Meet Nina…


One day while we are in my studio, just fooling around, me working and you watching me create a new painting and you touching me every so often, we hear a knock on the door. Not expecting anyone I peak through the window curtain and there is this lovely woman standing there.

I think that her lips are so big and full and sensual and her tits beautiful that I immediately get excited knowing that I could change the day and you, me, and her could have some fun.

I answer the door without putting on my top and she is looking at my breasts and smiling faintly. She says she is lost and needs some help. I tell her that my lover and I are busy right now with me creating a fabulous new painting and if she would like to wait, we would be able to help her when we are done.

She smiles shyly and enters and tells me her name is Nina. I introduce you to her and you cannot keep your eyes off of her very large breasts. It is warm in the studio and you like to be nude so you stand there and she is looking at you up and down. She turns to me and since I only have my black lacy panties on, she asks if she has interrupted something between us.

I reassure her that no, she did not and that she was just the diversion that we needed. I invite her to sit on the day bed and we will talk while you make the frame for my unfinished painting. You look disappointed but I give you a sly wink and you smile and turn around and I lovingly squeeze your ass making sure that Nina sees me do it.

I pour some tea and Nina and I sit down together on the bed, chatting and getting to know each other. I light up a joint and offer her some and she giggles and says yes. We Ankara bayan escort smoke it and then get mellow. I turn up the radio and I start to sway around the room, dancing sensuously to the music. You are watching Nina watch me, and you can see in her eyes that she is getting excited and high. I dance over to her and pull her to her feet and holding her hands I coax her to dance with me.

You have stopped all pretense of working and are just watching us. I laughingly dance and brush my body against hers feeling that this is what she wants and I am getting bolder with each moment. I slowly remove her blouse with her token protest and I tell her to relax, we will just have some fun. Dancing by the paint palate I stick my finger into the purple paint and start to finger paint on Nina’s wonderfully large and round breasts. She is mesmerized and watches my fingers caressing and painting her tits.

I paint concentric circles of purple, red and blue around her tits and then with a dab of yellow on her large hard puckered nipples. She is enjoying this and by now, you are playing with your cock, which has gotten very hard.

I place my hand flat in the paint and then start to make handprints all over her belly, thighs and one on each of her beautiful ass cheeks. She is giggling and we are continuing to dance around now completely nude. Body painting is sooooo erotic. She wants to do some to me, but I whisper into her ear to wait a moment. I want to give you a surprise and soon I will be covered with paint.

She gives me a questioning look and I wrap my arms around her and press my body up against hers, rubbing all over and mixing all of the Escort bayan Ankara paint on her body and getting it all over myself. She is delighted and starts to get into it and wiggles all over, rubbing and spreading the paint all over my body. We go over to the bed and are lying there rolling around and my hand finds her pussy and I start to play with it and she moans loudly and spreads her legs wide.

You are engrossed with watching us and you get up from your chair and with your large, hard, hot cock in you hand you come over to the side of the bed and your cock is just level with her mouth. While I am shoving my fingers in and out of her wet pussy, you offer your cock to her and she starts to suck on it. She is getting so excited that she sucks it hard and lifts her hands to caress your balls and to squeeze your ass, getting paint on you also.

I have three fingers going in and out of her pussy and I take your hand and place it against my hot, wet pussy showing you how excited I am getting. You start to finger fuck me while you watch first my hand going in and out of her and then your cock going in and out of her.

We do this and continue to go faster and faster, with me urging you on to greater speed and depth as I see Nina start to tremble and I know she will explode soon. I feel my own orgasm building and I tell you to really give it to her, ram your cock down her throat baby, harder, harder and faster. Your hand is plunging into my pussy faster and deeper and you feel my tight hot pussy clenching around your fingers. I start to put four fingers into her pussy and then another finger up her tight hot asshole and she comes undone. Bayan escort Ankara She starts lifting her ass up off of the bed and moaning around your cock in her mouth.

She starts to buck and I am plunging my hand in and out as she sucks and bites on your cock. Seeing your legs start to tremble and knowing you are close, I lose control and my climax rips through me as I cry out my pleasure exploding all over your hand, squirting and gushing my hot sweet pussy juices all over your hand. This means that I am now using so much force on her pussy that Nina also starts to cum and thrashes on the bed sucking your cock even harder and you are plunging deep down her throat also starting to cum. Yes baby, cum together with Nina, I want to see you both get off at the same time. Yes baby slam into her, harder and harder. She is wildly bucking against my hand and cummming as you start to hold her head and shoot your load of hot sweet cum down her throat.

Ahhhhhh baby your orgasm is soooooo powerful as you continue to spurt your cum over and over and over. You legs get weak and you fall onto the bed on top of us. We lay there all three of us panting and touching each other gently. You look over at me and give me a weak, but satisfied smile. I inch over and give your sweet lips a kiss and tell you that I am glad to give you such a happy day.

Nina, gets up and is a little embarrassed that she totally lost control but I tell her that it is okay and that she was wonderful and we both thank her for a great time. After cleaning up and dressing I take the car and drive her to where she needed to go, leaving you to finish your work making a frame for my new painting. You are so content that you return to your craft and create one of your best works ever and you are so proud to show me when I return.

We decide to name the painting “La Nina” and it will always bring us such hot, sweet memories when we view it.

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