Michael and Lucy Ep. 02

Big Ass

A week goes by after Michael and Lucy’s sexual exploits; they don’t have a lot interaction and only pass each other the odd occasion in the hallway. Although, when they do pass each other Lucy is grinning from ear to ear but Michael is too busy staring at the ground to really notice.

The weekend comes back around and most people had gone home for the holidays and no big parties have been planned, so it was only Lucy and Michael in the flat. As Michael had confined himself to his room for the majority of the last, week to try and avoid any social interaction, he was blissfully unaware that there was only Lucy left in the flat.

Images of last weekend’s events are still going through Lucy’s head and being her sexual confident herself she decides to confront Michael on it. As she heads out of her room she feels her nipples harden and a wetness begin to develop between her lips. She grins to herself determined to satisfy her cravings which have been building up for the past 7 days.

Michael is working away at his desk, with his earphones in when there’s a knock at his door. He is oblivious to the knocking as the music drowns out any outside noise. Lucy knocks again but becomes impatient and lets herself in anyway. She enters and notices Michael with his head buried deep in some textbooks, earphones in place.

Lucy walks up behind Michael, who’s still none the wiser that she’s entered his room, taps him on his right shoulder and then belly flops onto his to his bed, to his left. Michael swivels around his chair to notice nothing there, shakes his head and gets back to his textbooks. Lucy is now lying on the bed, head propped up by her left arm staring at Michael working away. Michael is still unaware of Lucy’s presence, but as he goes to pick up a pen to his left, he jumps up off his seat, thumping his knees on the underside of his desk as he sees Lucy there staring at him.

As Michael readjusts himself to face Lucy, he puts his hands up to his head to remove his earphones, when Lucy places her hands on his knees. Michael is only wearing a pair of loose sports shorts, so it’s the first time he has had any real physical contact with Lucy. Lucy is wearing a tank top, with no bra underneath, and a pair of cotton short shorts. She repositions herself so that she’s laying across the width of the bed, with her chest hanging of the Escort bayan edge of the bed offering a considerable amount of cleavage to be seen. She also kicks her heels up to her backside pointing out that her shorts have ridden up her ass, presenting at least half of her cheeks.

Michael was still in the process of removing his earphones when the sights Lucy was offering distracted him. His eyes darted between her cleavage and her ass when Lucy broke the silence.

“I’m sorry I startled you” still rubbing his knees.

Michael’s head was on a different planet; his brain, which was focusing solely on the image presented to him, never even processed Lucy’s words. Michael, never usually one to let his brain get overridden by emotion, but it was as if his cock was controlling his brain. His dick was deciding were the blood should flow as it began to engorge. Lucy looked up to Michael, to find his eyes staring straight passed her face to her ass, she grinned when she realised why she wasn’t getting a response. Lucy’s deviant mind knew that she must have been turning Michael on, even if he had never expressed it another person before, and slowly began to slide her hands up the inside of Michael’s thighs.

She enjoyed the feeling of his toned quads as she was secretly hoping that Michael would have no underwear on and she’d be able to grasp hold of his magnificent cock, which she had been longing for, but even she knew this was going to be a long shot.

As she let her hands wander further, she checked Michael’s expression to see if he had cottoned on, but he was still groping away. As she reached the bottom of Michael’s underwear she was disappointed by the fact they were skin-tight and she wouldn’t be able to grasp hold of what she was craving for. She reluctantly decided to stop pushing her luck and get Michael’s attention.

“Ahem”, as if clearing her throat.

Michael still didn’t respond.

“Ahem!!” intentionally louder this time, also sliding her hands down to his knees and gripping them hard.

“Ohh… ummmm… hi…” Michael responded with not one of his most eloquent responses.

“How are your knees feeling?” Lucy posed.

“Uhhhh, ok thanks”, at this point Lucy was rolling the palms of her hands over his knee caps. She was also no longer looking him in the eyes, but staring Bayan escort at the prominent bulge in his shorts.

There was silence for a good 30 seconds as it was Lucy’s turn to have her emotions take over her brain.

Michael finally spoke “So what are you doing here?”

“Oh you know, just seeing how you are”, as she began to bite her bottom lip.

There was another pause, Michael never really knew how to converse with the opposite sex.

“So, do you want to do something fun together?” as she peeled her eyes away from his crotch.

“Ummm… you can help me make some flash cards, to help me revise if you like?” Michael couldn’t have been further away from the mark of what Lucy actually meant by fun.

Lucy giggled to herself “Haha, that’s not really what I was thinking. How about the fun you were having the other week”, as she began to lift herself up off the bed.

Michael had no idea what she was referring to, as a confused look washed over his face.

“You know… in the shower”, as she brought herself closer to Michael.

Michael’s expression hadn’t changed as he racked his brain. At this point Lucy began to straddle his lap and had fully mounted him by the time she next spoke.

“You must remember, you were playing with this magnificent thing”, she was biting her bottom lip hard as she finally grabbed hold of his cock, through his shorts.

Michael was leaning back into his chair, to distance himself from Lucy, as he scrambled his brain to try work out what on earth was going on. Lucy’s cleavage was now fully on offer, and in prime motorboating position (if only Michael knew what it was). Michael was staring right into her bare flesh when the sudden realisation of what she was referring to hit him like a ton of bricks.

Michael’s face grew instantly red as he relieved flashbacks of noticing the bathroom door open after he had masturbating in the shower and was clever enough to come to the conclusion that Lucy had caught him in the act. His face grew ever redder as the thought of being seen naked was bad enough, but to be caught masturbating was just something he couldn’t conceive.

Lucy could see that Michael had worked that she had seen him masturbating in the shower, but was too preoccupied by his ever-growing erection. She had begun to move her hand Escort up down his cock, feeling his size through his shorts. She was in awe as he grew bigger and harder, she knew he was big but to actually have a hold on it even shocked her. Her own arousal grew exponentially, as she played with his member, she could feel herself getting wet and just wanting to tear his shorts off and ride him to euphoria.

She worked her hand up and down his length, stroking more vigorously, when she felt Michael tense up and begin to tremble. Michael threw his head forward involuntarily, straight into Lucy’s beckoning bosom, as his orgasm engulfed him. Lucy held him tight, as he emptied himself, for what seemed to be an eternity, into his shorts. She held onto the back of his head, as he came down from his orgasm, feeling his cum seep through the fabric onto her hand. She drew 2 fingers along his length, scooping up the cum and lifting them to her mouth. As she pushed the fingers through her lips, she intertwined her tongue with her fingers, savoring the moment, swallowing Michael’s cum.

Michael still had his head buried in Lucy’s cleavage, panting heavily. Lucy placed a hand on either side of his head, tilting it upwards until they made eye contact.

“I’m sorry if I caused you any embarrassment, but you must know you are unbelievably sexy and I hope you don’t hate me for this”, as Lucy looked deeply into his eyes.

She kisses him gently on the forehead, gets up of his lap and says, “I’ll leave you to get cleaned up”, as she leaves the room.

By the time Lucy enters her room she pretty much has all her clothes off and goes digging for her favourite dildo. She’s so pent up, having been able to play with Michael’s cock, that she plunges the toy deep into her pussy and instantly turns the vibrations up to their maximum setting. She begins to moan loudly, not caring how much noise she makes, as she drives the toy in and out of her pussy.

Next door, Michael is still trying to understand what on earth just happened when he starts to hear the moans emanate through the wall. He just about has the whereabouts to understand what activity Lucy may be up to and takes it as the opportunity to make a beeline for the shower, while Lucy is otherwise occupied. He grabs his towels, making his way out of his room, some cum dripping onto the floor, and into the bathroom where he makes doubly sure that the door is locked.

Lucy hears Michael leave his room and gives half a thought to giving him a show he will never forget, but is too busy pleasuring herself as she orgasm long and hard into the night.

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