Mark Loves His Sister! Really!


18-year-old Mark stood at the door of his sister’s pink room and he could smell the sweet scent of strawberry filling his mind. She was on her bed reading some girl magazine and was so alien to him. She was clad in very short shorts and a tiny tight t-shirt. His eyes could not help but enjoyed his view. All of his friends had wet dreams about her. Yeah… he lusted over her older sister too and who would not? Her body was supple and since she used to be a cheerleader, she always looked hot. Her tits were big too and sometimes he would just stare at them when she danced, slept or when they played videogames. That was the reason why Mark consistently lost to his sister. She saw him and she turned off her I-pod.

“What do you want?”

“Susan, can I have them back? Please?”

“You pervert! I’m going to tell mom ’bout those filthy magazines!”

“Oh come on! It’s normal for guys like me!”

“Still…I love making you suffer!”

She stood up and headed toward the door but Mark closed the door behind him and locked it. Susan started pushing her little brother but he did not move. At 6 feet 2 inches, he was towering her 5 feet 5 inches body. She used both hands and pushed his chest again with all her might, still he did not budge. “Oh come one Mark! Move!”

Mark simply pushed her back into the bed and Susan was confused with his action. She then took his magazines from under her bed and threw them at him. They scattered in her room and yet, Mark still did not flinch. He came closer and Susan started to feel the tension building in her bedroom. She moved further up her bed as Mark came and he stopped at the foot of her bed.

“Well…Susan…I am the one who will make you suffer!” His eyes gleamed.

“W…what are you doing?” She asked nervously.

“I don’t know sis.” Meanwhile, his eyes moved from her face to her boobs.

“No…what…what are you thinking!” Susan cried out loud.

He vaulted onto her bed and covered her mouth with his big hand. She wriggled and twisted resisting. Mark used his weight to pin her down. Her soft long brown hair came undone and while in her struggle, Mark managed to lay his left thigh between her legs and used his other free hand to hold her arms. She was trapped. Her tits were meshed between her chest and her brother’s. He was enjoying each second of it.

“If you make a sound, I will hurt you.” She nodded and he let her mouth free.

“Mark…please…let me go! You’re scaring me.”

“Do you want me to fuck you sis?” he asked.


“You heard me. Do you? It’s just that …I want to fuck you.”

“I’m you sister for God’s sake Mark!” She shrieked.

“Sex is sex Susie. I want trabzon escort you more than anyone!”

“Really? Are you sure? Wow…. It never dawned on me.”

“So…can we? I have to taste you pussy Susie…please.” He begged.

Susan felt the bulge of her brother’s hard on. His cock was on her quivering abdomen and her pussy was reacting to his it. Mark sensed it and stood up. He took of his t-shirt and then his jeans. Susan’s could not believe the length and size of her little brother’s cock. She has second thoughts before and it all vanished. His boyfriend could not compete with Mark’s impressive cock. It was nearly 8 inches long.

Mark undressed his big sister on her big bed in her big pink bedroom. He peeled her tight t-shirt from her small petite young body and he savored how her breasts were snuggly contained in her white-laced push up bra. She was nervous and her rapid breathing made those tits quivered and quaked every time she inhaled or exhaled her breath. Her big brown eyes wide with nervousness and trepidation that her brother was about to fuck her pussy in their own home at her own free will. He unclasped the bra and he threw the white bra to his left.

“God Susie…they are marvelous! Can I …?”

She lay on her comfortable bed with her brother straddling her petite young body, she felt helpless as he loomed over her young sexy body. Her lips and throat felt dry. Her little brother sucked her left nipple so hard that she squealed and she arched her body toward his warm lips. “Oh…my god…Mark! Mom could hear me!” she said though ragged breath. His right hand tweaked her left nipple and she bit her lip from screaming. Mark stopped suckling Susan’s tits and said that their mom will not be home until 10 that night. Susan started moaning all she wanted.

He used both hands to squeeze and knead her enormous tits while his mouth lavished her throat with biting and licking. He then turned his focus to her sweet mouth. They kissed feverishly as they suckled each other’s lips. Nipping each other’s tongue and mumbling things that could not be understood. Her small hands grabbed her brother’s ass and dug her nails into them as she drew his cock closer to now drenched pussy that had been straining in her shorts. Mark tore his mouth from Susan and looked between her legs. Her light blue shorts was wet and Mark smiled. He took the shorts off and then her thong of the same color. She was now naked for his eyes and she covered her pussy nervously with her delicate small hands.

“It’s okay Susie. Let me see it…please?” She nervously moved them.

“You are beautiful sis! Trust me.” he whispered into her ear.

He tunceli escort inserted one finger in her soaked pussy and he could feel that she was ready for him. Her juices dripped down his hand and she writhed and trembled as Mark moved his finger in his sister’s cunt. He then held either side of her hip, raised her ass slightly from the bed and with him between her legs, Mark shoved his inflamed cock into her drenched canal.

“You’re so tight Susie!” he said through clenched teeth.

He thrust his cock inside Susan’s love canal and slammed into the walls of her vagina repeatedly. Her sheath enveloped his cock and he was pumping even faster. Susan too raised her hips higher accepting her little brother’s cock. Their abdomens slammed and momentum built up. Susan used her left arm to steady herself while the other arm circled Mark’s neck. She could see how his cock rammed into her each time and she moaned each time her brother’s cock filled her pussy. Her vaginal wall started to convulse and Mark knew that his sexy sis was about to cum. She climaxed and he too climaxed a few moments after that.

Mark lay on his back with his flaccid cock still in her soaked pussy. He loved the feeling of her lying there on top of him with her head on his chest and her legs on either side of him. She was taking a nap and he took pleasure in massaging her back and her ass. His lovely sister! Who would have thought that his dream came true. She did not resist much and she enjoyed their fuck. A smile formed on his face and much later, he too fell into slumber.

His slumber was disrupted by a sensation between his legs. He bobbed his head up squinted his sleepy eyes and caught the sight of his lovely naked sister holding his thighs while engorging on his cock. His cock was already rock-hard from her handling. Her sweet mouth was pleasantly warm and she expertly used her tongue, lips and teeth to give him the best ever blow job that he had ever felt. His hip quivered and buckled into her hot mouth and Mark cum into his sister’s mouth in no time. Susan tried her best to swallow his semen but some trickled down her chin and tits. Afterwards, she licked his cock clean. She then went into the bathroom and she called him.

When he entered her bedroom, she was in the shower and her wet young body soaked with water. They washed each other and Mark made extra effort to clean his sister’s pussy with his tongue and finger. She held the wall of the shower and opened her legs with her brother giving her cunt the loving it needed. He was kneeling in front of her while holding her left leg up so that her pussy was opened for his devouring. He inserted his tongue into her canal and zonguldak escort Mark’s tongue felt the quivering of her vaginal wall. He replaced his tongue with his fingers and Susan buckled on his hand. Before she could climax, Mark stood up, went behind her and asked Susan to raise her right leg and he held it. Mark then plunged his cock from behind taking Susan by surprise. She felt rapture in her vaginal wall as she suddenly realized different angles that Mark took would spark new delicious sensations in her pussy. His left arm circled her waist to give leverage and both were moaning loudly from their delightful fuck. He slammed deep penetrating her pussy continuously moving his hip to increase his pleasure. He knew that he would cum soon. Mark rammed hard into her pussy as he cum and his semen trickled down her shapely legs. They showered and went downstairs.

Disappointed that their mother was home, they went back into their respective bedroom. Mark was restlessly that night in his bed thinking about how delicious his sister pussy was on his cock and the thought stirred his loin. He jerked his cock while imagining he was screwing his hot sister from behind and him cum without a hitch. At 3 o’clock still he could not close his eyes. His bedroom door suddenly opened and Susan entered his room naked and she slowly closed the door behind her. She gave him a faint smile and climbed on his bed.

She was on top of him moving her lovely hip up and down his engorged cock while both his hands pinched, kneaded, twitched and grasped her ample dangling tits. She ground her pussy onto his shaft and he jerked meeting the sensation it produced. Susan covered her mouth with one hand while biting one of her fingers to prevent herself from screaming in pleasure whilst his little brother clenched his teeth. Their fuck seemed endless and suddenly with both hands, Mark finally slammed so hard into his sister’s pussy and they climaxed together in his bed.

After that day, Susan stopped teasing and tormenting her little brother and their mother was impressed. Susan only teased him with her tits, legs, tongue, fingers and pussy. She bumped her tits into his body from time to time. Spread her legs and ran her finger on her clit. She used her feet under the dining table during dinner to caress his cock. When watching the television, she would purposely spill drinks on her tits. Once when he was sending her to a friend’s house, she nibbled his ears and bit his neck until the car nearly got into an accident. Mark did not mind those teasing. That teasing was even better for Mark because he enjoyed punishing his big sister too, as he would fuck her pussy from the front, from behind, the side, not mentioning ramming his cock in her mouth while they are in the shower, in the tub, in front of the fireplace, on the kitchen counter, in the garage, in the basement, on the couch, on the kitchen floor, on their mother’s bed, on the stairs and in the pool. Mark loved his big sister…really…really loved his big sister!

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