Mia Mine Ch. 10


Mindy stared at the droplets of rain as they ran down the window of the little coffee house with free Wi-Fi. She was waiting for the special website to load so she could change the phone number in her ad to the new ‘burner’ she picked up. She needed one more “liaison” (she hated the word trick, it made her feel cheap), to make enough to get a room for the night. It had been a while since she was able to afford the ‘luxury’ of spending the night in the cheap, ratty motel. At least it would have a TV to take her mind off things, and best of all, enough hot water to take a nice long shower and wash her long black hair.

After she changed her number, she lay the phone down next to her, finished drinking her coffee, and eating her stale, day old bagel. Not quite a gourmet dinner, but it would have to suffice, again. She did a quick inventory of her available cash. She kept it in different places. In her purse, she kept the wallet with her ID and enough money to pay for her HRT drugs. One of her friends had turned her on to ‘a guy’ who sold it to the girls on the street. She was running low and would have to make contact with him soon. She checked the little pocket in her tight shorts, where she kept her food money. Tight pocket so tight on the food. In her right shoe was the money she kept for extras, like hopefully the motel tonight. She sighed to herself and began to feel that depression roll in again. Life on the streets is hard at best, and impossible when you weren’t on top of your game.

She looked back at the window, to see the rain was now a little stronger, it had turned into little rivers, running the full length of the window. She watched as they zigzagged into little designs, racing for the window sill.

Seeing nature’s designs reminded her how much she missed her drawing and painting. She had spent many happy hours involved in her art, before the hammer came. The hammer being when she could no longer keep her secret from her parents, and had told them she was a girl, born into a boy’s body. Her parents had laughed it off at first, thinking it quite the joke their son was trying to play on them. They knew he wasn’t athletic, and threw himself into the arts, so wrote off his statement as that of a mixed up artist.

Mindy was an only child. Her parents had her late in life and were somewhat surprised when her mother’s gynecologist announced she was pregnant. They lived in a well to do neighborhood and thought of themselves as liberal and open-minded. But they weren’t all that socially active, their jobs kept them too busy for that. As it turned out, they were too busy to raise a child as well. So, Mindy was left alone a lot when she was young, to deal with her thoughts and feelings by herself.

She smiled to herself as she remembered the first time she really dressed as she felt. The open mouths, the speechless more than pregnant pause that greeted her. But then came the hammer. She was not to be seen in public dressed as a girl, nor was she to be seen in their house dressed as a girl. This was limited only to her room. She was thirteen at the time, and she put up with it for five years, then, the day after she turned eighteen, she took off for the vast unknown. She had been aiming for California, but since she was hitch hiking, three months later she ended up in Seattle.

?> * * <?

David walked through the door after getting home from work. He was surprised to see Mia’s car already in the garage, he knew that she had been putting in long hours at her new head office in the sleepy little burg an hour ferry ride away from Seattle. As she had expected, her former board members swung the financing, and had purchased the rest of her company while she kept the part of the company she had started and built into quite the little empire.

She got a tidy sum for both the sale of part of the company and for her condominium. This had given her enough money to start her new foundation with houses in both the Seattle area (in the same little town Mia and David lived) and San Francisco.

As she had planned, her mother was in charge of the Seattle area house and her old Chief Operations Manager, Harmony Fleming, was heading the San Francisco house.

The foundation had gotten some really good publicity, as Marsha, Mia’s lawyer knew many people in the entertainment industry and spread the word about the new foundation to help the transgendered with a safe place to stay. The foundation offered professional counseling, medical aid, and both employment and or education aid. Once the word spread throughout the entertainment industry the donations began to flow in wondrous amounts.

Mia was overjoyed when Harmony decided to leave her old company and come to work for her and the new foundation. She was so savvy in all the financial dealings to get the houses ready, all the necessary details to handle all the things they had decided they wanted the foundation houses to have.

So, both houses were set up, remodeled and now ready for their ‘guests’.

“Hi Kartal Ukraynalı Escort hon! Welcome home!” Mia shouted from upstairs.

“And a hi hon to you too! What are you doing up there?”

“I’ll be right down, I just wanted to shower and get into something comfortable, and I’ve been wearing work outfits for so long, I really wanted a change.”

He was just about to yell up a retort while he unpacked his backpack with his thermos, travel mug, and tablet with the portable keyboard, when he heard Mia on the stairs. He looked up to see her and gave a soft whistle at what he saw. She was wearing a clinging red satin robe that tied around her slender waist. It was so beautiful with her dark hair and how it seemed to know where to cling to show off all her best features. Of course Mia knew just how to walk to show all this off for her husband to be.

?> * * <?

Mindy was just about to give up on getting a call from her ad on the website and was going to shut down her little laptop, when she saw a new ad in the “t4m” section.

“ERAEW is a new foundation set up exclusively to help transgendered girls on the street get a safe haven to live while getting the counseling, medical attention, and school and or employment help to change your lives. Please visit our website to get more details.”

Mindy was skeptical but followed the link to the website. It was very well done, and she started to feel an aching inside as she read of all the things the foundation could do to help girls like her get off the streets and start a new life, being not only accepting of who they were, but proud of it.

She sat there as the rain now started beating against the glass as a little squall passed over. She was lost in thought as she let her mind wander and dream of no longer having to be on the streets, sell herself to all the freaks and assholes, and be ridiculed, threatened, and beaten for who she was. She had been so shocked at the number of her ‘johns’ that were so excited to be with a ‘shemale’ that they couldn’t wait for the meeting. Then, after the sex, they would get violent and take out their bigoted anger on her for their own desires that they were now embarrassed about. Many had tried to beat her, and not pay for her services. Mindy had learned a mixture of martial arts moves from some of the other girls, and could usually at least stun the attacker long enough to get her money and herself out of danger (usually).

She smiled when she thought of all the training and one of the friends that had trained her. Aiko was a beautiful transgendered girl from Japan. She had moved to the states at a very young age. Her parents had put her through several martial arts programs and she had kept up her training even while going through her transition. She had taught Mindy how to do plate pinches to start strengthening her fingers, and then working up to finger pushups. At the same time she showed Mindy where all the easy to reach and most painful pressure points on the body were. She taught her techniques to get her hands free during an attack so she could use the ‘finger punches’ to these points to stun if not incapacitate her attackers. Mindy’s favorite was the ‘balloon pop’, where if she could free both hands, put all her fingers closely together and smacking the attacker’s ears in a clapping motion as if trying to pop a balloon. She also loved all the leg and knee kicks Aiko taught her. With her love for dancing, the full leg motion kick was her favorite. It was fun to practice the roundhouse motion, but she knew the times she would be able to use it were probably few, for most of the attacks came in close quarters, where the finger punches or knee to the groin were the most common moves.

Thinking of Aiko took Mindy back to that horrible time. She was new, and very naive to the whole street scene. One of her first liaisons was with a very large, football player type young man. At first he was very nice and Mindy’s sixth sense alarm didn’t go off. He was very kind and drove them to the cheap motel on the strip off the highway, which offered ‘hourly’ rates, where many of the girls took their business. He got their room and continued to be nice. They got the money handled for his blow job (which was all he had asked for).

He was very into it all as Mindy started to zip down his pants, slide them down, and pull down his shorts to reveal a small but very hard erection. His moans grew as she reached for him and held him in her hands, stroking ever so slowly. She normally followed the other girls’ instructions to get them off as fast as she could, but he was nice, and he was enjoying it so much. Mindy finally bent her head down to feed his hard cock into her mouth. He gasped. Due to his size, it was very easy for her to take him completely into her mouth, and he gasped even louder and grabbed the back of her head. Mindy began to get that sixth sense alarm, and tried to pull back, but his strength kept her right where she was. She didn’t want to show weakness, Kartal Üniversiteli Escort show him she was scared, so she kept on bobbing her head up and down on his hardness. She felt him relax a bit, and hoped he was close, but he just released her head and said, “Now I want to fuck you in the ass.”

“That’s another fifty bucks and you have to wear a condom,” she said hoping he would change his mind. Her hopes were dashed when he pulled a condom out of his pocket and threw it at her. She unwrapped it, glad it was at least lubricated, and slid it over his hard penis. “Now, bend over at the bed bitch, I am going fuck your brains out.”

Her sixth sense was sending out an all systems alarm now. Mindy could not see a way out of it, so she turned around, pulled down her tight skirt, careful to make sure her special thong was in place so she could pull her own penis and balls up towards her front. She then pulled her panties all the way down, pulled her equipment as tight to her front as she could, and bent over to grab the side of the bed. He rushed in behind her, grabbed her hips, and without so much as an iota of concern, slammed his sheathed cock into her unlubricated ass. Luckily he wasn’t that big but it still hurt a lot and Mindy screamed.

“That’s it bitch, scream for me, tell me how much you love my hard, pumping cock ramming your asshole.”

Trying to play along to get out of this as fast as she could Mindy moaned, screamed again and told him what he wanted to hear. “Oh god, yes! Ram that big cock into my tiny ass. Show me how a real man satisfies his woman.”

Oops thought Mindy to herself, probably went too far with that and she shuddered waiting for his response. Luckily he was so turned on he was just about ready to cum, so he didn’t respond to her last statement (yet). She felt his hands hold her hips even stronger, he pounded into her one last time all the way he could, and she could feel the movement of his penis as he shot his load into the condom.

He let out a moan and fell onto her back. He was quite heavy so he pinned Mindy to the bed. She laid there quietly for a while wondering if he’d passed out or something. She then felt him slowly pull off her and she thought it was over.

Then she felt his punch to her kidney. God it hurt! It practically winded her, and she struggled to get up to try to get her breathing back. As soon as she stood, he pulled her around and looked straight into her eyes. She thought it funny that through the rage, she thought she could see, or at least sense fear. “You god damned fuckin tranny whore. I’m getting my money back and teaching you a lesson you wont forget! You’re just a faggot in a skirt, don’t be giving me this ‘woman shit!'”

With that, he gave her a full roundhouse punch to the jaw. Everything went black.

Several hours later, she awoke at Aiko’s place. As her eyes began to focus again, she could see Aiko and another of the street girls standing beside her.

“What in the hell happened to me?”

“You got beat up, robbed, and basically left for almost dead,” she heard Aiko say.

“The night clerk at that motel called me when he found you on the bed, bleeding. We came over and got you out of there as fast as we could.”

“I don’t get it, he was so nice, and then after he came, he starting hitting and calling me all sorts of names.”

“Some of them are like that, especially the big ones. Somehow they don’t want to admit to themselves that they are turned on by a transgendered woman. Oh they will be so nice at first, but after they shoot their wad their shame and embarrassment turns into rage, and they take out all the fear and insecurities they have inside themselves on the poor girl who happens to be there.”

After that, Aiko told her she would teach her a few martial arts tricks to help at least stun an attacker like that to get out safely.

It wasn’t long, and Mindy felt she could at least surprise and stun her would be attackers before any real damage came to her. She started to expect it after every session. She remembered the look on the face of the first guy she had to use her new training on. She used the straight fingered punch to his adams apple followed quickly by a very well placed and powerful knee to his groin. As he bent over in pain from that blow, she brought up her well aimed other knee to his jaw. He was out cold. Mindy reached into his wallet and pulled out only the amount they had agreed on and left the room. She told the night clerk “The gentleman in room 6 might need some attention. I think he had too much,” with a wink she skipped out of the motel.

That was all it took. Mindy shook herself from her dream and clicked on the email link to get more information about the foundation. She had to get off the streets, and back into her art, and the life she wanted so badly for herself.

?> * * <?

David stood at the bottom of the stairs with his arms out, and Mia melted into them as she reached the main floor. Kartal Vip Escort She reached her mouth up, hungrily searching out his, wanting desperately that kiss she had been thinking about since she had gotten home early. She was giggling as she reached her lips up to find his, as she remembered how hard she had gotten in the shower thinking of her man, soon to be her husband. He did tease just a bit but finally met her lips with his, and they kissed, deeply, tongues seeking the other to dance inside the warmth of the two connected mouths.

He let his left arm fall to have his hand find her luscious round cheek; he grabbed it and loved the feeling of its shape and firm makeup. It felt so wonderful in his hand, the warmth and softness of her skin, covered in the thin satin.

Mia loved this too and began grinding her pelvis against his, to feel his hardness. Once she found it, she was relentless with her pressure and grinding motions. He moved his right arm from the embrace, as she was now basically stuck to him, so he could reach under her robe and caress her left breast. She began to moan, but continued her grinding pressure on him. As she increased her intensity, he grabbed her nipple, and squeezed it firmly between his fingers. Mia gasped.

“We better get back upstairs NOW!” He managed to say after breaking the kiss.

Mia reached into her robe pocket, pulled out a small bottle of lube, handed it to her man, hitched up her robe, leaned onto the stairs and pointed that beautiful ass of hers up to him and said, “We aren’t going anywhere, take me here, now, on the stairs. I have been waiting all day to have you inside me and I am not going to wait another second.”

He need no further encouragement and in a flash had his pants and underwear down, both his shaft and Mia’s puckered opening completely covered in the wondrous smelling lubricant and began slowly sliding himself into her waiting (and wanting) ass.

“Oh yes Baby! Oh God, I have been wanting you so much today, please give me all of you and hold it there.”

He once again, did not have to be asked twice. He grabbed her hips and slid his now throbbing member completely into her. He held it there, just as she had said, and then he felt her hips start to gyrate. As she moved the beautiful ass in front of him, he did his best to stay completely inside her, but had to work at it, as she was moving now with quite the rhythm, as if some primal music played inside her. As he began to understand the rhythm she moved to he began to move himself, pulling out slowly, then as she reached a pinnacle of her movement, slam himself home, all the way in. He knew he was finding what she was looking for by the moans and now screams that were coming from his now totally uninhibited woman.

He felt his orgasm building up inside, and let Mia know, and she quickly said, “Yes David, fill me now, I want to feel your seed inside me.”

That was all it took, he bellowed and bent over Mia’s back, pushing himself as far inside her as he could, and shot rope after rope of his seed, deep inside her.

?> * * <?

Mindy was amazed, her email was responded to in a matter of minutes. She opened it and it was supposedly from the ‘head’ of the house, Christine Shaw. Christine said she was the mother of Mia, who was transgendered and had started the foundation. She said they had just opened their doors and Mindy would be their first guest if she so decided.

She gave her phone number and told Mindy to call any time she wanted, day or night, and that Christine or one of the others at the house would be glad to talk to her. She said she hoped Mindy would decide to come to the house and looked forward to meeting her.

Mindy looked at the phone number, then at her phone. She was torn. She wanted this to be what Christine said it was, but she had been fooled and taken advantage too many times in the last year on the streets to not be skeptical of this whole thing.

Just as she was about to call the number to at least talk to this Christine, her phone buzzed. She answered, “Hello, this is Mindy.”

“Uh yeah, um Mindy, I saw your ad and I would really like to meet you. Can you see me tonight?

“Maybe, where are you?’

Her potential liaison told her, and she saw on her google map he wasn’t very far. “I’m at the little coffee shop off 2nd and Pike.”

“I know the place, I can be there in about fifteen minutes, meet me outside. I’ll be driving a white Lincoln.”

“Ok, I’ll see you in fifteen minutes.”

Mindy thought this was a sign. Finding out about the weird named foundation, and then hopefully a way to get enough money to be able to afford the motel room and a shower, maybe her luck was beginning to change.

?> * * <?

David and Mia had finished their light dinner and cleanup and were sitting together on the new sofa that was part of Mia’s redecorating of the house after she had moved in.

“This has been a wonderful evening, thank you so much honey,” she said as she laid her head on his shoulder.

He held her tightly to him, “Thank you too, it was a very special evening. I was so excited to see you were already home when I got here. You have been putting way to many hours in at the office lately, I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to see you again.”

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