Lured, Taken, Owned Ch. 07


We knocked on Jim’s office door and waited…and waited…and waited.

“What the hell!” Jason whispered.

“This is so weird, why would he call us to his office and not answer?”

“Even stranger; why did he send Stacey to do it?”

“And I still can’t get her stupid remark out of my head about “Now that we had our fun.” Who in the hell does she think she is?” which was more of a statement than a question.

“I know, it bothered me too, but it’s not like we can get off the boat right now,” still whispering.

“Yeah,” I smiled.

“What?” he snickered and smiled.

“Why are we still standing here when we can be enjoying ourselves?” I whispered.

“I like the way you think Kristen,”

“Let’s go get some swimwear and hit the pool,”

“And a few drinks,”

“And a few drinks,” I flirted back.

That’s all it took, a little conversation, and we were off to the clothing room to pick out new swimwear. After all…a girl can’t be seen in the same clothes day after day.

I picked at a nice pink bikini that barely covered my breasts and barely hid my small but attached unmentionable.

It seemed as days came and passed I felt very uncomfortable about having a penis. In fact, it was downright dreadful and painful to look at; I was now constantly sitting to pee not wanting to hold it any longer.

None the less, I was completely content and excited with my life with Jason and wouldn’t want it any other way.

We made our way to the deck and to the bar.

“What do you feel like?” Jason asked me.

“Like a woman!” I exclaimed.

“To drink,” he laughed.

“I know,” I said peering in to his eyes.

He peered back, smiles proceeded, I hope it means he loves me.

“Kristen…your drink,”

“I’ll have a Long Island Ice Tea,”

He laughed.

“That’s what it’s called, right?”

“It’s just a bit strong…” he started.

“Um…that’s what I want…please,” I stated with a smile.

“One Long Island Ice Tea for the lady and I’ll have a…make it two Long Island Ice Teas,” Jason told the bartender.

“That wasn’t so hard…was it?” I asked Jason smiling.

The bartender handed us our drinks and we were off to the pool.

“This is pretty good,” I told Jason as I sipped on my drink.

“Take it slow; the alcohol has a way of sneaking up on you,”

“I think I’m a pro at being sneaked up on,” I giggled.

“I guess I deserve that,” he said.

“I’m glad you did,” I said excitedly nudging him lightly with my elbow.

We laughed.

Once at the pool we grabbed two chairs and we put our drinks on the table.

“Race you to the pool slow poke,” I joked as I jumped in.

“Now who’s sneaky,” he said after jumping in next to me.

“Yeah, you’re going to have to watch me closely from now on,” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck and passionately kissed him.

“The guests Kristen,” he said after I released his lips from mine.

“You must be crazy if you think I’m kissing everyone on this boat Jason,”

“That’s not what I meant,”

“What did you mean?” I inquired before passionately kissing him again.

“Maybe they…”

“What, they don’t kiss?”

He snickered.

“Or…,” I strung out as I slid one hand into his trunks and grabbed his hard cock.

“Kristen!” he expelled at my sudden urge to grab him.

“There are only a few people here and they’re deep into their own conversations,” I whispered as I wrapped my legs around him.

“Bill won’t ever invite us out again if we’re caught…you know that don’t you?” he asked.

“Would you rather me go underwater and give you a blowjob?”

“I think we’ll save that one for when we get home,”

“Home,” I said softly.

“Yeah…home,” he whispered back as he started to forget about our surroundings and enjoyed the hand job.

“Relax and enjoy yourself,” I whispered.

Minutes passed, his cock pulsated, and then…

“Mmm,” he lightly moaned until he finished coming.

I pulled my hand out and licked whatever cum had stuck to my hand.

“Hey guys, enjoying yourselves?” Stacey asked surprising us.

“Yeah…we’re having a great time,” I replied after swallowing the last bit of cum in my mouth.

“Great, glad to hear it, maybe the three of us can get together later,” she remarked.

“Sure, by the way, we went to the office but Bill didn’t answer,” Jason told her.

“Sorry, he had an emergency offshore, he couldn’t wait any longer,” she replied.

“Do you know why he wanted to see us?” Jason asked.

“Not a clue,” She answered.

I didn’t trust her.

“I’m sure we’ll see him later,” Jason remarked.

“I’m sure,” she winked at me.

There was silence.

“You should be careful; we wouldn’t want the rest of the guests thinking we condone sex in our pool,” Stacey winked and giggled.

“Sorry,” I told her as I bit my lower lip.

“To be honest; I don’t blame you considering the company at hand,” she winked and giggled.

I giggled knowing Jason was a find.

“Anyway, I’ll see you later, I have to catch up with some old friends,” she said smiling as she swam Bostancı Olgun Escort to a group of women at the other end of the pool.

“Sorry, I hope I didn’t get you in trouble with your friend,” I whispered to Jason.

“Don’t worry about it,” he asked.

“Thank you,” I hugged him tenderly.

“No need to thank me,”

“I’m sorry Jason; if I wasn’t so selfish we wouldn’t be stuck on this boat with a crazy bitch and an absentee host,”

He laughed.

“Are you laughing at me?”


“Yes you are,” I flirted.

“No,” he continued laughing.

“You have to admit Stacey shows up at the weirdest moments,” I told him.

“Okay,” he laughed, “it’s a little strange,”

“A little…”

“Sh, keep it down,”

“How about the age difference between Bill and Stacey; at least a twenty year difference,”

“He’s her sugar daddy,”

“She kissed me,”


“Earlier, when she took me to get my bikini,”

“Did you kiss her back?” he inquired.

“Yes, you said not to cause any riffs, I didn’t know what to do so I went along with it,”

“Don’t worry about it; they must have an open marriage,”


“You’re beautiful and she’s bi; which explains the kiss and the visits, she’s trying to pull time with you,”

“Thanks for the compliment but I’m serious,” I couldn’t help but smile.

“I have an idea,” he smiled.

“Yeah,” I smiled.

“Let’s refresh our drinks, mingle, and get totally wasted while doing it,”

“I have a better idea,”


“Let’s refresh our drinks, mingle, get fucking wasted as we look for a hot tub, Then…”I started.


“Then we’ll go to dinner which I’m sure they’ll serve, dance a little, GO back to the cabin, and you can fuck me like a rag doll. How does that sound?” I asked throwing my arms around his neck.

“Sounds like you’re out to enjoy yourself,”

“I’m not done,”


“Then you can throw me up against the wall again and fuck me ’til I can’t walk again,”

“We’ll figure something out,”

“Now you’re talking sweetie,”

I kissed him passionately; I saw Stacey out the corner of my vision pretend not to look. It was easy to tell as she continued to turn or way.

We got out of the pool, grabbed the towels draped over the chairs, and dried ourselves off, then headed to the bar.

“Nice move girl,” a woman told me as we grabbed our towels and threw them into a trash like container.

“I did the same thing two years ago on this very yacht,” her friend remarked.

“Thank you,”

There words made me feel so much better about my actions though I should have listened to Jason.

It’s just I can’t help myself when I’m next to him.

We refreshed our drinks and found a nice cozy spot to peer out into the water. We leaned over the railing as we sipped our drinks.

Jason surprised me as he put his arm around my lower back and pulled me close; it felt nice.

I downed my drink; eventually the alcohol took light effect, I wanted more.

“Finished, can I get another?” I asked.


He took my hand in his and walked me to the bar; he downed his and ordered to more of the same.

“Thank you,” I told Jason as he handed me my drink.

“You’re welcome,”

How romantic, he’s waiting on me.

“Let’s go find that hot tub,” I told him.

“Good idea,”

We were off… hand in hand… mingling on the way to try and find that special hot tub.

“Jeremy!” Jason raised as we approached a waiter.

The man looked shocked as we approached.

“Yes sir,” the man answered.

“Jeremy…its Jason,” Jason said excitedly.

“Yes Mr Jason…how may I be of assistance?” the man asked.

“Jeremy…you do remember me…don’t you?”

“Yes sir,” the man replied.

“What are you doing in a waiter’s attire?”

“Hard times sir, is there anything I can assist you with?”

“Jeremy…” he started.

“Sorry sir, if there is nothing else I must attend to the guests on the helipad,” he explained.

“Sure, I didn’t mean to detain you, carry on,” Jason told him.

“Thank you sir,” the man said as he walked around us.

“What was that all about?” I asked Jason.

“Hard times I guess,” he replied.

“Sorry, was he a friend of yours?”


“Are you okay?”

“Sorry, let’s go find that hot tub!” he said ecstatically as he looked back at his friend.

“Listen, if you need to go talk to him I fully understand,”

“No, you have my full attention,” he smiled.

“Good, then let’s go find our hot tub,”

We finished our drinks as we walked, I rushed in to the first restroom we came across to relieve myself thanks to the Long Islands I’ve been drinking.

“You’re still here,” I said to Jason as he waited for me.

“I’m all yours,”

“Good, did you go?”

“No, I didn’t have to,”

“I think we need another drink,” I told him though I probably shouldn’t have.

I wasn’t use to drinking; in fact, I’ve babied a few beers in my lifetime but never actually finished one.

“Are you sure Bostancı Sarışın Escort you can handle it?”

“Yes,” I teased.

“You’re not going to get sick on me are you?”

“I’m going to get on you and ride your massive cock but getting sick on you, no,” I whispered giggling.

“I’m serious,”

“Such a stern face,” I smiled.


“No, I’m a little light headed…but I can handle another one,”

He just looked at me.

“Listen, I’m having a great time; I’m on this huge ship…


“Ship…” I strung out.


“Ship…” I strung out once more and smiled.

We laughed.

“C’mon honey, I may never get to do this again, let’s have some fun,” I begged laughing.

“Fine,” he smiled.

I leaped on him wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and kissed him.

He gave a light kiss and pulled away.

“You’re not getting off that easy,” I held on tighter.


“Kiss me…like you care…and for my love for you…you at least owe me that,” I whispered teasingly in his ear.

I moved looking into his eyes, our eyes closing as I moved in.

We kissed…his tongue danced with mine in a frenzy…but passionately…amazing.

“You make a beautiful couple,” Bill exclaimed walking up behind us.

“Hey Bill,” Jason acknowledged as I slid off of him.

“Hi,” I said.

“Kristen has that look in her eyes,” Bill remarked.

Jason laughed…but it was a good laugh; I think.

“When’s the wedding?” Bill inquired.

“We’ve talked about it,” Jason said playing along.

I wish!!!

“Don’t wait too long Jason; she won’t last a day on the open market,” Bill commented.

“I won’t,” Jason replied.

I giggled.

“I can see why he’s with you; you’re a beautiful girl,” Bill remarked.

“Thank you,” I giggled and grabbed Jason’s arm in affection.

“I wish you both the best of luck,” Bill told us.

“Thanks,” we said in unison.

“By the way, sorry about running out on you but I needed to handle to sign something that couldn’t wait; I hope you understand,” Bill apologized.

“No problem; we’ll catch up later,” Jason said.

“Great, oh well, I must attend to my other guests,” Bill informed us.

“Okay, see you later,” Jason said as Bill moved on.

“He seems pleasant enough,”

“I never had a problem,”

“Enough about him; let’s go find some more tea and that hot tub I’ve been craving,”

“Let’s go,” he agreed.

“There’s our hot tub,” I remarked with a smile.

There it was a huge hot tub with a bar at the other end. There were two couples laughing, relaxing, and having a friendly conversation.

We got in; the water was warm and the perking effect soothed my body.

I was feeling really good as I started my third Long Island Ice Tea.

Both couples seemed extremely friendly acknowledging our existence. We returned the favor, Jason with a nod and a two finger salute and I with a girly wave.

My wave was so feminine it sent chills throughout my body; it’s still amazes me how feminine I became.

“I really need to take a wiz Kristen,”

“Told you should have gone when I did,”

“Probably; I’ll be right back,”


He pecked me on the lips and hurried to the restroom; he wasn’t kidding about needing to pee.

Jason has a great body including his ass; I watched as he disappeared.

I basically finished my third drink and was feeling the effects mentally and physically; my mind was at ease as my body enjoyed the perk of the water.

It seemed like forever; Jason wasn’t back yet, maybe he decided to talk to his friend.

“Hi,” I heard a women’s voice behind me to the left.

“Hi,” I turned to my left.

“I’m Jeannie,” she smiled.

“I’m Kristen,”

“This is Katy,” she said introducing her friend.

I did a 180, my back against the hot tub, Jeannie now on my right and Katy on my left.

“Hi, I’m Katy,” she said smiling.

“Can we interest you in a threesome; just us girls?” Katy asked.

“No,” I giggled.

“Are you sure?” Jeannie asked.

“I’m with someone,” I giggled.

Again, I never grabbed so much female attention until I transformed in to one.

“Are you sure; your partner’s been gone for quite a while,” Jeannie said.

“I’m sure,” I giggled.

I noticed the two men on the other side of the pool kissing.

Katy followed my eyes and turned back to me.

“Our husbands, they’re having a gay moment,” Katy laughed.

“Why?” I asked curiously.

They laughed.

“What?” I laughed along with them.

We continued our drunken laughter.

“You signed up for this cruise?” Katy inquired.

“Not really,” I informed them.

“Then how did you get on board?” Jeannie asked.

“Oh,” I laughed, “My fiancé is friends with the owner of the yacht,” I explained.

“Well, this is a couple’s retreat. Couple’s interested in sexual experimentation signed up for this cruise; it’s like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” Katy explained.

“To make a long story Bostancı Şişman Escort short, our husbands, made us aware of their desire to suck cock so we signed them up for this cruise,” Jeannie explained.

“We met last night on board for introductions and the two hit it off,” Katy told me.

“They were a little shy, so we drank a little too much, went to our room and started getting playful. One thing led to another before they were enjoying one another’s cocks,” Jeannie stated.

“It wasn’t long before we weren’t needed, they sucked, swallowed, and moved on to anal,” Katy said.

“Well, with a little help from us,” Jeannie admitted proudly before they laughed hysterically.

“Now the two lovebirds can’t get enough of each other,” Jeannie got out in laughter.

“And you two?”

“We came along for the ride but the alcohol and boredom led us to our own experiment,” Katy explained.

“Girls have much more toys to play with and if you need a cock you can just add a strap-on,” Jeannie giggled.

“Fortunately, we found out that we live in the same city. Now we can get together on a regular basis,” Jeannie said as she pecked Katy on her lips.

“Are you sure you’re not interested?” Katy asked as she moved closer.

“Positive but…” I started.

Katy pressed against me as she kissed me. A slow passionate kiss…her tongue slowly teasing mine…her hand caressing my ass cheek…until she released me.

I kissed her back in my drunken state.

Jeannie immediately took her turn…passionately kissing me…sliding her hand down the crack of my ass.

I wasn’t thinking clearly, the Long Island was working on me and I kissed her back.

They were incredible kissers…the alcohol made me vulnerable…where’s Jason.

“You’re a great kisser; I would love to give your pussy a tongue thrashing,” she told me.

“I’m good,” I said.

“No harm…no foul,” Katy flirted.

“We’re good,” I told her.

“Look us up if you change your mind,” Jeannie flirted.

“I’ll think about it,” I answered though I knew I couldn’t. Plus, I was extremely scared of having sex with a female. Jason hit it on the nail; I was a virgin until he broke me.

They got out of the tub, Katy blew me a kiss, and they went their merry way.

Their husbands were nowhere to be found.

I got out of the tub and toweled off.

Three minutes later Jason showed up.

“Seriously Jason,” I said in a low voice.

“Sorry, Stacey stopped me and…” he began.

“What the fuck did she want?” I whispered.

“Jealous,” he joked laughing.

“Seriously,” I giggled.

“What’s wrong Kristen?”

“Stacey, that crazy bitch is always around when you least expect her,”

“I couldn’t help it…”

“I’m not blaming you; a drink will cure the headache,”

“Do you think that’s wise?”

“Two women just asked me to join a threesome,”

“Is that all?”

“They also kissed me and felt me up in the pool,”

“I can’t blame; you’re the hottest bitch on the ya…boat,”


“Look who’s correcting who now?”

I laughed, my mood changed for the better. The alcohol was still in my system and went back to my happy zone.

“Let’s get a bite to eat first,” Jason said.

“Oh no, you’re going to fuck me first,”

He laughed.

“Is that funny?” I giggled as I draped my arms around his neck.

He didn’t answer but he did laugh.

“Master… please fuck me…I beg you…please fuck me…with your cock…I’ll do anything…anything you want,” I whispered.

He stopped laughing…

His mood changed…

Not the reply I was looking for!

“I was kidding honey,” I apologized gently rubbing his cheek with my hand.

“I’m good let’s go,” he replied.

We hurried to our room where he literally ripped off my bikini bottoms and forced me over the edge of the tall bed. He immediately penetrated my still well lubed canal and began pounding me into oblivion.

“Yes,” I immediately responded as he continued to thrust balls deep into me.

He pulled my hair back like he was riding a bucking bull.

“Gauwd yes….ah…yes,” I maintained with each thrust.

The alcohol loosened me considerably and put me in a whole new state of mind.

“Beg me Kristen, beg me to keep fucking you,” Jason blurted.

“Please Jason…keep fucking me…I beg you,”

He was now grunting.

“Ah gauwd,” I screamed in ecstasy.

“Fuck!” he yelled as he pounded me like a machine.

“Oh gauwd…fuck…oh fuck,” I screamed.

“You like that?” he grunted pulling back a little harder on my hair.

“Fuck yes!” I screamed both from the pounding and the hair pulling.

I felt his cock swell and throb from the tight grip my muscles had on his member.

We came in unison as he came quickly; twenty minutes was very quick for Jason who usually lasts thirty to forty-five minutes minimum for the first round and the same for each additional sex act. Of course, there’s always an exception like a third or fourth act; and he never came this quick on the first round.

Jason thrust and grunted until he finally finished filling me with his delicious cream.

Once out he walked around the footboard never letting go of my hair. I had to slither on my back to keep up with him.

With my head now dangling over the edge of the bed he wasted no time and shove his cock into my mouth, his balls smacking my nose to my forehead.

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