Massaging My Embarrassment


I woke up in my cage this morning. Been sleeping on my stomach last two nights, ever since my Queen fitted me with this device and kept the key; Kept it around her neck as one might wear a locket.

I remember every small detail of that encounter. She picked up the tube of clear runny liquid and smeared it all over my cock and balls. Then very quickly- before I could get an erection she slipped first my right testicle then my left through the metal ring. She pushed my flaccid dicklet into my body and threaded the head through the very small remaining space in the ring and let it hang there. She picked up the cock tube, slid it around my quickly filling cock and pushed the bolt through the eyelet. She had the little lock ready and latched it carefully; clicked it shut and stepped back to look me over.

I thought we were just playing around for a minute but as she fixed the key to her necklace she explained to my surprise that, “You’re going to be wearing this for a week.”

It suddenly felt very heavy. Then she smiled a new smile I’d not yet seen. She smiled and let the gravity sink in.

That was two very long achy days ago. How did she know it would fit and that I wouldn’t turn purple from restricted blood-flow? She just knew- I guess.

As I was saying, I woke up in my cage feeling pathetically horny and heavy. I reached for my iPhone like I always do and thumb printed it open.

There was a long text from my Queen. I noticed her little icon looking at me saucily as I began to read:

“Good morning, Jessica, hope my cock and balls aren’t in too much pain… They say the first days are the hardest… But in you’re case- they’re not going to be hard- at all. Anyhoo, I have a little treat for you today to reward you for sticking with it. I’ve booked a massage for you this afternoon- just as a little token of my sincere affection. Here’s the address… Be there at 3:30. “

A massage sounds really great. It’s just what I need.

I’m adapting to this situation as quickly as I can. The first day I tried wearing boxers but soon found myself walking bow legged to accommodate my oddly bulging testicles. I needed more support to relieve my balls from bearing the weight. When I reported this to my Queen, her solution should not have surprised me:

“wear your big-girl panties, Jessica.”

I’m always embarrassed to wear the panties she bought me, but for this purpose, they really do the trick.

I’m watching the clock all day waiting impatiently till it’s time to go claim my reward massage.


At 2:30 I have to pee. I Walk my new dainty walk down the restroom at the end of the hall Starzbet and peek inside. Damn there’s someone in the stall. I can’t use the urinal now- found that out the hard way – excuse me- soft way. I wait patiently outside by the drinking fountain.

Now I’m driving and following the directions to this massage place. They’re not taking me to the nicest part of town… After twenty minutes of driving I pull into a parking spot at this strip mall I’ve never been to before. This is it.

The address is the only thing in the window besides drawn curtains and a neon ‘open’ sign… It’s right. The white lettering simply says “massage by appointment only.” I open the door and a loud chime announces me.

A stunning Asian woman walks into the reception area and looks me up and down, “You Jesse?”

I nod and she smiles. I feel my cage. I’m a little surprised that she doesn’t introduce herself. I don’t suspect she’s rude, just shy perhaps. I do expect her to have me take a seat and wait because I’m a little early, but instead she gestures for me to follow her. I follow her back to a little room with a sheeted massage table, a chair, and a little table with a dimly lit lamp.

“When you tae off clowes, lie on tabo, and cova youseff whi dis.”

She hands me a towel- not a sheet. That’s when it hits me: what kind of a massage my Queen booked for me.


I’m undressing in a panic. The part of me that wants a nice soothing massage is still winning out. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, maybe this isn’t a ‘hand-job place.’ It does look pretty nicely furnished and… and… and… what if she sees my cage?! Oh well- I’ll just have to take that chance. It’s too late to run away now! My Queen would never forgive such an insult.

I finally strip off my panties and fold them into my pants pocket for safe keeping. I hop over to the table and lie face down positioning the apparatus the best I can between my legs. I pull the towel over my butt cheeks and cover my lower back and upper thighs too. She knocks gently on the door but doesn’t wait for me to reply, she lets herself in and approaches her table.

She squirts some pleasant smelling lotion into her hands and begins rubbing them together behind me. Her touch on my back is firm and warm, but her fingers feel somehow delicate too. My jack-hammering heart begins to slow its relentlessness as she begins working deeper into my tissue and lower down my back. Her touch is so expert and professional that I chide myself for worrying that my Queen had set me up for some embarrassing scene. As she begins working her fingers into my neck and shoulders, I just Starzbet Giriş appreciate how pleasureful her touch is. I further let down my guard and all but forget about the cock cage.

“Dat pwesso okay?”

“Yes, it’s perfect, thank you,” I smile contentedly.


For twenty minutes, I’m in pure heaven. I’m discovering in a beautiful way that there are ways to experience body pleasure other than using and/or abusing my favorite appendage. How loving is my Queen to teach me such a wonderful lesson today? She did refer to this massage as a reward didn’t she? She likes to tease me, but I think she knows how excruciatingly embarrassing it would be for a strange- albeit beautiful- woman to see me with my penis trapped helplessly small and flaccid behind bars… It’s that thought that sets my poor mind worrying again. That worry morphs sickeningly into dread as I hear the gentle words, “Tunn ova.”

I turn not at all. I stay exactly still. She must feel me stiffening. She shakes my back a little and repeats a little louder this time, “Tunn ova, honey.”

She doesn’t appear to be reading my body language that I’d really rather not ‘tunn ova.’

“I like what you’re doing, could you please keep working on my back?” I plead weakly.

She must not understand me perfectly because instead of putting her hands back on my back, she pulls gently and removes the towel exposing my butt. she puts her hands on my left thigh and begins massaging there. She’s starting above my knee and seems to be working her way ever-so-slowly up. “So mutt tenson,” she sweetly coos.

As long as she doesn’t try to go too deep on my inner thigh muscles, I may yet keep my humiliating secret.


She moves to a new station behind me and my panic ticks up a notch. Does she intend to climb up on the table? She does. She does climb I can feel the table shake slightly as she pulls herself lithely up and kneels with her knees against my toes. Uh oh! This is it!

If she could see my face she’d see me turn a deeper deep red. I’m certain she notices my heavy breathing. She must be wondering what the hell is wrong with me? If she thinks I’m acting weird now, wait until…

She picks up my feet, one in each hand and slowly pulls them apart. I feel cool air seep into the canyon formed by my legs… my thighs… and of course… around that shameful cage encasing my appendage. She stops, abruptly dropping my feet near the edges of the table. She sees it.

She must have seen a lot of strange things working here- I try in vain to console myself. She lets out a piercing little giggle that makes it all too Starzbet Güncel Giriş plain what she’s seeing. She continues this breath-giggling barely audibly as she continues my massage. I’m more humiliated than I can ever remember being. I don’t know how I’m ever going to be able to look her in the eye now. How am I going to live this down?


She’s still working her little fingers into my thighs and up my legs pressing ever more vigorously into my flesh. And do I detect a tone of increased confidence in her touch. I’m almost certain I can.

She gets all the way up to that highly-sensitive crease where my thigh meat joins my butt cheeks and hovers there. Her thumbnails seem to be probing closer and closer to my taint with every rub. It feels like she’s less than a centimeter away from touching the ring that encircles my balls and cock. Instead of touching it, she detours upward, creeping her fingertips toward my anus- freshly shaved for my Queen- of course. Suddenly I’m not so worried about the cage.

I hear her squirt out another squirt of lotion and immediately her finger is at my sensitive anus circling and testing it. I lose control of that muscle and involuntarily feel myself flexing and releasing my Kegel muscles. She must be able to see this embarrassing winking. I also involuntarily let out a little whimper and moan. She giggles again. She boldly inserts her index finger past both knuckles so I can feel it wiggling around inside me. Her other knuckles rest and against my taint. She begins to twist and rotate her wrist as she alternatively withdraws and reinserts her finger into my ass. I’m trying not to moan but it’s impossible. I’m now throbbing against my cage of shame helplessly.

“Tunn ova, Honey,” she says as she slowly removes her finger from my asshole.

What do I do? She has seen the cage. My shame has been exposed. What do I have left to hide at this point? If all this innocent woman wants is a better look at my unusual predicament…

Resignedly, I sigh and roll myself over. Her eyes seem to grow wide as she stares transfixed at my tiny steel prison bars. She’s still kneeling between my feet and resting a hand on my ankle. I’m propped up on my elbows- mute and red-faced.

She leans forward and reaches out to touch my cage. Her glistening index finger flicks the tiny lock back and forth. She squints seriously as she studies the construction- as if looking for some way to remove it.

Finally, she lets out an involuntary laugh as she fully realizes this joke at my expense. She cocks her head, raises her eyebrows, and shrugs her shoulders. I just want this episode to be over.

“Time up, I guess…” she giggles, “Get ressed now, Honey,” she says as she climbs down from the table patting me gently on the thigh. She giggles softly once more as she leaves the room.

I get up and reach in my pocket for my panties.

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