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Home alone…

My wife Cindy and I have been enjoyed a happy, very erotic marriage for many years. Through the years our relationship has grown more and more intimate and we have had a marvelous sex life because of it. We are both still very horny and most attractive and arousing to each other. As the years passed and our confidence grew, we were able to shed some inhibitions we had in our earlier years, though they were certainly very erotic times too. But now we enjoy the great freedom that confidence brings. Consequently we share our fantasies, enjoy role-playing, and have expanded the boundaries of our sex life into some pretty kinky activities-all great fun and most pleasurable. We continue our exploration. This is a story of a recent adventure.

Both Cindy and I enjoy masturbating. Whereas I used to do it secretly during the first years of our marriage, fearing that it would hurt Cindy’s feelings if she found out (not to mention being embarrassed about it) we have since become very open about it. When I am playing with myself late at night I sometime deliberately disturb my wife so she knows I am doing it. I really enjoy the exhibitionist role, masturbating while Cindy watches. We’ve even set up a spotlight on me and a table and chair for her by the bed for my performances a couple of times. She sips wine and watches, as if we are in a sex club. Though she is lots more shy than I, Cindy has done the same for me a couple of times. We have wonderful, intense phone sex whenever one of us is away on business, alone in their hotel room while the other is at home alone. Mutual masturbation is a sexy treat that we have discovered in recent years.

Cindy’s work and very active community life often have her out of the house in the evenings, leaving me home by myself. I regularly masturbate during these “home alone” times. My lovely wife has gotten to the point where she actually encourages me to do it, asking suggestively, in her deep sexy voice before she leaves:

“Now what are you going to do tonight dear, home all by yourself?”

And when she comes home she will often ask: “Did you do it?” or “Did you cum?”. If I answer in the affirmative, she is quite pleased, and sometimes asks for some details, like:

“Were you reading something sexy?”

“Did you use a toy?” If the answer to that one is positive, she will ask where I used it.

Sometimes she has asked what I was fantasizing while I masturbated. My favorite and by far most frequent fantasy is being “caught” or watched doing it, and I have confessed that to Cindy. This fantasy has many variations on the same theme. Most commonly, I am stroking myself, really aroused, and unnoticed by me Cindy comes home and walks into the bedroom, catching me “red handed”. Some variations include her peeking in at me through the tiny crack the door is open, or spying on me through the window. Sometimes I imagine that I am outside in a secluded spot but I’m being watched. Most often it is Cindy who does the catching or peeking, but other women (and men), either with Cindy or not, have also been the voyeurs in my imagination. In one fantasy, I am in a very high-class sex club in Europe participating in an amateur night up on a stage under the spotlights with a large audience just so thrilled to see my huge cock! In the “getting caught” version it is my realization that I am being seen that puts me over the edge to an intense climax.

One night last summer I decided to make that fantasy come true. I decided to deliberately get caught by Cindy. She was out with her “group”, three long-term friends who get together a couple of times a month to talk about anything and everything, from art to life to the men in their lives and of course to sex. There are few secrets between the four women in the group! Before she left I innocently asked if she knew when she’d be home and Cindy replied that she’d be back between 9:45 and 10:00, not any later because she had an early morning meeting. Perfect! She told me to “have a nice time” as she left, her tone of voice leaving no doubt what she was hinting at. Little did she know what I had in mind!

I have learned through the years, starting even when I was still a young teen and could come in a minute if I’d wanted to, to prolong my self-pleasuring for a long time, stopping just barely short of orgasm, squeezing my shaft, regaining control and then starting again, going very very very slowly, Escort bayan making it last and last (and last). A “long time” until I was thirty was something like 10 or maybe 15 minutes from the time I became erect (more like 5 minutes until I was 20).

In recent years I have gotten much better at making it last. My dick takes a little longer to get totally hard , but now I can keep it going, stopping and starting, varying the speed, for 30 or even 45 minutes straight. When I cum after such protracted activity, my ejaculation and the feelings with it are extremely powerful. I love to slow down even more as my orgasm builds, to intensify and draw out the pleasure. I don’t really understand the “my hand was a blur” mentality when it comes to writing about or performing self-love.

Anyway, that night, I did a few chores, then got myself set up for what was to follow. I opened a beer, made some cheese and crackers, and then decided to shock Cindy a bit more. I decided to get caught masturbating to an X-rated erotic video, figuring that if I was to be caught, I might as well go all out. Cindy would be genuinely shocked! I put a tape in that I knew contained some really erotic scenes. Cindy and I had watched it together once. We watch sex films together maybe twice a year, and she’d enjoyed this one even more than she does the usual “dirty” movie. I admit that I’d masturbated to parts of it on a number of occasions by myself too, and found it very titillating each time. But tonight I felt like a kid, my hands shaking with excitement as I put the tape into the VCR. I stripped off all of my clothes and got onto the bed. It was a very hot night, so it was comfortable being nude and uncovered. All of the windows were open and the slight breeze felt good on my bare skin.

At about 9:20 or so, I decided it was O.K. to get started, but slowly. I turned on the video. Within minutes it was at a very nice scene with a man and a woman walking in a romantic garden, formally dressed. They stop, hug and kiss, slowly strip and have hot, sensual foreplay then sex in many positions, unhurried and appearing to be genuinely having a wonderful time. The hugely-endowed man is conspicuously very excited and the gorgeous, natural-breasted woman appears to be so as well. I found myself nearly erect just laying there watching the video, sipping my beer, eating my snacks, not even touching my dick. And it was only 9:30! “What if Cindy didn’t get home until 10:00? Oh well, I’ll just go really slow, knowing that I won’t have my orgasm until after she walks in” I thought to myself. My excitement over my plan was palpable.

Another 5 minutes passed, during which I figured out how to not only pause the tape, but how to run it backward and forward one frame at a time-perfect for having the tape at an ideal scene when Cindy came in. I decided it was O.K. to start now and touched my cock in earnest for the first time of the night. My dick immediately sprang to a full erection. This was just right as it was now only about 10 minutes until 9:45, the earliest time Cindy was expected. I stroked slowly while fondling my balls, thoroughly enjoying myself, feeling the anticipation.

But at 9:45 Cindy hadn’t arrived. Not a problem, as I had one of my “wonder hard-ons” now, the kind that feels so good, but also feels totally secure and under control. I knew I could last as long as I needed to until my lover came home. It was delightful. I stoked on, using just the ring formed by the thumb and index finger of my left hand, my right holding my balls, that one sometimes straying a little lower, touching around my asshole. Mmm…

But 10:00 came and went with no Cindy. I was getting a little concerned, not that Cindy was late, but about my ability to last much longer. I’d been erect for 25 minutes, and was extremely aroused! This would surely be the point where I’d have decided to go for it and cum if it was a regular long session alone. I had to stop and squeeze at that point as I could feel the stirrings of my orgasm starting and needed to wait. I just lay there holding my penis for at least 2 or 3 full minutes while the sensation subsided and I retreated from the brink where ejaculation is inevitable, “the point of no return”. Then I started again, after taking a minute to get some AstroGlide , which I applied generously to my throbbing prick. I kept moving my thumb/index finger ring, lightly and slowly, up Bayan escort and down my bulging shaft, looking at and admiring my purplish cockhead and the prominent veins along the shaft.

By 10:10, it had became really tough to wait any longer. I decided to move, to get up and go into the living room, as a distraction and to add to Cindy’s surprise. I brought the video, walked down the hall into the living room, my shining, flaming hard-on (I’m a solid 7.3”) sticking out and a little upward, bouncing before me. It looked quite impressive when I caught a glimpse in a mirror, if I do say so myself. And my erection showed no signs of fading the least bit even though I took my time relocating.

I went to the large picture window and opened the shades. We live in a very secluded spot on a wooded lot so there was no danger of neighbors seeing me. And even if there was, my attitude, to Cindy’s chagrin, is “So what? It’s my house and they shouldn’t be looking in the windows if they don’t want to see me.” And I certainly wouldn’t have minded being seen anyway, especially then with my cock as big and hard as it was. In fact I wished that someone could see me.

I figured that I would surprise Cindy even more by being caught masturbating on the leather couch. She’d see me when she got to the landing at the top of our stairs, which was right next to the picture window. And there was no chance that anyone else would come to the door after 10 o’clock at night. After popping the video into the VCR in the living room, I lay down on the couch and got back to “business”. The movie looked extra erotic now, nearly life size on the super large HD T.V. in the living room. And Cindy would have a perfect view through the window!

I stroked slowly, up and down. I moaned aloud, involuntarily. Pre-come flowed copiously from my penis, but I remained in control. I knew I would simply wait as long as necessary, no matter how aroused I became. It was delicious agony, ecstatic torture to keep myself suspended on the edge as I did, relishing the sensations sweeping my body, breathing deeply, heavily. I felt like my entire being was a great big 6’3” cock! Heavenly!

But Cindy sure was late. At 10:35 I realized I’d been masturbating for an hour straight. “That must be my record”, I thought. Control was difficult as my dick strained and pulsated, wanting to cum so hard to get release. My balls were swollen and getting a bit sore, in need of release and relief. My biceps, chest muscles, legs and buttocks were tensed, holding back I distracted myself by rewinding the tape slowly with the remote, to the exact place I wanted it. I put it on “pause”, leaving a wonderfully erotic still shot of the couple coupling on the big screen. I waited, touching myself lightly with just my fingertips, amazed at my level of arousal and readiness. I couldn’t recall ever being this hard, even as a randy teenager.

About 2 minutes later, it finally happened. I heard Cindy’s car entering the long driveway! I restarted the video, in my excitement fumbling with the remote to do it, first hitting “rewind”, then “fast forward” before I finally hit the “play” button. I took a deep breath. The car had stopped and I heard the door slam. This was it! I put one hand back around my cock the other on my balls, and fondled both.

I often take longer to cum when I am playing the exhibitionist, even though it turns me on just to think about it. That was especially true the first few times I actually did it for Cindy. I think that is because of a tiny sense of embarrassment that mixes with the arousal of doing such a thing in front of another person, even if it is my lover with whom I’ve shared such intimacies. This time was no exception. For a few seconds I felt my erection might fade! Stroking it faster, I then nearly came too soon! And I could hear Cindy’s footsteps on the stairs just outside. I concentrated on the video and tried to relax, to look natural in a most unnatural situation. My cock immediately returned to being ultra-erect. I focused my eyes totally on the TV screen.

The footsteps came to a halt on the landing. I decided I’d continue for a while, showing my stuff for Cindy to admire. Then I’d look over, see her in the window and that would indeed put me over the top to a huge ejaculation. This was great, just as I’d imagined! I knew how great my cock looked as I displayed it, squeezing it tight down by Escort the base to pump it even bigger, the head bulbous and purple, displaying it brazenly, pretending to be unaware of the audience to whom I was showing off. I lost track of time. A full minute had probably passed with Cindy on the landing watching me. She must have liked it as she was playing along, just standing there looking in. What a thrill for me!

Just then I heard noises outside, voices, maybe giggling. I glanced at the window and what did I see? Not one face, but three! Jayde and Julia, two of the other women in Cindy’s group were out there with her! Oh my… But they were all smiling broadly! Watching me beat off! I was stunned with surprise. I was even more surprised when they entered the living room after I’d discovered them at the window and stood right by the couch in a line, watching my performance, now applauding and cheering making comments like “Look at the size of his dick! It is so hard! He’s going to burst any second! Come on now, cum Joe, cum now. Cum now! Cum you fucker! Cum for us. Now!”

For a few seconds I stared at their rapt faces, looking each woman full in the eyes, one after the other, and at that moment it happened. I felt my body go numb. That familiar electric current feeling radiated through my body from my cock and balls. I breathed deeply, let my body go slack, all muscles relaxed now, still stroking but slowing down, nearly stopping to savor the moment of bliss. I closed my eyes. As I felt the cum gushing up my pulsing, pumping shaft and my balls dancing spasmodially up and down I stopped moving, holding my cock up almost perpendicular to my torso. My loose, relaxed body was wracked with the orgasm. The first stream of sperm was strong and long, arching up, reaching beyond my shoulder, leaving a solid trail over my chest. One, two, three, four more followed, each spurt only slightly less than the one before, splattering my chest and stomach. The orgasm went on and on. I was lost in the moment, giving not a thought to my surprise audience. Only when I was done cumming and returned to full consciousness did I think. “Oh my god! Now I’m really caught!”

I heard the screen porch door slam. I opened my eyes, looked up, and saw Cindy, alone. Her friends were nowhere to be seen. “Hadn’t you ought to get your sweet self into your bed, you naughty, naughty boy? You are going to get a really big spanking now!” She was smiling broadly! What a relief! I got up without a word and walked quickly to our bedroom.

Cindy followed me. She was laughing, not at all angry or upset as she explained that she’d had car trouble and she’d taken a ride home with her friends. One had asked if she could use the bathroom and she’d invited them both in to also see her new china. And what had they seen instead? Cindy was at first totally shocked to see me through the window, but it was too late to do anything because her friends were right with her. She knew the show was intended only for her and so did Jayde and Julia. The group had had a revealing discussion about how to keep marital sex exciting that night, so what they found at our house fit well with their talk and sexual feelings. They thought it was really cute, sweet and sooo sexy that we still had that kind of excitement and sexuality in our marriage. They also complimented her for having such a fit, well-hung husband who liked to show it off, and had decided to go inside for a closer look at my show after watching through the window, unsure I’d even noticed their presence out there, I was so involved with my self-pleasuring.

I was relieved that Cindy was reacting so positively, to say the least. But by then the entire situation had begun to have quite an effect on me somewhere else. I felt a warmth, and a swelling starting again in my groin, overspreading my balls and cock. “Cindy, why don’t you take off your clothes and come into the bed right now”, I asked. “Then you can spank your naughty boy.”

Cindy did as I suggested. She shoved me over onto my stomach and slapped my butt, hard, over and over, scolding me for “jerking off to a dirty movie”. My dick rose with every slap. Soon both of us were so turned on that we were screwing like wild animals.

We had a wonderful night together as the excitement of our adventure just would not quit. We still talk sometimes about my show that night and invariably get aroused when we do. Surprisingly, everything seems normal when we see Jayde and Julia. Except I detect some little smiles and looks in their eyes that might be new, especially in Jayde’s.

Now I am planning new ways to satisfy my inner exhibitionist. But what can I do for an encore?

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