Mistress Barbara Ch. 06


After lunch Cat and I took the convertible for a drive, with no particular destination in mind, our togas in our handbags on the back seat. We both decided that we needed time out alone. We hadn’t even seen Maple Lake’s surrounding area by day, apart from the view by helicopter on our regular returns from the city last year. Although we went out to have adventure the traffic was unusually light and we were beginning to drive through the outer suburbs of Taylor’s Ridge when I noticed a turnoff. A lovely picturesque sign on a billboard indicated tourist tearooms at Angel Falls, some twenty miles distant according to the sign.

Impulsively, we decided to visit the area and enjoy refreshments at the advertised establishment. It was a pleasant drive through densely wooded roadside with frequent rest areas provided, as we drew closer to the waterfalls indicated on the signage. We put on our togas before we arrived at the tearoom but there were only three other cars parked outside. The view was quite breathtaking and I imagined, from the well presented buildings and amenities that business at weekends would normally be brisk. In addition to the other facilities, there were scenic tracks through the forested surrounding area leading to points of interest indicated on signage. The main path led to the falls that the tearooms were named after. An attractive young waitress took our order and told us that she would bring the refreshments outside to us when they were ready. We selected an outdoor table near the car and walked around the garden, talking and admiring the well tended floral displays in the area while we were waiting.

A group of people came past us from one of the paths, alerting both of us by their keen interest that we were still wearing our revealing togas. The breeze had been making our lack of underwear more obvious as we were admiring the garden, oblivious to their presence nearby.

It was never a problem at Maple Lake but in a different location, we were still considered remarkable I suppose.

The young lady brought our order out and we sat down. I gasped as my bare bottom made contact with the solar heated chair, provoking an understanding smile from our waitress. She was very friendly and readily answered our inquiries about the scenic highlights of the area, remaining with us for ten minutes or so.

We discovered that there were very few houses in the area as the surrounding land was largely in public ownership. The city reservoir was located further downstream from the falls and the park employees lived in the only available properties, nearby. She volunteered that she was lucky to have a job in the tearooms. Her only alternative work was in the city.

After some discrete questioning it became clear that Lance and Kate were actually the owners of the tearooms, due to return from holiday before the weekend. Cat and I took renewed interest in the peaceful surroundings when she left us, noting the accommodation housed above the business premises. I felt guilty about the insidious questioning of the waitress. However, I was elated that we now knew a lot more about the sort of people that I had agreed to meet. The girl enjoyed working for the owners and thought highly of them. I was a lot less concerned about further interaction with the couple that my family would meet on Monday.

After refuelling the car at Taylor’s Ridge and sighting the Club premises in the daylight we headed back to Maple Lake, confident and with all prior curiosity assuaged. Cat was in a carefree mood, again removing her toga and placing it under the seat as soon as we cleared the city limits. She playfully undid the straps on my toga just as we were about to overtake a large truck ahead, urging me to give the driver an eyeful as we passed.

“Our first truck today, Barb. Let’s not waste it.”

The challenge was irresistible. I figured that we were overdue for some fun and our convertible offered a really magnificent view of our bodies to the driver of the rig as I slowed beside the cab and waved sweetly at him with my hastily removed dress still in my hand.

Cat had never seen the driver before but I soon recognised the man when he wound his window down and waved back. As impossible as it seemed, it was the same guy that had photographed me in the rest area over a year ago. He reached over to his bunk and waved a camera at me with a wide smile, indicating me to pull in behind the rig. I slowed and let him pull ahead, briefly explaining the situation to Cat. A mile or so further on, his indicators blinked and he pulled into a quiet picnic area. I pulled in on the far side of the truck from the road and got out of the car.

I was now totally nude, apart from my waist chain, and excited by the fact that the highway was moderately busy. Although I realised that the large rig obscured our nudity to other motorists passing by, it was the kind of situation that got my juices running. As I expected, the driver brought his camera with him when he climbed out the near passenger side of the truck. Cat had now joined Escort bayan me in leaning on the bonnet of the car as he approached.

“My God! This really is my lucky day.” The old driver wheezed as he reached into his breast pocket, pulling out the photos he had taken during our last meeting. “Where is your husband today?” He asked, as he showed us the crumpled images of his earlier session beside the BMW.

“Oh, he had to work.” I commented as I looked at the prints.

Cat was bemused as she looked at them with me, noting that the photos were taken some time prior to any of my piercing jewellery being put into place. I laughed.

“It was taken on that first trip to Maple Lake that I told you about. Remember, Des deliberately exposed me to every truck driver that we passed on the journey.”

“But I was the only one that you allowed to take a photo. I never did tell you.” He held out his hand. ” My name’s Alf, baby. Are you ready to do it for me again?” He gave me a cheeky grin. “I’ll have to update these suckers.” He cackled. “The other guys on the road will never believe me if I don’t.” He waited anxiously.

By now I was becoming aroused by the thought of giving Alf a reason to be glad he brought his camera. After all we were both naked and he had been quite gentlemanly in his dealings with us, so far. I shook his hand and introduced ourselves to the elderly trucker.

“I don’t think we mind?” I glanced at Cat. “This is Cathy and I’m Barbara. You’re not going to take advantage of us now are you?” I smiled at him uncertainly. “With our husbands not here.”

“Jeez no. I’m getting on in years now. You’ll be safe.” He assured me. “I just take photos now. The bolder the better.” Alf held up his camera. “What do you say?”

We lay back on the bonnet and he took a number of photos with Cat and I posing seductively. I opened my legs so that he could get a shot of my genital jewellery in the same way that I had done for Harold. The bonnet was warm and I could feel a tingle in my nipples with the hot metal against my bare bottom. I looked at Alf.

“Is this bold enough for you?” As he clicked off two shots with a wide smile on his face. He nodded.

Cat lay right back with a smile on her face.

“Don’t forget mine.” As she matched my audacity.

“Where did you gals get those done?” Noting our jewelled bodies as he clicked away. “They really suit you. Ever thought of a bracelet around your ankles?” He asked casually.

Although I could see that he was aroused himself by now and my labia felt puffy and moist, I relaxed and answered him as I gave him an even bolder shot.

“We got our piercing done at Maple Lake. The ankles are not a bad idea, but no.” I smiled. “Not too many people look at our ankles for some reason.”

“I wonder why.” Alf cackled again. “Could Cathy take one of you and me together, standing by the truck, Perhaps?

He had behaved very well toward us throughout the fifteen minute stopover. He seemed courteous and thankful for his chance to record the event with his camera. Cat took some shots of Alf and I together, next to the door of his truck, as if I was getting into the cab. He readily agreed when I asked if he would send some copies to Kent’s Creations at our business address. I gave him one of Des’s business cards out of the car, showing the postal address and identifying him as Marketing Director.

“We drivers don’t have cards.” He said with a tinge of envy. “I will send you a set of prints though.” He said sincerely. “I wonder? Would you gals consider doing something else for me. I know that I’ve got no right to ask you this but—no.”

“Come on Alf. Spit it out!” We both harassed him.

He asked whether we could pose inside his truck on his bunk before we left so I helped Cat up and allowed Alf to assist me into the truck. By now, I felt that I could trust Alf. The sensation of his callused hand on my bare bottom hardened my sensitive nipples and flushed me with excitement as I entered the truck. It was roomy inside, with cooking facilities and even a small frig built into the bunk wall. We positioned ourselves while Alf set the flash bulb on his camera. Both of us were determined to give him a daring shot. With our legs opened fully and our arms around each other we feigned surprise as the flash popped. Alf had a photo that his friends would envy for years. He took three more, as we changed position, then he stepped aside.

We both climbed out of the truck to allow the continuation of our respective journeys. We waited until there was a longer gap in the traffic then took off waving to Alf, still both totally nude. Although my dress was within reach it would be impossible to cover up whilst driving and we were now determined to finish the return trip to Rome, without dressing again. Although it was cooler now, in the late afternoon, neither Cat nor I were prepared to be the first to cover our nudity. As luck would have it, there were no police patrols or other impediments along the way and we drove all the way to our Bayan escort keypad gates without attracting undue attention, by the law at least.

We had many second glances from other disbelieving motorists, as we made our way home, keeping us mindful of our extreme vulnerability. Cat and I both found the experience very stimulating, vowing to do it again in the future.

Only one or two couples, standing near the gate, noticed that we were naked as I quickly tapped the number into the gate mechanism and drove through. Des and Ken were at home waiting for us, but when we explained the reason for our lateness I don’t think that they believed us.

“A likely story!” Des laughed, as Cat was preparing dinner.

He would get a surprise when the photos arrived, I thought, as I shrugged my shoulders in defeat. I hoped and prayed that Alf would keep his word.

We told the men all about our unplanned trip and the tearooms at Angel Falls, over dinner. Understanding my curiosity, they said no more about not inviting them. They hated missing the chance to display their wives’ naked bodies out on the public road, believing that we would certainly chicken out if they weren’t present.

In fact, with the increased danger element, driving the convertible in the nude had been even more enjoyable. Cat had been daring me not to cover up. There had been at least two occasions when my steely determination may have faltered but for her reluctance to cover up. She shamed me into matching her daring displays, reminding me of the movie ‘Thelma and Louise’, only buck-naked. I envisaged being pursued by law enforcement officers as we drove across the country attempting to elude arrest. It kept a smile on my face.

After the men left for work the next morning, Cat and I reminisced our experiences on the highway the previous day. Like me, she hoped Alf would get the negatives developed and send the prints to Des and Ken to prove a point. Cat and I spent the rest of the morning at Kent’s house, planning our Monday session at the Club primarily but telling Kent about all the previous day’s activities. Kent always enjoyed the fullest information about our exploits together and unlike Des, he didn’t doubt my account of the meeting with Alf.

He told me that Kurt had rung him from Australia and that they had talked about the arrangements for his next visit in a few weeks time. “He’s really impressed with your family and can’t wait for the next time that you can holiday with him again.” He beamed. “He’s got his friend selling our gear exclusively, as well as all his own stores. The next order will be worth waiting for in more than one way.” Kent winked at me with pride. “There is another customer next week that I would like you to assist me with?” Cautiously reading my reaction. “A potential client from Europe.”

“Anything you like, Kent.” I nodded quickly. “Only too happy.”

On the subject of the Monday session, Kent agreed for me to conduct the session but told me that he would help if necessary. Kent said he was sure that I would be a satisfying Mistress to Lance and Kate as well. Surprisingly, he preferred me to instruct him as well on this occasion.

“It will be good experience for you and a challenge for me.” He reasoned. “It’s only fair anyway, now that we’re equal partners, to share everything.”

He still maintained a great sense of humour with me and trusted Cat to be discrete. We were alone in the house at that moment, Margaret having taken Monique into town to assist Rick while she and Darlene were having a designing meeting.

“Shall we seal the deal in the usual way?” I asked, with a cheeky grin.

“But of course Mistress!” Kent replied to Cat’s amazement. Turning to Cat I spoke softly.

“You can prepare me and then assist me in preparing Kent if you know what I mean.”

Cat needed no prompting. We adjourned to the playroom, arm in arm, with Cat shaking her head in amazement and wonder at the turn of events. I had noticed that Kent was aroused at the thought of us reversing roles on Monday and reasoned correctly, that Kent needed practice. I relished the thought of satisfying my two dearest friends and now preferred lovers.

We both stimulated Kent orally as we kneeled side by side at his feet, teasing his penis alternately. Cat had already lubricated my bottom and I was wet with anticipation of the fulfilling experience ahead of me. I lay Cat down in a position where I could pleasure her at the same time that Kent was giving me anal sex. I hoped that the excitement of watching me making love to Cat would encourage a much stronger erection for Kent. He held my cheeks apart and pressed his head against my anus.

“Just relax, Barbara, my little dove.”

As the head of his penis squeezed past my muscles I gasped and slid my tongue inside Cat’s waiting vagina, stimulating her clitoris and prompting a pleasant reaction from her. As pleasant as the many anal episodes with Kurt had been, Kent always presented a challenge to accept his penis in full erection. Escort Even before Kent was fully inside me Cat and I were both experiencing strong orgasmic sensations. When he began to stroke I convulsed with pleasure and renewed my oral attentions to my female lover with more enthusiasm and vigour. Before long we were orgasmic and caressing each other and I felt a sense of emotional fulfilment that was unrivalled by anything I had done within the last month.

We lay in each others arms, sexually drained and satisfied by the closeness that we felt to one and other. We all showered together before taking a swim in the pool and playing like teenagers, diving between Kent’s legs and playfully squeezing his flaccid penis with our fingers or lips. I was really looking forward to repeating the experience on Monday night as Mistress in charge of my family, no longer apprehensive about meeting the other couple and training them.

It had been hard to explain to Melissa, the need for me to leave her family behind on Monday night.

“Margaret and Rick will be pleased if you have an evening with them.” I paused. “Monique will be there too. It’s just that I’m having another training session with Kent and–“

“I understand.” Melissa interrupted. “Don’t worry about us. You have your reasons and we’ll be happy to keep Margaret company. You’ll tell me about it later if you want to.” She smiled knowingly. “I hope you do.”

We left at 7-30pm, with Des driving the Lincoln and Kent, dressed normally beside him. Kent didn’t enjoy humiliation and I purposely asked him to dress as he wished. Our men were another matter. Margaret had recently designed a range of men’s apparel that Ken and Des had jokingly tried on and expressed admiration for. They had both been shocked when Cat and I suggested that they wear the outfits for my debut performance as their Mistress. I took no excuses.

“I may be a benevolent Mistress but now I’m insisting.” I said, glaring at both of them. “You didn’t consider our feelings when you showed us off that first time.” Referring to Ken’s use of the whip. “Now it’s my turn.” I raised my voice threateningly. “You will wear what I tell you or else?” I growled. I left the alternative to his imagination and just glared at them both. Ken had grudgingly complied immediately and Des had given me a look of abject bewilderment before conceding to my demands.

On the way to the Club, Ken looked miserable. His normal ebullient disposition was absent as he contemplated walking into the main room of the club wearing the kinky leather outfit that I had picked for him. A studded collar around his neck, no shirt and a tiny pair of pants that exposed his buttocks fully and accentuated his penis through a tight rubber ring in the front of the outfit. Cat and I teased him throughout the journey keeping him at least semi-erect for the entire forty minutes that we were in the car.

In the interests of decency I allowed Ken to wipe his penis before we got out of the car but couldn’t resist tying a pink ribbon around it.

“Don’t you dare lose it now.” I warned. “Or soil it! That ribbon is very precious to me.” I advised. “Don’t speak unless I invite you to and above all, stay hard or you might lose my ribbon.”

Cat had difficulty restraining her laughter as we walking into the main room. Lance and Kate were sitting at a far table. It crossed my mind to beckon them over but when I looked at Ken’s pleading face I walked him in front of me past every occupied table in the room.

Kate and Lance stood up while I introduced my family, making sure that they understood that Kent was normally my Master but that I was married to Des. I noticed that Kate was dressed in the same costume that I had seen her in before. It covered all her sensitive little places. Lance was dressed as a ‘Master’. I had previously noted his size and had brought more appropriate clothing for him as well as Kate in the same case as the toys that Kent and I packed for the evening. Before we all sat down I snapped my fingers.

“Ken! You left my suitcase in the back seat of the Limo. Be a darling and fetch it for me.” I snapped.

Ken’s face went an even darker red.

“I’ve got a sore foot. Mistress.” He spluttered looking wildly around at Des and Cat. “Maybe–?”

I interrupted his feeble excuses.

“Did I ask you to speak?” I paused as he shifted awkwardly on his feet, clearly uncomfortable and shaking his head in the negative response. “I didn’t think so! NOW!” I raised my voice.

“Yes Mistress.”

While Ken was fetching my bag I ordered refreshments and turned back to Kate and Lance.

“Are you prepared to be obedient to my wishes tonight?”

They both nodded their approval. I carried on speaking.

“If you agree, I expect nothing less than total obedience. You will both be accepting me as your Mistress and while I will be kind I can also be strict.” I glanced at Kent. “I’m quite used to having my way, as you can see.” I paused to let my words take effect. Lance was nodding still but Kate looked uncomfortable. She was blushing and there was the hint of tears in her lovely eyes. I looked straight at her and spoke again. “You will enjoy the evening, I’m sure, but I need to hear your answer, Kate. Are you prepared to obey my wishes?”

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