Meeting Future Father in Law


All the characters in the story are above 18 and this story is meant for mature audiences

(This is the story of a young Indian virgin who is molested by her future father in law in front of her father.)

I was extremely nervous as me and my dad sat waiting in the reception. Our entire family’s survival depended on this meeting.

My father kept repeating what he had been saying through our drive here, “Baby girl, I know I am asking a lot of you. But this marriage is very important. Only Rao uncle can save our family from complete financial ruin. We must convince him to accept you as the bride and help our company. Otherwise we will lose everything. Mom shall simply die.”

Although it sounded a bit dramatic, it was not an exaggeration. Our business was in huge losses, and we desperately needed Rao uncle’s help. This was a sacrifice but even though I have been so used to my luxurious lifestyle, cars, holidays, I can’t imagine doing without them. And Rao uncle’s son Uday is not half bad – boring but not bad.

I knew Rao uncle is a typical Indian patriarch controlling every aspect of his children’s life. So if he agreed to the marriage and financial help, his son would agree too.

I was confident initially that Uday couldn’t reject me on my credentials. I was studying my first year in arts degree – educated but not truly professional. I had a very private group of friends so no partying or fast lifestyle. Which would please him.

And I was also confident about my looks. I was 5.6 with a toned curvy body. And more importantly I am a virgin and young at just 19.

But right now, I was not feeling very hopeful, mostly because Rao uncle had called us to his office and not his home. Which was strangely unsettling.

Thankfully within thirty minutes of arriving, the receptionist ushered us in.

It was an imposingly large office with a wall of windows. Uncle Rao sat in one of the sofas and stood up to invite us in. He was a 6 feet tall man, very well built and with a full head of hair with grey streaks. He must be around 60 but he looked strong and energetic.

Surprisingly he was alone and there was no sign of Uday or his mom.

He invited us, ” Hello old friend, please please come in, and this must be your darling daughter Madhu. She looks as sweet as her name. Darling, you should allow me to call you honey – just like the meaning of your name.”

I nodded nervously as I felt his intense gaze all over my body. As my palms started sweating, I was grateful for my mother’s advice that I should wear a saree.

I wore a pink saree in soft silk which covered and highlighted my body without making my curvy breasts and hips too obvious. The green blouse contrasted with my milky pale skin and dark curls cut into stylish Bob.

My father was very tense and smiled nervously as he thanked Uncle Rao for his time and asked about Uday.

Uncle Rao replied, “As he is my only son, he manages many important business commitments. He had to unexpectedly go away to London this morning. But don’t worry, he always respects my decision in all matters.”

My father seemed a bit relieved at this assurance and we sat down on the sofa next to Rao.

Not a man to waste time or words, uncle Rao immediately spoke, as he still kept gazing at my body in bursa escort a scrutinising way ” I know about your financial condition and helping you will be my pleasure. But you must agree, being my daughter in law will be a tough job. I will have to vet our darling honey quite thoroughly because she will be wife of my successor and also give birth to the future of the company “

My father nodded ” Yes of course. I completely agree.” I could smell the desperation in his voice.

“First of all she has a very beautiful, pleasing face. Her large dark eyes, milky complexion, and juicy red lips can attract any man. I can also see that she has quite beautiful proportions in her body.”

As I blushed at this frank statement, my father relaxed for the first time. This was a very positive sign.

“But, I am not sure if the beauty of her face is enough to attract my son to have multiple children. As I want many successors for my huge business empire. Also I can not be sure if she is healthy enough to give birth and feed my grandchildren.”

Now both me and my father were in confusion and panic. We didn’t understand how to convince him or what he expected. One wrong answer could destroy our lives. Everything was on the line.

My father asked with great apprehension, “do you need a doctor certificate or something?”

Uncle Rao shook his head, “No no, I trust my own judgement above everything. So, if I can check honey a little more personally, we can make a decision right now. Are you sure you want to go through this? Are you sure honey? Because if not, let us not waste any more of each other’s time and end the meeting.”

Again me and my father were under great stress. Although we didn’t know what he exactly wanted, we had to agree to this. We had no other option. So we both nodded our agreement silently.

Now Rao uncle took charge, “Get up and move towards the window honey. Let me see you clearly.”

I stood up and moved near the window, now I was standing in the bright sunlight.

“Now remove your blouse and let me see your breasts.”

I was too stunned and blanked out – couldn’t move as I couldn’t process the shock of what he was asking me to do in front of my father. I looked at my dad, he seemed about to have a heart attack and looked at me pleadingly.

Uncle Rao was getting impatient and looking at his watch in irritation. My father sensed this, “Madhu beta, please do as Uncle Rao says. It is just like a doctor’s exam.”

The panic and fear in his voice jolted me to action.

I reluctantly removed my saree. Now I stood in a blouse and skirt. Rao nodded in approval at my shapely waist and flat navel.

“Please continue..”

I removed the skirt and stood in my pink panty. As Uncle Rao continued to nod in approval, I removed my blouse. As I stood in my panty and bra, I could see Uncle Rao’s appreciative eyes roam over the swell of my agitated heaving breasts peeking from my bra.

As Uncle sat silently, my father looked on, red in face and panicked. But he also looked a bit relieved, as surely this was the end of this little exam. I was confused about what to think or what to do.

Then to my horror Rao uncle gestured me to continue. My hands were shaking and I couldn’t move them. I was too shocked and scared. This felt bursa escort bayan like humiliation.

Rao uncle tapped at his watch, “I have a meeting in another 30 minutes. Bhuvan please help your daughter.”

I could see my father shaking as he got up shamefaced but I felt sorry for him as I knew he was desperate. My father kept mouthing sorry as he went behind me and opened my bra. Then he came in front of me and with shaking hands, slid the bra from my body. My father looked deeply uncomfortable at the sight of my curvy and soft breasts heaving right below his face. I too was ashamed but again in too much of panic to move.

“Don’t stop” commanded uncle Rao as he got up and moved closer. So my dad, again with shaking hands slipped my panty down my legs and moved my legs out of the panty holes.

Now I stood naked, ashamed, and shaking with my breasts heaving and black curly pussy hair on display.

Uncle Rao moved closer behind me and reached from behind to cover my breasts in his hands and started to knead them as my father looked on helplessly and in shame. “I like her breasts. Quite large and firm. Uday will enjoy playing with them.”

I felt a strange mixture of fear, shame and arousal as Uncle moved to stand behind me and reached from behind to cover my breasts with his large hands. My father was now paralized and red faced as he helplessly watched his daughter being molested in broad daylight by this old and powerful man.

Uncle Rao moved closer and pressed against my back and I could feel his hard erection press into my naked ass crack through his pants. He continued to caress my breasts, running his hands all over and roughly pressing my flesh. He moved his hands under my boobs and lifted and juggled them around.

I could feel a trickle of moisture against my legs and my nipples hardening as he took his time playing with my breasts.

Now uncle started to pinch and pull at my nipples, and seemed satisfied as they hardened “Nice, nice, my grandson will enjoy sucking milk from these plump teets.”

My father looked relieved at his approval. Even I felt a bit relaxed in spite of his molestation at his approval.

His left hand continued to knead my breast and pull at my nipple as his right hand travelled down my tummy to cup my pussy. He also pressed his hips into my butt crack and i could feel his erection through his pants.

He played with the soft curls on my pussy “Nice traditional girl. I like that you have not shaved your pussy like these modern girls. Bhuvan, she is virgin right?”

My father nodded vigorously, “Yes Yes of course. We have raised her very strictly.”

“So you don’t mind if I confirm it myself now?” to both mine and my father’s utter shock, Uncle inserted two long fingers into my pussy. I tried to pull away instinctively, but uncle drew me back more firmly towards himself “nice and tight. A virgin girl for my son.”

At this point, although my father was shamed, he was also clearly a little aroused. There was a pronounced bulge in front of his pants and his eyes kept greedily straying to my heaving and flushed breasts.

Then uncle pushed me with his hips towards the nearby table and bent me against the cold and hard steel surface until my whole torso rested on it with my breasts crushed under escort bursa me and my face pressed to a side.

Now i felt the firm pressure of his hand moving my thighs apart and dragging my waist a little back, so that my ass and pussy hung in the air. He still pressed and kneaded my but with one hand and I heard sound of his pant buckle opening and zip sliding down clearly in the silent room.

And as my father watched with a mixture of arousal and fear, my potential father in law rubbed the head of his hard penus against my soft and wet pussy. My legs shook at the sensation, again the combination of arousal and fear was potent. I could feel my pussy juices trickling down my leg.

Uncle Rao roughly inserted his hard dick into my wet and tight pussy. Although I was aroused, he still felt very large and I felt a slight tingling sensation and waves of pleasure as my virgin pussy stretched to accommodate him.

He withdrew, when he felt my virgin barrier, and inserted just the wet tip inside my pussy. I suddenly felt the urge to feel his hardness again, so instinctively pushed back against his hips in need and again his dick went in.

But he was careful not to break my virgin barrier, and kept doing shallow thrusts in and out. From the corner of my eye, I could see my father trying look away but at the same time discreetly rubbing his erection at this scene.

I could feel his thrusts becoming faster and his breathing louder and Rao was grunting as his movements became faster. I feared he would lose control and take my virginity then and there. But I also did not want to stop him as I was too aroused.

Just when I started to feel out of control and started to instinctively move my hips trying to take all of his hard dick inside, uncle Rao removed his penis and started to rub it between my ass cheeks. As it was covered in my pussy juice, it moved smoothly in the tight crack between my butt cheeks.

Now as he was in no need to control himself, uncle got really rough and rammed into my hips and my jerked to and fro on the desk. His grunts got louder as I felt the last powerful thrust as I felt his thick hot cum fill my ass crack and then run down my legs.

Although I did not have an orgasm, I felt shaken and disoriented because a part of me wanted him to fuck me so badly. As he moved away and adjusted his clothes, i stood up from my bent over position.

Uncle Rao gestured to me to get dressed. I felt a strange mixture of humiliation, fear, and relief as I picked up my clothes and got dressed.

My legs were shaky and my boobs were sore from being pressed against the cold Steel desk. My hands also shook as i picked up my discarded clothes and dressed myself. Then me and my father stood in front of him awaiting his judgement, at least from his expression, i felt he was satisfied about my suitability

“Bhuvan, I will be very glad to welcome honey as my daughter in law. Let us fix a date within next week for the wedding. I will talk to my accountants and we will schedule meetings to take care of your finances after I have sorted out my daughter’s treatment.”

My father actually cried in relief and thanked Uncle Rao profusely.

Soon we were both out of the office and sitting in our car in the parking lot. We were both ashamed but also relieved. My father cried as he apologised for the humiliation. I was scared about my future but happy for my father. Our family was saved.

We promised each other that we would never talk to each other or anybody about this meeting.

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