Miss C Seduces Her Boss Ch. 01

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Inspired by an idea by a great personal friend – if only such things could happen…


Mr. Bateman’s secretary, Miss Cutler, walked into the room.

“Time to stop work,” she whispered in a low sexy yet forceful voice.

Rick Bateman finished typing and swivelled his chair around, away from his desk to face her.

Miss C (as he thought of her) walked over, her stride and posture enhanced by the four inch stiletto heels she wore. She stood directly in front of him, hands on hips, feet slightly apart, made eye contact and held his gaze.

Miss C had been planning this for a couple of weeks. She was a demanding lady who used her womanly wiles to satisfy her insatiable curiosity. She had been excited all day from thinking about what was about to happen.

This arousal had been felt since waking. Beginning preparations for this special day one hour earlier than usual she bathed in musk bath oil to make her skin smooth and silky. Extra care was taken to ensure all hair below the eyebrows had been totally removed. After massaging with moisturising body lotion, she carefully chose her clothes for the day. It was not a difficult choice. Knowing that Bateman was turned on by black silk, nylon covered legs, finished in high stiletto heels, she was also certain he would enjoy the look and feel of supple leather of her skirt. To complete the look, a white blouse, which was just translucent enough to make out the lacy patterned bra, covered her large chest.

Now, after 8 hours at work, she was feeling really aroused. All the other staff had gone home for the day. This was the right moment to begin to relieve her sexual tension and to satisfy the desires she had for this sexy, attractive, high-powered executive.

She had found Mr. Bateman (or ‘Batman’ as she thought of him) attractive from the first day he employed her at his small electronics and software company nestled in the English countryside. Bateman had started his own company in the late 1990’s with money he made on the stock market. His headquarters were best described as lavish.

He was a few years older than Miss C, but he intrigued her. She was first a chauffeur / girl Friday, then in a fairly short time became his private secretary. She enjoyed those first few weeks as his driver, having always dreamed of driving a high-powered, luxury saloon. It seemed like a long time ago, but it was only 8 weeks. As his driver, he required she wear a uniform. She felt sexy, dressing for work in the short black skirt, black üsküdar escort stockings, black high-heeled shoes with ankle straps, white blouse, black tie and hat he demanded. This attire gave her the basic idea for today’s dress code. He had always displayed the utmost respect for Miss C but was not averse to indulging in a little sexy horseplay on occasions. He had always commented on Miss C’s appearance in a positive way, complimenting her mainly on her clothes but her make-up, hair, face and occasionally her body seemed to be appreciated also. She felt confident she would not fail in her quest. Sure he would respond to her, she had come to know his every thought, needing to be good, she wanted to leave him wanting more.

Back to the present, Batman appraised the vision before him with great interest, slowly scanning her body from her staring eyes down to her heels and back. . Just scanning that sexily dressed body aroused him. By the time he returned to her face she was smiling, her eyebrows raised just a little.

She raised her hands to the buttons on the front of the white blouse she had worn to the office that day. The blouse was tight and the buttons were straining, the material seemed ready to burst open at any moment. She slowly began to undo the buttons starting at the one resting in her ample cleavage which had been on display for most of today.

Batman slowly lowered his eyes to her nimble fingers.

The buttons opened one by one, her lace covered breasts emerging from the taut material. Miss C held her gaze at Batman. As the final button was undone, the front of the blouse parted and with a shrug fell backwards to the floor. She slid each shoulder strap of her pretty lace bra down towards her elbows then reached for the front clasp and parted the cups to reveal her large breasts.

She sensed Batman wanted to reach out and touch but he knew it was not time yet. She appeared to be in control and seemed to be enjoying putting on a show for him. Miss C raised her right index finger to her mouth, Batman’s gaze followed. The shiny manicured nail glinted after she had licked it sensuously. She held eye contact with him, tracing the moistened finger down her neck, across her breast encircling her nipple. She repeated the same action with her left hand and breast and after a few moments stopped.

Her hands slowly moved to the back of her short, black leather skirt, her fingers slid the zip undone and the skirt fell to the floor. He could now see the outline of her yenibosna escort shaven pussy, barely hidden under her black thong, just above the top of her hold up stockings. This view was short-lived as she lifted her right stiletto-heeled foot up onto the chair, placing it carefully between Batman’s legs. His eyes lost contact for a second as he tried to gain a glimpse of her still hidden pussy. Leaning forward, she theatrically unbuckled the ankle strap of her shoe, removed it and placed it carefully on the desk beside them, then began rolling her black lace-topped stocking down to the tips of her toes, finally removing it with a flourish. Lowering her right foot to the floor, she repeated the same action with the other foot and leg.

Again, she sensed Batman was struggling to restrain himself but he knew he must, for the best was yet to come.

Standing in front of him, she was naked except for the tiny thong, which barely covered her pussy. Her hands moved to her hips and in one quick movement, untied the bows on each side of the thong and whipped it forward and away. She stood motionless watching Batman’s eyes caressing her body from top to toe. Miss C felt totally aroused. He looked to be enjoying the show she had so meticulously rehearsed so many times. She bent towards him, her breasts were inches from his face. She lowered her head and kissed him hard, her tongue probing into his mouth, their tongues soon entwined.

She drew back and whispered, “Now it’s your turn.”

Reaching out to grasp his tie, Miss C slowly loosened and removed it. Kneeling down on her haunches between his legs, she began to slowly undo the buttons on his shirt. With each button that was opened, she leaned in and gently kissed his exposed, slightly hairy chest, running her fingers up and down, across and back, licking his nipples.

He groaned quietly as she felt his excitement rising.

Receding slightly, she completed unbuttoning his shirt. Then eased his shoes and socks off. His belt was her next target, sliding it gently from around his waist. She rose up in front of him, and with a gentle touch on his hands he knew to stand. Their eyes met once more. Inches apart, he could smell her perfume, sense her breathing but still they did not touch. Her fingers deftly unzipped his trousers which fell to the floor. He stepped clear of them as her hands encircled his warm body.

He was naked except for his leather thong, his erect penis was straining to be set free.

Miss C caressed zeytinburnu escort his bare ass cheeks and then quickly removed his thong, his penis springing forth, hard and ready for action.

Miss C took hold of his hands while eye contact was maintained. She walked backwards leading him into his private bathroom. She had thought that having a private bathroom an over-indulgence but on this occasion she forgave him as it fitted her seduction plan perfectly.

She reached into the shower cubicle and turned on the water; drew him into the shower towards her and closed the sliding door.

At last, Batman knew he was allowed to touch. Miss C shuddered with the anticipation of what was to come, she had never felt so aroused.

They explored every inch of each other’s bodies; frenzied action erupted from them both. The build-up had been very intense. He kissed her neck and then kissed his way down to her breasts, whilst the fingers of one hand were caressing her left breast; the others were probing her silky pussy. His fingers worked in and out slowly, firmly. Not to be left out, Miss C was busy caressing his penis up and down, faster, slower, her other hand gripped his balls, squeezing gently. They spun around and around, the water adding to the erotic situation.

Miss C reached out to Batman, moved his head to meet her eyes again and gently moaned, “Fuck me, Sir.”

Batman responded instantly. He could feel his own blood pumping with excitement. As he pinned Miss C gently against the shower wall, she pushed her hips slightly forwards and he entered her warm, inviting pussy. She groaned instantly and using the shelving unit for support, she encircled his body with her legs. Their bodies rode together as one; back and forth, in and out, their mouths hungrily searching for each other. They both knew it would not be long. Together, they continued moaning, groaning and encouraging each other. Just as they both reached their peak, their eyes snapped open.

They held each other’s gaze whilst their juices erupted, mixing together. Their bodies arched and then slowly relaxed numerous times. Their breathing slowed. Miss C lowered her legs but Batman continued to hold her. They stood together still entwined letting the water run all over them. They once more looked at each other and gently kissed.

Batman turned the water off. Miss C shook the remaining droplets from her eyelashes and led him out of the shower. She took a fluffy white towel and sensuously dried Batman’s body before offering him a robe. Drying her own sexy curves, she dressed in the skirt, blouse and shoes then folded the stockings and lingerie into her purse. She turned to Batman who had been watching the reverse striptease with interest.

“Good night Sir, see you in the morning.” Miss C whispered.

She opened the bathroom door, turned again, blew Batman a kiss and left…

To be continued in Chapter 2…

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