Metamorphosis Ch. 05


It was a little after 10 o’clock, Saturday morning, and outside the world buzzed on with it usual routine. A Spring-time aroma filled the air and the sun shined down from a clear blue sky. Outside kids were already playing and running around. A collective spring fever between seemed to have fallen down on them, as it always did this time of year. The air seemed fresh, the sunshine warm, and all seemed perfectly well in suburbia.

The sunlight poured through the blinds throwing slivers of light on to the carpet as Heather laid in bed listening to the hum of the outside world. She’d been awake for almost an hour now, staring up at the ceiling contently being lost in her own thoughts. Below her, her bed was still wet from the night before, but it didn’t bother her. She’d awoken with a comforting acceptance she hadn’t experienced before. Something inside of her, despite all rhyme and reason, insisted everything would be just fine. It was a basic and instinctual feeling and Heather couldn’t help believe it.

She thought about everything that happened last night. It didn’t seem as distant as she expected it to, and although she didn’t see it in herself, anyone that knew Heather would be able to tell she was different. She didn’t seem as reserved and polished as she normally did. It was like part of her had broken loose, and just like a loose thread, it wouldn’t be long before everything was pulled apart.

After a while she finally got up and decided to get in the shower, but she was distracted at her own reflection in the dresser mirror. She stared at herself. She pulled the hair band from her loose pony tail, letting her auburn hair fall down over her shoulders. She wore only a tank top and nothing else. She could see her nipples pointing through her white tank top. She could see the thin little patch of hair above her pussy she kept short and trimmed. Her eyes adjusted and all of a sudden the dried dripping marks on the mirror came into focus. They were the marks of her own pussy juice dripping down the mirror after she shot it across the room. She didn’t know exactly why, but the turned her on. She felt herself becoming wet again, with the same growing lust that captured her last night.

As she turned away from the mirror and into the bathroom, she smiled to herself. Right then and there she came to the conclusion that it was best not to delay nature. If she was going to find out her boundaries, she mind as well just get to it she thought. She pulled off her tank top, the only clothing she was wearing, turned on the water, and stepped into a well needed shower.


Sean had been up for a little while himself. Although he fell asleep on the couch last night, he woke up in the middle of the night and climbed the stairs to his bed room. Since those first few hours or blissful sleep, Sean tossed and turned, unable to fully stop reeling over the night before. He didn’t know how or why it was all happening, or what he should do or say, but he did know one thing. He knew he was grateful and that he’d let things play out without intervening. He didn’t know if his mother knew about his fantasies and stories or not, but either way he wasn’t exactly in a rush to tell her.

He looked at the time down on the corner of his computer screen. It was 10 after 10, and he’d already been writing for over an hour. He’d started a story fresh this morning, renewed and inspired by the night before. He wrote with speed and clarity, and in just over an hour, he had written 3000 words and was on pace for another 3000 shortly. He’d masturbated the night before, again when he woke up and came to his room, and once more when he sat down and began to write. Despite this, he still sat writing with an erection poking from his shorts. He was as horny as ever and just as much aroused as the previous night. Erotic fantasy poured unfiltered from his mind and down through his finger tips. It was like a tap from the computer directly into his creative consciousness. He was getting better at allowing his subconscious to flow uninterrupted, tapping deeper into his own mind.

I couldn’t believe the uninhibited “rawness” of the moment. All our illusions had escaped us, and for what felt like the first time, he accepted the moment as the inevitable reality. My mother and I stared at each other with renewed feelings of affirmation. We knew the few barriers still between us were crumbling right then and there.

“Tell me Sean… show me. Take me to the deepest, darkest corners of your fantasies baby. I want to live out every one of them” my mother spoke softly. She kissed my lips gently between her words. For the first time, I felt completely comfortable telling her.

“I want to you completely Mom. I want to explore every part of you and take things as far as possible, to break free. I want to take things to the very essence of taboo love. I want to make love to you Mom. I want to start a family with you Mom…” I said with confidence.

“Then Escort bayan we will…” my mother whispered softly in my ear.

His fantasies were taking him further than he knew. It was if he hadn’t created them at all, but rather discovered them, like an old shell buried deep and long ago, long before his time. They started feeling like desires he’d harbored his entire life, hardwired into him at birth. Was that unreasonable to think he wondered. Was it possible his attraction to his mother was something he couldn’t help, something primitive and instinctual? His fantasies were becoming increasingly in-depth and complex, as if they were constructing themselves. The idea that they lay deeper within him than his own creative mind became more and more believable. Sean typed steadily for another hour.


Heather’s shower was long and soothing, and an hour after she started it, she reluctantly turned off the hot water and got out. The mirror in the bathroom was completely fogged over, and she didn’t take the time to wipe it clear. She dried herself off with haste, wrapped the towel around her wet hair, and went out into her bedroom. She walked with a naked sensuality that made her look like she floated effortlessly rather than walked.

She took a thong from her underwear drawer and pulled it on casually followed by a bra. From the drawer below that, she picked a pair of black yoga pants and a pink halter top. She looked sporty and casual and fit. Her ass looked full and round in the yoga pants, but not too big she thought to herself. Her firm boobs still looked great, and for a second she thought she could see what her son was attracted to in her. The moment passed.

When she was done getting dressed, she thought she’d leave for the walk she was planning on taking, but decided she needed to make a call first. She grabbed her cell phone, and dialed her sister’s number. When Olivia answered, she spoke quietly.

She told her all about the previous night, about the flirtatiousness and both kisses. She didn’t feel nervous or ashamed to tell Olivia this time. She was happy she could not only trust her sister enough to tell her anything, but that she was bold enough to encourage her. Heather told her about the masturbating and squirting, and how she was feeling about all of it.

“I’m just so… so ready to push it further” Heather said with giddiness in her voice. “I mean I know I can only go so far… but I want to find out where that is. I want to get right too in fact.” She laughed at her last comment.

“Heather, I’ve noticed in my life, when I want to know or do something, it’s best just to be deliberate. Just do it, no matter how nervous or anxious your feeling. You’ll be glad you did afterwards, I promise. Olivia spoke mater-of-factly, like none of this was at all out of the ordinary. “Just tell yourself that by the end of the day you’ll know exactly where your boundaries lie. Although, let me repeat myself by saying you shouldn’t worry about the boundaries at all. If I were you, I’d take things as far as they were meant to go.”

Heather was silent for a moment as she considered everything her sister said. “Ok” she replied after a silent moment.

“Ok to what, no boundaries?” Olivia asked excitedly.

“No. Ok to what you said about telling myself that by the end of the day, I’ll put it all out there.” She sounded like a woman who’d convinced herself more than anything.

“Ooooo, you bad girl.” Olivia said slyly. “Ok call me later and tell me everything. I mean EVERYTHING! It’s might still be the a.m. but the day is short, so get going. Call me later.” she said one more time before they exchanged goodbyes with each other and got off the phone.

Heather didn’t know what her plan was, but she knew one would unfold. She smiled to herself happily, although more nervous and anxious than before. She left her room and headed for the stairs, but before she started down them, she paused outside Sean’s closed door.

She put her ear against the door, and she could hear the faint squeak of her son’s computer chair and faint clicking. She knew immediately that he was typing away, busy writing a story about her. She thought for a moment that she would continue on down stairs and wait for the day to play out, but after dwelling on the idea she decided otherwise. “Just get to it remember? Be deliberate, no hesitation” she told herself. She tried searching for excuses not to, but nothing held water. Her heart began racing, and finally, she took her ear away from the door, took a deep breath, and turned the doorknob.


Sean didn’t hear the initial sound of his door opening, but after Heather opened it few inches the hinges let out a squeak. In that brief second, Sean jumped a foot in the air, turned with wide eyes to see his mother in the doorway, fumbled with mouse, and tried closing all the windows on his computer. He was paralyzed with Bayan escort fright.

“Mom… you gotta knock!” he said annoyed. There was a nervousness in his voice he couldn’t hide ” I ah… I was just ah… reading something… and…” he stumbled. His words were fragmented and he couldn’t look away from the computer screen. Somehow he’d forgotten about the erection pointing up from under his basketball shorts.

“I’m sorry sweetie,” Heather tried saying innocently. She took a step into the room and slowly moved towards her son sitting at the computer desk. She couldn’t look away from the erection in his shorts. “I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.”

“You didn’t… I just wasn’t ah… expecting you to … to…” he stumbled uneasily. On the screen he was clicking in and out on pointless programs, trying to seem busy.

“I’m sorry.” she said softly again. She walked over until she was standing directly behind her son. She put her hands softly on his shoulders, and leaned down to kiss the top of his head. “Really, I am.” she reiterated after the kiss. Sean’s embarrassment gave way to some nervousness, and he continued clicking around the screen aimlessly.

“What were you reading babe?” Heather asked trying to sound innocent and interested. She was now softly rubbing her son’s shoulders and starring down at his erection.

“Nothing really. Just an article.” he said unconvincingly.

Heather massaged her son’s shoulders gently. Slowly she let her hands slide down his shoulders and on to his chest. She slid her palms down until they were on his stomach and her mouth was right next to his ear. “Must’ve been an exciting article.” she whispered seductively in his ear. She slid her hands back up his chest and continued gently massaging.

Sean now realized what she meant and looked down at the tent in his shorts. He flushed with a confused mixture of embarrassment and arousal and didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t hide it or ignore it, so without thinking he apologized.

“I’m sorry mom. I didn’t mean…” was all he said before his mother interrupted him.

She let out a long “Shhhhhh” as she slid down and up his chest again. Each time she slid her hands down Sean’s chest, her fingers tips got closer and closer to his waistline. Any chance of abandoning his hard on her gone as it pumped harder than before. Her hands were stopping only inches away from the bulge.

“Don’t be sorry sweetheart. We can’t help human nature.” Her voice had seductive yet nurturing tone. Something about was electrifying Sean.

“Besides…” She said sliding her hands down Sean’s chest. She paused as she leaned forward, and exactly as she had hoped for, the very tips of her fingers were under the elastic waistband of his shorts. Her lips were against Sean’s ear when she spoke again. “…I don’t mind at all.” she whispered. Sean closed his eyes briefly while her words shivered down his spine.

She continued rubbing her hands up and down her son’s chest, extending a little further each time. After a few seconds, she slid down and her fingertips were under Sean’s waist band enough so that she felt his pubic hairs. She stopped and left her hands there and leaned down to Sean’s neck. She opened her mouth wide licked her tongue against his neck. She sucked and bit her son’s neck for a few seconds before putting her lips to his ear and asking “What were you thinking about bad boy?” She couldn’t believe what she was doing, but it felt right.

“Mom…” he tried starting but trailed off. Heather knew he didn’t mean her as the answer, but she decided to go with it regardless. She leaned down and took Sean’s ear lobe between her wet lips and sucked.

“You were thinking about your own mother?” she asked seductively. Her hands were no more than an inch away from the base of her son’s penis. She couldn’t believe that one, this was happening, and two, how turned on she was. “You are a bad boy.”

“No mom I was…” but again Heather cut him off with a long “Shhhhh.” She slide down his chest more slowly than before, until finally, both her hands slipped into her son’s shorts and she wrapped her hands softly around his dick. Sean couldn’t control the moan that escaped his lips. His eyes closed.

“It’s ok… I’m not mad baby boy” Heather said. She wrapped her hands more tightly around Sean’s rock hard erection and began licking and sucking his neck. She licked up to his ear and whispered in it, “I know you were thinking about me. I know you want this.” She was having trouble keeping herself under control and Sean couldn’t believe any of it was happening. He’d fantasized so long about the feel of his mother’s hands wrapped around his cock.

“Oooo God mom…” he moaned out loud, no longer trying to hide his lust.

“Is this what you wanted sweetie? You wanted me to stroke you?” She asked as she nibbled on his ear lobe. Slowly, she pulled her son’s cock out from under the shorts until she could see it. She Escort nearly had an orgasm herself at the sight of it. It was long hard and she could feel the pulse beat through it.

“Yes mom” Sean replied becoming more stimulated. His mother’s hand began moving up and down slowly. “Ooo yes”

“You’re so hard baby. Do you like your mother’s hand stroking your hard dick? Up and down.” she asked, becoming more aroused herself.

“Yes. Yes.” he moaned.

“Do you like your mother being bad, baby?” Heather asked. Her hand now stroking faster. “You know it wrong but you like it huh?”

“Ooo god mom…” he moaned more loudly than before. Heather could tell it wouldn’t take long at all and he was close. She finally let loose.

“That’s it baby, feel my hand stroking you. Feel your mother’s hand Sean. It’s so wrong but feels so right.” she wanted to see the hot cum flow from her son. She stroked hard and fast. “OOooo Sean. Do you feel my hand fucking you. Will you cum for me you bad boy, for your mother.” Sean moaned loudly and began pumping his hips.

“OOoo fuck mom I’m gonna cum” he yelled loudly.

“O god Sean, Yes. Cum for me, cum for your mother.” she whispered in his ear. Sean twitched the littlest bit, and finally, he flung his hips forward, squirting cum all over his computer screen.

“O MOM” he screamed as he came. He was done trying to believe what just happened, he just wanted to enjoy it at this point. The second spurt landed on the floor, and the third trickled out and down onto his mother’s hand. Heather softly kissed her son’s neck as he finished. She lifted the finger that had Sean’s cum on it to her mouth. Right next his ear, she stuck her finger in her mouth and cleaned the cum off, loudly licking and sucking as did so.

“Holy shit…” Sean said with his eyes still closed.

“Heather gave her son’s neck a final lick, put her lips against his ear, and said, “Sorry again for interrupting you.” She kissed his cheek, turned back, and headed towards the door. She watched her glide across the room. When she got to the door, she turned and looked at her son staring at her with his dick still out and a look of shock on his face. She took the same finger she just wiped clean a second ago, and put it back in her mouth. She stared right at her son as she slowly pulled the finger out of her mouth, sucking it clean. “Mmmm” was all she said, and pulled the door shut behind her.


Sean knew that the previous evening seemed almost unreal, and despite a nagging insistence that all of it was just a figment of his imagination, he was sure it had happened. This though, this rocked his foundation. For the first time in his life, he was genuinely unsure whether or not he was living in reality. He never understood people that said they didn’t know if they were awake or dreaming, until now at least. He contemplated the idea that he lost his grip on reality on was living inside his fantasy world, but it just felt too real. He couldn’t explain his mother’s actions, but he knew if he didn’t come to terms with it his psyche would crack. It became too much too quick, and despite not wanting to, knew he address it with his mother. Everything he’d dreamed about seemed closer than ever before, and he was scared that bringing it to light might ruin it. If he didn’t though, he knew his sanity would be tested.

Sean stood up and fixed his shorts, through on a t-shirt, took a deep breath before opening his bedroom door, and walked down the hall towards the stairs. He went down them slowly, keeping an eye or ear open for his mother. When he reached the living room, he could hear the clatter of dishes in the kitchen. He paused for a second, almost crippled with nervousness and fear, took another deep breath and headed towards the Kitchen.

He saw his mother reaching up to put dishes away, and bending down to get them from the dishwasher. He wanted to stay focused, but for a brief second his mother’s ass in tight yoga pants stole his attention. He loved the sight of her round ass, but clarity came over him and he looked away, as hard as it was.

“Mom…” he said heavily. There was a noticeable tension in his voice. “Can we talk?” Heather turned at the sound of her son’s voice behind her, and when their gazes met each other, she smiled lovingly. She seemed as if nothing odd at all was happening.

“Of course sweetie” she said. She tried to hide the uneasiness suddenly filling her own voice. She knew where this conversation was likely headed, and she hadn’t anticipated it. She had assumed for some reason, that she’d be the one to address the issue. She hadn’t expected Sean to be bold enough to bring it up, so when he did, she realized she didn’t know what to say yet or how to say it. She thought quickly at how to diffuse the situation.

“But if it’s anything that’ll take more than a couple minutes, it’ll have to wait till I’m back.” she said matter-of-factly. “I’m literally leaving in two minutes to meet Aunt Liv. We’re signed up for a Saturday morning yoga class together.” All of what Heather said was a lie, and although she hadn’t actually wanted to leave the house just yet, she thought it might work. She hoped at least.

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