Mason Letter 07


Mason Letter 07Dear Figaro, How have you been? It must be really frustrating for you being behind bars while all this shit is going down. I have still not fully processed Myles revelation that Connor believes that Channing could be in the city with Kash. I have tried my best to not think about it too much, just been in my room writing and trying to avoid Theo and Brad, they seem to be steering clear of me as well. I will give it a few days and will venture out of my room to talk with them, I don’t think it will be awkward, I mean we all wanted the three way, I just wish I didn’t always turn to sex to escape my problems. I am still messaging Tommy, I feel bad but the only consolation I have is that we didn’t discuss not fucking other guys. I will bring it up eventually but just not right now, I have enough on my plate. Lockie and I are still not talking, that hurts me so much, I just wish we could go back to the way things were before all this porn stuff, hopefully we can sit down soon enough and hash it all out. Myles has been keeping me updated, I told him all about my past with Channing and Kash, even managed to dig up some old photos of us from back in the day, I’m not sure if it will help but he has passed on the information to Connor. He has promised us that he and his team will up their efforts on trying to nail Kash. I received a phone call from Andrew last night, he wants me to come in to discuss more of my options and to shoot a scene with one of his more popular stars. I think him and Curtis have sorted out any grievances about me not signing the exclusivity contract, so that is one less thing to worry about. I looked up Andrew online, Curtis wasn’t lying when he said that he was a legend in the gay porn world. He was one of the highest paid actors in the early 90’s, appeared in over 250 titles. He seems to have a talent for spotting the next hot thing as seven of his clients have either won best new comer or best actor at the annual porn awards. I felt better about signing with him after I read his bio. I scanned a few old screen shots from his movies, his hair was a lot darker then but his body was as solid as it is now. I could understand his popularity, his cock was long and thick. I left early the next morning for my meeting and shoot at the studio, it would be my first time seeing Sy since he made a drunken pass at me, if he didn’t bring it up I was quite happy to pretend it never happened, I didn’t want any tension at work just as I was starting to make it. Curtis greeted me at his office door, as I somehow managed to be late. “Mason, how are you?” he said jovially.”I’m doing ok thanks, sorry I am late,” I replied, setting down my backpack and taking a seat.”No problem, Andrew is just helping Sy set up the scene and coaching his client, should be a scorching scene. He will be out in a few minutes to talk with you before your shower.”I nodded agreement and poured myself a glass of water.”While I have you to myself, I just wanted to let you know that there is no hard feelings about the contract, I get it’s a business and I am glad that you have agreed to work with “In’DaMan’d”. “”Thanks,” I said, caught off guard, “it is not personal at all.”Andrew walked into the office shortly after Curtis left with his clipboard. “Mason how are you?” he said grasping my hand in a firm handshake. He was dressed casually, white sneakers, grey sweatpants and sweater. “Good thanks, I got your email, sorry I was late.””All good, ok we have lots to discuss but let’s just keep it brief, I have booked in your appointment for the cock mould to be taken in two weeks, we aim to release it in conjunction with the feature film.”I nodded again and took a mouthful of water.”Curtis has laid out the plans for the feature, it will be the biggest stars from the last year filming scenes together on location. It will be a beach vacation themed shoot so we are flying you all down the coast at the end of next week.””Who will be in the movie?” “You obviously, Dylan. O has yet to sign on but he is more or less guaranteed. Sy may pop up in a scene we’re still not sure yet, your co-star today signed on last week, the two guys from the drinks the other night, Knocks and Casey.”I vaguely recalled those two, I had a lot of champagne before they arrived and don’t remember speaking to them, all I know is they had shot a scene together in the Locker room. It wasn’t online yet. I started to get excited about the movie now. The fact that we were being flown down to location was thrilling. “Oh and we are trying to get Lockie to sign on, broaden the range for the site.””What! Lockie will never do it, he told me he is strictly a cam model. He only did the jerk off vid with me because he didn’t know it would be so huge.””Yes, he is playing hard ball but he is coming in for a meeting before the shoot, Curtis is adamant that we get him to sign on, maybe you could help? I know you two are close.””I really don’t think so Andrew.””Mr. Gent when we are at work please Mason, I have a reputation to uphold.” He didn’t say it in a stern way but I had no illusions that he wouldn’t bahis firmaları be happy if I called him Andrew again, and of course Curtis wants Lockie to be in the feature, I felt this was a personal move on his part to get back at me for not signing. I just wondered would Lockie really sign on for a movie just to spite me.”We are not really speaking these days,” I replied, massaging my palms. “I can try and speak to him but I’m not sure if it will do more harm than good.””Thanks Mason, and don’t worry, I am sure Lockie will see that it’s too good an opportunity to turn down.”With that, he sent me on my way to get ready for the scene. I showered quickly but thoroughly, I was just topping in this scene so didn’t have to douche or anything. I was in the middle of my squats when there was a knock at the door. “Mason, it’s Sy, just checking how long more you’re going to be?””Five minutes.””Good, see you on set.”Less than twenty seconds later and the door opened. “I said five minutes.”But it wasn’t Sy, it was Lockie, his eyes were dark as he entered.”Curtis asked me to talk to you before your shoot.” He said not looking at me. I suddenly felt naked, I was bare chested wearing my red short shorts and my white knee high socks. “They seem to think I can convince you to do the feature, why would you even entertain that idea Lockie, you told me you were cam only.””I haven’t decided yet, I am still waiting to see if they will meet my quote, it could be fun doing a movie, free holiday.””Are we even going to talk about our conversation the other night, I haven’t seen you in weeks and all we seem to do lately is argue on the phone.” I said as I pulled on a red vest.”I’m just here to discuss the movie Mas, I am not getting into any other conversations.” He turned towards the door. “I didn’t know any of this was going to happen Lockie, I didn’t ask for any of it, I thought we could support each other like friends are supposed to.””You are not getting it are you!” he said clenching his fists and raising his voice. “I only told Curtis about you to help you out, now you’re the fucking number one star on the site, I barely get a look in.””You told me you didn’t want to shoot anymore scenes, that it fucked with your head too much.” My voice was now matching his.”Yes but now you seem to be doing it full time, you told me if I got you the screen test it would just be a scene here or there. Now you and Dylan are all over the internet and the main stars of the feature, it’s going to be his second scene and your fucking fifth, it’s not fair Mason. I have been doing this shit for nearly a year and you just waltz in and take over.” He yanked open the door. “Fuck sake!” I shouted after him, rubbing my temples. Everything was such a mess.I had another quick shower before I headed back into the office to tell Curtis and Mr. Gent about my conversation with Lockie. I knocked on the door and walked in.”Mason, I’m not sure what you said but it worked, Lockie signed on, we couldn’t be happier,” Mr. Gent said, indicating Curtis who had a superior smirk on his face. “Oh.” was the only response I could muster. “Head on into the studio and get ready for the scene, Curtis and I have a few things to go over before we start.”I could feel a headache coming on Figaro as I sat on the couch, I have never seen such anger coming from Lockie and never did I expect it to be directed at me. I glanced at my phone before I switched it off, Theo asked me if I would swing by the cafe, Brad had just gotten a job at a gym and they wanted to celebrate. I said I would, maybe a night out would help me relax. No messages from Myles though, I felt tired and deflated. I stood up and walked over to the table to get a glass of water.”Mason, right?” I heard a voice ask behind me.I turned around and gazed upon the guy standing before me. He was Latino, tanned, a giant tattoo covered his pecks and went all the way up to his neck, his body was toned, he was wearing just light grey Speedos. Figaro he was fucking gorgeous, he had hazel eyes and full lips, his hair was slicked back and around the sides were shaved. We were nearly the same height, I was lost for words. “Yes,” I finally mumbled.”Awesome, my name is Jupiter, guess we will be filming together today.” He said looking me up and down. “Can’t wait, been so long since I been fucked, when Mr. Gent said you were gonna be fucking me I was over the moon.”He slid his hand around my hip and pulled me closer to him.”Why don’t we save it for the cameras, stud.” I was stunned at his brazen attitude and very turned on. Once again I could feel the urge deep inside my stomach, the build up to sex was intoxicating, I was stressed to the max and hankering for the only thing that could offer me strong relief. Fucking.Jupiter turned and walked to the bed. I am not joking Figaro, he had the biggest ass I have ever seen, like two melons wrapped in the fabric of his underwear. My mouth instantly went dry. He sat on the bed and swung his legs like a angry teen. “What is taking them so long, I just wanna get fucked already.”I smiled at his behaviour, I kaçak iddaa also couldn’t wait to get up inside of him.”Well Jupiter,” I said as pulled up my socks, “the way I am feeling right now, I think I am going to take good care of you.”Curtis and Sy entered then, they gave us the quick rundown of how the scene was going to go and what angles they were going to be shooting from. I could tell that Jupiter was not paying much attention, he kept staring and me and biting his lip. In my head I was listing all the things I was going to do to him. Curtis yelled action as we moved back against the head rest. Jupiter quickly discarded the cushions and began to kiss me. His full lips slobbering all over my face as he went deep and fast with his tongue. The pace caught me off guard for a moment but as this was the most horny I have ever been on shoot I quickly matched him. I could smell coconut on his skin as I ran my hands up and down his toned back , he was lying between my legs now. He slowly pulled up my vest, trailing kisses from my waistline up to my nipples. He licked them slowly before nibbling on them, my toes began to curl at the sensation. I could see Sy move towards us with the handheld. The lust written all over his face turned me on even more. I took off my vest as Jupiter moved beside me, he began kissing my bulge through the fabric of my short shorts, massaging my thighs as he worked. I was fucking throbbing as he slid his hand inside and whipped out my cock. He spat on the helmet working my foreskin back and forth, it was soaked now. He began to fan the tip with his tongue, laying it flat and then pulling away, the pre-cum stuck to his lips like a rope. I couldn’t believe how hot this was. I slowly slid my hand down his back as he took more of my shaft in his mouth. The feeling of him sucking on me so hard made my balls hop. I eased two fingers down his Speedos until I found his hole. It was warm and oily from his earlier preparations.He moaned as he continued to bob up and down the length of my cock, he kept spitting on it every few reps. With one hand I pushed his face down, he gagged as his lips hit my balls, the other hand was rubbing his shitter, he was ready for me so I slipped in two fingers straightaway. His cunt tightened around them as I worked them in and out. His twat was a lot looser than I was expecting. I pulled down his underwear, exposing his full bubble butt. The desire to eat him out was driving me crazy. After a few minutes of gagging on my dick he began to suck my bollocks. His tongue and warm mouth felt so fucking good on my sack that I forced in a third finger and began to finger fuck him faster, knuckle deep. Sy continued to move about taking in the blowjob and the finger blasting, I chanced a look at him, he looked pale, as if every fibre of his being was restraining him from dropping the camera and joining in. Jupiter began to rub my cock all over his face, salvia covered his lips and chin. “Fuck me Mason,” he groaned. He quickly kicked off his underwear and spun around. I could see his erection dangling between his legs as he pushed his ass in the air. It was near identical to mine, 8′ long and thick, his was more pink. His hoop began to pulsate as I started licking him, circular motion at first before I spread his balloon sized buttocks and began to stab at it with my stiff tongue. His cunt was a dark brown color, I could taste the lube in my mouth as I continued to munch on his shit box. His hand slowly began to caress his junk as I re-entered him with my three fingers. I could feel a hand on my cock, as I looked down I saw that Sy had started to slip the condom on me, he just gave me a wink and continued sliding it down my shaft. After the lube was applied I spat on his cunt once more and knelt behind him. “Wreck me.” He said as he arched his back and pushed his ass closer to me. I had never felt this level of horniness before Figaro, it was like I was possessed.I began to massage his ring with the tip before I slowly edged it in. It put up no resistance, I placed one hand on his hips while I grabbed his shoulder with the other and began pulling him further and deeper onto my rigid knob. Sweat started to glisten on his back as I slammed him, his butt cheeks making a slapping noise against my thighs. I was definitely in the moment now, I couldn’t help myself and began to spank him. The slack tightness of his hole made it easier to fuck him hard and deep, I eased my middle finger inside of him as I was thrusting. He moaned in ecstasy as he took my cock and finger. It seemed like he could take whatever I gave him and still wouldn’t be happy. We continued fucking like this for a few more minutes before I pulled out of him. Laying on my back he mounted me, shoved my thick member back inside and began to bounce up and down. Our eyes connected, both of us wanting to be in control of the situation, I won round one fucking him doggy style, now it was his chance to be in charge in the cowgirl position. He squatted over me and teased the first few inches before slamming down all the way to the base kaçak bahis of my shaft. In this position I was getting so fucking deep inside him, I couldn’t hold on much longer at this pace but I was not going to be the one to come first. Grabbing his ankle I thrust in more forcefully than he expected, his moans increased and his eyes were now closed. I took one of his ass cheeks in my hand and squeezed it firmly. He was mine now. After a few minutes of him rocking back and forth, I took his meaty uncut cock in my hand and started to jerk him off furiously. Pre-cum oozed out as I tugged on him. Pretty soon he announced that he was going to cum. I stopped wanking him and shifted the focus back on fucking him, my ball sack slapping frantically against him, pulverising his hole, right up until he bust. Watching the spunk squirt out of him and land on my chest pushed me over the edge. I speedily withdrew from him and ripped off the rubber, just in time as I erupted all over his voluminous ass.I shot a fountain of jizz, each spurt made my whole body convulse. I can’t remember ever blowing my nut like that before. Looking at each other, a slow smile of satisfaction spread over his face. I was still hard as I began to rub the cum around his back door. “Cut!” Curtis yelled, a huge grin on his face.After we had wiped ourselves off and put our underwear back on I followed Jupiter to the locker room. “Dude,” he said putting his hand up in the air for a high five, “that was fucking amazing, great touch slipping your finger in.””Just came to me,” I said as I slapped his palm.”I am so excited to be doing the feature next week, I hope we get to fuck again,” he said stripping naked and entering the shower. I quickly washed my cock and balls in the sink and got dressed while Jupiter was still in the shower. After the fuck I felt weak and hungry, I just wanted to leave and meet Theo at the cafe. I called out my goodbyes and went to the door as Dylan and his agent were walking in.”Mason, my man,” He shouted, a huge grin across his face. “Dylan, hey,” I answered with a hint of a laugh.”Congratulations on the scene we did, it fucking blew up, we’re here now to try and organize a deal for the feature next week, I am so pumped.” His agent cleared his throat, eager to keep moving.”I will call you soon Mas, gotta go make some money.”I caught a cab to the cafe and when I arrived neither Theo nor Brad were there, I tried calling but got no answer. After about thirty minutes I ordered some food and a coffee and took out my phone, Tommy had messaged me as usual asking when I was free to meet up for dinner, I shot back that I would stay over once I got back from the shoot, I wanted to focus only on that because so far in my career it was the biggest thing to happen to me. I still hadn’t received an update from Myles so tried calling him, it went straight to voice mail. I took my notepad out of my backpack and began to jot down some ideas for the next chapters I was working on for my writing class. I glanced at my phone to check the time but the battery had died. I was shocked to find that I had left the studio over two hours ago according to the clock above the register. I packed up my stuff and paid.My head was still reeling from the confrontation with Lockie earlier and being stood up by Theo didn’t help, so I stopped off at the liquor store on my way home. As I walked up my street an ambulance sped past me, sirens blaring. I took another swig of whiskey and thought no more off it, until I turned into the complex driveway and seen a cop car outside. Dread fell into the pit of my stomach, I hated any kind of scene, I tried my best to keep my head down and walk in without looking when I heard someone call my name. “Mason, thank fuck you are all right.” Came a voice from the front door. “Myles!, what the fuck happened here?””We don’t know the full story yet, but it seems that Brad disturbed an intruder in your apartment, got beaten up pretty badly.”My stomach did a flip.”Is he ok?” I asked, my legs started to shake so I sat down beside Myles.”He was talking in the ambulance, Theo is gone with him, I think he is more in shock than anything, I was going up to talk to you since I couldn’t reach you on your phone. I heard some commotion so I barged in and the fucker fled. I tried to chase him but he pushed me and I fell.” He turned and showed me the bandage on his bicep. “Fucking hell,” I said, my head in my hands. “I fell back onto some broken glass, just a few stitches.””What happens now?” I asked, bile rising in my throat.”The cops are all over the place so I guess we just wait for them to get back to us. I can drive you to the hospital later if you like. You can crash in my place, be easier to keep an eye on you.””Thanks Myles,” Weariness hit me then Figaro, all the events of the last few weeks were finally catching up to me, I couldn’t process any of it.Myles stood and together we walked to his apartment. I sat on his couch and before I knew it I was asleep, I didn’t make it to the hospital but I messaged Theo. Myles and I plan to go tomorrow after we talk with the police.I will try and write again soon, I fly out next week for the feature shoot so I will send you a letter with all my updates after that. Just trying to keep it all together right now.Take care of yourself,Mason X

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