Lynn Meets Her Master Ch. 01


She didn’t know how she got here. Well, technically she took a plane. But now she was walking through the gate and headed to baggage claim and her stomach was in unbearable knots. She was nervous, excited, curious, a little scared, and only slightly more aroused. Up ahead she saw a bathroom and picked up her brisk pace for it.

Cautiously she peeked around the bathroom it was surprisingly empty. Silently thanking whoever there was to thank she grabbed a paper towel and turned on the faucet. Slightly dampening the towel she blotted it over her face, careful not to ruin her carefully constructed make-up.

Now she thought about how she got here. A year ago she had been in an internet sex chat room and had some pretty wild cyber. It seemed harmless enough. Frank asked for her e-mail. After waiting a few minuets she agreed. They had been corresponding ever since. Sometimes 2, 3, or 4 times a week. Other times they went weeks without speaking. As their relationship continued the spoke more and more about what turned them on.

She figured she’d never meet him so she told him the truth. She liked sex, watched porn, masturbated almost nightly, and was strangely aroused by rough sex even submission. He’d told her about himself. What he enjoyed and how hard and throbbing her admissions made him.

Sometimes they would discuss fantasies in detail. Painting pictures to each other about what pleased them. Sometimes they’d involve each other, or other people.

Then the pictures came. He sent her pics of him as he thought about her. His body wasn’t bad for being 14 years her senior. Being on 22 she had mostly seen men in their prime. Even though he was not that young, his body was firm and his cock thick and uncut made her lower regions swell with arousal. That night she took pics of herself, revealing to him the wet spot in the crotch of her panties that had come from seeing his cock.

The months went on, and each told the other what they wanted to see in the pics. Every once in a while they would joke about meeting. She was sure the day would never come. And here she was standing in the airport bathroom, dressed as he had told her to dress. Would he be down there, even now? Waiting. For her.

The though sent both trepidation and excitement through her. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was parted in the middle, braids down the side. She wore a v-neck t-shirt that was tight against her 36C breasts and firm tummy. She tugged the hem down to reveal more of her ample cleavage. Her skirt was a short Starzbet black one she’d sent to him in a picture. Her feet were in Mary Jane’s and white socks with ruffles. It made her feel sexy to do as he asked. He liked to look at her so he should have a say in what she wore. Her legs, armpits, thighs, and cunt were freshly shaved. She’d spent all week preparing herself for this, and she was not going to cower in a public bathroom.

Giving herself a mental boost she headed to the baggage claim. The turnstile had already started and baggage began to filter on. She had no idea what he looked like from the neck up. But, he’d said, since he picked out her outfit, he would know her instantly. Trying not too look around too much, but still try and spy him before he did her she almost missed her luggage.

Chasing it down the belt, a man in a light cream blazer and dark tan pants reached down after her elusive bag. He turned to her as she came to a halt in front of him. “Thank you” she almost whispered. He wore dark sunglasses and rewarded her with a brilliant smile.

She’d noticed him on the plane. He sent her glances when he thought she wasn’t looking. She had an isle seat and since she more the skirt, sat with her legs crossed. Unfortunately that had gained her some unwanted attention from this man. Of course, she was too consumed with her impending meeting that she hadn’t even noticed half of his lusty glances.

“You’re welcome” he said with a warmth that radiated like his smile, but then he added in a soft undertone only she could hear, “my cum slut.”

She whipped her glare to face him. “How Dare…” She stopped her fierce retort and looked really looked at him. Could it be? His build was hard to tell, she’d only seen him with his clothes off… She’d never spoken with him on the phone, so she couldn’t tell his voice.

“Yes,” he whispered as he leaned close, “It is me, little one.” His hand slid between them and cupped her ass possessively. At that moment she was shore. He held her as if she belonged to him and him alone. He was her master.

Her breath released in a shutter, “get my bag, the blue one.” He told her. And giving her bum a little pat before she gained her composure and got his bag.

He walked her away from the baggage claim, towards the main parking garage elevator. When they were alone on the elevator he reached over and pushed the stop button. She held her breath as he turned to her. He let his gaze wander her body. His eyes ate up every inch of her. Then he Starzbet Giriş took off the glasses and caught her eye. “Well?” He asked. “What are you thinking?”

She couldn’t find the way to speak. “Come on, now.” He demanded, “We’ve always been so honest with each other in the past, Lynn. Tell me what’s on your mind?”

“I…” She gulped and tried again, “I’m nervous” she let out a little laugh before gaining more courage, “and scared, and light headed, and…”

“and…?” he prompted her.

She paused for a moment. “And horny, aroused, a little wet, I don’t know what I feel.”

He stepped close to her and thrust his groin against her abdomen, “Feel me.” He growled. And she did. He was rock hard, pressing against what little clothing she had left. He rubbed her hard, letting her be fully aware of how much he wanted her.

“Now. How do you feel?”

“I want…” she couldn’t bare to say it.

“Want what?!?”

“I want this.” She said as she pressed back against him. He stepped away instantly and released the stop button. She was breathing heavily as they stepped off of the elevator and into the garage.

With his hand on her back he directed her to a black Mitsubishi and opened the door for her. As she slid in he caressed his hand over her ass. When she was seated he moved into her side of the car and placed her seatbelt on her. Inspecting its security he looked her in the eye as he “caressed” her breast. He told her all she needed to know with that look. Her body was his, to touch and play with, and caress as he willed. And the thought of that, the recognition, and pleasure she took in it shone back through her eyes to him.

They drove in silence to the hotel. His hand he placed on her thigh and her caressed it for the whole drive. She looked over at him often, and watched him with wide-eyes wonderment.

“I had a fantasy about you once in this car.” He said. “You gave me the best head I’ve ever gotten.”

She blushed.

“You have beautiful lips.”

“thank you.” She said softly. She looked straight ahead for a moment. Then turned her body toward him. She rubbed her hand over his right leg as he drove and up, further up to his crotch. His cock was clearly outlined in his pants, hard and wanting. She caressed the bulge. “Would you like me to suck your dick?” She asked in what she hopped was a sultry voice.

“It would please me very much.”

He’d deliberately chosen his words. She had told him that all she wanted was to please him. Starzbet Güncel Giriş Now was her first chance. She made quick work of his button and zipper, quick despite the shaking of her hands. She pulled out his magnificent cock. A throbbing hard dick that she’d seen countless times on her computer screen, every time she had wondered what it tasted like. She’d thought about how she would please such a huge beast as his. He watched the awe that crossed her face as she finally revealed his cock, which had been hard since he’d gotten on the plane.

He’d bought the ticket for her. He was headed back home from a business meeting. However, his wife thought he was still on said business trip. He’d booked Lynn for his change-over flight knowing she would not be looking for him on the plane. He’d have time to observe her. Her growing excitement, trepidation, and arousal had all been present. She’d looked repeatedly through a binder, when he finally got a good look at it he realized it was their e-mails printed out. She was reading them, and from her flushed face clearly getting aroused. He thought he might have to take her in the bathroom, but they’d landed.

And now the cool air of the car was brushing his cock. Her hands explored it. Learned the texture, seemed to lovingly caress every inch of his swollen shaft. He glanced down as she bent her beautiful brunette head. Luckily they were at a traffic light when her lips first caressed him. A light scan that made him groan. That seemed to encourage her as she took him full in the mouth, causing his groan to draw out. His hand went to her head and tugged on her braid. She began to pull up and ask what was wrong but he merely pressed the back of her head, “Don’t stop.”

Lynn was amazed at her master’s response, and empowered by it. She took him into her hot wet mouth and caressed him in every way she knew how. Tongue, lips, saliva, all were tools in her arsenal.

The car eased to a stop but she kept sucking, his moaning became apparent, and then she realized the car was in fact off. He’d pulled over to take full pleasure in her mouth, and she gave him just that. Finally his hand pressed down on her as he pumped his load deep into her mouth. She gagged lightly but got most of it down. Then he lifted her head and looked at her.

His beautiful cum slave had his man-juice dribbling down her chin. “You are such a good whore.” She smiled up at him. She reached up to wipe away the delicious sperm. “wait.” He told her before reaching to the glove compartment. He pulled out a digital camera and snapped her picture.

He looked at the viewer and smiled. “Mmmm the first time I came in my dirty slut’s mouth.” Then he glanced up at her, “And there will be plenty more of these once we get to the hotel.”

-To Be Continued

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