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This is a story that I have written before, many years ago, and subsequently lost. Any writer that this has happened to can imagine what a sinker it must be to lose your only and original copy of something! Well, the inspiration finally struck a second time to put it back on paper all sexually active personages being fictional consenting adults, of course entirely for literary enjoyment and/or sexual arousal by non-fictional ones. Graphic narrative depictions of homosexual activity are presented. Any reader’s personal aversion to such behaviour should likewise avert same FROM READING ANY FURTHER. The author will take no responsibility for any reader’s irresponsible attempts to imitate the fictional personages or fictional situations or fictional ideas portrayed herein in their actual personal lives. © 2010 Copyright subsists. All rights reserved. Subject to the terms and conditions of

Chapter 1

Max’s head was teeming with endorphins as he skipped, sweaty and heaving, through the trees down the hill to the farmhouse he had, just the day before, made his temporary home. Deek’s folks lived here. Deek had been living on campus in Potchefstroom for 2 years studying architecture. Max had just finished school and was going for job interviews in Johannesburg in the coming week.

“Good morning Max!” said June Williams, Deek’s mom, and the smell of the breakfast she was cooking up on the gas.

Max beamed, “Good morning already! I didn’t think anyone would be up yet! Am I late?”

“Oh hell Ankara escort no!” she laughed, “You’ve got at least an hour! So you went for your run!”

Max had sworn the previous evening that he was going to go for a fresh morning jog in the countryside this morning. Neither of Deek’s parents, Scott and June Williams, had doubted him either. “Yeah it was great! Scott came with me. He’ll be along.”

“Oh did he! That’s nice! Go on. Go and wash up.”

He hadn’t been planning to move to the farm until the following weekend, but a new interview had been arranged this afternoon on Saturday only – the day before yesterday – and so he had come over on Sunday with his things and in an hour, Deek’s dad Scott would be dropping him off on the motorway to hitch a ride to the city. It was only 6 o’clock though … which was good; because it would be easier to get a ride in the rush hour traffic because all the motorists would mostly already be at a standstill.

Deek’s bathroom shower was locked. Max unlocked it, and stepped … outside. Deek had, against his father’s protestations about the sturdiness of the house, knocked out the corner of it, and built a lovely outside shower into it, that got a lot of sun. Everyone in the house loved it!

“Lovely morning!” Max jumped out of his skin at the sound of Scott rounding the corner in the nude! For a split second, he didn’t know whether it was his hands he should be wondering about whether he should do something with him or not, or run and hide.

“OOH! … startled me! Yeah! Um…” He clumsily turned off the water Ankara escort bayan jet and started soaping himself up. “Uh. Scott? Do you wanna… share? While I soap?”

“No – tell you what? I’ll do your back if you do mine,” laughed Scott.

Max thought it was a strange idea at first – but only because he had not had his back washed for him since he could bathe himself. After Scott stepped closer and started scrubbing his back with a loofah, Max enjoyed it so much that apparent sexual arousal became an unpleasant embarrassment.

Scott turned on the water and told him to turn around, to rinse the soap off his back… Max wanted the earth to open a hole beneath him and swallow him whole. “Oh, you want that washed too do you?”

When Scott touched his engorged prick with soapy hands, he almost panicked and made a dash for it, but he gasped with pleasure and amazement as Scott neatly washed his foreskin and nuts. He gave Max’s fat, straight, virgin 7 inch dick a few unnecessary strokes, turned him around to rinse off, and slid a soapy hand against his anus gently.

“Mr Williams, I …”

“Sorry, kiddo…” Max saw that Scott was also erect. His cockhead was so big, and his foreskin so tight, that it looked impossible to pull it back without first cutting it open. “It’s okay!” Scott fell to one knee. “Shoot it off!” Scott suddenly slid Max’s foreskin back with his lips and slowly pressed his cock to the back of his mouth.

Max was gobsmacked; he fluttered his eyelids and tilted his head back, a voice screaming in the back of his head, Escort Ankara “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” but his mouth just making soft appreciative groaning sounds as Scott worked his penis with his mouth and his hand.

Williams knew Max was at the edge by the doubling of the rigidity of his thick meat; Max was now watching his own cock as Scott worked it, and then the spasms racked them both as Max orgasmed on and around Scott, and Scott, pumping his own dick too, came on the ground between them.

“Stunning! Thanks!” beamed Scott.

Max’s eyebrows were uncertain. He took a deep breath to allay his panting. His skin tingled all over; he gave a shy giggle and nodded.

Scott opened the shower jet again. “See you at breakfast,” he smiled.

“Yeah.” Max went inside.

“Does this mean I have had sex, now? Am I still a virgin?” thought Max.

Max didn’t know what to make of it – this morning he had had sex with someone for the first time, but it was mostly hands and a bit of mouth. No. He was still a virgin, he decided.

He turned the facts over in his head while dressed. He had come to terms with the idea that he liked boys and not girls, but having sex or being in a relationship were not the first things on his list of priorities, and so the need to discuss it with anyone, including family, had not come up either.

“But now what happened this morning with Scott? He was heterosexual?! Right??”The notion of Deek finding out didn’t even cross his mind: why would Scott incriminate himself in anyway?

“‘Cos I’m not bloody well going to! That’s for sure!” resolved Max.

So what happened between Scott and himself this morning?

There was no denying – it was unequivocally fantastic!

And for now, that was all he had to go on!

• o O o •

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