Marie’s Surprise


I was having a really weird week. My wife had been at the beach for 10 days, and whenever she is gone my fantasy life goes crazy. The entire time she’d been gone I had been having these amazingly intricate fantasies about her. One night I dreamed that she and her friends had gone out and found themselves some men, gone back to the condo and had an orgy that lasted until sunrise. Another night, I saw her sucking a huge black cock while he videotaped her performance to show to me later. There was never the same fantasy twice, and they were SO vivid and erotic that I was giving my penis no latitude. I was cranking away on the poor guy with such abandon that my balls were sore from cumming so often, and I felt like I’d severely strained a muscle in my abdomen – but I couldn’t help myself.

I woke up with one particular image almost every morning while she was away. That of her on the balcony of the condo wearing a white, sheer, floor-length robe and 4 inch heels. She was facing away from me, toward the neighboring balconies to the right. Her right foot was on the bottom rail of the railing and her robe was open. Not that it mattered, the sheer material left very little to the imagination anyway. As I stood there in my early-morning fantasy, her hips would move back and her right knee would pivot outward, accentuating her beautiful, round ass. Soon thereafter I would see the fingers of her right hand in silhouette between her legs, gently parting her obviously wet and swollen lips. As her middle finger glided gently into her pussy, and her head leaned back slightly- I could hear a soft moan escape her lips.

In always followed my raging hard-on toward her, hoping to give her a good morning shag on the balcony. And each morning I would notice as I got close enough that there was a man on the balcony one floor down who was watching her very intently.

He was lying back on a chaise that was turned to face our balcony and he was wearing the smallest pair of shorts I think I’ve ever seen on a man. His physique is best described as that of a gymnast. Not overly developed, but very chiseled, lean and muscular. He was very tan… possibly of Mediterranean descent, with dark hair and eyes. And his right hand was resting lightly on his hip, mere inches away from the largest erection I’ve ever seen outside of a movie, which swelled his already tight shorts to their limit and nearly exited the waistband.

The early morning sun was glistening off of Marie’s chestnut brown hair and cutting through the fabric of her robe in a way that only further exhibited the exquisite form of her body. She is a small woman, just under five feet tall, but she carries all the attributes of an Amazon. Her large, full breasts and strong shoulders and legs are not only a tribute to genetics, but to the hours per week she spends practicing Pilates and working out in our home gym.

Each morning, I would decide to hover just behind her where my form or movement wouldn’t distract her new friend, but close enough so that I could clearly see what they were both doing. And each morning, just as she added a second finger to the attention of her tight little pussy and just as he began to open his shorts to remove that monster cock… the fantasy would cut-off like a bad filmstrip from elementary school. So I would create a new ending for myself as I lay in bed, gently stroking my exhausted cock yet again. My favorite was the one where Marie suddenly got a hold of herself when she caught sight of me near the door to the balcony, and thinking that I was just coming out, greeted me with a good morning hug and kiss. Shortly after which she made a bee-line for the shower where I peeked in to see her frantically finger-fucking herself with 3 fingers in her pussy and one in her ass. Upon seeing this, I ran quickly down the single flight of stairs to our neighbor’s condo and quietly invited him upstairs for a “cup of coffee”.

The image of Marie dropping to her knees and engulfing his still-rigid cock with her mouth will stick with me until the day I die. Her hair was still dripping from the shower, her towel a useless heap on the floor. And her hungry murmurs of “..gimme that big fuckin’ dick…” as she stroked it at eye level before opening wide and deep-throating the entire goddamn thing are some of the most sensual images I’ve ever conceived.

Once the vacation was over, Marie returned to me exactly as she had left. Perhaps a few shades darker thanks to her hours in the sun every day, but still the same old Marie. Or so I thought.

Her second night back, I was able to corral her on the back porch and give her a foot massage. After 14 years together, a good foot rub is the only weapon I have for hopefully erasing her stress and pressure enough for her to consider sex. Usually, she’s just too damn concerned about something else. We had our best sex in years that night. I always especially enjoy it when she lets me talk during sex. That means she’s horny and into it. When she tells me to “Shh” during Ankara escort sex, I know it’s the dreaded “obligation sex”. Yuck.

And so it goes. I had a wonderful evening enjoying the wonders of Marie’s exquisite body, new tan lines and all. I figured that was it for happy surprises, but she had one in store for me that even I couldn’t have dreamed up.

About a month after our foot-rub night, I came home from work at around 7:30 in the evening. Marie was nowhere to be found on the ground floor, so I assumed she was either in the basement doing laundry or upstairs in our bedroom. I knew that she would hear me bumping around in the kitchen and would come find me either way. So I grabbed a beer from the fridge and went out onto the back porch to sit down and smoke a cigarette.

I cracked the beer as I sat down and was just bringing the lighter to the tip of my smoke when I heard the distinct creaking of our bedroom door opening and closing. Our room is on the second floor of our Cape Cod style house. Which means the home was built with a “walk-up” attic that has since been converted into living space. It’s great; our bedroom is nearly the size of the entire first floor. This gives us ample square footage for not only our bedroom furniture, but an office and sitting area as well. I figured that she must have been on the computer or something when I got home. I heard her footsteps as she traveled through the kitchen toward the door to the porch. I took the first long drag on my cigarette as I heard the doorknob turn and I looked toward it in anticipation of greeting my beautiful bride.

When the door opened, I was dumbstruck. Marie was wearing an outfit that I had only ever dreamed about, but don’t remember ever telling her I would like to see. Very simply, she was wearing one of my tank-style undershirts and a pair of boy-shorts. On her feet were the same 4″ heels I’d had her wearing in my beach fantasy. She had her long, dark hair done up in pig-tails. I had tried to get her to wear her hair like that before, but she always considered it to be too “schoolgirl”. She must have seen herself in the mirror and realized that she looked “all woman”. My God… I can never remember her looking as sexy as she did right then, and that’s saying something. Marie could be wearing a potato sack, and I’d still get a boner.

She entered the porch very slowly, knowing that I was taking in the swell and rise of her breasts through the thin fabric of the “wife beater”… especially the way her proud nipples made their presence known by just begging to be tweaked, licked and tickled. She then pretended to have forgotten her wine glass, and slowly turned and strutted her gorgeous ass back into the kitchen, knowing full well that I was mesmerized. God, my friends… if you could only see this woman’s ass, it very nearly defies description… but I will try as I continue with my story.

The way those little boy-shorts accentuated the full, strong curves of her ass had made my already swollen cock stiffen to its full size and rigidity. I had no idea what had brought on this sudden seductiveness in Marie, but I surely wasn’t going to complain.

When she returned with her wine, she was still walking quite slowly. She was accentuating every step in the most sensual way. And when she finally reached a spot right in front of me, she just stopped and stood there, feet shoulder-width apart, breasts straining against the tank top, and her gorgeous, tight little pussy framed neatly by the tight fabric of her tiny shorts.

She took a sip of wine and looked pointedly at the bulge in my slacks.

“That can’t be comfortable.” She said with a grin.

“Yeah… it’s not.” I managed, after at first finding no air for my voice.

“Hang on a sec.” She said, again turning and torturing me with the sight of her ass sashaying back into the kitchen. She returned with a pair of surgical scrub pants that I like to wear for sleeping.

Why were they conveniently in the kitchen, rather than in my dresser? No matter… I just wanted to get out of the binding Dockers and boxer briefs that were stifling my erection.

I stood to remove my trousers, but Marie quickly moved in and pushed my hands away from the top button.

“Let me.” She said – that sly grin returning.

So I dropped my hands and allowed her to unfasten my pants and for them to fall to my ankles. She didn’t have any interest in the slacks, anyway. Her gaze was intently focused on the rock-hard cock trying to force its way out of my underwear. She dropped to her knees (uncannily reenacting my morning fantasy) so she was at eye-level with my cock before using both hands to pull the waistband of my underwear out and down so that they wouldn’t get caught on the throbbing member inside.

Once it had sprung free, Marie didn’t touch my dick. She just looked at it. She simply watched as it twitched and throbbed in time with my quickening heartbeat. And then she bunched up the scrubs and laid them on the floor Ankara escort bayan so I could step into them. As she raised them up slowly over my shins, knees, thighs and eventually up to my waist – she never once took her eyes off my cock. It was only as she was tying the drawstring snugly against me that she moved her gaze to look me dead in the eye.

“I have a special treat in store for you tonight.”

I stammered again for a couple of seconds, but finally found my voice: “So I’ve noticed.” I gasped.

“Oh, baby. This isn’t the half of it.” She said. And only at this point did she finally grab my dick firmly in her hand and squeeze it tightly. “I hope this beautiful cock of yours is ready for a double shift.”

And then she stood up, still gently stroking my meat through the scrubs and kissed me in only the way she can. I simply melt when Marie gives me one of her patented kisses, and my knees nearly buckled over that one. When the kiss was over, she leaned back slightly and began to softly caress her left breast through her shirt.

“Looks good, doesn’t it?” She asked with a smirk.

“Unbelievable.” I choked.

“My nipples are SO hard!”

“I can see that.” I murmured.

“Wait til you see how wet my pussy is!” She squeezed my dick again and pressed her tits against my stomach. “Now come on… I want to show you something.”

And with that she released me and walked back into the house. I followed her swaying hips without a moments thought, mesmerized as always by the allure of her amazing ass. Had I thought about it, I probably would have told you that she was finally going to let me watch her play with her dildos. A treat I had often requested and been rejected over every time. I never would have expected the surprise that awaited me upstairs.

She led me to the couch in the sitting area of our oversized bedroom, and I sat down as she indicated I should. She stood before me just like she had down on the porch.

“Are you ready?” She asked.

I nodded.

“Yeah… you’re fuckin’ ready as hell, aren’t you?” She gave my dick another tug. “Sit right there, okay baby?”

I nodded again.

She strutted her fine ass over the door of our closet. Like everything upstairs, it is oversized. And it is also where I knew she kept most of her toys. So I was expecting her to go in to retrieve one of the implements of pleasure that I have paid for but never seen in action.

Imagine my surprise when a human being stepped out of the shadows and into the light. She was also a brunette, perhaps an inch or two taller than Marie, but still quite petite. She was wearing exactly the same outfit as my wife, except that Marie’s shorts were yellow and this girl’s were purple. I later learned (for purposes of writing this account) that her breasts fit a 36C bra in comparison to Marie’s 38D. Her hips were a little less full than Marie’s, but she still has an amazing ass. And it was to this ass that Marie’s right hand immediately went. Her left caressed the right breast, and their mouths entwined in a slow, wet, sultry kiss that seemed to go on for 10 minutes.

“Baby… this is Nikki.” Marie purred when the kiss was over. Their hands never stopped moving across each others bodies.

Again… I just nodded. I was in sensory overload.

“I met Nikki at the beach last month,” She followed this with a tweak of Nikki’s left nipple and a quick nibble on her lip. “but I didn’t meet Nikki first.”

Nikki and Marie shared a sly smile as Nikki broke free and mesmerized me with her ass walking back to the closet door. When she got there, she posed with her hand on the knob like a game show model, obviously waiting for Marie to say the following:

“Go ahead, sweetie. Open it.”

As soon as the door began to swing open, I had an idea of what I was going to see, but I still wasn’t prepared for it. Out of the closet stepped a man who was close enough in appearance to the guy in my dreams to send a shudder through me. He was dressed exactly as I was, in scrub pants and nothing else. He stands about 6′ 2″ and probably weighs in around 180. He sported dark hair, olive skin and a raging hard-on that was pushing his scrubs into a horizontal tent that immediately garnered everyone’s attention. Marie quickly strode from her spot in front of me over to the closet, and Nikki quickly took her place. She stood before me, nipples screaming at me through her tank top. I could almost hear the throbbing of her pussy just from seeing the desire in her eyes. Her gaze shifted from me to the closet and back again… seemingly unsure of where her lust would take her.

Meanwhile, Marie had taken up a position in front of our newest member; with her head on his shoulder and her hand gently petting his enormous dick.

“And this is Marcus.” She said, looking into his eyes. “I met Marcus on the balcony one morning down at the condo.”

I almost fainted.

Before I could react in any way, Marie was tugging on the drawstring Escort Ankara of Marcus’ scrubs and Nikki was flopping down on the couch beside me, pressing her healthy tits against my ribs and gently stroking my thigh.

“They’ve planned this to the ‘T'”. I thought to myself.

Within seconds, Marie had the drawstring undone, and Marcus’ scrubs were a useless heap on the floor. The unleashing of his erection brought a gasp from all of us, and Marie turned to look at me as she gently teased it with her fingernails.

“She’s getting ready to suck his cock.” Nikki whispered to me, sliding her hand closer to my own raging erection. She gently cupped my balls and kissed my neck softly. “Just like you’ve always wanted… right?”

“Uh, huh.” Was all I could say.

Marie squatted like a catcher in front of Marcus, further accentuating her beautiful ass. For a few seconds, she just looked at his cock, mere inches in front of her face. Then she turned to look me dead in the eye, and while holding my gaze directly, she opened her mouth and took his entire cock down her throat in one slow, smooth move. Marcus, Nikki and I groaned our appreciation at the exact same time, and Nikki slid her hand up from my balls onto my dick. She stroked me gently through my scrubs and as Marie worked her mouth up and down on Marcus’ immense prick, Nikki said:

“Oh, honey… he likes that…. You should feel his cock throbbing.” She squeezed me again, gently this time. “Isn’t that right, baby?”

I couldn’t answer at first. I was too stupefied by the image of my wife gorging herself on such a giant cock. As was becoming a theme for the night, I went mono-syllabic:

“Uh, huh.”

Marie was holding his cock firmly at the base and alternatively deep-throating him to the base, and pulling off completely. She was doing this over and over again and moaning her approval the entire time. When he wasn’t in her mouth, she would say things like: “Oh… that’s a BIG fucking dick.” I have no idea how he was able to keep from spewing all over her… but he stayed the course.

After a couple of minutes, she disengaged herself from his manhood and stood up, while still keeping a stern grip on him. It was as though she thought he was going escape her or something. She kept her grip on his cock and walked over to where Nikki and I were sitting on the couch.

“Scoot over, baby.” She said to me. So I moved to my left a couple of feet, still giving Nikki enough room on the couch. “Sit your ass down, right there.” Marie said to Marcus, indicating the spot right next to me.

He did so, and she proceeded to continue the blowjob she’d been giving him. Only now it was right next to me. I could hear every slurp and gag. I could see in detail the saliva from deep in her throat that was clinging to the head of his dick. And I could see the fortitude he was utilizing to maintain his composure during what had to be the most purposeful blowjob he’d ever experienced.

After a few minutes of this, with Nikki continuing to stroke my cock – Marie popped her mouth off of Marcus’ dick and stood up before us all. She slowly removed her shorts- which were soaked through with her juices by this point- to expose her freshly shaved pussy. Again, another group-gasp arose in her honor.

“Are you ready for this, baby?” She asked, as she positioned herself over Marcus’ dick. “I’m gonna ride this big cock right in front of you.”

And that’s just what she did. His hard dick was so wet from her saliva and she was so ready to be fucked, she was able to drive that big dick all the way to the hilt on the first thrust. And I was right there to witness every second of it. After a bit, she slowed down to give us all a show, riding up and down on his dick with exquisite slow-ness. Each time she got to the bottom, she would grind her hips and lean forward- pulling him as deep into her as she could.

At one point, she pulled herself completely off of him, exposing his glistening cock. She ordered me to taste her pussy. Without even thinking, I leaned over and took as much of that giant dick into my throat as I could. I didn’t get nearly as far down as Marie had, but Marcus let out an appreciative groan and both girls said “Fuck, yeah.” – So I must have done it right. It didn’t even occur to me to be uncomfortable… everyone wanted it to happen, and everyone got a rush out of it.

Marie got up to re-straddle Marcus, but before she allowed the penetration she looked toward Nikki who was still dutifully stroking my dick.

“Suck his cock, Nikki.” She said. “I want to watch you deep throat my husbands cock while I ride on yours.”

And that is how I ended up sitting on the couch in my bedroom, getting head from a gorgeous brunette while watching my own gorgeous brunette impale herself on a giant cock.

We alternated tasks for about an hour after that. Occasionally I would jerk off while Marie licked Nikki’s pussy. For a while I licked and fingered Marie’s asshole.

One of my favorite moments involved both girls sucking my cock at the same time. And from time to time, Marie would present Marcus’ dick to me for a taste. The thrill I got from doing it didn’t seem to compare to how much the girls liked it.

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