Marie Gets Busted


“Honestly,” I said to the man who had stopped me after I left the drug store, and as I looked around the parking lot of the strip mall I was grateful that at least there weren’t many people around to witness this new low in a life that had been spiraling downward for a few months. “I don’t know what I was thinking. It was a senior moment or something.”

“How old are you lady?” the man asked as he held the Dove deodorant he had pulled out of my pocketbook.

“59”, I admitted.

“Then you aren’t a senior,” He said. “Let’s go back in the store. Easier for you and me both if you walk nice and calmly, but if I have to drag you I will.”

I went. I was pissed off but mostly at myself because I was wrong. I don’t even remember putting the thing in my pocketbook, but I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. I paid for the lipstick but forgot about the deodorant until I got collared in the parking lot.

The walk of shame was a long one and I’m sure my face was as red as it felt as I followed the security man through the store and into the back room, where he ushered me into a sparsely furnished office and locked the door behind him.

“Look, can I just pay for it?” I asked, trying to walk the thin line between asking and begging. “It was a mistake. Why would I pay for a $9 lipstick and steal a $3 deodorant?”

“Good question. You’re the thief so why don’t you tell me? You kleptomaniacs are something else,” the man said.

“I’m not – sorry – what’s your name sir?”


“Thank you. Tom, I’m not a thief. I swear. I stole a package of cupcakes from a store when I was 10. That’s it. I’m a respected member of the community,” I assured him.

“Drivers license please. What else did you steal?”

“Nothing. I didn’t even steal that, at least not on purpose. You don’t understand. I’ve had a rough couple of months,” I pleaded as I handed him my license.

“And it just got rougher,” Tom informed me as he looked over my I.D. at me. “Marie.”


“We can handle this here or call the police,” Tom informed me. “Your choice.”

“Of course I’d rather take care of it here,” I said as I fumbled through my wallet and pulled out some bills. “Here, this is for the merchandise and this – these are for you. For your trouble.”

Tom sneered at my offering of 3 singles in my left hand and $37 in various rumpled denominations I clutched in my right.

“It’s all I have on me,” I told him.

“What do you think I am, a whore?” he replied. “And a low-rent one at that. No, that won’t cut it.”

“Then what?”

“Your pocketbook,” Tom said curtly. “Dump it out on the table.”

I did as he asked, mumbling as the contents poured out of the bag, and as I looked at the mess I wished I had cleaned it out.

This Tom guy went through all of the stuff, looking at the various items that were spread around, looking for more stolen goods that weren’t there. He even asked me if I had stolen a roll of life-savers that was almost half gone.

“What’s this?” Tom asked as he fished inside of my pocketbook and found something tucked in the inside pocket.

“Nothing,” I said as I grabbed for it, but that effort was neither appreciated or effective.

“You make one more move like that and I’ll put the cuffs on you,” he warned.

“Cuffs?” I said. Are you serious?”

A few seconds later after Tom had fished the cuffs out of his pocket and waved them in my face I shut up and watched as my humiliation only got worse.

“What the hell is this…” Tom mumbled as he unfolded the papers.

“It’s nothing,” I said. “It’s just something somebody gave me to read.”

“Marie Provost,” Tom said as he started to read. “Is that you? Your I.D. has a different last name.”

“It’s not me,” I lied.

“What is this? Porn?” Tom asked. “Back to the Farmer’s Market.”

“Please don’t,” I mumbled as he began to read the story out loud, but although she stopped reading out loud he didn’t stop reading, just pausing to grin over at me and then shifting things around in his pants as he got to the end.

“You dig black guys, huh Marie?” Tom said as he leered at me. “You don’t look like a coal burner.”

“It’s not…”

“This is you lady. You fit the bill of the slut in this story. You do look a little like that Brady Mom. Can’t picture her going down on brothers though. You like the big black dicks?”

“It’s just a story,” I whined. “I never did anything like that.”

“Whatever. Okay, what else have you got hidden on you?”

“Hidden? Nothing.”

“Like I’m going to believe a thief? Let’s get those clothes off.”

“I will not.”

“Then pick up that phone over there and call the police,” Tom sneered. “They’ll strip you down at the station.”

“But – can’t you have a woman do this? The cashier?”

“Oh, you got your eye on that redhead huh?” Tom said. “Go both ways?”


“Let’s go then. The faster you get done the better,” Tom said, and as he crossed his arms over his burly chest he started tapping his fingers on his elbows. “I’m waiting.”

My Ankara escort hands were shaking as I unbuttoned my blouse, something I can usually do a lot faster when I’m not a nervous wreck, but I managed and after I pulled it off my shoulders I shook it out.


“The slacks,” Tom said, and when I started to protest he gave me a look that got me kicking off my shoes fast, unbuttoning and dropping the slacks down before stepping out of them. “And the socks. You kleptos stick stuff everywhere.”

At that point I knew where this was headed although there was always the chance that I could just be having a scare put into me, but that wasn’t to be.

“The bra.”

“Please,” I begged. “I don’t have anything in there.”

“That’s obvious,” Tom snorted. “Spare the tears too.”

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Tom said. “The job doesn’t pay much but there are fringe benefits. Now let’s get a look at what you give the brothers at the Farmer’s Market. Take the bra off Marie.”

I reached back and unhooked by bra, and after it came loose and slid the harness off of my shoulders. I don’t know what Tom’s reaction was because my eyes were screwed shut while I prayed for this to be over, but he was kind enough not to laugh as my breasts came free from the cups and sagged down.

“That wasn’t so tough, was it?” Tom said after I finally opened my eyes. “Now lift them up. Grab your nipples and lift them up so I can see under them to make sure you don’t have eyeliner or anything under them hangers.”

“Come on,” I mumbled but I did what he asked.

“Pull them up. Higher,” Tom instructed. “That’s it. I’ll bet they used to stick up like that by themselves, huh Marie?”

I didn’t answer as I looked down at my flesh straining as a result of my pulling, and part of that was the sensation that I felt from doing this. I was hoping that this man wouldn’t notice the effect this was having on me but he proved he was an very observant man.

“Those are some great nipples you have there Marie,” Tom said after he had me let go of myself. “They really puffed up there.”

“Are we done?” I asked as I crossed my hands across my chest.

“Not even close. Lift your arms.”


“You seem to be trying to hide something. I don’t like the way you keep your arms pinned to your sides,” Tom said as he came over to my side. “Now lift your arms and put your hands behind your head. Without the drama too. You’re pouting like a little kid.”

Reluctantly I did as he asked, and he smirked as he saw I had nothing stuck under my arms.

“You smell nice Marie,” Tom snickered. “The next time you steal something though, steal razors.”

As he said that Tom’s fingers slid under my arm, stroking the little patch of peach fuzz that comes after a few days of not shaving and not caring.

“I wasn’t expecting to be examined like this,” I told him as he kept rubbing the moist hollow.

“Either keep them smooth or let the hair grow,” Tom concluded. “I don’t like the stubble. Keep that in mind in the future when you come back to steal.”

“You think I’m actually going to shop here any more?” I snapped.

“Oh, there’s a threat! You think management will be upset that a thief is going to steal someplace else?” Tom said in a mocking tone.

“I’m not a thief you asshole!” I said, showing that while I might not be as young as I used to be, I still had some fire in me, but that wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

“I don’t like being yelled at,” Tom informed me seconds after he clicked the cuffs on my wrists, leaving me feeling very helpless with my hands behind my head and naked except for my panties.

“I’m sorry,” I said in a unconvincing tone.

“You have the right to remain silent,” Tom said as he came around to face me. “But if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. No one will hear you back here.”


“This looked like fun before, Marie,” Tom said as he grabbed my nipples with his thumbs and index fingers and did what he had me do, lifting my breasts up while I fought to hide my emotions.

“OW!” I moaned as Tom added a little twisting to the motion.


“Does it hurt good or hurt bad though?” Tom asked me, and it was a question I didn’t answer. “Let’s find out.”

Tom let go of my right breast and let his hand slide down past my navel until it was on the front of the panties right over my mound.

“You’re wet Marie,” Tom said as he leaned into my face, so close that I could almost taste the peppermint gum he was chewing. “Not wet. Dripping. You like this don’t you?”

“No. I want to leave.”

“Soon Marie,” he said just before yanking down my panties, and I stepped out of them just as he asked.

“Nice pussy,” Tom said as he look at my dripping bush. “Look at those pussy lips – so plump and juicy.”

“Look, you’ve had your fun,” I pleaded. “My hands are going to sleep. I want to go home.”

“Why, do you have to go home and screw the gardener?” Tom remarked before going back to my nipples, scraping his fingernails on the Ankara escort bayan tender skin and making me shiver in response. “You’re getting even wetter.”

Tom found this out by putting his hand back down between my legs, but this time after stroking the wet fur he stuck a stubby finger in me.

“Damn, that’s a tight pussy you have there Marie,” Tom said as he spun the finger inside me while leaning against me and whispering, “Must not be getting much use lately, or maybe those black dude don’t stretch you out much.”

“I told you,” I managed to choke out as his finger found the spot while he other hand was mauling my tit in a way few women would appreciate. “I don’t do any of that stuff.”

“Isn’t this fun?” Tom asked, and when I didn’t answer he whispered in my ear his idea of fun.

“What do you think I am?” I asked.

“I think you’re a lonely women who’s getting old and not liking it,” Tom said as the hand came our from the rain forest between my legs so he could use both hands to play with my breasts, using the nipples like he was tuning in a radio. “I think you want it – bad. Look at you. Wiggling around like you’re getting eaten by bugs. I’ll bet if I keep playing with your tits you’ll cum right here.”

“Okay,” I gasped. “Look. I’ll…”

“I’m listening,” he commented when I hesitated.

“I’ll suck your cock,” I whispered.

“Now mind you, I’m not making you do this. You’re doing it because you want to,” Tom said as he undid his tie and started to unbutton his shirt. “Right?”

“Yeah – let’s just get this over,” I muttured.

“Hey, that’s no way to approach this. I’m excepting a little more enthusiasm than that,” Tom said as his shirt came off, revealing a barrel chest with a mixture of black and gray hair on it.

“Alright,” I agreed as I watched this middle-aged man taking off his trousers.

He wasn’t a bad looking man, probably 15 years my junior, and if it wasn’t for the situation I would have appreciated his burly but fit body a lot more.

“Now, I know about those black guys and how big their cocks are,” Tom started to say but I stopped him.

“I don’t know any such thing,” I assured him.

“Well, I never had any complaints,” Tom said as he dropped his boxer shorts. “What do you think?”

“Can you take the cuffs off please,” I said as I tried not to look at his cock which was pointing at me. “I can’t feel my fingers.”

“You’re going to be nice to me though, aren’t you Marie?” Tom asked as he approached me and leaned against me as he undid the cuffs. “Because if you take advantage of my good nature I won’t like that.”

“I won’t,” I said as I rubbed my wrists to attempt to get some blood flowing again to my numb fingers.

“You won’t need your hands just yet,” Tom said as I looked at my reflection in the mirror on the wall and cringed, my too-slender body looking less than well in the bright office lighting.

“Let’s get you down there and let’s see what you can do just using your mouth,” Tom instructed me, and as I knelt on the cheap carpet I found myself staring at what I was about to suck.

It had seemed rather ordinary at first, not much longer than the one I had all but worshipped for over three decades, but now I got a different perspective on the twitching circumsized member which was surrounded by reddish brown curls.

Thick, I quickly noticed, and while the head was a bit stunted that glans was the most slender part of the security guards organ. His cock got thicker on the way down, and I could almost see the blood flowing through the prominent vein that made its serpentine way along the pale shaft.

“Enough looking Marie,” I was told as the voice broken my woolgathering. “Open wide – keep your hands away from my cock, although if you want to play with your tits you can.”

So I did what he asked, opening my mouth and leaning forward. His cock jumped around a little, probably done intentionally, so I looked foolish trying to capture his cock with my mouth alone and having it slap my cheek and mouth until I managed to capture the tip between my lips.

“That’s it. Now watch your teeth and let your lips slide down my cock,” Tom said, and he leaned forward to meet me, not stopping until I felt the head graze my throat just as his pubic hair grazed my eyes. “What a cocksucker you are lady! Little further. Get it all.”

“Can’t,” I said after pulling back and choking after falling about an inch short of what he wanted.

“Too big for you?” Tom asked, and after I nodded he told me to say it out loud.

“Your cock – it’s too big,” I finally said although it wasn’t the length but the thickness that blocked the air, and my mouth felt like it was tearing at the corners as well.

“Back to business,” Tom declared, grabbing the stump of his cock and clubbing my forehead with the glans before bringing it back to my lips, but now Tom had my head in his hands and was controlling the tempo and how much cock he moved in and out of my mouth.

Thankfully he seemed content to let my mouth work on the last 4 or 5 inches, Escort Ankara sparing me the last couple inches which were too thick for me to comfortably handle. Despite myself I found myself getting into the rhythm and was soon sucking his cock like I was enjoying it.

That was the problem. I was enjoying this. I hated the humiliation and the rough carpet but I loved letting this guard pretty much skull fuck me. It was a hell of a lot better than having my name in the police blotter in the local paper, I reasoned.

“You can’t leave them tits alone, can you Marie?” I heard Tom say, and then I realized that my hands had gone up to my breasts without even realizing it. “Let’s see how you do licking my nuts.”

The man lifted his thick tool upwards, exposing a modest sized nut sack that was very hairy, and as I ducked under and began licking I learned they they were salty and sweaty as well. My eyes burned as I dutifully lapped his balls a while before moving my tongue up from the top of his nuts and licking the underside of his cock.

“Marie, are you trying to make me cum?” Tom asked as I licked the undercarriage from base to dripping tip. “You going to swallow my cum if I do? Don’t nod – speak.”

“Yes.” I gasped, only to feel Tom’s hands under my arms and being lifted up to my feet.

“I think you know what we want,” Tom said as he lifted me up on the cold gray metal desk.

“I sucked your cock,” I said.

“I know, and you did great. Maybe I’ll let you suck it some more later but right now I’m looking for something else. Now why don’t you lean back a little and spread those legs?”

“Bet I’m not the first idiot here like this,” I said. “The table is just the right height do. You design this?”

“You aren’t getting snippy with me, are you Marie?” Tom asked as he moved between my thighs with his cock in hand, slapping my labia with it as he got close. “You’re right. You aren’t the first and won’t be the last. Lean back so you can see. The table height? No, I’m just lucky I guess. The other security guards are either taller or shorter so they have to adapt.”

“Ooh!” I sighed as I watched Tom put the head of his cock between my labia and slid it up and down the fold. “What is this place, your private fuck club?”

“You’re right. We only let in thieves, Marie,” Tom sneered as he continued to slide his cock up and down the length of my sex, and now he was dabbing my clit on the upstroke while I leaned back on my elbows and watched him have his way.

“You’re liking this too,” Tom chuckled. “You’re a horny little slut aren’t you?”

“Please,” I said though I didn’t know why.

“Nice to see a pussy with some hair on it again,” Tom opined. “Is this as much fun as the Farmers’ Market?”

“Told you – it’s only a story,” I wheezed.

“Maybe the cock-sucking, but what about the other stuff? Letting them look down your blouse and up your skirt?” Tom asked. “You can tell me.”

“Yes,” I grunted as I tried to thrust my pussy so his cock would make more contact with my clit because I was soooo close to cumming.

“Do the guys look?” Tom asked as he kept running the log just inside of me. “Bet they don’t care that you got little tits, do they?”


“What are you shaking for, Marie? Cold?” he asked as he backed up for a second.


“If one of them homeboys ever did want you to go into the woods with them you’d go, wouldn’t you?”

“No – I don’t know,” I said as my ass made a screeching sound as I tried to slide closer to the cock I wanted – wanted despite everything.

“What do you want right now Marie?” Tom taunted me. “Tell me.”

“You know.”

“Say it.”


“Say it,” he chuckled as he moved closer and teased me again with his tool.

I don’t remember what I said. It might have been “fuck me” or maybe it was just babble coming from a deranged woman who couldn’t stand it any more. What I do know is whatever I yelled was accompanied by me sliding off the table and impaling myself with Tom’s cock while jumping into his arms.

Lucky for both of us that I was light and he was strong, because despite my desperate and awkward dive into the lap of a man who was standing up, he caught me while I screamed into his collarbone from being impaled by that thick cock.

It didn’t last long but it was crazy while it did. Tom bounced me on his cock as he leaned back and crouched. As for me, I held on for dear life, wrapping my arms around that furry bear as that orgasm I had been on the brink of having for what seemed like forever arrived.

The bite on his neck was an accident I think, as were the claw marks I left on his shoulders and back. I came so hard I thought I was going to faint, and after I was done I ended up being dropped onto my back on the table again.

Tom said nothing as we stayed coupled even when my back hit the metal. His eyes were glazed much like mine probably had been, but now he was not teasing me with the tip of his cock but instead he was giving it all to me.

He was not slow and gentle but hard and fast. Almost brutally hard, and then he went into another gear. There was thunder in the background – no, not thunder but the sound was the metal table slamming against the wall behind as he pounded into me while holding my thighs far apart.

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