Me and My Three Daughters


I am a dad with 3 daughters! The oldest is 23, while the youngest is 18. All three are very pretty and by pretty I mean drop-dead gorgeous. They are all redheads with up-turned noses blue eyes on the two oldest and bright green eyes on the youngest. None are taller than 5’1″ and none weight more than 110lbs, but all three have wonderful tits and tight bubble asses.

Suzy is the oldest at 23 standing 4’11″with butt length bright red hair that she wears in a pair of braids. Her measurements are 35 c-cups 25 – 36 ass. She is a natural-born cocksucker. I don’t know when she started sucking cock, but she enjoys sucking, and her only complaint is, “there are more cocks to suck than I have time for.” She would love to have a cock in her mouth all the time. Hard or soft makes no difference; she says “I love to have dick in my talented mouth!” She loves the taste, the feel, and the power it gives her to know that she has a cock in her mouth and she can control whoever is on the other end.

Mandy, in the middle at 20 years old is just 4’10” b-cups 33-22-32. She has 3 holes ready for whatever, and is not afraid to take one in every fuck-hole she has. Mandy has been known to have one in her ass, one in her cunt, one in her mouth while stroking one in each hand.

Billi Gene is my baby. By the time she came around, I wanted a son, hence her name. Billi Gene is my 5’1″bombshell with a set of D-cups with half dollar areolas topped with nipples as long as the last knuckle of my little finger and if you touch them, she cums! And when she cums, it is in buckets smells and tastes like honey. She is very submissive. She will eat pussy, lick ass, suck cock, put anything up her cunt, and if you want to tie her up, down, right-side up upside down. Put her in a cage, place her on a cross, She loves it all! She is a no-holds barred little slut.

Let me start with Suzy! When she was 18, her mother passed away and after a month of Suzy crying herself to sleep every night.

She came into my room and asked “Can I sleep in your bed? And will you hold me?” because she missed her mom and just wanted to feel like she was close to her. With her long red hair in braids, she looked like a little lost child.

I of course said “Yes baby you can sleep here and I’ll hold you just a little until you fall asleep.”

Suzy jumped into bed and snuggled up to me. As I put my arm around her, I noticed her night gown had ridden up over her panties in the back. I so causally reached down and pulled it down past her round cheeks and patted her rump.

I told her “be careful and make sure your gown covered her.”

With a sweet smile she said “thanks daddy”, very innocently kissed me on the lips. Turning over onto her side, she pushed her ass into my side while holding my arm under her head and against her chest pushing closer as she did. I kept thinking how soft her lips had felt when she kissed me, my cock started to fill with blood and I just lay on my back trying to hide the growing tent in my PJ bottoms.

I felt her butt pushing against my leg and I found myself thinking about her in a way I had never done before. My arm was pinned under her head and suddenly she flipped over facing toward me and flung her leg across my body. Her leg was on my belly and she had kicked the blanket off both of us.

She kept moving as if she was dreaming and her leg was traveling downward from her hip. I kept hoping that she would turn away before that smooth tanned leg reached my hard dick and before she would realize that her dad was hard for his young daughter. No such luck! When the back of her knee touched my massive hard-on, she moaned. I pretended to be sleeping.

She spoke up and said “Dad!”

I mumbled “What’s the matter Suzy?”

Suzy replied “Did mom ever talk to you about me?”

“What about you? Sweetheart.” I asked. “Mom and I talked a lot about you and your sisters. We talked about how I would have to raise you girls alone and that each of you were special and how I was going to have my hands full, but she did not go into anything else. She told me I would learn about each of you and her faith in me gave her comfort knowing I would be a good dad.”

Suzy smiled and said “Mom was right, you are a good dad. So she never mentioned this habit I have?

I simply said “No. Now go to sleep.”

All this time the back of her leg had been in constant contact with my cock. As I started to flip over to face away from her and to get my prick from under her leg, she said, “wait dad, I need to tell you something so you are not surprised when you find out!”

Out of concern, I looked at her and asked “what is it baby? Don’t worry whatever it is we can figure it out!”

She did not say a word, instead she reached down and grabbed my hard cock and stroked it gently. When I finally realized what was going on, I tried to tell her to stop…but all I could do was grunt! Just as quickly as she had grabbed my iron rod her hot mouth opened and she Escort bayan was trying to pull my PJ’s down. She got them down and uncovered my cock, shoved it into her waiting mouth freeing both her hands to finish pulling my pj’s off, never losing touch of my dick in her steamy mouth.

She had my entire 7″ cock buried down her throat while she held my nuts in her tiny hands, gently massaging them as if they would break.

All I could do was lay there and moan. I felt the edge coming and I tensed up ready to dump my load. Suddenly she stopped, pulled my dick out of her mouth.

She looked at me and said, “Mom never told you I was a cocksucker? Or that I loved the taste, smell, and feel of a cock in my mouth? She didn’t tell you I can suck cock for hours?”

I looked at Suzy and said, “If that is what you like then who am I to stop you? You can suck my cock anytime! In fact get back to it my little cocksucker and treat me to your best! In fact I want you to toss your legs up over my head so I can eat your cunt as you suck me!”

Suzy said “The harder you fuck my mouth the better I like it and I have been known to hold a dick in my mouth while I sleep and just like a baby with a bottle do this all night! I sleep better when I have a dick in me, so if you want you can put your dick in me and go to sleep I will suck you anytime and you don’t ever have to ask just pull it out and stick it in… I don’t care if there are others around watching but I won’t suck anyone other than you unless you tell me to and the same goes for my pussy and my ass. I am your fuck toy your cum-bucket your total slut.

Suzy went back to sucking my cock; first she took the whole thing into her mouth pushing my foreskin along with it so as not to touch the glands under the head. She sucked skin and all deep into her throat till she reached the base. Then she tightened her lips around the base and pulled her head back until the tip was visible sticking her tongue out to probe the piss slot driving chills down my dick and through my balls.

I have had women deep throat my cock before but they never let it stay in their throat for more than a few seconds, but this cocksucker kept my prick deep in and swallowed and hummed and swallowed many times giving me thrills like heaven had opened its gates.

She kept my dick in her throat for at least a full two minutes before she pulled it out. It felt so good that I had stopped eating her pussy… She licked my cock like a lollipop up and down along the shaft kissing and sucking my balls into her experienced young mouth. When she returned to the head, she pulled the skin down away from the head and put the entire head into her mouth, using her teeth to gently scrape against the glands causing my whole body to tremble. When I felt I was about to lose it, she pushed on my taint with a little pressure and in turn brought me back into control.

I have held out blowing my nut from a blow job for at least 15 maybe twenty minutes before this, this blow job with her skills lasted for over an hour and she never let go of my cock for even a second.ght I could not last any longer, she pulled me back from the edge! She was a true cocksucker and a cock worshipper. My balls were starting to hurt and I said I needed to cum! She smiled around my dick and gently pushed her finger into my ass and found my prostate and massaged it as she rapidly fucked her face onto my cock. Now I have to say that I was 37 years old and I do not cum like I did when I was 18, but I shot so much cum into her belly that I was sure she would drip my cum out her ass for a week.

My dick was sore from this cocksucker and yet she did not want to stop. I physically had to pull her off my crotch. When I finally got my shit together I grabbed her and flipped her onto her back, pulled her legs apart and buried my face into her pussy. I licked her labia and every single fold of that beautiful cunt, avoiding her clit, just bumping it with my nose and each time I did this, she would ejaculate into my face, and I would lick her clean then bump it again. I did this for about 30 minutes and she was begging me to stop saying she could not take anymore. When I stopped eating her pussy I quickly moved up and ran my harden cock into her in one stroke I was buried to the balls and was immediately rewarded with a pussy squeezing me so hard that it was pushing me out and the more she squeezed the harder I pushed and the more she would cum.

I was not ready to blast into her honey hole so I grabbed her legs and forced her legs over her head and on an out stroke I grabbed my cock and pointed it at that little brown ring between her ass cheeks and once again pushed as hard as I could and found myself 7 inches inside her bowels cumming instantly. When my dick finally went flaccid I rolled over onto my back. Much to my surprise she followed my with that magnificent mouth, locking it over my now deflated cock. She cleaned both her pussy juice and shit off my cock holding Bayan escort my limp pecker in her mouth we fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up with my dick still in her mouth and her still sleeping. When I felt her move I looked and she smiled.

We rolled out of bed and showered she sucked my cock and I fucked her hot steamy pussy. I sat at my desk all day with her mouth locked on my dick when I got hard she would suck me off and keep my cock in her mouth until I got hard again… I knew at that point, I found a true cocksucker! Oh by the way, she is true to her word, she would stay with my pecker buried in her mouth and has never sucked another cock unless I told her to and that has been a common practice.

After she graduated high school, and her sisters were still in school, I would turn her up-side down put her legs on my shoulders and eat her sweet pussy as I walked around the house with my dick buried in her mouth. If I needed to close a big deal, I would send her to help close the deal. My little Suzy!! At times I would step on her long braids and push my hard on into her mouth and just rock back and forth knowing she could not pull off even if she wanted to.

She and I would fuck and suck for hours. I am a real estate broker, and if I needed to close a deal, I would send my little cocksucker to see the client, male or female, and it was an automatic deal closer.

She would always come home and tell me what happened. How much dick she had swallowed or the cunts her talented tongue had licked. Many times there would be more than one at these closing parties. If her body had been used by more than she could handle, she never stopped until the client or clients had dumped their loads as many times as they chose.

The best part was before she sat down to describe her meeting, she would come home jump in the shower, wash away any residue scrub her pussy and use an enema to make her body clean and sweet for her favorite cock.

Mandy was not quite 3 years younger than Suzy, and as she got older, it became harder for Suzy and I to keep our sexual activity secret with this tiny dynamo wanting to spend time with her older sister and of course her loving father.

Mandy, in the middle at 20 years old is just 4’10” b-cups 33-22-32 has 3 holes ready for whatever and is not afraid to take one in every fuck-hole she has. Mandy has been known to have one in her ass, one in her cunt, one in her mouth while stroking one in each hand. Mandy acts older than she is and is more of the motherly type to her sisters… She can fuck like a pro and never have I heard her say “stop or it’s too big!” I have never seen her wanting the cocks to end. There could be 15 or 20 lined up ready to fuck her and she would always want more.

When she turned 18 she came to my home office. I was sitting at my desk and Mandy flatly stated, “Daddy, for the last 3 years I have heard, and even seen you and Suzy fucking and yes I have played with my tits and pussy as well as sticking a dildo in either in my ass or pussy when the real thing was not around to fuck. Yea I am not a virgin. I have been patiently waiting for you to fuck me and now that I am 18, I want my turn with no excuses! Use me anyway you want, I am open for your pleasure!”

I did not know what to say except, “take your clothes off and show me what you can do! We will see if you are truly as big of a slut you claim to be!”

After she stripped all her clothing off, I picked her up and set her on my desk. She looked so sexy with her pussy dripping its juices onto the contract. The aroma was delightful. Her cunt was puffy and swollen I had to ask her, “Have you fucked someone today?”

She smiled and said, “Just my dildo and it has been in both my tight little pussy and my even tighter asshole, but just to loosen them up for you!”

Her tits were perfect for her tiny body, B-cups with light pink areolas with just button sized nipples that would cut diamonds if rubbed against them! My little girl was pulling her cunt lips open and running her finger up and down her glistening fuck hole!

To Mandy’s surprise, I pushed away from the desk and looked squarely into Suzy’s eyes and said, “I love you my special little cock sucker, but it is Mandy time!”

Suzy asked, “Can I stay and watch?”

Mandy spoke up and said, “Maybe next time, but you have had Daddy for almost 3 years all for yourself, so this time I get him and next time both of us can fuck him!”

Suzy smiled and said, “Ok but next time!” she crawled out of the office shaking her perfect ass as she went turning when she got to the door, smiled and said, “have fun you two! I will keep Billi Gene out. Maybe take her to a movie!”

I reached out and fondled Mandy’s hard nipples, first flicking them with my fingers, then proceeded to pinch them with my thumb and forefingers, finally I kissed them and sucked each one into my mouth teasing them with my tongue. I traced them in small circles leading to larger Escort ones and eventually taking her beautiful breasts fully into my mouth as she arched her back, pushing them deeper into my hungry mouth.

As I sucked her tits, I placed my hands on her thighs and pushed them farther apart. I felt her wet pussy on my chest and her grinding against me. I slowly worked my hands up and around her lithe body. One hand went to her tight little ass cupping it as I kneaded her flesh. All the while my other hand went to cup her twat. The extra pressure of her pushing into my trapped hand between my chest and her cunt, kept my hand tightly against her warmth. Yes, her pussy was as smooth as the day she was born, only this time it was waxed.

I ran my finger up and down her labia and heard her moan in ecstasy. When my thumb found her clit, she came instantly flooding my up-turned palm with so much cunt-juice it flowed out on to my desk.

I did not care that she was my daughter. I did not care that she was only 18. I did not care that someone would hear us. I just wanted to ruin this cunt and mark her as mine. I stood and looked down at this sweet little thing and smiled with the knowledge that this was one wild little fuck and it was all mine. I stood looking while she reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock and guided it toward her waiting snatch once the head was at her opening, I pushed into the waiting pool of hot juices and as I went in I heard the squish of cock and cunt meeting. She was so wet that just the sound of my dick spearing into her was as loud and her screams. Her legs wrapped around my waste and we were off to the races. She came but so did I, and I even though I had just cum in her, I kept pumping my rod into her with the same force that I used to first enter her.

I could feel the walls of her cunt contract, squeeze and vibrate around my hard fuck pole as she humped and grinded. Her love slot was as tight as any I had ever felt and the best part was she knew how to use it. When she slid her pussy back on my rod, it was almost torture trying to push back in.

When I had cum in her twice she pulled off and flipped to her belly across my desk and her brown ring was staring at me with our mixed cum making it shine in anticipation! She begged me to fuck her just as hard and no mercy into that tight little shithole.

I had just cum twice in her flooded cunt, and yet I slowly pushed my cock head into her and she realized I was going slowly, she looked over her shoulder and screamed, “Don’t be so gentle Daddy, ram my ass all at once! Make it hurt! That is my present to you and I want you to abuse it!” And I did. I had cum twice in her pussy in less than 30 minutes, so I lasted for almost an hour before my dick had another load ready for her.

We fucked that first time for what seemed like hours. We spent the rest of the day and night fucking and I fucked her in every way possible; doggie, cowgirl, wheel-barrel, and a few other positions! I fucked her pussy, her ass; she sucked my cock but not as well as her sister but it was still great.

Now I was 42 years old and had two young beautiful women that would fuck and suck me without hesitation and without regret, and Suzy had a partner to help as my closers… The deals became faster and larger.

Billi Gene, my baby girl, from an early age, would sit on the floor beside my recliner. She always sat with her knees bent, and her feet under her butt. It was kind of like she was ready to beg. I would use my right hand to pat her on the top of her head. There was a cushion and a blanket neatly placed for her comfort.

There was a major change in her when she reached 17. She got into what people call Goth, you know, with black clothes, dark make-up around her eyes. She even went with black lip-stick, and her red hair turned brighter and was always spiked and fanned. The most shocking thing was the way she dressed. As I said, always in black but her tee shirts were tight and barely covered the bottom of her boobs, and her skirts were so short that it was not a stretch to look at her and see her panties; of course they too were black and delicate. She started wearing a choker collar with tiny spikes.

When she sat on her cushion, I took to wrapping my fingers in her hair and she would moan like a puppy being rubbed on the belly.

I remember her 18th birthday we all had gone out for dinner and she got to pick the restaurant. She was so happy that she ran to the car, ran to the restaurant, and back to the car, and then into the house! So much energy and I enjoyed watching her run. She was the not only the tallest of my girls but her boobs were a solid D-cup and her ass was a little more bubbly, so coming or going watching her was a treat.

When I sat in my chair, she was already on her knees with her chin resting on the arm. I patted her hair and she smiled. After a short while, she asked, “Daddy, do you want anything from the kitchen?”

I responded, “Baby girl it is your day, so let me get you something. You just name it and I will get it for you!”

She frowned and stated, “Daddy, IT IS MY DAY and you know that I love to do stuff for you, that is what I want and that makes me happy!”

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