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They had both been looking forward to this all week. The evening was finally upon them and it was time to play! She went and got dressed while he went and got the camera. A few minutes later, he could hear the tapping of each step against the hardwood floor as she drew closer. Exiting the hallway, she came into his view. She looked stunning! Black high heels, camouflaged lingerie and of course her studded, leather biker hat.

His cock grew harder with the enthusiasm of taking pictures of her. She walked around the living room posing for him as he snapped several pictures. This was only making them hotter and hotter for each other. After a few minutes of pictures and some playful kissing, she asked him if he wanted to go into the garage for a smoke.

They moved into the garage and enjoyed a cigarette and chitchatted. They continued to flirt with one another, occasionally slipping in a kiss and feeling one another. After her cigarette was finished, she squatted down in front of him and undid the front of his pants. She reached inside and pulled his manhood out and guided it into her mouth. She instantly deep-throated the full length of his shaft and gave him a hard, long suck. He grabbed the back of her head as he leaned back and enjoyed the pure sensations running through his body. She withdrew his erection from her mouth, leaving it covered with a thick layer of saliva.

She stood up in front of him and lifted the front of her lingerie to expose her bald mound. She reached down and wiped some precum from the head of his cock onto her fingers. Then, she slowly began to rub her clitoris back and forth. Her hand moved side to side, flicking her clit between her slippery fingers. His dick pulsated and began to leak precum. She squatted in front of him and placed his hose deep into her mouth. Precum dribbled down her chin as she forcefully sucked on midpoint of his rock-hard shaft. She looked up at him and could tell it wouldn’t take long for him to fill her mouth with hot cum. She removed his cock from her mouth, making sure to leave it completely covered and dripping with her saliva. Standing up again, she gave him a visual sensation by separating her pussy lips and rubbing her button vigorously. Tipobet It wouldn’t take long for her to cum either!

After a few minutes of rubbing her slit, she leaned over the side of the car and begged to be spanked. With her legs slightly spread and her ass arched in the air, he delivered several sharp smacks across her ass cheeks! He reached down to feel her tender pussy lips; they were completely covered in her juices. His right hand gently rubbed and poked her hole while his other hand delivered the spankings!

She looked back over her shoulder and decided it was his turn to get some punishment. She stood up and grabbed him firmly by the back of the neck. She urged him forward, across the side of the car. Smack! Smack! A couple hard spanks and his cock released a huge stream of pre-cum down onto the garage floor. She reached down between his legs and tugged straight down on his cock while continuing to spank his ass!

At this point she was extremely horny and needed to feel his cock. She lifted him off the car and demanded that he stick his wet cock up her ass. She went over to the front of the car and bent over the side of the hood. For several minutes he rubbed and poked his cock directly against her asshole, even slipping the head slightly into her tight asshole at times. She kept her legs spread, and her back arched, moaning as he fucked her from behind.

He was on the verge of pouring his full load into her ass when she suddenly stopped him. Once again, she must have known he was on the verge of reaching his complete climax. She forced him over onto the hood of the car and stood directly behind him. She pressed her hips directly against his ass and reached around grabbing his cock in her hand. Her other hand gripped his shoulder as she proceeded to hump is ass! She teased him with her moans and showed him what it would be like to get fucked over the hood of his own car!

She lifted him off the hood and asked if he wanted to go into the bedroom. He eagerly agreed. Once in the bedroom, he took control. He attached the wrist and ankles cuffs to her and hooked the door ties to the top of the closet door. He lifted her arms over her head and tied her facing the Tipobet Giriş door. She glanced over her shoulder and posed for him as he took a couple of pictures of her tied to the door.

He then proceeded to attach more tie-downs to the headboard and footboard of the bed. She squirmed and wiggled in her captive state, eagerly awaiting his return. Hastily, he walked up behind her and dropped the blindfold down over her head and across her eyes. He secured it comfortably around the back of her head and she instantly shivered with delight. Being blindfolded is one of her favourite things. The anticipation of unexpected sensations always seems to heighten her sexual experiences. He picked up the camera again and snapped a few more pictures.

Suddenly, a sharp smack of his bare hand landed across her ass! Several more, alternating from cheek to cheek followed it. Instantly, she was moaning loudly with pleasure. Her moans quickly turned to shrieks of lust as sharp lashes of his whip were substituted for the spankings. Her blissful cries were increasingly louder and he threatened her to be quiet. Of course, this only made her increase the decibel level, knowing what was coming next!

He placed the ball-gag into her mouth and fastened it tightly around the backside of her neck. She breathed heavily as he began to smack her ass with the leather paddle. Her muffled moans and dripping saliva swelled his cock even more! He ceased from the spankings for a moment to take some more pictures of his bound sex slave, her stunning good looks accentuated by her vulnerability! The clicking sound of the camera catapulted her senses to new levels of exhilaration and excitement. He removed the ball-gag from her mouth and let it hang around her neck.

Then she felt him begin to unhook her wrists from the door cuffs. But her freedom was short-lived. He spun her around and fastened her wrists again, this time with her back facing the door. He snapped a few more pictures before reinserting the ball-gag in her mouth. Then he pulled to top of her camouflaged nightie down below her tits. She leaned forward in her restraints, moaning as he lightly tapped her with the crop. Her nipples grew rock hard Tipobet Güncel Giriş from the stimulation. He gently tapped the crop against her shaved pussy, sending jolts of delight all the way through her body.

After several minutes of teasing her and snapping more pictures, he removed the gag and untied her, directing her over to lay face up on the bed. He latched her ankle restraints to the corners of the footboard and applied a generous amount of lube to her clit. He ran the crop up and down her inner legs, lightly brushing up against her pussy lips. It was too much for her to take. She needed direct stimulation and began to rub her clitoris. The slippery feel of her swollen nub quickly brought her near to her climax. Realizing her heightened sensations, he quickly snapped a few more pictures then grabbed her arms and fastened them to the ties from the headboard. Completely bound to the bed, he took 1 last picture.

She was so close to orgasm that she couldn’t help but beg for release. He climbed onto the bed in between her spread open legs and began to rub his cockhead all over her drenched pussy. She quickly reached extreme levels of arousal again! He pulled down on her hips, tightening her wrist restraints, yet allowing her legs to open more. He plunged his cock into her eager pussy! Quick, short thrusts of his cock sent mind-blowing feelings to both of them. She bucked wildly on the bed, demanding for deeper penetration.

He reached over and released her restraints from the headboard and demanded she cum on the topside of his shaft. After several deep plunges of his entire length into her hot pussy he held still kneeling between her legs with his cock halfway emerged inside of her. She rocked her hips up and down as she stroked her clit to orgasm! Her juices flowed out, coating a thick line across the top of his pole. She continued to scream with desire as her orgasm overwhelmed her senses for several minutes!

Sensing her peak moment, he pulled out and stood over top of her. It only took 1 stroke of his cock for it to erupt and begin spraying jets of ejaculate all over her chest and face! His first spurt was a thick rope of cum that landed directly across her face, coating her blindfold and reaching all the way down to her neck. Several more squirts of jizz landed in and around her open mouth. His final shots of cream splattered her chest just as she was coming down from the culmination of multiple orgasms!

The End

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