Meeting Again Ch. 01

Female Ejaculation

Hi there, Tia 3 here. I’m shipping off to the armed forces really really soon. What I had hoped to finish is turning out to be a rather long story line. I do how ever want to share this with you. Hopefully I’ll have more to add to this piece in the week I have left before my Basic Training begins, but if I can’t get around to submitting more please understand. I hope this story what small piece of it that’s available is of course enjoyable. Happy reading.

It had been a long day. It will be an even longer night. Geraldine pressed her fingers to her brow and massaged her forehead for the umpteenth time that day. Her back hurt. Her shoes were too high. Four inch heels were definitely not the proper shoe for a funeral but she’d packed her bag in a hurry.

Her best friend called two days ago in tears. Her father-in law had passed suddenly of a quick stroke. She immediately canceled work and drove from Connecticut to Georgia. She only packed enough clothes to stay two nights and it was back on the road again.

Gerri remarked after the burial how she packed her bag hurriedly. She laughed to herself about the underwear she packed, the stockings, shoes, gloves and scarves she threw in her bag mostly as an after thought. Her need was to comfort her friend.

Paula had met Gerri back in fourth grade. They were long time friends. She was the Maid of Honor at Paula’s wedding. She slept with the grooms little brother with Paula’s blessing. Paula loved Gerri and her ways but never understood her. Still with everyone around her she loved she wanted Gerri’s hand to get her through this time.

Paula cried deep into Gerri’s arms the night she arrived at Paula’s home. She came to the door wearing jeans, sneakers and a hat from her collection of odd head pieces. She didn’t even take her coat off while her friend cried on her shoulder. Paula’s husband and his brother, Oscar, quietly went upstairs and made the guest room.

Oscar was speechless when he saw Gerri hop out of her car and embrace Paula. Her Coat was open. Her hat had bells on it. “What’s up with that?” he pondered. Then he brushed the thought aside as he saw the curve of her bottom as she took to the stairs two at a time. She saw the bump of her breast when she opened herself to Paula. He thought he glimpsed the indentation of her nipple. “My father’s just died.” He though. “I should be sad.” But his mind threw him back to how she milked dry him before his brother’s wedding.

The day before his brother’s wedding to Paula, he’d met this woman at the rehearsal dinner that refused to take off her hat. In this day and age there aren’t any direct rules to be broken regarding hats, but he could not see her eyes. He saw that he liked her curvaceous little body. He was intrigued but her accent and was enjoying the small movements her hips made as she moved about the room. Her stance when ever she stopped to chat exuded charm, sensuality and confidence. Her brown skin could not help but be complimented by the light coral skirt and clearly transparent blouse she wore.

It was wide brimmed and had “nature” on it. Berries and twigs arranged in little bows surrounded the crown. The hat itself appeared pinned on as if what was under it could not be contained. She seemed a good natured person if on the eccentric side. Her brown skin practically glowed that night; she had thinly arched eyebrows, and a little pouty mouth with small lips. Her eyes beneath the hat were almond shaped and crinkled at the edged when she laughed. She was laughing at the moment, and her dimples appeared close to the edged of her mouth like little dots. Her face was relatively small though and round with a tiny chin above a long graceful neck.

His mother he could hear was telling her a story about her own wide brimmed hat, when Geraldine finally removed hers. He had been talking to one of Paula’s cousins when it came off. Her eyes blazed into him briefly as she and his mother examined her hat closely. He felt the desire to possess her immediately.

Down her back fell a thick rope of locked hair, braided tightly. It hung to the middle of her back where at the end; the braid almost immediately unraveled itself. The wild locks of her thick hair were a show stealer. Oscar wanted to touch them. He wanted to feel their weight in his hands. He wanted to feel them touching his skin. He was almost angry that his mother was the first one to grab a loose one and rub her fingers over its coarseness.

He strolled over to be introduced. Geraldine immediately felt his attraction and began a sort of game with him. From the moment his mother spoke his name to her, the moment she looked in his eyes, touched his hands and repeated his name, she really wanted him. For Geraldine it only takes one good look. She knew how to entice a man. It would not be hard to make him want her more. She leaned into him the moment his mother turned away. She placed her hand on his wrist, the one holding his glass, “Tell me about George, I want to know what he was like as a boy.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well bostancı escort when they have children I want to know what’s in store when I visit.”

Oscar leaned into Gerri low enough to smell her neck, his breath hot on her ear, lips brushing the locks falling behind her shoulders daring him to touch her. “If they have boys they’ll be a handful. A big handful, but they will love their mother. Most Southern boys do.” Oscar stepped back to watch her react to his closeness. She gave nothing away.

“And if they’re girls?” She placed her hand on his forearm and began to trace the muscles beneath his sleeve. It was almost as if it belonged there. She knew he had tested her but she would not let him know how drunk she became on his scent.

“George is a great shot.”

She had almost missed the joke. Geri looked at him with mock mortification before she threw back her head and laughed hearty and with gusto. The sensual movement of her hand was replaced with a gentle grip on his arm as she went from bursting mirth to a hiccup of a chuckle.

“I’m sure that you can handle it though. You seem the type to handle anything.” He leaned in again. This time he would not retreat. He wanted to affect her like she was affecting him. Her busy little hand was driving him up the wall. The hairs between his skin and his sleeve were on end from the light touches. He was becoming aroused just watching her nose flare.

“It’s only because I’m a bit of a handful myself.”

“Oh Oscar I think I can handle you.” She taunted. He’d never been more attracted to a woman in his life

She had only been to GA one other time before with Paula before she moved down with her fiancé. She had a marvelous time. She liked Southern men and their manners outside the bedroom. She loved Southern men and their lack of manners in the bedroom. She hope this Oscar, the grooms brother was no different.

She felt him out, she learned about him. She seemed attentive and receptive to his tales. They soon sat down to dinner at separate tables. She would smile at him occasionally between lulls in conversation. Once she even winked at him, when none one but Oscar was looking. He winked back. Throughout the remainder of the evening they continued flirting this way.

As dinner wound down people began to wander about. Oscar got a conspiratorial look in his eye as he caught Geraldine’s attention. They began to move towards each other and towards a dark hallway towards the back of the club where dinner was tonight and tomorrow where the reception would be held. None at dinner saw or suspected what they were up to when they left. No one saw the gleam in Gerri’s eye as they left the building through a side door.

She adjusted to the moon light, and then followed Oscar’s silhouetted form into a car port. The room was large with high ceilings and windows set high for ventilation. The moon streamed through in pale silvery light. It dimly lit the several cars parked with in its walls. There in the semi darkness she could hear her own breath as it rushed in and out of her with excitement. She could also hear Oscar’s, ragged and short. She smiled to herself. He was not familiar with random flings. So far he played it cool. Now he was here with a willing woman. He was a little nervous, and she could feel it.

She leaned on of the cars parked at the rear of the garage. It dipped slightly at the weight. She braced her feet on the bumper and scooted on to the trunk of the car she’d picked. He came close to her. He could smell her perfume mixed with the aroma of dinner and the smell of the cars around them. He just wanted to taste her mouth, “Just one kiss and then I’ll bring her back to the hall.” He said this to himself. Even as he closed the distance between them, he knew that would not be enough.

As he wrapped a few locks around his hand she tilted her mouth to his and drank in his taste. At first she was shocked that he’s grab her hair but then as he slowly worked his hand to her scalp she relaxed. His lips were soft, warm and tasted like the sweet wine he drank at dinner. He smelled like oranges and spice. His other hand traveled up her arms to press her breast into his chest. She opened her legs wider so he could be closer to her. She wanted him to feel her heat. His kiss deepened.

He felt her open underneath his mouth. His tongue shot out before he knew what was going on. He tasted the inside of her mouth. He rubbed his tongue across her lips and then inside again to duel with hers. She gasped. She hugged him with her legs as his mouth began to trail wet hungry kisses along her jaw line.

Her hands had not been idle. She had been tracing his back with her fingers. She’d been kneading the flesh of his shoulders. She leaned back enough to see his face barely outlined in the moon light coming from the high set windows. He paused to look at her. She looked down at the wrinkled mess she created with their clothes and traced her hands up his arms. büyükçekmece escort She looked into his dark eyes. She reached up to grab hold of his flushed face. She pulled him back to her mouth. “What am I doing?” She thought as her lips collided with his. “I hardly know him.”

His mouth began its southern exploration again. He panicked when she looked in his eyes. He just wanted to continue kissing her. She smelled so good. Her body was warm, soft and it brought him no pleasure to think about not kissing every inch of it. Right now.

He started to unbutton her blouse. It was one of those gauzy of the shoulder things with little buttons down the back. He wondered briefly how she got into it. The blouse appeared flimsy but proved tough fabric and he gave up on trying ripping it when all the little buttons refused to tear. He slowed his brain and concentrated on kissing her shoulder and taking one miniscule button at a time.

She kept moving her hips into him as he worked. He could barely contain himself. Her body called out to him. She moved as if she would burst against him. She finally touched his belt. It miraculously opened for her. His hardness strained against his trousers. With out bothering to loosen his buttons she unzipped him and reached inside. The teeth bit into her delicate skin but she did not care. The only barrier left to her was the soft material of his shorts.

Her other hand came into play as well. Realizing she’d never enjoy his body while it was still partially locked away, her other had was busily unbuttoning anything and everything. She’d gone past reason the minute she felt his lips on her neck and shoulder. She felt his own shoulder length hair brushing against her as he eased her top to her waist. He held her arms wrapped in the holes of her sleeves for a moment. He held her still as her gazed at her breast. Her hands trapped inside his shorts.

Gently he lifted her arms out of her blouse, reluctant to loose the hold she had of his body. He wanted to taste her breast. They stood proudly and eager, waiting for him to touch them, caress them. Looking around her saw a bag of soil, he got an idea.

Almost pleading with Gerri, he motioned for her to stay put. He grabbed the soil bag and placed on the floor in front of her. He sank to his knees on the soil and began to trace her chest with his nose. She shivered and broke into goose flesh each time his nose grazed her nipples. His hands at the moment content to rest on her hips. He heard her moans of impatience and slowly revealed his tongue.

His tongue followed the path his nose had taken. He laved up and down her breast bone, burrowing his face between her south mounds. Then he positioned his lips over her left nipple to slowly tease it to tightness. Oscar planted one gentle kiss to it, then with his lips still touching he opened his mouth to lick. He switched to the right. Her hands reached into his hair. She threw her head back, enjoying the warmth he was bestowing upon her. She grabbed his left hand and placed it on her right breast. She opened wider to enclose him with her legs. Heat began radiating through her. From Geraldine’s gut a tightness and fire began to build. Her legs became slick as she chose not to wear and under garments with her light colored skirt.

His cock twitched when ever he let his tongue lath one nipple too long. Her breast just big enough to fill the palm of his hand he kneaded. He liked how sharp her nipples had become. The eraser sized nubs were tight and begging to be pinched. He pinched them gently, Gerri gasped. The noise went through him, making his penis even harder. He felt almost ready to burst, yet too curious and turned on to stop. He wanted to know what else she’d do. What would happen if he ran his free hand from her hip to under her arm? Would her skin tingle? Would she shiver? Would her breath catch? She made a small noise barely audible in her throat. She arched her back.

Oscar stood up. He wanted to taste her mouth again. He felt her breast pressed into him. They were hot like the rest of her body where theirs met. She unbuttoned the last two buttons of his shirt. His pants had already fallen. She roamed over the hard planes of his chest with her hands, savored the smell of his spicy male scent. She kissed his chin hungrily. His skin was smooth as if he just shaved before dinner, and salty.

She ran her fingers up his arms and down his back. She squeezed his cheeks in her hands. She noted the firmness of his bottom. She snaked her hands to his front, to the tent in is Jockeys. She pulled them far enough to free him. She grasped him with both her hands, as he cupped her face. She stroked him slowly and he moaned into her mouth.

His kisses grew more urgent as her two talented hands massaged their way up and down his rod. He could feel his manhood throbbing against her firm yet gentle touch. Each ridge and vein became electrified by the motions of her embrace. He began to thrust çekmeköy escort his hip in time to her milking. He head began to ooze fluid; she quickly smeared it over her hands. Her thumb more than once fondled the sensitive place beneath his spear shaped tip. He grunted into her neck as she continued maneuvering him into a frenzied primal being only focus on the sensations she provided.

She was leaking terribly. Her need was building with every noise every breath he made. He had begun to lean on her bodily now. Her head almost to the rear window of the car she was sitting on. He pushed her all the way down. His mouth savagely claiming her let nipple again. Her hands trapped on his stiff meat. Not knowing what else to do while he bit on her nipple she squeezed him.

“Harder” he barley could barely breath out the words. She squeezed harder. His hips thrust violently in response. She did it again, he jerked back from her almost shaking her to the ground. His grip on her hips and her lock on his waist the only tings keeping her in place.

With fire in his eyes he bunched her long peach skirt with the gauzy shirt at her waist and hardly registered that fact that she was not wearing any coverings beneath it. He saw a small pink nub less than half an inch tall nestles between two large hairless lips. He squeezed of once before sliding his long fingers inside her. He then returned his mouth back to her nipple.

Her legs tightened at the sudden invasion. All the muscle in her body flexed. She was not aware of how tightly she had been wound until her toughed inside her core. His fingers had curled upward to stroke her. She felt great. She felt hungry. She felt a terrible need to be filled. She needed to be filled and soon, by the thick cock she still had her hands trapped around. She swiveled her hips in invitation. She wrapped her legs even tighter pulling him closer to him. She arched up into his mouth begging him with her body not to stop.

She pulled on hand from him, with the other she urged him closer to her silky sheath. His fingers withdrew to guide himself to her. Her body emanated promise of satisfaction. Her eyes were black with desire. They showed like large dark depthless pool in the moon light. He focused on her eyes as he entered her slowly. She inhaled, his nostril flared. He pressed on. She held her breath, he stopped. She was so tight. Her muscles were squeezing him like a vise. He could barely control his movement. He wanted to fuck her hard. He wanted to pound her tight little cunt with its fat lips. But he could not.

Her eyes winked down to half open. She exhaled. Her body loosened for him. He’d been given the room he needed to push all the way in. He slid in slowly, all the way until his sack was against her thighs. He slid out halfway her face open and expressive. She moved against him slowly, sensing that he controlled the pace. He was bigger then she anticipated as if he grew larger right before her entered. The pushed in again, all the way to the bottom. She clamped again on him, this time he welcome the sensation. He felt like coming home to her.

She was in a place she had not been before. She rolled her lower back gently pushing her hips into him. She moved him within her, in the process. His body began a tingling from his feet to his head. He lost control.

His hands which were at her waist now reached out suddenly. One to her thigh to urge then further up his back and the other hand to raise her upper body closer to him. She held on to his back snaking her hand under his still open shirt. The other hand locked around his neck. He began to thrust hard into her slight frame.

Geraldine threw her head back in delight at the rough way her body was being handled. He moaned into his shoulder as he placed a heavy hand on her breast. He forced her body to yield all its slick velvety treasures to him. She gripped him with every thrust, his pubic bone ground into her sensitive clit with every press. Her pink inner slit coated him with each withdraw. Her juices coated them they made sloppy sucking noises in the darkness.

He felt his blood boiling in his balls. He began to feel pain with each drive into her tight wet body. If he ever survived this moment he’d promised to give more to the poor. He shaft was being wrung out in a most deliriously pleasant way. He wanted to spill into her all his seed. He wanted her to stay with him for ever, with her legs crushing his waist. But his body was edging towards release. His skin prickling with sweat, lights were appearing behind his eyes.

He grew even larger as his sphincter shrank to a tiny non opening. He let out a guttural roar and then bit her shoulder as he released himself into her. He continued to pump her full of him. He had so much to give her, they began leaking out. He was not ready to let go of her yet. He wanted to rock her until he heard her scream with the same pleasure she had given him.

She felt him fill her to tautness before she heard his roar in his ear. She cried out as his first jet of semen shot out to her walls. She milked him instinctively until his orgasm subsided. He continued to pump as if he never came. He slowed his pace. He slid deep into her and held her teasing her internally until she began to shake. He forced her wetness open slowly then faster, then slowly again to feel the length of him. Her body shook harder with every movement.

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