Lunch Break


Most drivers hated the Seniors. You had to help them with their bags, they were slow getting in and out, and on too many occasions, they didn’t tip.

I figured it was the luck of the draw, and I might as well be pleasant. During the day shift, Seniors were a big portion of our riders, and why make yourself miserable about something you had no control over? It they tipped, fine. If not, at least they were pleased with the service, not complaining about the rudeness.

There weren’t many cabs, so you got to know the regulars. I could see the joy on some of their faces when they recognized me. And so it was today, rainy, dreary, basically an ugly day, when I got the call from the dispatcher. It was a pick-up at the mall, coming back into town.

As I pulled up in front of JC Penny’s, I recognized her right away. Her name was Ginnie, and she was more alive than most women half her age. She always had a smile, and when their eyes met, she beamed.

“Oh, Harry! I was hoping I’d get you.”

Jumping from the car and opening the rear door for her, I smiled, Hi, Ginnie, how are you?”

“Fine, Dear, just fine…do you mind if I ride up front with you? I feel like Miss Daisy, riding back there alone.”

“Well, I guess so, but you have to wear your seat belt.”

“That’s fine, Dear, just give me a hand with it.”

I loaded her packages in the trunk as she slid in, then I reached in, from outside, across her, pulling the belt around her, and she said, “I hate to be such a bother.”

“You? You’re no bother, you’re my favorite customer! I wish everyone was eryaman escort as pleasant as you.”

“Oh Thank you, Dear, and you’re my favorite driver, by far! Most guys hate us older people, one man even told me ‘I know you won’t tip, so why should I be nice?’ Can you believe that?”

I could believe it, easily. The drive took about 15 minutes and we chatted, familiarly. Although Ginnie was in her 70’s, she wasn’t frail like most of the seniors. In fact, she was slightly plump. She had blue eyes that seemed to burst with life. I wondered what she was like at my age, and decided she would have been gorgeous.

As we drove, the dispatcher called and said I could take my break after this fare. Ginnie heard this and said, “Oh, good, you can give me a hand with my bags.”

Inside, I placed the bags and turned to find Ginnie right behind me. “You’re tall! My late husband was about your height, and build. It’s amazing how much you resemble him.”

Her bedroom eyes got misty and Harry felt a great attraction to her. She looked up at him. “You must think I’m a silly old lady.”

“Not at all, I think he was a lucky man to be your husband.” Her hand was on my chest, and I could a heat travel through us.

“Would you like to make an old woman very happy, Honey?” “Of course.”

Her arms went around my waist and she held on, burying her face in my chest. “Hmm, that feels nice, Honey.”

Her body blended into mine, and I felt myself swelling, and I wondered if she felt it too. My arms were around her shoulders, and we stood there, swaying slightly.

“I eryaman escort bayan could get used to this, again, Harry. That smell!”

“You smell good, too,” I heard myself say, as my hips moved against her belly.

“Harry? Is that because of me? Did I give you a Bone?” as she swayed, looking up at me now.

I blushed. This old woman was 70 and me 36. What was I doing? What if she reports me? What the fuck?

“I’m…I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened,” releasing my hug, but she held on, smiling, her eyes two blue flames.

“Don’t be silly, Baby, it’s nice to know I can still cause those things, it’s been 15 years since Norm died. A long time.” Her hand slid between us as she talked, finally resting on my boner. “We better take care of this so you can go back to work, huh?”

I just nodded, in a fog, as she expertly worked my zipper, her small hands digging inside and clasping my cock as my hands automatically began massaging her soft tits.

“Yes, Baby, Mommy knows what her good boy needs, doesn’t she?” she cooed. “her handsome boy loves his Mommy so much, right, Baby?”

My cock was out now, fully grown to six inches and she stroked it, looking down at it, telling me it was beautiful. I bent her head back and covered her mouth with mine, and our tongues met and she moaned as she jerked my cock.

I was observing this ,as if from the outside. My hands acted on their own, opening her blouse, unhooking her bra from behind as her tits tumbled out, heavy, sagging, but with nipples that were electric. I bent my head to suckle them escort eryaman and she moaned again, saying she needed to sit.

We were on the couch now, and she pressed me back, then slid down and held my cock to her face. “So long, it’s been so long, Baby,” as she bent to kiss it, then licked the tip.

“Oh Ginnie, I gotta fuck you,” I heard myself say.

“Will you, Baby? Will you fuck me? I want you inside me, Baby, please fuck me!”

I laid her back and got her slacks open and tugged them down, with her white cotton panties, and she rolled her head, urging me on. “Yes, baby, I want that bone! Give me your bone!”

I spread her legs, and hovered in front of her, my eyes taking in her wrinkles and bush and knew I shouldn’t but we both wanted it.

Her pubic hair glistened as my cock dipped in, and she shivered and spoke loudly. “Yes, Baby! Put it in me, make me feel you in me baby!”

Driven by her words, I pressed onward and she accepted me, my cock riding down into her hot hole, even after all these years. She let out a guttural call as I began moving. I was afraid I may hurt her, but the cock had taken over. Had she been frail, I may have hurt her, but she was sturdy under me, matching my thrusts, screaming and biting, telling me to fuck her faster, harder.

“I’m…gonna…cum…unghhh!”, she yelled between thrusts then held on tightly to me as her body spasmed and I released at the sound, and the rush of cum passed between us in a fit of excitement.

“Oh Baby! You made Mommy feel so good, Baby. I can’t tell you how good….oh baby!”

I went back to work in a fog, still unsure about my actions. Did I take advantage? Did she have regrets?

My shift ended and the dispatcher handed me a phone message. No name or phone number. Just “Still full from lunch, let’s do it again, sometime.”

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