Mayhaps We Arrange A Meeting


Mayhaps We Arrange A Meeting“Mayhaps We Arrange a Meeting”We agree to meet in downtown Atlanta for a night of what we both have anticipated as the sexual encounter of our dreams. I arrive a little early and settle the hotel arrangements. We agreed upon a simple suite at a fairly comfortable Hilton. Using my wit, I convince the hotel patron to upgrade us to a presidential.I go inside and make myself comfortable. Using the extra time I have, I set up the room to a more accommodating setting. I have laid out some sexsorries, various toys and vibes, lubes and condoms. In the center of the room I have setup a blow up pool that will be used later. I take a shower and put on some nice faded boot cut jeans, Steve Madden shoes and matching belt and a nice Enyce shirt, and don’t forget the Issey Miyake to tantalize your senses.You arrive an hour later, right on time for you, and call me. I meet you at the lounge and help you with your bags to the room. You open the door and are amazed at the accommodations I was able to secure. You are immediately drawn to the pool and begin to question its purpose. I say “Never mind that now and kiss me passionately”. You stroll over to me exaggerate the sway in your hips to entice me. Finally reaching me I pull you into my embrace and we meet each others mouths with excited tongues. The kiss is powerful and you encourage me to explore your soft body with your hands. I pull back with all my might as I am so ready to bed you. You have this look on your face like “What the fuck!!!” I remind you of dinner arrangements and you reluctantly agree. To keep the mood aroused you bend over and lift the skirt you are wearing over your succulent ass and spread your cheeks. Hidden in your vast skin is a butt plug that you have worn on the ride down. You look over your shoulder at me and say “That will stay there until you replace it”.Dinner is both a pleasure and torture. We eat at a local bistro and enjoy steak and shrimp for me and lobster tails for you. All the while we are playing with each other under the table. You squeeze the hardness of my dick as I tweak a nipple. We are in a corner booth with high walls so no one can see us. Taking advantage of this you slide underneath the table and surprise me with your wet hot mouth engulfing my throbbing dick.“Check please” I say in response. The waiter brings the check and asks if we would like to go boxes. “Ye, yes please” I stutter as you are still underneath the table sucking the life out of me. You realize that you are so hot and wet and come out from beneath the table and wipe the pre-cum from your mouth just as the waiter returns with our leftovers. You smile at the thought of the public encounter we just had. I can see your heavy breasts rising and falling with each breath türbanlı zonguldak escort you take.We race back to the hotel and kiss more passionately than before when we reach the room. Not one to be undone, I playfully toss you onto the bed and dive underneath your skirt and begin to furiously suck your clit and eat your pussy. Using my four finger g-spot massage technique, I have you reaching for orgasm in no time all the time pulling and pushing on the plug engorged in your ass. The view of your ass stretching and shrinking is driving me crazy.I stop just before you cum which you are enraged at me for. I recommend a shower to freshen ourselves up before the main event which you reluctantly agree to. We jump in the shower and begin to wash each other off. Once again, taking advantage of the situation, you take up where you left off at the restaurant, with my dick thoroughly lodged down your throat. You suck and swallow me at a super slow pace, allowing me to fully enjoy the moment. You suck my sack and encourage me to stroke myself at the same time; the feeling exquisite. You see that I am about to cum and you abruptly stop sucking and tear my hand away from myself. “fuck with my orgasm like that again and I will never allow you to cum” you say in response to my earlier trick.We dry off and adjourn to the bed where all the toys and sexcessories are laid out. We are stark naked and begin to get to the pleasures at hand. You bend over again and pull out the plug in your ass ever so slowly, presenting me with an anal tease to set the mood again. It stretches your ass to the point that you are breathing rashly, enjoying the pain and pleasure of it all. It pops out and your asshole shrinks to its normal size. I am amazed that you have had a 5 inch plug stuck in your ass this whole time. Ensuring that you are clean and fresh back there, you order me to start licking. We settle into a modified 69 with you hovering your ass and pussy over my face as you are stroking my thumping dick. I dart my tongue in your wet pussy and you suck in a deep breath. It is so wet that you are oozing all over your thighs and my mouth. Your clit is hot and swollen from my earlier sucking action. I flick my tongue over your clit to the beat of the music we turned on before getting in bed. Not one to forget your asshole, I pull your ass down so my tongue can meet your tighter hole. I slide my tongue all over your asshole and you just love it, sucking my dick and voicing your enjoyment, “oh that feels so damn good Vincent, keep licking my ass baby”. I do just that, and go back to my technique to massage your g-spot. That does it! You scream in ecstasy as the first of many orgasms wreck your body. You manage türbanlı zonguldak escort bayan to slam your mouth back onto my hard ass dick as you endure the powerful spasms going through your body. You suck and lick all of me, getting the bed soaked with your spit and my pre-cum. “Cum dammit, cum” you say as you stroke my dick with your hands. You have one hand cupping my balls as the over slides up and down my shaft. You stick the head back in your mouth and circle my head with your tongue over and over again. Finally, the magic happens. My stomach tightens and my toes curl. I am squirming all over the bed underneath you as you work my dick over with your mouth. I can’t explain the feeling I am having but absolutely love it. I feel the beginnings of an orgasm deep in my sack. I don’t believe it, I think to myself. The orgasm deep in me has tightened my sack and forced blood up to my head. My dick is throbbing in your mouth and you know it’s about to happen. Sucking much deeper than before, you feel it. The spasms shoot up my shaft as my orgasm reaches full potential. Cum races out of my sack and shoots up my shaft with such force that you gag when it spurts out of my head. I am squirming under you, grunting over and over again as I am emptying my seed deep down your throat in what seems like 50 spasms of my shaft. You know it was a huge load.You dislodge my now limp dick from your throat and lay down next to me, laying your head on my chest. You feel my heart pounding through my chest and can see my abdomen rising and falling with my heavy breathing. Knowing that we just shared an immense orgasm, you still want more. You allow me to rest for a few moments, but then begin to rub your soft breasts over my body. I immediately sense what you are doing and start squeezing them and help you arouse me. My member is ready within a few moments and you ensure it by sucking on me so hard your cheeks cave in from the force. You look at me with the puzzling face and I ask what’s wrong. “I want to feel the real you, not some latex covered version” you say. Well we both are so glad that we took the medical check-ups, knowing that we are in no danger. “I was ever so hoping you would say that, because I wanna feel all of the wetness of that succulent pussy you have” I reply.“Oh it’s not my pussy I want to slide all over dick baby, it’s my TIGHT ASS!!!!”. I gasp in shock of the way you say it. “What about that good pussy” I ask. “Damn the regular shit, I wanna get down and dirty right now!!!” My dick wavers in the air with each beat of my heart and you say “And he wants it too, doesn’t he?” You kiss the head of my dick to answer your own question.With that, you flip over and present your beautiful türbanlı escort zonguldak ass to me. Its sways from the force of you turning over. I grab some lube and apply it to my hard dick, getting it shiny and slick and apply a generous amount to your asshole. I slide a finger in there and revel at the tightness and warmth. You coo in appreciation. I give it a few more licks with my tongue to get you even wetter. “Wait” you say. There is a toy that has caught your eye when you had first got in the room. You walk over and grab the Hitachi magic wand and climb back in bed. “I always wanted to try one of these”. I take it away from you, plug it in and start to massage you with it. I rub it all over your neck and back, the vibrations sending you to ecstasy. You grab it back and say “Get to the ass fucking buddy, I got this!”. You roll back onto your stomach and place the wand on your pussy and turn it on. “G G G, get in my ass” you stutter. I line my hard dick up with your asshole and enter slowly. This enrages you and you scream “Slam that big muthafucka in me now!!!!”. I do just that and you let out a low growl as I stretch your ass out.I begin to pump my dick in and out of your ass as I watch it stretch and shrink with each thrust. You are groaning and cooing as I start to lay into you with a serious ass fuck. You reach back and spread a cheek, which allows me to bury myself fully in your ass. “Now fuck it good”!!! The feeling of the vibrations and hot, tightness of your ass is simply heaven. I start to pound your ass with all my might, the slapping of my stomach hitting your ass echoes through the room. I give you a good five minutes of hard ass fucking and slow down to a more relaxed pace. You have already cum from the onslaught and appreciate the change. You are still riding the vibrator. All of a sudden, I quicken up the pace as I feel the beginnings of another orgasm deep inside me. “I’m gonna cum again” I say. “Beat this asshole up again then, baby”. I get up on my tiptoes and have my arms on either side of you and am in a sort of push up position. I start to pump your ass for all its worth. You are screaming and cooing your encouragements, “cum in that ass baby, cum in that ass”. Since we agreed that it was safe to go without condoms, you can feel me getting stiffer in your ass. You clench down on my dick to make your asshole even tighter. There is a war between my dick and your asshole and you know that your ass is going to win. I try to hold out but the clenching does it for me. The orgasm takes the same route through my sack, up my shaft and explodes out of the tip just as my primal grunts and roars fill the room . I fill your ass with my seed just as I did with your mouth, again no less than 50 spasms. At the same time you reach another orgasm yourself, screaming several fucks, over and over again.After we regain our senses, I slump down on your soft ass and back and catch my breath. “What is the pool for?” you ask. “I will show you tomorrow, do you like champagne”, I answer. We then fall into a deep, blissful sleep with my dick still firmly implanted in your ass. You just didn’t want to let go.

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