Midnight Laundry

Double Penetration

Yes I do my laundry around midnight. And nope, I am none of those assholes that turns on the washing machine in his apartment in the middle of the night to wake up all his neighbors. I’d love to be at least theoretically able to do something like that, but there is no laundry machine in my place. And there is no laundry room in the basement of the building I live in. So I have to visit a laundromat once a week, sometimes even twice.

Luckily the next laundromat isn’t that far away from my place. Just around two corners. And the place itself, it is more than just decent: Two wall are out of glass so that you can look out on the street, the two opposite walls are full with coin fueled laundry machines. And there are many tables, chairs and benches inside to spend your waiting time as comfortable as possible. And yes, it is one of those places that has opened twenty four hours a day, each day of the year.

Due the fact that I prefer being not surrounded by a horde of random strangers all the time, and due the fact that I am a night owl, I tend to do my laundry around midnight. I always headed there on Tuesday, and sometimes on Thursday too, when it was time to wash my bed sheets and my towels.

Luckily my strategy worked more than just well. I normally am alone in the laundromat when doing my laundry. I use the time to listen to some music while watching some really drunk people walking, or better said staggering down the street. Or I used my time to get creative. I brought my sketch book to do some sketching, or to come up with some writing ideas.

Over the weeks, over the months doing laundry turned from an I have to to a welcomed edition of my week. It was either relaxing, or very productive. I sometimes even looked forward to some quiet alone time in the laundromat around the corner.

But one day, it all changed. She showed up. Wearing the same comfy stay at home clothes like I did: Some sweatpants and a large hoodie. She was doing her laundry. At first she gave her clothes into one of the many empty washing machines, then she poured some washing powder into it, then she threw in a few coins and turned the machine on.

When she saw that the machine was on, she sat down. On the opposite side of the room. To kill some time, she took out her phone. She probably was playing some games, chatting or reading something. The diversion she brought almanbahis adresi with her, the unrest that came with her, gone. It was quiet again. And I got productive. But deep inside me, I wished that she just would leave and never ever showing up again.

But well, she showed up again. The next Thursday she was already there when I arrived at the laundromat. I saw her sitting inside when I came closer. I briefly was thinking about turning around and coming back on another day, but nope, I will win this battle. Thursday, around midnight is my laundry time.

When I entered the place, she looked at me. She gave me a brief smile, then she diverted her attention back to her phone. I gave her a brief smile back, while thinking something like please fuck off, please leave and then I threw my dirty clothes into the laundry machine. Once the machine was running I sat down, pulled out my sketch book and began to draw.

It didn’t took long and she was standing behind me, watching me drawing. And it didn’t took long until she tipped me on my shoulder and asked me the following: “What are you drawing?”

Normally I have no problem when someone asks me that questions, but well, not her, and for sure not during my laundry time. So she got a very unfriendly answer: “What does it look like?”

She immediately realized what I was up too: “Okay, okay, I leave you alone.”

And back to the other the side of the room she went. But she kept looking at me from time to time. Despite the fact I was sitting with my back showing into her direction, I could see her looking over to me from time to time, because there was a reflection of her in the glass wall in front of me. By the looks of it, she clearly wanted something from me.

One week later, on laundry night, I luckily found an empty Laundromat. By the looks of it, she was gone. Or at least not doing her laundry on that day. So I threw my dirty clothes into a machine and sat down. To do some thinking. To get creative.

But about ten minutes later, she showed up again. I could see her walking down the street. Carrying a laundry basket. Dressed in some very open hearted clothes. She caught my eye while she was walking towards me. She really had something. I caught myself starring at her.

Once she was in, she threw her clothes into the washing machine, then she sat down. While pretending almanbahis adres that I was not there at all. I hat to stop myself from turning around and looking after her while she walked through the room. She now was a real distraction for me. I tried to stay focused on my sketch book, but well I was a tough stunt to pull. It was a very unproductive session for me.

The moment my laundry was finished I went over to empty the machine and then I left. But on my way out, I was starring at her. I was even smiling at her, but she ignored me. She completely ignored me. And yes, she did that on purpose. She knew that she got my attention that way. And yes, I was thinking about her, from time to time, over the next week.

On the upcoming Thursday she was there before me. I showed up a little bit later. I did that on purpose. And when I walked into the laundromat, she was looking after me. I was thinking why not and looked back. The moment our eyes met, something made boom in my head. A smile appeared on her face, an even bigger one appeared on my face.

A few moments later I was sitting next to her. We began to talk. About me, about her and about life in general. Time flew by. Then our laundry was finished, we collected our stuff and left. No, I didn’t ask her for her number back than, neither did she ask for mine.

One week later, we meet up in the Laundromat again. As always, it was just the two of us doing laundry. This time she was even more dressed to impress: A very short skirt and a tight fitting top. She was showing off her curves. I barely was able to keep my eyes of her. And I completely stopped pretending that I wasn’t interested in her. Sexual tension was building up. Sexual tension was filling the room.

We were looking each other in the eyes all the time. Then, after I dumped my load, nope, I wasn’t emptying my balls, I just threw my clothes into a washing machine, I went over to her. A smile appeared on her face. Then she pulled up her skirt, she spread her legs, she gave me a perfect view on her pussy. She sent me an invitation.

An invitation that horny me was more than just glad to accept. A few moments later I was on my knees, in front of her. While burying my tongue between her legs. I was sticking my tongue as deep in her pussy as I could. Soon after her moaning was filling the room. More and more tension built almanbahis adresi up. We both didn’t gave a damn on the fact, that everyone walking by the laundromat could watch me going down on her.

After some time I brought my fingers in the game. Two fingers were sliding in and out of her pussy while my tongue was playing with her clit. Her moaning got more intense. Her legs began to tremble. She had an orgasm.

I gave her some time to regain herself. Then she pulled me up. We kissed. We shared some gentle kisses. For the first time. Passionate kissing set in soon after. It felt nothing but great.

A few minutes later I placed her on the table next to the bench she was sitting on. I unzipped my pants, I set my rock hard dick free. Moments later my dick was sliding inside her pussy. Her pussy wrapping herself around my dick, nothing but awesome.

Then I began to fuck her. Gentle in the beginning, then I went in balls deep and as hard as I could. She enjoyed my doing. Her moaning got more and more intense. More and more tension was building up. We both were forgetting about our surrounding. It was only my dick sliding in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Interrupted only by some passionate kissing.

I came closer to an orgasm with every thrust I gave her. It felt better and better. My balls began to ache. Her hands began to grab my T-shirt. She came closer to. And closer. And boom, my balls dumped a huge load inside her. She came with me. What an awesome fuck.

It took some time until we were ourselves again. When we were back, we dressed up and realized that two people were watching. Two obviously drunk men were pressing their faces against one of the glass walls. There were bulges between their legs.

Once we realized what that we weren’t alone, we looked each other in the eyes and began to laugh. No, we weren’t embarrassed, we just were surprised. Without talking, we decided to bow down in front of our watcher. We did the same thing that actors tend to do when the come back on stage to say goodbye to the still cheering audience.

The men clapped their hands and left. Without doing anything inappropriate or trying to get into the laundromat. The two of us inside sat down again, we talked for until both of our laundry was finished, then went over to her place. We spent our first real night together. One of many to come.

Yes, we began a serious relationship after the incident in the laundromat. But I gave her one condition, midnight laundry has to be a me only thing again. She gladly accepted that one, because well, she preferred to be in bed, or at least at home, around that time of the day.

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