Magic Panties Ch. 05


Sorry for the delay on this one, there were some issues with a breakup, moving and having to find a new job, here’s part 5! One more part to cum!

This story is a work of fiction, all characters are fictional and obviously the events are fake. You may reprint this as needed, just give credit to the author. If any differences occur between continuity, accept the one you like better as truth, and enjoy!

Another recap? You damn kids love these, don’t you? Got your cocks in your hands yet? You don’t? Well then, you better change that! So my name is Rachel, it was Roy at some point in my life, but since the changes began, I’ve decided Rachel is a better fit. So, I have this magic pair of panties, I don’t know where they came from, but when a pair of panties mysteriously show up at your home, you try them on, am I right? Anyway, since then, my body and desires started to act weird, I began to desire big cocks and I’ve been craving mouthfuls of cum, which is odd because I thought I was straight. Then I met another chick in the same situation, named Michelle who helped me go through the physical changes, but she left and I’m left alone on my last weekend of my vacation from work. Well, not so much alone, tonight I’m meeting a couple for my first threesome, I’m excited!

I stood there in front of my mirror, completely naked. My tall slender body was offset by the delicious hips and large D-cup sized breasts. The only thing that really stood out (and up) was my erect cock. I stroked it playfully, but it wasn’t time to play. I noticed that still no hair grew anywhere on my body besides my long brunette hair and the trimmed heart shape bush above my crotch.

I hoped Karen and her boyfriend would like what they see, I’m wondering how cool he’ll be with my dick. I was nervous, but excited at the same time. I called Karen, and I had an hour, but I still didn’t know what to wear. I looked through my new wardrobe and found a frilly red bra and matching panties, I found a corset and black panties, or should I go without either? I finally decided to go simple for tonight, I’m not sure what the couples into, So I put on the black and red frilly bra and panties, and the lacey red and black panties. Over it, I found a short black miniskirt, a black tank top that revealed my sexy belly and luscious cleavage. My breasts looked like they wanted to burst out of the tight bonding. I put on these thigh high sexy boots that I had purchased online awhile back, and a long black coat.

I tied my long brown hair back into a long straight ponytail, and applied eye liner and dark red lipstick. I made a kissy face at myself, stepped back and admired myself in the mirror. I could feel my cock pulsate in the panties, it wanted to be freed and played with. I felt narcissistic for loving myself so much, but with a body like this, who wouldn’t?

They lived not too far from me, in a small ranch home. I walked slowly in my boots, feeling sexy, as I approached the front door. I fixed any creases in my outfit, took a deep breath, and rang the doorbell. I could hear someone rushing down, and then the door opened to reveal Karen there. Her black hair looked wet and she was wrapped in a towel.

“Rachel! Hi! I’m glad you made it!” She wrapped her arms around me with a big hug.

I hugged her tightly, “Of course I made it!” I looked her up and down and was amazed at how sexy she was. “Did I come too early?” I asked.

She laughed, “Just in time, did you bring your bathing suit?”

“Uhm,” I was nervous now, “I didn’t, you didn’t say to.”

She laughed, “Oh silly me, I must have forgotten.” She looked me up and down and licked her lips, “Looks like you’ll have to go in naked!” She said pulling my arm and leading me through the small house to the back deck. Out there was a hot tub on a deck and in it was a big black man chilling out.

“Rachel, this is my boyfriend, Andrew.”

“Hi,” I said nervously, hoping that Karen told him about me.

“Well, well, well aren’t you a sexy piece, turn around for me,” he motioned with his fingers for me to spin around.

I took istanbul escort off my coat and placed it on a chair and spun around for him.

“Baby, you are sexy!” he spoke in his deep voice. “Karen, you didn’t tell me she was this sexy, and I hear she’s full of surprises!”

“Oh, she’s got a big surprise,” she said as she grabbed my semi-erect dick through my skirt. “Rach, why don’t you slip out of these clothes and join us in the hot tub. I’ll go get you a drink.” She spoke as she walked away.

“Lemme see that gorgeous body of yours,” Andrew cooed.

“Heehee, alright.” I was nervous, but I unzipped my boots and placed them in the corner of the deck, then I took off my tank top, and noticed my nipples were sticking out from the bra.

“Damn girl!” He yelled.

I was flattered, and could feel my cock swell at the thought of hands caressing my breasts. I slipped out of the miniskirt next, and then twirled around to show my body off. Andrew cooed and called at me as I did. His attention made me feel so sexy, I couldn’t wait to get in that hot tub with him. Next I unclasped the bra, bent over so he got a good look of the cleavage as I slipped out of the bra. I could tell he was enjoying himself, as one of his hands disappeared under the water.

“Baby, you better hurry up, I’m getting anxious!”

I slipped out of the panties, slowly, and then kicked them off and did a naked twirl for my voyeur. As I spun, I noticed Karen there, completed naked and staring at me. Her breasts looked wonderful with the moisture from the hot tub still on them. She had a tall fruity drink in her hand and walked towards me with it. As I took the drink, she wrapped her arms around me and snogged me. I felt her tongue push into my lips as I opened my mouth to accept it. I twirled my tongue around hers as we kissed and snogged while Andrew called at us.

“Oh, you gals just teasing me, don’t you keep her all to yourself!”

She smiled and grabbed my cock as she led me over to the hot tub. Her hand felt so good as she rubbed it over my stiff member, I could cum from her hand alone.

“That’s the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen,” Andrew said.

“I’m very much a woman,” I replied as I stepped into the hot tub. The hot water felt good against my skin, I sat down next to Andrew as Karen moved to the other side of him. His big arms wrapped tightly over my shoulder and started to rub and massage one of my breasts. I learned in and began to kiss his neck as he kissed Karen. He rubbed my breasts harder as I kissed and bit his neck.

He turned towards me and we locked lips. I felt his tongue push into my mouth, and allowed mine to twirl around his. As our lips locked, I ran my one hand up his thigh until coming to his swollen member. His dick was huge, I could barely wrap my fingers around it as I stroked up and down the big black cock.

He pulled his mouth back, “You don’t fool around, do you!” He said as I stroked him harder. “Damn!”

I chuckled before pushing my lips back up against his. I could not believe how warm and stiff his dick was. I couldn’t wait to have it inside of me. I felt another pair of hands on me, and opened my eyes to see that Karen had moved next to me. Her hands reached around me and grabbed my breasts and traced down until one of them quenched my stiff cock. She kissed my shoulders as she began to stroke me.

I kept my lips locked on Andrew as I stroked his member. Karen’s hands felt warm and erotic as they worked up my member. Andrew pulled back and then stood up in the hot tub. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. It must have been ten inches long! It was the biggest one I’d ever seen, and I wanted it. He sat on the edge of the hot tub, and his cock glistened in the moonlight. I grabbed it slowly with my hand and admired the long dark shaft. The veins pulsated, the head responded to each touch, and there was pre-cum forming at the tip.

I couldn’t resist and longer, I leaned in and licked the tip nabbing up the pre-cum with my tongue. I kissed the head, and then all the way down the underside of the shaft, escort bayan as my hand rubbed the top. He moaned pleasantly as I began to work my lips around his dick. I could feel Karen still rubbing my cock and kissing my shoulders, I felt absolute bliss as I began to bob my head up and down his massive shaft. It felt so warm, and it filled my mouth right up. I couldn’t even get halfway down the long shaft, but I tried and tried. I rubbed the shaft with my hand as I focused my mouth on the head.

He pulled out the hair tie, allowing my long hair to flow down over Karen, as she moved over to kissing my neck while still rubbing my cock. I started to bob faster and faster up his shaft, and then slowed suddenly, and locked eyes as I licked up and down his shaft. He was losing it, I could tell he couldn’t last much longer. I felt his grip tighten on my head, and I began to bob faster and faster up and down his shaft until I felt his body twitch and warm hot cum filled my mouth. He pulled his cock out quickly and fired load after load all over my face and chest. I swallowed what I could of his delicious cum. I couldn’t believe how much cum shot out. Karen got up and started to lick the cum off my chest and wiped some off my face and fed it to me as I licked up and down her fingers. I was rock hard now. She motioned for me to stand up, and I did as commanded, she leaned down over the side, rubbing her ass against my pelvis.

“I can’t take it any longer, Fuck me Rachel! Fuck me!”

I had not had sex with a woman in so long, but I couldn’t refuse, I bent her down further and slipped my hard dick right into her moist pussy. She must have been use to Andrew’s massive cock, because even my larger than average dick went in without question. She moaned loudly and began to scream as I thrust deeper and deeper into her vagina, She was so wet, I slid right in and out. I gripped her hips tightly and smacked her ass a few times as I drilled in and out, in and out. She was moaning and screaming as she came. She wanted more though, and I had more to give as I fucked her harder and harder.

Andrew just sat back and enjoyed the show. He was getting a kick out of watching his baby getting it from another chick, but who wouldn’t? I couldn’t hold back much longer though, I leaned forward and tried to rub her breasts as I fucked her, and she started to scream louder and louder.

“I’m cumming!” she yelled, “Fuck me harder!”

I began to pull me dick out all the way and slam it back into her tight pussy. She was moaning and yelling, then she said the words and I lost it. “Cum in me, Fill me with your cum!” and I came. I came so hard. I pulled out as she stood up and turned around and locked lips with me. We kissed passionately and furiously, tongues intertwined, and hands rubbing tits, and moaning. Finally, we let go, smiled, laughed and fell back into the hot tub.

“Damn Karen, this was the best gift you’ve brought home yet!” Andrew said.

“I’m happy I could help,” I said.

Karen was out of breath, but managed: “I’m glad you like her, baby.”

We all sat back down and Andrew wrapped his big arms around the two of us. They started to tell me of their sexploits and antics. They were an adventurous couple, and though Andrew wasn’t a fan of men, Karen was Bi, and when she saw me, she knew she could get another cock in her without making Andrew jealous. He was pleased because besides the cock, I was a chick.

Finally, they asked the question about why I became a cross dresser in the first place. I told them about the panties I found and all of the changes in the last two weeks. I don’t think they bought any of it, but they tried. After another hour in the hot tub, we moved inside. I put my panties and tank top back on, but left the rest of the clothes in a pile. We all sat down on the couch again, I moved closer to Andrew’s big arms, and felt my breast brush up against them, and I noticed his cock began to twitch back to life. This night wasn’t over yet.

I began to rub his cock as it got harder and harder within my hands. It felt so soft, even as it Kadıköy escort hardened. I couldn’t believe how much just touching another cock got me hard. You’d never guess I’d be so crazy for cock if you knew me before the change. I leanred down and wrapped my lips around the head and worked my tongue over his tip. He was loving it, he started to moan as he placed his hand on my head and pushed me further down his massive shaft. I could feel it passing deeper and deeper into my throat, my gag reflex almost nonexistent now. I felt Karen begin to rub my back and felt her fingers slide down to my ass and began to massage my hole.

This just drove me to suck on Andrew’s dick harder as I bobbed up and down I felt Karen began to stick lubed up fingers deep inside of me. I wanted to moan and shout in pleasure, but the dick in my mouth left it just mumbles. Finally, when I felt four of Karen’s fingers in my ass, I pulled my head of Andrew’s Dick and climbed on top of him. He began to kiss my breasts and stomach as Igrabbed his stiff cock and placed it against my lubed up ass, and slowly began to work it in.

It didn’t matter how much lube or prep we did, that thing hurt as it went in. I felt my ass stretch as far as it’s ever been, but I managed to get the head past, grinding my teeth the entire way. I slowly relaxed my ass as I pushed it in, inch by inch. When it had gone in enough, I began to move myself up and down on it, I could feel it rub against every inch of my inside, and I moaned at how pleasureable it felt. After a few thrusts, we switched positions to an easier one, I got on all fours on the couch, and he got behind me and began to push his stiff cock back inside of me. It went in a bit easier this time, but wow was this thing massive. He began to push it in and out, going deeper each thrust.

As he began to work up some speed, I rocked back and forth, pushing my ass more into his crotch, I was getting lost in the ecstacy, when I noticed Karen had climbed in front of me and worked her pussy closer to my face, I began to dive in and started licking around her lips until I find the stiff little clit. I worked my tongue over that as Andrew worked his way deeper into my ass. Every thrust in, thrusted me into Karen’s delicious pussy. I felt her juices drip down my lip, her moaning was intoxicating as Andrew thrusted deeper and deeper, slapping my asses ever few thrust causing me to work deeper into Karen’s pussy.

I felt her hand push my head deeper in as I worked my active tongue around. She pushed me deepr and deeper and I could feel her yells tense as she came hard. Her shouting excited Andrew more as he began to pound into me harder and harder. I felt Karen release her hand and I gasped in pleasure as Andrew’s thrust reached a new limit. Karen began to wiggle herself under me until her face was a lighned with me. I felt her reach under and grab my dick and began to push it inside of her.

I didn’t even have to thrust, Andrew thrusted into me, causing me to thrust into Karen, I was sandwiched between a sexy woman and a big black man. I felt absolute joy at all the pleasure surrounding me, I couldn’t hold it in any longer, “I’m-I’m-I’m going to cum!” I moaned.

Karen’s pussy tightened on my dick as she too began to work towards orgasm, Andrew began to thrust even harder and finally I felt his legs wobble, and knew he was about to unload his seed deep within my bowels. In one moment, the three of us came, I ejaculated wave after wave ,as my ass was filled deeply with cum, and Karen, Karen was just moaning with such joy, the three of us collapsed to the couch, and stayed there for what seemed like minutes. Finally, Andrew pulled his flaccid member from me, I could feel the cum start to drip its way out, I felt good. Karen climbed out form under me and helped me back up.

“That was wonderful sweetie,” she spoke, gasping for breath.

Andrew came up to me and patted me on the back, “I ain’t had a fuck like except with Karen,” he turned to his girlfriend, “You know how to pick them sweetie.”

I just sat there in joy, “I’m glad I could help, that was just wonderful.” I said.

They helped me find all my clothes, and I gave them all a kiss goodnight before leaving. As I walked back to the car, I could feel his cum still dripping out into my panties. I knew I was going to have to come again when I got home.

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