Master Walt’s Homecoming


Walt had been talking for months about taking me with him on one of his river trips. He was the skipper of a river tugboat and would be gone on trips for about a week at a time. When he finished a run, another captain would take his place and he would be home for a week.

In the year and a half ,or so, that I had lived with Walt and Ellen, I lived as a female all the time. It was Walt who first learned of my crossdressing and quickly introduced me to bondage and being used as a sex toy. He and Ellen had pushed me a step farther to totally abandon being a male. Ellen began giving me female hormones almost immediately and also another drug combination that totally stopped my testosterone output. The combination certainly worked making my voice more feminine, making my facial hair all but disappear and causing me to develop the cutest little boobs! Even before I started dressing I kept my black hair longer, almost shoulder length. After growing another year or more it was almost halfway down my back. Since I had always been small, I made a very passable young woman.

When Walt was away, Ellen and I spent a lot of girl time together. She only worked a few hours a day at the clinic and after some playtime in the afternoon (mostly with her straddling my face) we usually went out for dinner together. She liked me in short skirts and lacy tops with heels and hose. Always thigh tops and not pantyhose though. She was a firm believer that her subs bottom must always be readily accessible whenever she wanted to use it or display it to someone. It was the displaying that sometimes became embarrassing, when she would have me bend over slightly and lift up my skirt to show someone my ass. I did enjoy it though.

I needed those weeks with Ellen because when Walt was home, he didn’t hesitate to work me over like the slut slave I had become. He always arrived about mid morning and Ellen would be at the clinic. He would call from the dock to say he was headed home. That was my signal to be ready.

Walt wanted me kneeling in the center of the living room when he arrived. My tiny cock was locked into its chastity lock, my wrists were locked in cuffs behind me and I knelt with the tops of my feet resting on the carpet. I didn’t dare raise my eyes when the door opened, I simply waited for Sir to instruct me.

One day I was shocked to realize that Walt was not alone when he entered. They were talking about the boat when they came in so I guessed that this was one of his crewmen. As he walked by, Walt reached down to my budding left breast. The year or more of hormones had caused me to grow cute little “B” cup tits that I had become proud of. As he fondled my breast Kartal Olgun Escort he invited his guest to do the same. The other man walked over and reached down to my right mound and began to massage it. I was careful to keep my eyes on the floor and tried to control my breathing as I began to be aroused by two men taking liberties with my body and being totally powerless to stop them.

After at least two or three minutes of silent fondling, Walt spoke directly to me asking if I would like a kiss hello. I silently nodded so he told me to stand. I rose to my feet, but kept my eyes down. Walt was in front of me so I still had seen nothing of his guest except below the knees. Curling his finger under my chin, Walt lifted my face and kissed me, probing my mouth with his tongue as he always did.

“Have a seat and get comfortable, Matt.” Walt told his guest.

At least now I knew his name but I still had no idea what he looked like. Walt then returned to the task of sticking his tongue down my throat and combined that activity with using one hand to spread my ass cheeks and probe my other end with his finger.

“Good girl.” he said, when he realized that I was lubed up and ready for whatever he had in store for me.

Matt obviously had a good view since he was sitting about five feet directly behind me. He didn’t mind expressing his opinion of the view either:

“That is one fine little ass, Walt. You have been holding out on us you old bastard.”

“Well flop that thing out if you want a little action, buddy.” Walt said.

With that I heard the clink of a belt buckle and the rustle of jeans coming off. Walt had been the first man to take me, and in the entire time since then my only experience had been with Walt and Ellen. Now I was about to be shared with a stranger!

“On your knees slut and take good care of my man Matt.” Walt ordered

Keeping my eyes down I turned and knelt between his legs. With my hands still secured behind me I had a little problem guiding the shaft into my mouth, but when I got my lips around the head I was able to slide it down my throat.

Matt didn’t move very much at all and I was bobbing my head up and down taking it as deep as I could and breathing through my nose as I did.

While this dick was impressive it wasn’t the size of Walt’s. As I continued to jam his rod in and out of my throat, taking it all the way to the balls with each thrust, Matt continued to lie back and remain perfectly happy with me doing the work. I could feel beads of perspiration running down my neck and back, and my hair was becoming damp as a good twenty minutes passed. Just as I was Kartal Sarışın Escort beginning to think I would not be able to make him cum, I felt Matt tense and grab a handful of my hair. With a couple of thrusts of his hips and holding my head so that his balls were against my chin he shot a massive load down my throat. As he relaxed his grip I worked a little longer sucking the last of his seed and letting none go to waste.

Resting back in my kneeling position, I was quickly presented with the dick I was so accustomed to sucking. Walt was fully ready and even though he didn’t give me a chance to even catch my breath, I was ready to service my Master.

Unlike Matt, Sir preferred to take an active role. I raised my open mouth and he slipped his ready cock right into my throat. I could rest on my heels and he would begin a rhythmic thrust as he fucked my face. Just like clockwork, I instinctively knew how he wanted me to tighten my throat and just how much to suck. I was pleased to look into his face and see him smile as he looked down at me. I had seen this view countless times and knew almost to the second when he would break the eye contact and throw his head back. As he did I readied myself to take in his load.

As I regained my balance and caught my breath, Walt posed a question to Matt;

“So, do you think I should bring the slut with me on the boat next week?”

“Hell Yes.” was Matt’s response.

All I could think was “Oh my god, i’m in for a rough week.”

I would soon realize just how rough that week would be. Walt lifted me to my feet then lifted me over his shoulder and walked into my bedroom. He tossed me onto my bed then went to my nightstand for a couple of lengths of rope and more lube. He quickly wrapped one rope around my right ankle and secured that ankle to my upper thigh in a frog tie. A frog tie is one of Walt’s favorite way to tie me because it give him unlimited access to any part of my body as well as letting him position me on my back, stomach or side for fucking.

Within a few minutes I was secured and laid on my back, Walt was on his knees on the bed, just about to fuck me. But he stopped and lifted me off the bed and turned me so that rather than being at the headboard, my head was dangling at the edge of the bed and I was looking up at Matt standing over me. This was my first look at his face which was rather handsome, tanned and topped with dirty blonde hair. Walt liked to put me in this position when He and Ellen used me together. After they had sex, they would sometimes tie me and Walt would fuck me as Ellen made me eat his cum out of her pussy. On other occasions Ellen Kartal Şişman Escort would fuck me with her strap on while I sucked Walt’s cock.

It appeared that this would be the first time I would be double teamed with two real cocks. That was indeed the plan as I was slapped in the face by Matt’s cock just as I felt Walt beginning to work his way into my lubed up ass. I leaned my head all the way back so that I could take Matt’s cock down my throat again. I wondered if it would take as long for him to get off this second time. I knew it would take Walt a while to shoot his load, since he had done so only about fifteen minutes before.

I knew the best thing for me to do was relax and let them use me as they wished. I was going to be well fucked before this day was over and there was nothing at all I could do about that.

The constant pumping of meat in and out of my ass and throat was punctuated from time to time with a pinch of first one tit then the other. I thought that it must be Matt because he didn’t do it the way I was accustomed to Walt fondling them. The occasional twist or slap of my little sissy dick was Walt without a doubt. He would pull at my ball sack or slap my balls and dick as he pummeled my ass. He would sometimes remark about my dick not being hard once in over a year. Of course all that was true because there wasn’t enough male hormone being produced to fill an eyedropper.

Just like when I suck him, I can recognize when Walt is ready to pump his load into my ass. He gripped my waist with both hands and pulled me deeper onto his shaft and with a final thrust I feel his hot seed fill my bowel. My ass makes a sucking sound as it tries to hold onto his dick as he removes it. My face is still being fucked by Matt but as Walt climbs off the bed he instructs Matt to take over. As Matt climbs on the bed and between my legs, Walt comes to the side of the bed and presents his dripping cock for me to clean. I open wide and taste the mixture of ass juices and cum as he shoves his dick into my throat. No sooner does the oral assault begin than my ass is again invaded and onec again both ends are filled and I can see nothing but the balls slapping my eyes and nose.

Discomfort soon becomes outright pain as I realize that I have been in this position for over an hour and have had my holes filled with thrusting cock the entire time. Just as I am about to give up and scream for mercy I notice a quickened pace and an urgency in Matt’s thrusts. Then the deepened stab as he begins to shoot copius amounts of sperm into me. Just then the two of them collapse onto the bed on either side of me. Exhaustion envelopes me, as four loads of man-juices are swimming inside me and the handcuffs and ropes still hold me in the most vulnerable of positions and there would be nothing I could do to stop even more invasions! As I lie helpless, I wonder just what might await on the boat next week and what the crew would have in store for me.

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