Milked by Daddy Ch. 01


I always love my play-dates with Daddy, but milking days are my favourite. 😉

We are in the bedroom. I am dressed in my favourite sissy outfit, a pink satin maid’s dress with white lace all over. I have a big poofy pink petticoat on with all ruffles sticking out from underneath. My legs are clad in sheer pink nylons, and my little feeties are in pink mary-jane shoes with bows on top. My nails are cut short, with pink gloss polish, and I have my pink gloss lipstick on, along with a little pink eyeshadow. Daddy is wearing a pale blue long sleeved dress shirt, a dark blue tie, black trousers with belt, and black dress shoes. My Daddy is an older gentleman, with a big hairy belly and salt’n’pepper beard.

Daddy pulls me towards him with one arm around my waist and another around my shoulders, and presses me into him. He brings his head close and tells me “You look very cute baby”. I giggle and wiggle in his arms, and he squeezes me and kisses me deeply. He brings the arm around my shoulders up and holds my head, stroking my hair, as we smooch and our tongues intertwine like rutting snakes. I start to whimper lightly between the kisses, and Daddy knows the ignition has started. He moves his other arm down over my butt and squeezes one of my buttcheeks through the layers of satin, while he continues to kiss me.

He breaks the kiss and tells me “Get on the bed baby, Daddy’s going to make you feel good.” I smile and wiggle again and do as instructed, knowing from experience that I should go in a doggy style position to provide the best access to my pussy: head down bum up. I wiggle my butt at Daddy and he lifts up the back of my frilly pink petticoat to reveal my crotchless satin panties: they are also pink with white lace trim to match my petticoat, and are completely open from pussy to clit. My tiny clitty is locked in its cage and dangles down helplessly.

Daddy runs his hands over my smooth pussycheeks, lightly squeezing them and pulling them apart. “Mm baby your pussy is so beautiful.” I wiggle in response to Daddy’s flattery. I am so glad he appreciates my body and that I can bring him pleasure just as he is about to pleasure me. Daddy continues to stroke my botty with his big hands, and he moves his hands around to stroke my stockinged legs and inner thighs. I give a gentle moan and Daddy tickles the back of my sissyballs with one of his fingers. I giggle a little and then Daddy gives both pussy cheeks a big squeeze and I feel him moving around on the bed.

Suddenly Daddy’s face is buried deep in my pussy, and I let out a gasp and a moan. Daddy’s tongue flicks at my pussyhole and his stubbly beard pricks at my cheeks and my taint. Instinctively I push back and moan again, and Daddy sticks his tongue deep in to my rapidly dilating cunt. He alternates between tongue fucking my pussy and licking the hole from base to tip, and I continue to let out little moans while Daddy eats my sissy cunny. “Mm baby your pussy tastes so good” I hear him say, his breath warm on my sissyhole and taint, before he continues to lick and slurp my pussy.

Daddy gives my pussy hole a kiss and pulls his face from between my cheeks. I hear the cap popping off the lube bottle and I know what is next. Cool lube drips on to my pussyhole and it twitches closed a little, and then I feel one of Daddy’s thick fingers massaging around and rubbing at the entrance to my cunt. Daddy gently pushes against my slightly open hole and I feel my cunny start to relax and allow Daddy inside. Daddy tells me “That’s it baby, relax your pussyhole” and I feel his other hand on my hip, his thumb gently stroking one of my buttcheeks. I focus on my breathing and relax a little more, and Daddy slowly slides his finger in to me down to the knuckle. “That’s it, good gurl.” Daddy leaves his Kartal Yabancı Escort finger buried in my cunny for a moment to let me adjust and savour his initial insertion. “Ooh baby your pussy is so hot inside.” Slowly Daddy pulls all the way out, and now that my pussy is relaxed it does not completely close once he has withdrawn.

I feel lube dripping in to and around my open hole, and then Daddy’s finger again rolling around the ring of my cunny. This time Daddy slips his finger straight in to me, and he slowly works his finger in and out, making me even looser. “Good gurl, just relax and let Daddy open your cunt.” Daddy’s words make me feel really nawty and I moan to let him know. A second finger enters and Daddy starts to twist his fingers while he gently finger-fucks my pussy. He adds more lube and soon my pussy is very loose and slippery.

It’s time for the main event. I feel Daddy’s fingers leave my pussy completely, cool air lapping at my wet, gaping hole. “Time to milk out your cummies, sissy!” Daddy puts a saucer directly beneath my dangling clitlet, where I have already started to drip a little. “Mm you have already started leaking precummies, naughty gurl” says Daddy, as he gently wipes a drop of my sissy juices from my caged clit. Daddy moves his other hand down and starts to stroke the side of my leg through my stockings, as he reaches for the curvy prostate dildo. He removes his hand briefly to apply some lube to the bulbous head of the massager, and I feel the toy at my hole as he starts to stroke my leg again. He bends down and kisses me softly on one of my pussycheeks before he slowly slides the head of the dildo in to me. “Daddy’s going to milk out all your cummies baby.” Just the thought of what Daddy is about to do makes my prostate swell and after our gentle warm-up my pussybutton is already tingling, begging to be tickled.

Daddy pushes the massager deeper in to me and I feel the large head sliding over my g-spot. I whimper lightly and Daddy starts to stroke my leg again and tells me “Just relax and let Daddy milk your cummies.” He shifts the dildo up so that it presses against the inside of my cunt and carefully slides the dildo out, grazing my prostate in the first stroke of the evening. Daddy moves the dildo down and again starts to push back in to my hot pussy, before lightly pressing again and withdrawing, the smooth, circular ‘come hither’ motion that will cause me to leak all of my sissy juices over the next hour. With each stroke I feel my sissybutton harden and the tingling fire in my cunt continue to grow. Daddy continues to lightly stroke my pussy and my leg and repeats the mantra “Just relax and let Daddy milk out your cummies” as large beads of clear precum start to drip from my clit and I moan in bliss.

For many minutes Daddy maintains the milking motion and I continue to drip precummies as the inside of my pussy begins to throb. I start to moan more frequently and I know soon my sissycummies will start to leak from my clitlet. “That’s it baby, just relax and focus on your pussy, Daddy’s going to milk out all your cummies.” I feel the pressure start to build at the base of my limp, caged clit and a ripple of pleasure rolls out of my cunny and over my whole body. The first blob of pearly white cum builds on the tip of my clit and drips on to the saucer audibly. Knowing that I can cum just from having my pussy stroked turns me on even more and my prostate throbs in response. “That’s a good gurl, let Daddy milk out all those cummies.” I moan loudly and I feel the pressure building again at the base of my clitty, another drop of my sweet sissy cream preparing to make its escape.

Daddy continues to gyrate the dildo in my cunt and repeats “Good gurl, just relax and let Daddy milk out all your Kartal Yeni Escort cummies” and another wave of orgasmic bliss washes over me. My g-spot is rock hard and throbbing furiously, and I feel hot all over. My eyes roll back and I moan even louder, completely helpless against the pleasure Daddy is giving me. I hear the quiet ‘dink’ of another droplet of my sissycum hitting the saucer as the next wave of pressure and ecstasy starts to build in the depths of boiling hot pussy. “That’s it baby, just relax and let Daddy milk your cummies.” My taint twitches lightly and I feel more of my cum moving through me, entering my clitlet and dripping on to the saucer. All I can do is gasp and moan and leak while Daddy continues to repeat the mantra and gently stroke my prostate over and over…

I do not know for how long Daddy continues to milk me, but in the past he has told me that it usually takes an hour to completely empty my sissyballs. Daddy keeps milking me until my clitty is only dribbling clear precummies and that is how he knows I have been completely drained. Even then my cunny is still glowing with pleasure and I wish I could stay like this, with Daddy gently stroking the walls of my cunt, forever…

Daddy eases the bulbous head of the massager out of my perfectly relaxed pussy and it takes me a few seconds to return to Earth as the tingles of delight slowly fade to a less mind-numbing level. “Mm baby your gaping cunt looks so beautiful.” Daddy has one hand on each pussycheek and he pulls them apart to open my sissyhole as wide as possible. “You’ve been a very good gurl tonight so Daddy will have to give you a special treat.” I feel Daddy’s weight shift on the bed again and hear the sound of his trouser zipper. Daddy rests the tip of his thick cock against my cunt hole and then I feel him slowly slide his manhood in to me. My Daddy has an average length cock but it is very thick, and I love how it stretches my pussy when he fucks me. Even so, after my thorough milking, my pussy is so loose and relaxed that I offer little resistance, and Daddy soon buries his meat into my fiery cunnycunt all the way to the hilt.

I hear Daddy sigh with pleasure and lust, and he gently places his hands on my hips. Very slowly, Daddy proceeds to slide his thick cock completely out of me, and then again slowly re-enters until his balls are resting lightly against my taint. Daddy’s girthy cock presses on my cunnybutton and the tingling in my already excited pussy starts to build once again. With each slow stroke I let out a heavy breath and a whimper, knowing that these moments, being little more than a trembling, warm velvet sleeve for my Daddy’s cock, are the height of sissiness. A steady stream of precum leaks from my caged clit as each careful stroke sends shivers of delight radiating from my cunt, and I drift away into the pleasure, feeling only the stretching and collapsing of my pussy and Daddy’s hips gently meeting my pussycheeks as he buries himself in to me over and over…

Eventually I hear Daddy’s breathing become louder and I know he is getting close. He continues to fuck me slowly and gently, drawing out or copulation for as long as possible, and ensuring he will be relaxed enough to deliver his full load in to my insides. After a few more heavily-breathed strokes, Daddy lets out a huge groan, and as he continues to slowly pump my cunt I can feel his cock twitching and shooting huge ropes of semen inside me, lining the walls of my pussy with his thick, musky seed. I moan in response, reveling in the sensation of my pussy being filled with man-cum, knowing that this is the ultimate purpose of my cunny and the greatest service I can give to my Daddy. I am so happy.

Daddy halts his strokes at maximum depth and stays there Kartal Masaj Salonu for a moment, allowing me to savour the exquisite feeling of being filled by his cock and cum. I feel him start to soften slightly, and Daddy withdraws from my cunt, leaving the air to once again lap at my moist, stretched pussy hole. Daddy slaps one of my pussycheeks hard, which makes me yelp slightly, and he climbs off the back of the bed, walks around to the front, and gets back on the bed in front of where my head is laid, his legs spread either side of me. I lean up and gaze in to Daddy’s eyes, and we are both smiling at each other, so joyous to be in love and sharing this incredible carnal pleasure.

The smell of Daddy’s crotch shifts my focus and I want to taste his cock and bathe in his scent. I inch towards him and take Daddy’s thick bear-dick in my mouth, and I am overwhelmed by the potent flavours of his meat, his seed, and my pussy, all mingled together on his hard rod. I slide down, taking his entire shaft into my salivating mouth, and when I reach the bottom with my nose buried in his pubes I inhale deeply through my nose, taking in the heady aroma of Daddy’s crotch. The smell and taste and pheromones drive me crazy and I let out a long moan while Daddy’s cock gags my mouth, and I start to slowly bob up and down, sucking Daddy’s cock from base to tip. Daddy rests one hand gently on the back of my head and starts to stroke my hair, and he coos “Oh baby…” in a relaxed tone.

With my shoulders now higher, Daddy’s thick cum starts to leak from my gaped cunny and trickle down my taint and over my sissyballs. I hear the subtle drips of Daddy’s juices flowing out of me and landing on the saucer, as I continue to make love to his cock. Daddy moves his hand from my hair and places it under my chin, and lifts my head to look at him again. “Do you want to drink some of Daddy’s piss?” he asks, and I say “Yes Daddy please”, and I return to my gentle sucking, ensuring my lips have a tight seal around Daddy’s manhood. I feel Daddy’s cock twitch and then soften even so slightly, and suddenly a jet of salty piss starts to fill my mouth. I keep my head still and gulp thirstily, savouring the strong flavour of Daddy’s warm pee. After a couple of mouthfuls Daddy is done peeing and the salty, sour taste lingers on my tounge as I again look up into Daddy’s face and say “Thank you Daddy”.

“Time for your final treat” says Daddy as he hops off the bed to get the saucer, which he brings round and puts in front of me. I greedily lap up the collected cummies from the saucer, sampling the distinct flavours of our different juices. My sissy cummies are thinner than Daddy’s man-cum, and they taste sweeter; Daddy’s bull seed is very thick and tastes meaty and slightly bitter. They are both delicious and I lick up every drop of both of our fluids until the saucer is completely clean. Daddy has been watching me enjoy my dessert and once I am finished, he takes the saucer and leans down and kisses me, our tongues sliding over each other, tasting the residue of our mixed cum.

“Bed-time!” says Daddy, and I climb off the bed and we start to get undressed. I pop off my little pink mary-janes and unzip my dress and pull it off over my head. Finally I step out of my ruffly petticoat, and now I am naked except for my stockings, my crotchless panties, and my tiny clitty cage. Daddy unbuttons his shirt and pulls it off, revealing his big, hairy belly which I love to cuddle. Next, Daddy takes off his shoes, and I see he is wearing white cotton socks. Daddy unbuckles his belt and unbuttons his trousers and steps out of them, so all he is wearing are his white socks and his white undies. We get in to bed under the covers. Daddy lays on his back and I snuggle up to him on my side, and he wraps his arms around me. I lay my hand on his soft fuzzy belly and he kisses me gently on the forehead, before we say goodnight and he flicks off the bedroom light. I nuzzle Daddy gently and fall asleep in his warm arms, dreaming about our wonderful evening and all the fun we will have tomorrow…

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