Male Man’s Delivery Ch. 04

Alex Coal

Chapter 4: Lou’s new note and no ‘Spin the Throttle’ for her

The sound of a phone woke Jerry up. Shuffling off the bed quietly, he answered it as he walked out of the room. It was Katie calling. She told him Lou’s mom had been trying to get a hold of her. She left two messages for Lou on her cell.

He didn’t seem upset, but it was important Lou return her mom’s calls. Hanging up with Katie, he went and woke up Lou. He sat down next to her and roused her by gently rocking her back and forth.

Not realizing where she was at first, she sat up facing away from Jerry, stretching out, and started rubbing herself, all over! She had an undeniable habit of rubbing her stomach and then her breasts, upwards, then from left to right. Jerry got a thrill out of seeing that.

“Hmm, he thought to himself, should I give her the personal touch? Then he said aloud, Good morning sweetheart, how are you?”

Not realizing, at first, she slept in Jerry’s bed, she quickly covered up. She was still somewhat sleepy and disillusioned. She looked, thought about where she was, and finally smiled at him.

Jerry smiled back, then held her, pulled her forward, and kissed her dried up lips. She finally responded with a full kiss. They gave each other a wonderful morning hug. He tried to make sure it was a pleasurable one. He wanted to feel her breasts that she rubbed when she first woke up, before things broke up for the day, which is how it all seemed to be quickly heading.

“Hey honey, your mom’s been looking for you. It sounded important. Katie called and said she’s been trying to call you on your cell. Maybe you should call your mom?”

Lou answered back, “I don’t have my cell; can I use your phone? Do you have any tea or coffee or even a Pepsi or Mountain Dew?”

“Oh sure, let me go get a Pepsi for you. I’ll be right back”. He brought the phone and a pop. He left the room and five minuets later, he came back; she was ready to leave. She was in the process of writing a note to him.

“Oh hey, my mom called me about work. They need me there. I guess they were calling everyone in. Maybe even you too I bet. I have to go in and help with packaging. Maybe you should check your voice mail too.”

“Nah, I’m not going in. That’s ridiculous. I’ve been in for the last three weekends. I’m taking this one off”, he said.

She asked him, “Even as a manager, don’t you think it’s the right thing to do?”

“Maybe, but I’m not going to fret. That messes up our plans for the day and I wanted to continue what we had going on from last night, don’t you?”

Lou thought about that and said, “Well maybe it does. I think I’m going to see how I feel anyways. I’m going to go home, shower, and go into work. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

They hugged and kissed. He rubbed her ass gently and that brightened her morning up. She giggled at the quick slide over her ass.

“Hehehe thanks Jerry that makes my day”.

After she left, Jerry got in his car right away, drove to work, parked by the side entrance, wrote a secret note, and went inside inconspicuously to the mailroom. He wrote an anonymous note to Lou.

“Lulu, I want you to know that I find you one of the sexiest and sweetest people around here! There are many things I see, which I’d love to point out to you. Sometime, we should go out on a date and get to know each other! See what it is I seem to like about you so much. I hope you think and agree to do that sometime soon. I’m not a stalker, just to let you know and I’m not that bad looking either, so don’t worry about that, okay…LOL… Always adore you from a short distance… xoxoxo… the Male Man.”

He put it in an envelope, shoved it in her mailbox, and snuck out! Not a soul saw Jerry come or go. He was full of himself. He drove home, went in and lay on the couch. Taking off his shoes and slacks, he pulled up a blanket, turned on the TV, and fell asleep for a couple of hours.

Later on, the phone rang. It was Lou. She told Jerry, “I can’t come tonight. My mom didn’t tell me about my dad going to the hospital.”

Lou told Jerry about her dad. She continued to say, “I already told everyone else why I can’t come. I’m going to spend the night up at the hospital with my mom. I’m gonna stay as long as she needs me there.”

Lou was out of the picture now. Jerry wasn’t going to have her company at all. He wanted her around Saturday, but he would have a lot of time to enjoy her company later. She never did say anything about the ‘Male Man’ note to him, although personally she was very curious. She hadn’t put ‘two and two’ together as far as it being Jerry.

It was close to two o’clock in the afternoon and he wasn’t quite ready to wake Ankara bayan escort up yet; his friend Austin called about going to the clubs that night. He wasn’t sure about going since he had plans with Lou’s roomies. That sounded much more lucrative! He said he’d call him back if he wanted to go.

Then an idea came to him. “Hey, I might have something that’s a lot of fun; I think it would be more fun then the clubs and inexpensive too! I think you’d have a riot. Of course, I’m going to have clear it with my friends, but let me call you back. Just think ‘Spin the Throttle’, okay? Keep that in mind.” Jerry let out a devious laugh when he mentioned ‘Spin the Throttle’ to Austin! Austin was silent when Jerry mentioned it.

“What have you been up to Jerr? What’s going on? Have you gotten lucky this weekend? How many girls are involved? Are they nice looking?”

“Yeah Aus, you’ll like them a lot. One’s not going to be there who I want to be there, but I think everyone’s game still and I’ve made up some great ideas, as usual.”

“Damn Jerr, as usual, you’re a dog. That’s why I love hangin’ with ya”.

“Well, don’t get your hopes up. Lou knows you and thinks you’re cool, so if she thinks that, these girls will too. I will talk to them and see if they are interested in one more guy. Nobody else is invited, you understand. I don’t want anyone else. I don’t want this to get out of hand. I don’t want to share any space with anyone, other then you and me, as long as it’s okay with the girls. Is it clear?”

“Yep, yep that’s cool. You have my word, Jerr!”

So they hung up. As soon as they did, Jerry received a call from Lou. “Jerry, my dad’s become real sick, so I know for sure I’m not going to be around. He’s running a fever… and she went on to tell him other details. He didn’t say a word about Austin or anything.

“Ohh man Lou, I’m sorry. I’ll call later, okay.” They talked a little bit longer about work and other stuff. She didn’t even ask about ‘Spin the Throttle’ or if he was going to continue it. He hung up and as soon as he did, there was a knock on his door.

“Man, everything’s nuts around here”, he thought to himself.

It was Katie. She was by herself.

“Hey Katie what’s up? What are you…?”

With a huge smile, she inquired about ‘Spin the Throttle’ of course. “Well Jerry, we were still wondering, as she asked in a playful tone of voice, if we were all gonna finish playing that game. You know the bottle game, hehehe.”

Jerry liked Katie’s look on her face and her giggle as well as what she wore.

“Yeah, I was planning to call you all, said Jerry. You know Lou’s dad is sick. She called me from work. She was heading to see her dad. I guess he’s in the hospital. Her dad has a bad fever. I was just about to hop in the shower and clean up.

An inquisitive look popped up on Katie’s face when he said that he was hopping in the shower.

“What’s that look all about Katie”, as he smiled and began brainstorming about some possibilities between them.

“Well, what’s one more going to hurt, Jerry”, as she laughed.

“Umm, another what, what are you referring to”, Jerry asked.

“Hehehe, Jerrrrrry, as she snorted out a laugh and had a flirtatious tone to her voice, would you like to have company?”

“You’re interested in showering with me?”

“There’s nothing going on right now. The others are hanging out or sleeping”, she said.

“I bet you are looking for something to do huh, Jerry asked. I assume you’re just bored and you and those hands have to be busy, am I right, as he laughed viciously! Well it’s umm, perfectly okay with me! I’m game since you are and again he laughed heartily!”

Katie grew giddy, but still was forward about the chance! She wanted to try to be a little more romantic, sophisticated, and intimate. He’d let her as long as she didn’t go too far. He wondered what would be too far.

He took Katie’s hand and pulled her close to him. They looked at one another for a moment trying to find a connection. He thought he found it. He felt something as he quickly watched and interpreted her movements. He found something that seemed to click within.

They smiled and then kissed! It was passionate and seemed natural! Their lips linked up and each felt an incredible, insatiable energy flowing within. Especially Jerry, he felt it when her hands tugged at him! She tugged and tugged at him. It was hott as well as… it… was… thrilling to him! ‘Spin the Throttle’ hadn’t even started yet!

Walking quickly to the large bathroom, he turned on the water. Her hands caressed over his back while he was leaned forward to adjust the temperature. Then he didn’t feel her hands Escort bayan Ankara other then something hitting the back of his shins.

When he stood up and looked around there was Katie already down to her bra and panties. He didn’t only smile; he gave her a look as if applauding her for a great performance on stage.

He applauded her beauty with a aroused like smile. His eyes went from quickly looking into hers, slowing down as he viewed her fine modest sized boobs, which were only enclosed by a plain white under-wire bra. He examined the remainder of what was left, slowly, while approving of her little plump exterior that leaped its way down over her butt and thighs in a sensational curvy manner!

It was all good and why not, she wanted him and she was willing to step in and enjoy it too while showering with Jerry under the warmth of a relaxing and potentially erotic soothing voyage.

“Would you just like to stare at me while the water runs Jerry or should we step in, so we can enjoy each other’s company”, as she interrupted his starving thoughts.

Then he became hard and she didn’t see that! He already thought to himself, “Slow down and let her bring me there. It finally recoiled into a small pathetic looking wiener! He knew it would be satisfactory in full bloom, so he never worried about that issue.

He took off his t-shirt and Katie approved of that tactic with another giddy smile. He took off his pants, forgetting that he didn’t have his underwear on. Then, she looked down, but quickly glanced back up at his face.

“No underwear Jerry, is that a common practice?” She giggled and giggled.

Katie was more forward then many girls he knew. Obviously or she wouldn’t have invited herself to shower with him.

Jerry replied, “No not normally” as he reached for her bra and undid it without any forewarning! He assumed that since she was willing to be here uninvited, why not go for it. She removed her underwear so they could get on with it all.

“Shall we step inside Katie?” Jerry stretched out his arm and pointed towards the entrance of the shower, allowing her to step in first. When she stepped in, she turned her head around to look at him. There was a cute twinkle, which materialized in her eyes.

They stepped under the warmth of the spray. It was exhilarating for her. They stood there enjoying the feel of the spray at first. The water cascaded down over her shoulders as she watched Jerry. He held her hands. Then he rubbed her arms. She kept looking down at his dick. She ran her hands over his chest making circles over it. They both smiled as she did that.

“You have such a cute little peter, did you know that? It’s so cute when its small like that.”

Finally, he stepped behind her so the water could hit her frontal area and especially so he could caress her breasts. As he caressed them, he’d squeeze her tits in a soft manner. She didn’t move. He couldn’t see what her expressions were on her face! She lifted her head upwards. She reached back behind her and grabbed his hips. She pulled him against her backside. His limp Beaver-Buster pressed up against her ass.

When that happened, he felt a strong twinge pulsate in his mechanism. It was aroused. He was aroused. He wanted to do something at that point! He felt an urge to slide it in between her ass cheeks… and not just a little!

She felt the growth of his mate. “Mmmm Jerry, I like how your chum feels on my butt. It’s exciting”, as she pushed backwards into his ‘back-hoe’. He loved the feel of her smooth ass against his penis. He directed his cock, manually and since it was much harder, with his hand inside of her cheeks a little bit.

“Mmmm, that’s nice, he said, mmmmm… mmmm! What a nice sweet feeling pear you have.”

“I sure like it Katie. I like your valentine shaped ass. It’s loveable, sexy, and even succulent! To me Katie, your valentine is captivating! It’s such a sexy and erotic plot of land!”

“No it isn’t, Jerry; no it really isn’t, but thanks for saying so anyways!”

“Oh heck yes it is Katie. Let me show you how much I believe what I said is true” and he got down on his knees and kissed it for her! First, he did that, and then he licked it! She jumped a little when he did that. She liked what he did! She liked it when he kissed and licked her two-sided pillow. She liked it a lot! Her heart raced as if it was a horse in the Kentucky Derby!

He stood up and she turned around and kissed him when he did. She guided his head, at that point, into her tits. She didn’t say anything; she just led his head to her tits and hoped he would do the right thing!

He sucked her boobs all over. He licked her nipples, but they were already Bayan escort Ankara hard! He didn’t think she cared; she just wanted something erotic to occur. That was at least one thing. She kept her hands on his head as he continued to kiss, lick and suck her tits and nipples.

Jerry did only that for a while and then he took her hand and placed it on his cock, which was became slightly enlarged. Once she felt that, she took some cream rinse and poured it into the palm of her hand. Sliding her hand over his cock, she quickly slid it back and forth. He made pleasurable sounds letting her know he approved! Jerry looked at her with an appreciative grin to say the least!

Katie and he touched each one another in a variety of spots. He touched her boobs and then her tummy. She’d touch his chest and reach in to suck on his softer pecs. She’d tease is nipples next, which hardly anyone ever did to him!

When she did that, he got hard as a rock! She felt Jerry’s growth as she cranked at his cock in slow motion. She did it all so perfectly!

She continued casually to stroke his more lively cock, but slowly. The warm water persisted as it flowed out of the showerhead, which was fortunate in that respect. He didn’t want to cum yet. He didn’t even want to talk. He only watched her and enjoyed the feeling as she clutched his hardened shaft and polished her way up and back down.

Everything that happened was natural. It all flowed as if they were long time lovers. Finally, he went down on his knees. He positioned himself underneath her hairier pussy. Katie didn’t shave herself completely. Jerry didn’t care about that at all; he just wanted pussy. He wanted to taste Katie’s twat!

Katie spread her legs apart willingly and an excited smile adorned her face just before he dug in with his tongue. She bent down far enough so it was easier on him. The feeling of her soft and wet pubic hairs in his mouth made him even hornier! The feeling of her soft and warm layers against his tongue and his mouth made him completely ready to blow it wherever she wanted.

Jerry behaved as if it was beautiful, especially the feeling of her vaginal walls. They were all warm and willing to him. She was soft and sensuous! She was awesome to him! She was amazing he told her later! This was the best afternoon, for a Saturday, any guy could ever have, he thought!

Every so often, she would jump and he knew he was bringing her closer. He knew she was coming closer to that orgasm! Then he wondered, “Do I want this? Should I make her orgasm? Should I wait until tonight? Shouldn’t I preserve all of this?”

“Yeah, tonight when we all play ‘Spin the Throttle’, I can’t do this”, so he decided to stop muffing Katie.

“What’s going on Jerry, are you alright”, she asked. She sat down and switched the shower over to filling up the tub with warm water.

“I was thinking Katie don’t we want to… umm, save our selves, so to speak, for tonight?”

“Hehehe, she laughed. Nahhh, go ahead, please. I am enjoying this so much. I love the feeling. I love how you make me feel all over Jerry. I love the way your tongue feels inside of me.” Then she grabbed his hand and placed it up against the blossoming vegetation. “Please touch me, turn me on, make me wetter, and make me orgasm Jerry. I’m horny and I wanna suck you off too Jerry. Oh this is so hott!”

When she said it that way, he wanted to slam her big time. He didn’t want just to do her as if a guy picks up a girl and disrespects her while at a bar.

No, he wanted to be respectful as hell! He wanted to do as she wished and have pleasurable sex in which she cried out, “Oh yes, ohh yess, that’s right, fuck me, make explode! Your so good Jerry, so, so good baby! Make me cum, make me orgasm baby! Oh yess, I love you bangin’ me, oh yess!” He wanted something like that.

“What’s later, Katie asked, ohh you mean continuing our game?”

“Yeah, sure if you guys are still willing, I want to. Also I wanted to know if you would open the invitation up for one more guy.”

“What guy Jerry? Is he a good guy? He isn’t some slime is he?”

“Oh no Katie, he’s a great guy.”

“Then okay, sounds fun to me. Damn Jerry, I was looking forward to sucking you off and visa versa. Umm, would you care to maybe go out with me and umm… see what happens between us? Would you maybe?”

“Hey Katie, I think you’re pretty damn cool. Yeah I’d like that a lot. But I like Lou a lot too, is that clear? You know what I mean by that, right?”

“Hehehe, ohhh yeahhhh, I don’t have any problem sharing your body…or mine, okay?”

They kissed after sitting in the tub, it had to be about 5:00 and they got out, she dried off, and walked back home. She called him on her way back and when he answered she said, “I’m going to suck you off good and real soon! I do want a part of you badly Jerry, hehehe!”

He called Austin and told him to get his ass over to his place after he hung up with Katie.

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