Meeting Him


The clothes were ripped from my body and I was pushed to the bed. I lay there, propped up on my elbows to watch him strip himself. I reached out a hand to help and he knocked it away. He crawled onto the bed with me and pressed his fingers over me, testing my wetness.

He pushed my hands above my head, my knees pushed wide and thrust sharply into me. I cried out and raised my knees higher, allowing him full access to my tight pussy. His thrusts were deep and hard, penetrating me fully before drawing back. I gripped his hair in one hand, urging his mouth to mine as I wrapped my legs around his back, drawing him closer to me. I boosted myself up with the other hand, pushing him back on his heels and me into his lap. I barely managed to push myself onto him when he lifted me off. I found myself lying on my stomach as he administered a sharp slap to my ass. I tried to wriggle away from him but he held me firm by the hip as he completed a count of 10. He leaned over me to whisper in my ear.

“I fuck you, you don’t fuck me. Understand?”

I nodded yes. His hand moved to my hair and held tight.

“I asked if you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

I shivered at his words, spreading my legs, urging him to enter me again. He complied, resuming his earlier pace. He rubbed his hands over the reddened flesh of my ass, soothing away the pain he had inflicted. He reached under me to grab my breasts, kneading the flesh roughly in his palms. I gasped and tightened myself around him, feeling close. He stopped and pulled himself from me as I let out a groan Sahabet of frustration.

“So close…”

He turned me over to see his grin before picking me up fully off the bed. I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he carried me into the kitchen and deposited me on the table. He urged me to lie on my back as he scooted my hips close to the edge of the table. He lifted my legs and pushed my heels onto the table, keeping them pressed against my ass and leaving me open for him.

He pushed slowly into me, running his hands from my breasts to my hips in one smooth long line. He set a rough pace and I held onto the edge of the table. I lifted my leg and placed it on his shoulder. A sharp sting registered the fact he had slapped me across the point of my breast. He looked at me very deliberately as he lifted my leg and placed it back on the table. I got his point loud and clear.

He pressed his thumb on my clit as he pounded into me. I grabbed my ankles to keep them from sliding off the table with the force of his thrusts. He used his other hand to expertly tease my nipples, pinching the hard points and pulling them enough to cross from pleasure to mild pain. My entire body was tensed with holding myself where he wanted me when my orgasm hit with a rush. I lifted my knees and grabbed his ass to pull him in deeper, restricting his movement. My back arched off the table as I quivered, feeling my juices gush from within me to trickle onto the table below.

I opened my eyes to see him staring down at me. I quickly lifted Sahabet Giriş my heels back onto the table, realising I had let them fall when I came.

His hand skimmed across my breast, leaving a sting in its wake. I made a futile attempt to cover them with my hands but he took my wrists in one hand as he used the other to slap the opposite breast. Both received the same treatment twice more and I had no option but to take his hands attentions.

“Stand up.”

I hurried to comply with the order, using the table to lean against. I didn’t quite trust my knees to hold me just yet.

He patted my ass to urge me to walk in front of him and I made my way back to the bedroom. I took a seat on the edge of the bed and slid back to lie on it. He pressed my hands above my head and secured them in bindings already there. I gave them a testing tug, just enough to see I only had a few inches of movement.

I lifted my head to watch him take each of my knees, one at a time and secure them. I was left spread wide open, just beyond the point of comfort.

His mouth moved to my nipples, taking each sensitive bud in his mouth and between his teeth. He sucked each one deep, before letting it slide slowly out. He blew cold air on them, causing them to harden even further. I pulled on my bindings, desperate to hold him to me. I moaned and arched my back, trying to follow his mouth as he pulled away. He chuckled and flicked his fingers over the tight points, causing me to jerk back. He ran his tongue roughly over each point one Sahabet Güncel Giriş more time.

He grasped himself in one hand and began to slowly stroke his cock, still hard and glistening from a combination of my wetness and his pre-cum. I pushed my pelvis up towards him. The movement was greeted with his hand meeting my pussy sharply. I moaned loudly in desperation, I needed him inside me at that moment.

He pressed the head of himself against me and slowly pushed the head of his cock into me. I whimpered from the effort of not thrusting myself onto him, wanting him buried deep inside me. He slid in another inch and I made a low keening sound deep in my throat. Another inch and I gasped, closing my eyes.

“Open your eyes.”

I obeyed, bringing them to meet his. He forced the rest of himself inside me quickly.

“Don’t cum.”

I was already halfway there when he issued that command. I wrapped my hands around the bindings that held my wrists, holding them tightly to focus on not screaming my way into another orgasm. He set a rough pace, entering me as deeply as possibly before withdrawing completely. He slid his hands under me and cupped my hips, lifting me and opening me even further for his pleasure.

“I can’t, I have to…”

He kissed me, silencing my protests. He moved his mouth to my neck.


I did so instantly. I moaned loudly, closer to a scream. I felt him enlarge inside me where I was grasping him tightly. He came too, holding tight to my hips and sinking his teeth into my neck.

I lay with him cradled between my thighs as he gently pushed his now softening cock into me a few more times, keeping his eyes concentrated on me. He brushed his lips against mine as he slid out.

He left the room. Left me lying there with his cum sliding out of my well-used pussy.

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