes. Still, I handled the situation well, considering my little friend that’s vibrating away.

Now I have to figure out how to get home. Maybe Tommy’s taxi service can come in handy again. I pull out my phone and check the time. 12:07. I call him and he answers “Hey.”

“Hey Tom. I’ve had bit of an accident and I need to get back to my place. Would we be able to take our date there?”

“Yeah, sure no problem. You near?”

“About two minutes. See you then babe.”

“See you.”

I hang up and continue walking down the street. Despite the coffee stain I still have a smirk on my face, and anyone looking at me cannot tell why. That is all except a man in a suit with who I exchange a glance with. He’s maybe a bit older than me, but handsome with broad shoulders and a square jaw. Maybe he just thinks I’m attractive, or maybe he knows why my walk is slightly off. Maybe he plays games with his Kurtköy Escort wife (or mistress) involving a little friend that buzzes.

Finally, I arrive at the front of the Gold Standard Apartments, where Tom is waiting in his car. I get into the passenger seat and we exchange a kiss before he looks at my stained blouse. He says “Jeez. What happened?”

“Someone bumped into me.”

“Must’ve distracted them.” Tom quips to which I chuckle. He starts the car and says “So will we still have time?”

“Yeah, plenty.” I reply as I check the time. 12:10. Still got a fair amount of time before I’m needed at the office. It’ll probably take another five minutes to get to my place, and a few more to get back if Tommy drives me.

“That’s good to know. So how’s your day been, apart from the accident?”

“Busy, but good. How ’bout you?”

“Yeah pretty good. Had a solid workout at the gym.”

Mhmm, perfecting that gorgeous body of yours. Every day he takes time out to keep himself at peak performance, like an artist sculpting his masterpiece. Even without my little friend, I’d be getting excited.

I decide to ask Tommy “Would you be able to take me back to the office too?”

“Sure thing.”

“I’m going to have to give you a special treat for such a good service.”

“Yeah?” Tom asks with a raised eyebrow.

“You ever done anal?”

“My ex and I tried it. She wasn’t so into it.”

“And what about you?”

“Let’s just say I can’t wait.”

I smile upon hearing that. No man’s given me anal in at least two years. I mean toys are great and all, but nothing beats having a partner. Sharing a bond with another human being as we make each other’s bodies sing with pleasure.

Tom pulls up in my driveway. We both rush to the door. I unlock and open it, before leading Tommy to the bedroom. I make sure to sway my hips just right, hopefully getting him even more excited. My little friend has already got me extremely horny.

Once I arrive at the bedroom, I turn around to look at Tommy. He pulls me in by the waist and locks his lips with mine. I jump up on him and wrap my legs around his hips. Then he puts me on the bed before removing his shirt. I tell him “There’s lube in the drawer next to you.”

He turns his attention to that as I proceed to pull off my skirt and panties. Once it’s on the Tuzla Escort ground Tommy turns around with the bottle in hand, asking “Is this it?”

“Yeah.” I spread my legs to show off what’s going on. He looks down and says “Holy shit, is that a vibrator?”

“It is.” I say with a chuckle.

“How long have you head that in?”

“Since I left the office.”

“You’re fucking crazy Morgan.”

I get on all fours and stick my ass up in the air before I quip “I have a crazy need for anal.”

Tommy chuckles in reply so I tell him “Don’t be shy on the lube.”

He does as I instruct, applying some lube to my hole as I reach for my vibrator’s remote. No need to increase its intensity yet, but best to have it in hand for when I want to. Then I hear Tom roll a condom onto his cock before squeezing the bottle of lube again. Finally, he says “Alright, you ready?”

“Mhmm, please. Go slow.”

The tip of his cock pushes against my ass. I grunt as he proceeds to penetrate me gently. He asks “Are you good?”

“Yeah keep going Tommy.”

He enters me deeper. Having both holes satisfied at once is just heaven. I need to do this more often. Tommy starts slowly bucking back and forth. Oh god, this is just what I need, a handsome hunk fucking my ass as my little friend works its magic. Soon enough the entire length of his cock is inside of me. I’m moaning in pure ecstasy as he slowly pistons me. Time to up the intensity of my vibrator. I wonder if he can feel it vibrating as he fucks me?

I begin rubbing my clit with my free hand. All three sensations of pleasure echo in my body. I shout at Tommy to pick up the pace. He grips my waist and starts pumping me harder. My god, I can feel my impending orgasm building, so I turn my vibrator up to the max. Tom takes that as a message to start drilling me even harder which sends me over the edge.

My body explodes in pleasure. I unleash a tirade of passionate cries as my body shakes. Tom gives me one last, long, hard thrust before growling. I bury my head down into the bed as I squeeze on the remote for my vibrator. Tommy slowly pulls his shaft out of me. Once his cock is no longer inside of me I lay on my side and turn off the vibrator. With ragged breath, Tom says “So do you need to change?”

“Yeah, and a shower.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you.”

I get up as he puts his pants back on. I head to the bathroom before taking off the rest of my clothes and starting the shower. Gotta make this quick, seeing I still have to eat some lunch before heading back to the office. Then again, it was all worth it for the best ‘lunch’ break I’ve ever had.

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