Making Babies Ch. 02


We packed up and went home early on Sunday. We both felt that our spouses would probably feel better if we showed up by noon instead of 9 pm. On the drive back home, we repeated our agreement that we would only tell Lynn and Brian that we had fulfilled the plan and we would not, under any circumstances reveal any of the details.

As we neared home, my anxiety started to increase. I looked over at Jen and asked, “Are you feeling a little bit nervous about walking in and seeing Brian?”

“Yeah, you know, even though we agreed to do this . . . I still feel like maybe part of him didn’t want me to do it and . . . I wonder if Lynn will feel jealous at all. I mean . . . I wouldn’t want to be in her position and maybe we shouldn’t have asked you guys to agree to all of this.”

“Well, I’ve had those same thoughts, but . . . what’s done is done, we can’t undo it, and . . . making a baby is obviously important for you guys and . . . all four of us are equally responsible for what’s happened.”

I reached over and placed my hand over hers. “We’ll be fine,” I reassured her.

* * *

When we entered the house, Lynn and Brian were in the family room, watching a movie. They paused the movie.

“I’d ask if you guys had a good time this weekend but that would probably be TMI,” Lynn said with a smile. “I’m glad you’re both safe back home.”

“It’s good to be back home,” I said, and I meant it. Jen was a lovely girl and the sex with her had been astronomically good, but I was very much in love with Lynn and nothing could change that.

“Well, I’m gonna get the bags in,” I said. Brian volunteered to help me.

“Dad, I know this is weird beyond belief and . . . I hope it worked, but . . . don’t worry about you and me. I haven’t changed my thoughts on what we’re doing and I know that you still love Mom and that Jen still loves me.”

He held out his hand to shake mine but I moved to put my arm around him and give him a hug. “I hope y’all get a baby out of this!” I said.

As we entered the house and headed for the bedrooms, the girls followed us. Obviously, both wanted alone time with their husbands.

* * *

As soon as I set the suitcases down, Lynn put her arms around me and held on tight. After a few seconds, I realized that she was crying.

“I know that was tough for you,” I began, “but nothing’s changed between us. I’m still in love with the same girl I married 147 years ago!”

She managed a small laugh. “I thought it would be easier with you two not being here but that really didn’t make it any easier. If there’s another time . . .”

“Shh,” I hushed her as I put my finger on her lips. “I love YOU and only you and nothing will ever change that. I’m gonna go to sleep with my arms around you tonight!”

“That’s what I missed so much. If you have to do it again . . . don’t leave me, please!” she pleaded.

“I won’t do anything without your blessing,” I promised.

I took everyone out to dinner that night because I thought it might be less awkward if we were in a public setting rather than being at home where talk could be more intimate.

Monday night, Lynn and I went to bed early and we made love in a way that can only be called “making love.”

* * *

Two weeks later, Jen made an announcement at dinner. “My period started this morning. I’m disappointed but . . ..”

“Let’s talk about it after dinner,” I suggested.

* * *

After dinner, we adjourned to the living room. “Obviously, I’m not pregnant. I have a home pregnancy test but there’s no sense in wasting it,” Jen began.

“Well, you guys just need to try it again,” Brian quickly added, as if his comment would end the discussion.

“Not so quick, Brian. This requires the consent of all four of us and just because we all agreed to do this the last time, that doesn’t mean the answer will be the same this time. So, first, how about you, Jen?”

“I wanna be pregnant and have a baby, a baby conceived in passion instead of a test tube, and a baby that could be Brian’s, so my answer is still yes!” she said, and I suspected that she was making an effort to suppress any hint of excitement in her voice.”

“Lynn, what do you say?” I asked my wife.

“I want Brian and Jen to have a baby and I understand what Jen wants. But you don’t need to go away for the weekend. Last time, I missed going to sleep with you. Listen, I know you two had sex. I’m not thrilled about that but I understand and I’m okay with it, but . . . it really bothered me that I didn’t get to go to sleep with my husband. It doesn’t matter whether it happened in the next room or the next county, so . . . okay, but please don’t go.”

“Brian, are you okay with us staying here and doing it in this house?” I addressed my son.

“Dad, I’m okay with whatever it takes to make a baby for us. Of course, I understand what Mom’s saying. I know you guys did what we asked you to do so it’s not like we’re blaming you for anything, but . . . last time, when you were gone for the weekend, it kinda felt kütahya escort like we had been abandoned, and I know that Mom felt the same way so . . . sure! Stay here.”

“If everybody else agrees, I’ll do it. My only concern is that I don’t want this to cause any problems between any of us.”

“Well, since you raised that issue, Dad . . . I have a request that I want you to consider. Think about what it’s been like for you to be a father. You were there when each of us was conceived – obviously – and you were there when we were born. I’d like to be there when my child is conceived and I’d like to be holding her hand when Jen is being inseminated. She wants this to happen in a moment of passion and you’ve gotta be the one who’s giving her the sperm ‘injection,’ but there’s no reason that I can’t be the one to give her the passionate arousal!” Brian’s request took me by surprise but I had no time to react.

“If everybody else is gonna be there, I don’t wanna be left out!” Lynn added.

“Where the hell is this heading?” I asked. “A family threesome?”

“No,” interrupted Lynn. “If I’m there, it’ll be a foursome!”

“Okay, so a few weeks from now, we’ll all have dinner, maybe drink a margarita or two, get in the hot tub, Brian can remove Jen’s clothes, get her all hot and bothered, and then I’ll stick it in her and give her a blast of sperm while you two watch?”

“I guess I’m okay with that if you are,” Jen quickly stated.

“Obviously, I’m okay with it. It’s my suggestion,” Brian added.

“You’re the one who wants us to be closer,” Lynn said. “How could a family possibly get closer?”

“Y’all are all crazy as hell,” I said, “and it might take three margaritas to get me ready for that. Jen, you’ll need to let us know when to schedule the Adams Family Fuckfest!”

“Well, I can tell you that it will be not this weekend but probably the following weekend. And . . . I do have one request. Everybody’s gonna gather around and watch me and I’m gonna be naked. I understand why you want to be there . . . and of course I’ve gotta be naked, but . . . if I’m gotta be naked, you oughta be naked, too!”

“I can do that,” Brian jumped in with his answer. “How about you, Mom?”

“Well . . . I’d probably feel uneasy but I don’t want to feel left out. I had enough of that the last time, so . . . if it’s gonna be a foursome, give me a few Margaritas and I guess it’ll really be a foursome.”

* * *

It was Thursday, two weeks after we had decided to have an insemination party witnessed by my wife and my son. At dinner, I asked if Brian and Jen had any plans for Friday night.

“No, not yet,” Brian responded. “You got something in mind?”

“I thought maybe I could take off early, stop and get some nice T-bones from the Island Meat Market, and come home and we could cook out around the pool, maybe have a Margarita or two. This is the weekend, right?”

“Yes, absolutely,” Jen chimed in. “I’ve been charting my temperature and tomorrow or Saturday are the days.”

“That sounds like a lovely idea, John. I’ll bake a chocolate cake and make sure we have all the fixings for Margaritas,” Lynn volunteered. I thought it was a totally absurd response to the announcement that I would probably be fucking my daughter-in-law tomorrow night – with an audience cheering us on, no less – but if thinking about a chocolate cake made her more comfortable with the idea . . . then go bake ten chocolate cakes, dear!

* * *

I took off work about 2:00 pm on Friday. I stopped at the meat market and, as usual, Bobby was behind the counter.

“Hey, John Boy! The boss let you go home early today, huh?”

“Yeah, you know . . . seniority has its advantages,” I replied.

“Got plans for the weekend?” he asked.

“Well, I need to get some steaks for a family cookout tonight and . . . I’m not sure what I’ll be getting into after that,” I answered, restraining myself from smiling too much.

I got 4 T-bones and some crabbed-stuffed mushrooms and was soon back en route.

When I arrived home, Brian and Jen were still at work and Lynn was in the shower. I put the steaks in the refrigerator and then changed into some board shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops. I was pulling the gas grill out when Lynn noticed that I was at home. She came out to the pool deck to give me a welcome-home kiss.

“Hi, honey!” she said as she approached. She gave me a hug and a kiss and then said, “Do you think it will be weird tonight?”

“Weird?” I asked with feigned incredulity. “We’re all gonna get naked, we’ll watch our son and daughter-in-law get hot and bothered with foreplay, then I’m gonna stick my dick in her pussy while you’re cheering me on. No, probably not too weird! Why do you ask?”

“Yeah, I guess . . . just thinking about being naked around Brian and Jen is weird for me so it must be a whole lot more weird for you,” she conceded.

“Yeah, but I won’t be watching you boink somebody you’re not married to, so . . . weird for you, too, malatya escort and think about Brian. He’s gonna get naked in front of his parents, fondle his wife until she’s obviously hot and bothered, then watch his daddy fuck his wife, all while his naked mama watches. It’s totally fucking weird, but . . . it’s what they want, so . . ..”

“After watching all of that, I might need some relief,” Lynn advised me. “I don’t know if . . . if you’ll have anything left in you, but maybe you could at least go down on me or finger me ’til I cum.”

“You have my promise on that,” I replied.

I got the grill cleaned and used the blower to clean the pool deck while Lynn went into the kitchen and started the other preparations for dinner. A few minutes later, she returned to deliver a Margarita to me.

“I don’t wanna get three sheets to the wind,” she explained, “but I think I will need a little bit of liquid courage tonight. I’m kinda antsy about getting naked and seeing you do another female, but I’m mainly worried about us and the possibility that . . ..”

I instantly put my finger to her lips to stop her in mid-sentence. “You’re my girl,” I said to her. “Always have been; always will be. If you feel bad about this, we don’t have to do it. Brian and Jen can always go for artificial insemination, even if they use my sperm, but I don’t have any option in my life that doesn’t include you.”

I looked into her eyes, then gave her a tight embrace and kissed her like a man kisses his woman. “Tell me what you want,” I asked in a quiet, almost whispering voice.

“At the end of the night, take me to bed, wrap your arms around me, tell me that you love me, and then we’ll drift off to sleep. That’s what I need,” Lynn said with confident resolve.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” I assured her.

* * *

Brian and Jen arrived home within 10 minutes of each other. They both changed into swim suits and came out to the pool. Jen was wearing the same yellow bikini that I had seen the previous month.

I don’t know if she was wearing the same bikini intentionally or if it was just a coincidence, but as soon as I saw it, I started thinking about our prior romp. And I started getting hard. Fooling around in the hot tub, seeing her walk around naked, having sex and then sleeping together . . . the entire experience had been very flattering to me, and maybe it was best that we not repeat that weekend. I love my wife but the idea of sticking my dick in a young girl’s pussy, cumming inside her, and having my wife’s blessing . . . it was almost surreal.

We have a concrete block and stucco privacy wall around the back yard and none of the neighbors had multi-story homes so anything that happened in our back yard was private. Lynn and I had gone skinny dipping in the pool on many occasions and I’m sure that Brian and Jen had done the same. I suspected that all of us would end up naked in the pool or the hot tub before the day was finished. Seeing each other naked was a concern . . . but we wouldn’t be sharing anything with the neighbors!

Lynn soon appeared with two more Margaritas. Brian and Jen each accepted a drink and started downing it quicker than normal. I suspected that they both knew what would happen later and were trying to get themselves over their own anxieties about the planned events.

Within a few minutes, Lyn returned with the steaks on a platter, ready for the grill.

“Everything else is ready so why don’t you go ahead and grill the steaks. The sooner we get done with dinner . . .,” Lynn didn’t finish her sentence, but she didn’t need to.

“Okay, honey,” I replied.

Lynn brought out the side dishes, set the table by the pool, and the steaks were soon grilled. We all drank another Margarita along with our dinner. We exchanged small talk over the meal and avoid talking about what we were preparing to do.

Jen and Lynn cleared away the dishes and Brian put away the grill. Jen came back out to the pool and Lynn joined us a few minutes later, adorned in a bikini which I had not previously seen.

Brian and Jen were in the pool and they invited us to join them. Though the sun was setting, the day was still warm and I suspected that things would get even hotter before the night was finished.

We engaged in a few minutes of childish frolicking in the pool, releasing some of our nervous tension. As the conversation began to get quiet, Brian put his arms around Jen, pulled her body against his, and kissed her passionately. He reached behind her back and untied her bikini top and then they parted just long enough for him to pull the tiny swatch of yellow cloth away from her body. I caught a brief glimpse of her wonderful little boobs before their bodies were again pulled together.

I saw Lynn watching with her mouth agape, and then she turned towards me with a shocked look on her face. I motioned with my finger for her to come to me and, in her state of surprise, she responded like an obedient puppy.

I stood behind manisa escort her and pulled her body back against mine as we continued to watch Brian engaged in erotic play with Jen. He has his hand in her bikini bottom, apparently massaging her ass while still kissing her passionately. He backed away from Jen just enough so that he could lower his head. He took Jen’s left nipple in his mouth and began to suck like a baby.

As he did that, I placed my hands on Lynn’s bikini-covered boobs and began to fondle and knead her small little tits. I felt her nipples get hard and then I reached over and under her bikini so that my right thumb and index finger could tweak her nipple unimpeded by any fabric. As I did so, I could hear Lynn start to whimper quietly.

While I was paying attention to my wife, Brian was paying attention to his wife. He had his hand in the front of her bikini bottoms and she was responding to the ministrations of his fingers. We could hear her moaning, “Fuck, Brian! That feels so hot! I want you to make me cum!”

Watching this got Lynn even more aroused and she made no pretense of self-consciousness when I put my hand in her bikini bottom and started playing with her clit. The little nubbin got hard as soon as I touched it and I could tell Lynn was getting aroused.

Meanwhile, Brian was pulling Jen’s bikini bottom down and she very willingly stepped out of it. She was now totally naked but the water came to above her waist so we really couldn’t see her pussy or ass. That quickly changed as Brian whispered in her ear and she then pushed up and sat on the edge of the pool.

Any thoughts that Jen might be exiting the pool and pulling away from the family orgy were dispelled when she opened her legs and Brian moved between to start eating her out. Lynn and I were both mesmerized but not so much that it made me forget that I wanted to get Lynn’s top off of her.

I reached up and untied her top and Lynn acted as if me removing her top in the presence of Brian and Jen was the most natural thing in the world. Seeing how easy that was, I pulled down her bikini bottom and Lynn was now totally naked too.

She leaned back and whispered in my ear, “Fair is fair, mister!”

Lynn turned and put her fingers under the waistband of my swim suit and quickly had it down around my ankles. I stepped out of it, grabbed it, and threw it onto the pool deck. The sound of my set suit hitting the deck startled Brian and Jen momentarily. My daughter-in-law challenged him, “You’re the last one, so give it up!” She held out her hand as if she was waiting to collect his contribution to the party.

In moments, he handed his swimsuit to Jen and, finally, we were all naked. Brian returned to licking Jen’s pussy while I fingered Lynn and played with her ass with my other hand. She again whispered to me, “You’re such a naughty boy . . . but don’t stop!”

Lynn was getting closer to cumming but Jen got there first. “Oh, fuck ne, Brian. Eat my pussy! Lick my ass! Damn, that feels good!” Her body was quivering as the waves of her orgasm slowly subsided.

“I don’t need any more warming up,” Jen said in a voice that was intended for all of us. “I love being in the pool but this isn’t the best place to conceive a baby, so . . . can we move into the bedroom?”

“You bet!” I responded.

We all exited the pool, dried ourselves with oversized towels, and went inside. We headed towards the master bedroom and Jen got on the bed without hesitation. She had positioned herself so that she was across the bed with her hips on the edge. I reached into the bedside stand, pulled out some K-Y, got myself lubed, and positioned myself to once again enter my daughter-in-law. I was plenty hard from the sight of Jen’s hairless, petite pussy.

As I plunged into her, she let out a small gasp. She then motioned for Brian to get on the bed with her and she indicated that she wanted him to straddle her head. As soon as he had his knees by her ears, she reached up and pulled his hard dick into her mouth. I had never seen another man receive a blow job and it looked like he was having a fun time with her mouth. She was not bobbing up and down on him but, instead, he was thrusting, fucking her mouth, having his way and sticking his rod as far down her throat as he could. Brian has an average size dick and Jen took in all in.

I felt my nuts getting tight and I was grunting, signaling everyone that I was about to blow my load in my daughter-in-law’s pussy. Jen apparently wanted Brian to cum in her mouth at the same time that I came in her pussy. She started adding some motion to the blow job but that wasn’t enough.

Jen reached down to her pussy to scoop up a little K-Y, then put her hand on Brian’s ass and started pushing her finger into his asshole.

Behind me, I heard Lynn utter, “Holy fuck!” and I started cumming, shooting squirts of my sperm into her young, nubile pussy. Brian’s grunts told me that he was unloading his cum in Jen’s mouth and I could see her swallowing every drop of his creamy fluids.

As soon as I knew that I had stopped injecting Jen with my babymakers, I pulled out of her cute little pussy and lifted her legs up so that she could rest her feet on my shoulders. This position used gravity to give the little swimmers some assistance in making their way to Jen’s waiting egg.

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